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Stupid Is As Stupid Does



     I’ve been taking a break from writing these last few weeks for a couple of reasons, first, I’ve discovered since moving to North Carolina and experiencing the southern way of life, you need to take full advantage of springtime when it finally rolls around.  The temperatures are moderate, and the humidity is relatively low, which allows you to work outside without experiencing heat exhaustion.  The unfortunate thing is instead of the oppressive humidity, you have to deal with what I call “the yellow peril.”  My wife calls it “March madness.”  This is when seemingly overnight, literally everything is coated with fine yellow pollen dust.  For someone like myself who is very sensitive to pollen, it ain’t fun. 

   The second reason is these last few weeks, I’ve become somewhat jaded and despondent over the direction the world is heading.  To no one’s surprise, election year media manipulation has gone into overdrive with both sides trying to convince everyone the other side is evil.  It’s reached the point where leftists can say anything, no matter how ludicrous and no one on their side calls them out.  For instance, you have Joe Scarborough actually yelling at the panel on his show, saying the American economy and military are stronger then ever, and its conservatives who are putting America last by complaining about everything.  Really? What planet does this jamoke reside on?  I’ve seen polls that have Biden and Trump virtually neck and neck.  What?  How can anybody possibly think anything the Biden Regime is doing is ok?  It’s the same thing we experienced in 2020, Trump has these huge rallies where everyone is going nuts, and Biden has an event where a couple of dozen people show up, sometimes reporters actually outnumber the crowd, and yet these two are somehow tied in some of the polls.  Just like 2020 something smelly is going on and there doesn’t seem to be a damn thing that can be done about it.  People have become so dumbed down and worn out by all of this lunacy that some are willing to accept what is patently obvious b.s.

     Despite his obvious senility, and his administration’s effort to demolish the constitution, it looks like Biden has a good chance to get re-selected.  If that happens, America will get what it deserves.  There is virtually no one in our government willing to take a real stand for the American people, remember talk is cheap.  Look at what our beloved congress and especially the Speaker Of the House Mike Johnson just did.   He betrayed his party and his constituents by doing the exact opposite of what he promised to do.  The funding bill that just passed is chock full of ear-marks and special interest crap, apparently it even gives money to pro Hamas NGO’s, oh isn’t that just fine and dandy.  These fine upstanding legislators also approved a continuance of warrantless spying on Americans through the re-authorization of section 702 in the FISA act, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they don’t give a damn about the constitution.  Meanwhile our southern border is a shit show but we’re sending more billions to Ukraine to secure their border.   I love this, Demonrat Congress-critter Gerald Connolly, says Ukraine’s border is an American border, ah sorry no it aint, not even in the metaphorical way he meant it.  The only thing Ukraine is to America is an ATM for the military industrial complex and all their criminal cronies and lobbyists.  If these actions don’t prove the existence of the Uniparty then nothing does.  Add in the ridiculous lawfare being waged against Trump and it’s becoming more and more obvious that the deep state is not going to allow anything to interfere with their agenda to ruin America.  It gets me because while there are so many of us are railing against what is going on, the normies don’t seem to be listening.

    There are so many dumb people disseminating propaganda, lies and inuendo they claim as actual factual truth, but in reality are completely absurd.  You can’t believe anything on MSNBC, if they told me the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, I’d have to fact-check them.  “The View” is exceptionally guilty of this as well.  Sonny Hostin who is in theory a highly educated person, said that climate change is responsible for the recent solar eclipse and the forthcoming explosion of Cicadas.  Which is on par with Demonrat US Senate candidate Christina Khalil saying the recent earthquake in New York was also due to climate change, (sorry it was the faults fault you dumbass.)  Sheila Jackson Lee, another noted brain surgeon, was quoted as saying the moon, which has NO atmosphere, is made mostly of gasses!  This goes along with Congressman Hank Johnson, who back in 2010 expressed his fear of sending 8000 Marines and their families to the island of Guam.  He is quoted as saying “the whole island might become so overpopulated that it will tip over and capsize.”  This moron is still in office!  Another leading intellectual, Alexandria Cortez among her other shit for brains thoughts, apparently doesn’t know that RICO statues are criminal, but then again no one has ever accused her of being the sharpest knife in the drawer.  Then you have Kamala Harris, you would think that a person who ascends to one of the highest offices in the land, Vice President of the U.S., would at the very least be capable of assembling a staff with a decent speech-writer.  I mean can you imagine a professional speech writer coming up with her “community banks are in the community…” speech?  There are so many examples of her dimwitted word salads, that she is making celebrities out of comedians who do impersonations of her, especially her grating cackle.  If these imbeciles are this stupid about simple stuff, why would people believe them when they opine about complex issues like the economy and world affairs?  You would get better results asking a 3rd grader, although I have grave concerns over the intellectual well being of our children and young adults.  The whole Palestinian issue is a prime example of their inability to think critically.  There are groups of Hamas/Palestinian protestors that are gay or LBGQRSTUVXYZ who don’t or won’t realize that if they were in Gaza right now, they would at the very least be imprisoned, at the most, tossed from a rooftop.  I heard it likened to “hens for Chick-fil-A” or “Chickens for KFC.”  I’d bet if you were to ask any of these rocket scientists to find Gaza, or even Israel for that matter, on a map, they couldn’t.  I did see an interview where a reporter asked one of these protestors what “from the river to the sea” meant, what river and what sea are the Palestinians talking about, and the poor brain-dead kid had no clue, but he was positive he was protesting for a worthy cause.  There are students at major universities that can’t read a map or write in cursive, who can’t tell you how many minutes are in a quarter of an hour, how many dimes make up a dollar, what country the Panama Canal is located, when was the War of 1812 fought, or what is 3x3x3.  I’m no great intellectual, my wife will certainly attest to that, I’m just a high-school graduate, but I know who is buried in Grant’s Tomb.  These days there are far too many kids who don’t even know who Ulysees Grant was, but can name all of the Kardashians and know every Taylor Swift song by heart.  It’s terrifying!

   You hear a lot about “gaslighting” these days where people are manipulated by unscrupulous con artists into believing something that goes against what they believe to be true.  Every politician accuses their opponent of gaslighting the people.  The sad thing is it’s true, we’re being gaslighted all the time.  The thing is that in order to be gaslighted at the very least you have you to be uninformed, and of course it’s a lot easier to be gaslighted if you’re just plain stupid.   Americans have lost the ability to think critically and exercise discernment.  We’ve abrogated our responsibility to think for ourselves.  Letting governments and media pundits do it for us and as a result we get the likes of KJP, Joe Scarborough, Joy Reid or Rachel Madow.  UGH!

     I could go on and on giving example after example of the stupidity going around the world, it’s reached pandemic levels.  All you need to do is look around and you see all the stupid stuff going on all the time!  “In the future you will own nothing and be happy?”  Only a stupid person will believe that nonsense.  Gays for Palestine?  WTF?  A man can give birth?  Just saying “illegal alien” gets a kid suspended from school?  People get “triggered” when they see an American flag?  Or hear The Star Spangled Banner? 

     I think people have become afraid of being rational, of using common sense to deal with problems, because they’ll be accused of being racist or insensitive or a “phobe” of some kind.  When did we become a nation of pussified wimps?  If all of us rational thinking people just called out these self-indulgent crybabies, the ridicule alone would be enough to send them back to their parent’s basement. 

     I realize I’m being manipulated by the content I consume.  I try my best to filter out the obvious propaganda and discern what I believe is the truth.  I try to use common sense and logic to weed out the stupidity that has run rampant across today’s societal spectrum.  I’m also positive there are a lot of like-minded people.  Nixon called us the “silent majority,” a term still appropriate today.  The problem is the “vocal minority.”  These crybabies have taken control over our main stream media and the top levels of government.  I wonder what foreign countries think whenever they witness the latest Biden gaff/lie. (his uncle was eaten by cannibals, WTF?)  Are we really so stupid as to believe white house spokes-dummy Karine Jean Identity Hire when she says Biden is sharp and lucid?  This DEI group is stuffed with pseudo-intellectuals with liberal arts degrees.  They can spout out a bunch of big words that basically mean nothing, but because they sound smart people think they actually are.  My wife often tells the story of when she was working as an Admin in an environmental engineering firm, there were engineers who were extremely smart, but couldn’t work a copy machine, because they lacked any common sense whatsoever.  These pseudo-intellectuals talk a good game, but when you digest their words you realize they are simply full of it.  It’s like in the Mel Brooks movie “The History Of The World.”  Mel plays a “stand up philosopher” He goes to an unemployment office, where the clerk, portrayed by Bea Arthur, (great casting by the way) asks him “did you bullshit today?”  “Did you bullshit yesterday?”  These people are bullshit con artists and it’s up to us rational, common sense, everyday people to call them on their bullshit and say enough is enough.  The problem is, like I wrote earlier, the bullshit artists control the flow of their own bullshit.  So, the question becomes, how do you stop a bull from shitting?  Well, you have to stop feeding him.  That’s what we’re doing by accepting all of this stupidity, we’re giving sustenance to the bulls that are feeding us their crap.  We need more and more people to call them out when they are lying or gaslighting or spreading propaganda.  For example, Slo Biden keeps repeating the same debunked lies about Trump over and over again, the “they are fine people” lie and the “soldiers are suckers and losers” lie.  Those lies along with virtually everything else he says that's understandable and his preposterous tales that are complete fabrications, gets no push-back from the press, no one calls him out when he’s propagating this b.s.  Just once I’d like a reporter in the crowd yell “come on man!  You know that’s a lie!” and see what happens.  One of 2 things would happen, most likely the Secret Service would put an end to the outbursts very quickly.  Better, but very improbable would be an “emperor has no clothes” moment where these so-called journalists would join in and actually do their jobs.  Tucker Carlson made a great point the other day about the White House Press Corps.  He basically stated that these guys love to lord their position over their contemporaries, and won’t do a damn thing to jeopardize their position, so even someone like Peter Doocy, who is among the very few to ask somewhat tough questions is still unwilling to go full throttle on the serial liar KJP.  (I swear if I have to listen to her annoying voice any more, I’m going to punch my computer, she makes Karens seem ok.)  On top of that she is just not very smart, “Canadia?”  Wow!  DEI in action, but there you have it, stupid is as stupid does, and if we the people accept it and don’t rise up en-mass to deal with it, then we have no one to blame but ourselves.  Our last hope is this election, the turn-out of Trump voters has to be “so big that they can’t rig” or just like 2020 we’ll wake up on November 6th with America circling down the drain.

    Sorry for the profanity, I just needed to vent  - Rock on me Hearties, Rock on!

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