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When You Absolutely, Positively, Need A War

Like everyone else, I’ve been paying close attention to what’s been going on in

the middle east. I’ve listened to podcasts, read dozens of articles, watched the endless

news stories and did a deep dive into the history of the region and conflict. I did this because some of the sources I use said that while they condemn the atrocities the Hamas terrorists committed, they said that they either didn’t know or didn’t care about events in the middle east. I didn’t want to do that. I want to know what I am talking about. While I cannot call myself an expert on the middle east, I can say for certainty that what we’re hearing out of the mainstream news is bovine excrement, it’s disgusting, it’s sick, it’s depravity of unbelievable proportions. We have sitting congress-critters who are unabashedly siding with terrorist organizations whose stated position is the annihilation of not just Israel, but of all Jews, and then have the temerity to call us conservatives Nazis and fascists.

A look at the aftermath of both WWI and WWII, provide a history of how the area was divided up by the victors in those wars. Was this fair? Did Great Britain and her allies act with integrity when they made deals with Arab countries in WWI ? The answer is unequivocally no, Britain and France made deals that basically screwed the Arabs over the Palestinian region. Palestinian supporters have a valid argument that they were forced from land they had previously owned. The question then becomes, historically who are the real indigenous people of this territory. This small piece of land, the land of “milk and honey” promised and delivered by God, was settled by Jews long before it was ever occupied by Arabs, so in effect the Jews could make the same claim that Palestinians are making now. It also seems that one could make an argument that The Balfour Declaration which stated the desire of Britain and her European allies to create a Jewish state, was a religious one, a “western colonial” declaration that favored Judaism and rejected the “foreign” religion of Islam. What has to be taken into account, is the context and history of the situation. The old Muslim Ottoman Empire died with their defeat in WWI and the Judeo-Christian British Empire succeeded it. Was Britain the most noble of countries, was English culture more accepting of Judaism than Islam? The answers are no, Great Britain was going to do what they thought was best for their empire, and yes, since the Crusades, Islamic countries have historically been seen by the west as enemies. The Balfour Declaration was a pivotal document that enabled the Zionist movement that started in the late 1800’s to achieve the dream of a Jewish state in their ancestral, historical homeland they had inhabited long before Arabs took it over. The thing about wars, is they have consequences, the axiom “to the victor, go the spoils,” while being unfair to certain people groups like the occupants of the region of Palestine, is a fact of life. When the Jews were driven out of their homeland by losing wars, they never gave up their hope of returning to their ancestral land. When Britain and its allies won WWI, they won control over the region, fair or not, it was what it was. The Arab countries, partly I’m sure because they got screwed after WWI by Britain, France and the League Of Nations, decided to throw in with Hitler during WWII. We all know how that turned out. After the Allies won that war, fair or not, The Balfour Declaration was fulfilled and Israel declared its sovereignty with the departure of English troops in 1948. Ever since, Israel has been attacked by their Arab neighbors in an effort to destroy Israel and seize that territory back. In every instance the Arabs lost. It reminds me of the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

Claims told by the Palestinian apologists are also demonstrably false. Israel is not an apartheid country, it never was, Arabs are free to participate in government and live in Israel, the exact opposite of Gaza. Israel is not a colony. Even the United Nations, never known to be a friend of Israel, recognizes her as an independent nation. Although tied to the west by democratic political philosophy, and formed by European powers, it has never been a colony of any other country. Israel has tried and failed time and again to make peace with her Arab neighbors, giving back land and making concessions, even after defeating Arab nations in battle, but at every turn the Arabs have either rejected outright peace proposals or broken their promises, the latest being the whole debacle of the Gaza strip. While the argument that Israel took over Palestinian land is true to a certain point, Israel didn’t do it by waging war on her Arab neighbors, by military conquest of the territory, the land was given to them by international decree after WWII. What were they supposed to do? Say “no thanks, we’re good with being persecuted where we already live.” History and context show that the Palestinians simply are the losers of wars, just as the Jews were centuries before. As such the Palestinians have two choices, to make peace with the victors or continue to wage war against them. The Arab world has chosen the latter. The stated position of the majority of the Arab world towards Israel has been and will continue to be, the complete destruction of Israel. All Israel wants is live in peace with her neighbors. (I do find it interesting that Israel accepted all of the Jewish refugees from everywhere on the planet that wanted to emigrate, but the Arab countries which have far more land than Israel, won’t accept Arab refugees from Palestine.) Yes, Israel has a formidable military, and they make no bones about defending themselves, as they have every right to do, but you don’t see Israel invading Egypt, Syria, Jordan or Lebanon. Instead, it’s the exact opposite, these countries have continually attacked them, and each time they lost, and are now whining and moaning about having their collective asses kicked over wars they started!

With all of this being said, there are issues about the Hamas massacre that need some looking into. The foremost being, why did it take so long for Israel Defense Force to respond, hours went by without action by the IDF. Secondly, how did all the intelligence agencies not know about this. Israel's Mossad is known as one of the best intel agencies in the world. Yet, there have been some uncorroborated stories that Israel was in fact warned of the Hamas attack. Still, amazingly, they were caught with their collective pants down. One item of note is that Robert Malley the American Special Envoy to Iran is under investigation for running an Iranian spy ring at the Pentagon. The Biden’s regimes funding of Iran, not just the 6 billion dollar debacle but the lifting of sanctions against the world’s leader in terrorist sponsorship, also needs to be looked at. There is without a doubt something fishy going on.

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is watching the T.V. shows Goldrush and Bering Sea Gold, it’s sort of gold fever by proxy you might say. One of the main issues that the gold mining teams always have to confront is getting new ground to mine, to sustain their operations. That obviously is a no brainer, you can’t find gold on land that has been mined out. I know the analogy/conspiracy theory I’m going to bring up is bit strained but here it goes. Before all of this Hamas crap happened, there was a big fight in D.C. (the district of criminals) about further funding for the Ukrainian conflict and the thoroughly corrupt autocracy in Ukraine. It actually looked like congress was finally going to say enough is enough, and cut off funding. It’s becoming obvious that the war is growing increasingly unpopular with us peasants. The military industrial complex can’t have that, they need endless wars to keep themselves fed. So, lo and behold, another war breaks out, fresh ground. A war that would be easy to start, that is sure to be popular, not just with the neo-cons, who never met a war they didn’t like, but also with some of us peasants because of the barbarity of Hamas. The antisemites of the radical left are going to love it because their barbaric Islamofascist heroes are going to war against the Great Satan of the west. For the military/industrial complex it’s a win, win, win. All of those civilians dying is just “regrettable” collateral damage.

I agree that Hamas is like a rabid dog and needs to be taken out entirely, but you will never convince me that they didn’t do it without Iran’s approval. The same Iran that Resident Biden and his regime are cozying up to, hmm…Does America really need to send troops and treasure to a region that has been at war with each other for thousands of years? I might be inclined to send Israel some dough if they can answer the questions of intel failure and the slow response from the IDF. Resident Biden wants to send 10 billion bucks there and another 60 billion to Ukraine. They also want to send 100 million dollars of “humanitarian aid” to Gaza, meaning Hamas. The Biden regime has conspicuously failed to mention Iran in its denunciations of the conflict and then “accidently” doxxed Delta Force troops, does anybody with a working brain believe that was accidental? I have a very strong feeling that all of this is happening purposely. It sure seems like they are playing both sides against each other. Is the deep state just switching from one war to another, just like a gold miner searching for new ground? The failure of intel and the IDF is baffling. The whole thing stinks like yesterday’s diaper. If there is anything we’ve learned from the last three years especially, is that nothing is as it appears to be on the surface. It’s always a distraction designed to keep people from looking where they should be looking. So, the questions people should be asking are the 2 mentioned previously, the failures of intel and the IDF, but I’m also wondering about a whole “wag the dog” scenario to distract from the Biden impeachment inquiries. What about all that money Iran is getting from sanctions being lifted, someone tell me why for God’s sake are we doing that, why are we enabling the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism to continue sponsoring terrorists, not to mention also allowing them to become a nuclear power, it’s certifiably insane. All the talk about WWIII that somewhat subsided with the growing unpopularity of the Ukrainian situation has been rekindled with this new issue in the middle-east.

Throughout my blogs, I have expressed my belief that the deep state, the progressive-globalists, want to drastically depopulate the earth. It’s not because they believe the earth is over-populated, it’s because far fewer people will be far easier for The New World Order to control. WWIII would accomplish this, obviously. With the failure of Covid to decimate the world’s population to the desired level, and the results of the clot shot still open for debate, (some scientists have speculated that millions more will die because of it), what better way to kill the most people in the shortest amount of time, than another global war. I’ve said this over and over, these people are demonic, they are pure evil. The average person is nothing more than a commodity to them, disposed of whenever it’s deemed useful or necessary.

Don’t get me wrong, what Hamas did is pure evil, there can be absolutely no justification for their actions of killing innocent civilians and BABIES, and they need to be illuminated. By Israel. If the Arab countries were truly interested in peace, they could put a stop to this insanity instantly, there should be no way this escalates into a world war. Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Ohmar and AOC need to be excommunicated from government ASAP for their support of these savages. Anyone who supports their crimes, can only be called inhuman monsters and shunned from normal society. The call for a ceasefire and negotiation from these idiots is absurd, it’s been tried before and always failed, it’s always been a ploy so they can regroup and unleash further violence. The only way this stops, is if the Arab countries recognize and accept the existence of Israel, the fact that they are unwilling to do so speaks volumes of their actual intent.

However, there is far more to this than what appears on the surface, and people on both sides are being manipulated and lied to. As it stands today, there is NO government on this planet that is trustworthy, they all lie, and it’s the ordinary, innocent people who pay the consequences. I’ll keep saying this, there are far more of us peasants than there are of the diabolical, elite globalists. Something has to bring us together to stop these demons from destroying everything, from dividing us by race, religion and culture so they can control us easier. Maybe this is the Apocalypse prophesied by the Book of Revelation, I’ve said before, that God would be entirely justified by wiping humanity off the face of the earth, but still, that doesn’t mean that it has to or will happen, but there has to be a global awakening, and God willing that’s what I pray for every day.

Praying for peace and justice, Rock on Y’all!

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