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Say Their Names, Biden!

    Majorie Taylor Greene’s troll of Slo Biden during his State Of The Union (SOTU) speech was perhaps the most telling part of the whole night.  She got him to try and say “Laken Riley,” (he mispronounced it as Lincoln Riley.)  His inability to do something so simple, I mean he even had a pin in his hand with her name on it, wasn’t just another one of his innumerable cognitive gaffs, its indicative of the fact that he doesn’t give a damn about her.  If that wasn’t proof enough, the fact that he apologized on Sunday to her killer for calling him an illegal, speaks volumes.  Not apologizing to Riley’s parents for mispronouncing her name, or her murder because of his horrendous border policies, truly show where the Regimes loyalties are.  Biden’s actions are thoroughly despicable, but I guess to him Laken Riley is just another one of the broken eggs he’s using to make his administration’s omelet of destruction.

     This blog is going to be a bit different, I’m going to list some names of people who have been killed, raped or attacked by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!  I saw this moron on YouTube the other day, who claimed that illegals commit far fewer crimes per capita then American citizens.  First of all, he’s just wrong, because ANYONE who has entered the U.S ILLEGALLY has already committed a crime, duh!  Secondly, even if his statistic were true, it ignores the fact that ANY crime committed by someone who crossed the border ILLEGALLY is one that shouldn’t have happened, one that could have been prevented if only the people running the government had simply done their job.  A job for which they are highly paid with TAXPAYER MONEY!  The leftist prog-globs have made it abundantly clear that they don’t consider ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, ILLEGAL!  That’s why they were more upset that Biden used the “I” word then his bungling of Laken Riley’s name.  I would bet there are a whole lot of people who would disagree with that, especially Riley’s parents who refused to attend the SOTU address because they are so disgusted with the “pathetic” Biden (their words).  We’ll start with 2021, when the Biden Regime struck down all of Trump’s policies that had a decent effect on curbing illegal immigration.  This is a list compiled by an organization called “FAIR”, the Federation for American Immigration Reform the link is Examples of Serious Crimes By Illegal Aliens  These are just a very few of the cases they list.  I didn’t use a lot of their references because the nature of the crimes listed prohibited the naming of the victims, and I want people to know their names.  Mostly I want the people responsible for these tragedies, particularly Biden and Mayorkas to SAY THEIR NAMES!


December 2021:  Colby Rice Compton.  Killed by Honduran ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT Jarol Leiva-Navarro.  The unlicensed Navarro was driving drunk and speeding when he struck Compton’s car and killed him.

Gretchen Gross.  Killed by an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT.  Jose Javier Reyes Escobar, who also had no license and was driving with a blood alcohol 4 times the legal limit.  Escobar also injured several others during his escapade of death.

November 2021:  AMPORO GODINEZ SANCHEZ.  She was murdered in front of her children in Idaho by her ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT husband, Erasmo Diaz

Corbin Wagner.  He was killed by an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT named Orlando Gonzales-Beato, who was (once again) driving drunk and going the wrong way down I-295 in Florida

October 2021:  Francisco Javier Cuellar was stabbed to death by an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, a Honduran national named Yery Noel Medina Ulloa

September 2021:  Karina Torres, stabbed to death by her ex husband, an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT from Ecuador named Freddy Pando.

Isidro Cortes, murdered by 4 men including 2 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS named Oscar Arce and Jose Flores-Huerta in Philadelphia. 



August 2022:  Ned Byrd. Byrd was a Wake County N.C. sheriff deputy who was shot and killed by 2 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, brothers Alder Sotelo and Arturo Sotelo

July 2022:  Sandra Vazquez Ceja. An ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT named Jose Pascual-Reyes kidnapped and suffocated her to death, then proceeded to beat and kick her 14 year old son to death, after which he raped her 12 year old daughter, who, thank God managed to escape

May 2022:  DON KIRK was killed on mother’s day by an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT named Alonso Garcia-Amaya, who was, you guessed it, driving drunk in Wichita, Kansas. 

Victor Huerta was stabbed to death in Cedar Rapids, Iowa by a Honduran ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT named Victoriano Barrera

April 2022:  PERRY ADRIAN COLE, was killed by an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT named Jose Elvir.  Elvir, while driving drunk, caused an 8 vehicle crash in Florida which Killed the 72 year old man.

Brandon Cuellar.  This was a 3 month old child who was kidnapped in San Jose by 2 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, Yesenia Ramirez and Jose Portillo.  The infant was found alive, Ramirez, from El Salvador had been previously deported 3 times before he committed this particular crime.



April 2023:  DIANA ALVARADO, JULISA RIVERA, JOSE CASAREZ, SONIA GUZMAN and DANIEL LASO, all shot and killed by an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, named Francisco Perez-Torres in Texas.  Laso was only 9 years old when Torres massacred the family after they complained to him about the noise coming from Torres shooting his illegally purchased AR15.

DAVID BREAUX, and KARIM NAJM.  Killed by Salvadoran ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT Carlos Dominguez. Breaux was known locally as “Compassion Guy.”  Dominguez showed him no compassion as he stabbed him to death.

March 2023:  DIANE HILL LUCKETT.  She was killed by Anastacio Mendoza, an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT who while drunk and on drugs, crashed into Luckett’s car.  Luckett, a mother of 3 and grandmother of 5 died of her injuries 9 days later.

January 2023: MARIA RIOS.  ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT Carlos Lara-Balcazar has been charged with murdering this mother of 3 and grandmother of 4 in La Marque Texas. 



On February 22nd the body of LAKEN RILEY was found in a wooded area near the University of Georgia campus.  The next day an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT from Venezuela named Jose Ibarra was arrested and charged with bludgeoning the 22 year old nursing student to death, after she fought off his attempted rape.





Tell the whole world what scum-sucking maggots you all are!

     The reason I highlighted ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT every time is to piss-off all of those who think that an open border is perfectly fine.  Who think that by just changing the way we refer to them, “undocumented immigrants” or the completely Orwellian “Newcomers” it will somehow make their crimes ok.  It’s just like they are trying to change the perception of pedophiles by renaming them “minor attracted people.”  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with immigration!  It just has to be done legally, so that we can vet who is coming in.  In California I worked with and knew a lot of illegals.  All of them were just like everyone else, some were good, some were bad.  The vast majority are honest hard working family types, exactly the type we need in America as our population dwindles mainly due to the actions of the prog-globs.  The prog-globs love of abortion on demand, their denigration of mothers and fathers and traditional nuclear families, their disgusting lie of “gender affirming care” which renders children sterile, has created an American society where the population of native born Americans is in decline.  I don’t blame the people who come here trying to find a better life, if you have ever been to Tijuana, Mexico and driven to the outskirts of town, you can see why.  People in America decry those who are impoverished, it’s understandable, but Americans as a rule have no concept of what real poverty is.  All you have to do is go south of the border.  In America even the poorest usually have a car, a T.V. a phone and indoor plumbing.  It ain’t the same down there.  That being said, every stinking administration for the last 60 years or so has failed to secure our southern border and come up with a working plan to facilitate legal immigration.  There are a lot of excuses for why it hasn’t happened, but in the end it all boils down to politics and money.  For the Demonrats it’s about importing a voting block, for greedy employers it’s about cheap labor, for the Uniparty, it’s both. 

    You always hear that immigration is a complex problem, but the one thing we don’t need is any more laws, what we need are leaders who are willing to enforce our existing laws.  Securing our borders isn’t an easy thing to do, but first you have to be willing to do it.  The wall on the southern border may be the easiest, the northern border with Canada is a whole other animal.  The failed proposal that Biden claims is proof that his hands are tied and that it’s the Repugnicans fault for not passing it is an outright lie.  The only thing that bill would have done is to make ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION legal!  Along with giving the traitor Mayorkas even more power, the fact that it included more of the insane funding for Ukraine and Israel is further proof that securing the southern border is not a priority.  Defending a corrupt, dictatorial eastern European country’s border is priority one for the Uniparty, but securing American borders isn’t, just ask Bitch McConnell.    

    A lot of these killers and criminals I listed are repeat offenders, they’ve crossed the border illegally numerous times, sent back and then returned to the U.S. to commit more crimes.  The whole sanctuary system has allowed these criminals to escape incarceration repeatedly, until they finally commit an act so heinous that they finally have to be locked up.  Riley’s murderer was arrested and released at least twice before he killed her.  THAT IS UNCONSCOINABLE!  Maybe every politician who proclaimed their state or city as a sanctuary should get charged as being an accessory to the crimes the illegal has committed.  I thought it was fantastic when Kelly Girtz, the mayor of Athens Georgia was heckled mercilessly by the crowd.  All of these sanctuary advocates, every stinking single one of them, has blood on their hands! 

    In reality the Biden Regime has the blood of millions on their hands.  It’s not just the people that are killed by illegals, it’s the fentanyl smuggled across the border, it’s the people killed trying to get into America, it’s the Border Patrol agents killed in the line of duty and perhaps the saddest of all, the children, over 80,000 of whom our wonderful Department of Homeland Security has lost track of, who have been sold into sexual and sweatshop slavery.  Add in all the people who have died because of the Biden Regimes demonic Covid and vaccine madness and the death toll is staggering.

    One thing you can take to the bank.  America will not survive another 4 years of the Regimes policies.  It might not even survive if Trump gets elected.  The left has proven they will do anything and everything to keep him from assuming the presidency, but at least with Trump we have a fighting chance.  Biden’s SOTU speech seemed to cement his nomination as the Demonrat candidate, which actually is a good thing.  With Biden’s most formidable replacement, Michael Obama, saying he/she doesn’t want to be president, the odds for Trump winning the election have been greatly enhanced.  Biden did get a polling bounce after his SOTU speech, which undoubtedly was aided by some strong medication, but his degeneration into dementia can’t get better, only worse.  If Trump pulls off a win, one thing I’m sure of is that he will do whatever he can to close the southern border. If he can do that, maybe we won’t have to say names like LAKEN RILEY any more.

                                     Rock On!  Brothers and Sisters.  Rock on Y’all!

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