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Stop Peeing On My Leg


     There’s an old saying, “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me that it’s raining,” it’s always been one of my favorites.  I think it’s never been more appropriate then now.  It seems like more and more people are starting to realize that they’ve been peed on for a very long time.  My wife and I voted for the first time in North Carolina today, and we struck up a conversation with a lady who said she had been a lifelong Democrat until 3 days ago.  She had had her fill of all their nonsense.  She didn’t re-register as a Republican as she felt the Demonrats are as bad as the Repugnicans, she did what my wife and I did years ago, register as undeclared independents.  These days the liars can’t even tell believable lies.  For instance, I’ve been paying close attention to the Fani Willis debacle in Georgia and it’s astounding.  I can’t imagine how anyone with an IQ above 70 would believe anything that comes out of this woman’s piehole.  Her demeanor, her body language, her arrogance, the fact that she can’t even seem to put a dress on the right way has to make you wonder how she ever passed the bar exam.  The fact that she did is proof of how bad our colleges and universities have become.  Why would anybody want her as a lawyer?  How she ever got elected is an indictment of the election system in the Peach State.  We already know from the 2020 election how screwed up elections in Georgia are, but Republican Secretary of State, Brad Raffensburger continues to urinate on everybody’s leg.  He says yeah, there was some fraud, some double voting, but not a lot, and certainly not enough to make a difference.  However, data analysts say that children, dead people, felons and non-residents cast thousands of illegal ballots in the 2020 election.  Still, Raffensburger refuses to acknowledge the obvious and multifaceted fraud that occurred, like the 2:00 am shutdown for some phony water main leak (it actually was a bathroom toilet overflowing,) the boxes of ballots being pulled out from under a desk, and the whole mail in ballot harvesting fiasco, together with all the aforementioned issues.  He thinks all of this is inconsequential.  What is obvious is that, #1 Georgia elections are a joke and #2 it explains how someone like Fani Willis can get elected.  They’re so screwed up it makes places like Chicago or California seem downright legit.  If Willis, Wade and this lying buffoon Terrence Bradley are some of the best lawyers that Georgia has, the people of Georgia need to really worry about the corrupt state of their legal system.  What Willis and Wade should think about after they are (hopefully) disqualified and disbarred, is doing a reality show, maybe they could call it “Real (stupid) Lawyers of Fulton County.

    Another batch of unbelievable whoppers came from the Hunter Biden Deposition, there is a great review of it on RealClear Politics 8 Unbelievable Claims From Hunter Biden's Deposition without getting into all the details, his lies are simply ridiculous.  It’s like he got together with a group of lawyers and some booze and concocted this pile of bovine excrement, uncaring about how implausible it is, the comedic value alone makes it worthwhile reading.

     Not to be outdone by Hunter, White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean Pierre declared that Slo Biden doesn’t need a cognitive evaluation, his team of Doctors have pronounced him good to go, without the need for any cognitive test.  To me this is further proof of how bad our medical system has become.  I suppose they may have reasoned that Mr Potato Head doesn’t need any exam because it’s painfully obvious that he is suffering from dementia, but if this team of 20 Doctors actually believe that the Zombie In Chief is fine, then I think a thorough investigation into their qualifications and education needs to take place.  One thing I’m pretty sure of is that once the “historic” KJP hangs up her binder, she will immediately get at job at MSLSD.  She could even do the show from Canadia. Canadia; Stumbling, bumbling KJP mispronounces America's northern neighbors)  Her and their chief prevaricator, Rachel Madcow could take turns, maybe have a competition on who can lie the best, perhaps Jen Psaki could guest host.  Jimmy Dore has a great video about Madcow Epic Compilation of Rachel Madow's Blatent Lies .  The best part is when Dore plays the clip of Madcow saying MSLSD won’t broadcast Trump’s Iowa Victory Speech because they has a policy of not giving airtime to liars!  That may be the textbook definition of hutzpah!

     Lies can basically be categorized in 2 ways, those of commission, that is outright lying, and those of omission, hiding the truth.  In doing my research for this blog, Google has to be the undisputed champion for both forms.  I tried to do 2 searches on Google and its subsidiary YouTube.  The first was to try and find a Timcast IRL episode where he describes how NBC plays the media manipulation game,  Tim Pool CALLS OUT NBC News For Lying, I searched and searched for the episode and after refining my search words a dozen or so times, I finally found the article I just linked.  In the meantime, I ran into dozens and dozens of stories about what a supposed scumbag Tim Pool is, (man, the prog-globs don’t like Mr. Pool) most of which had nothing to do with my search!  The other search was for all the lies CNN has told over the last few years.  True to form about 95% of the stories that Google listed were for how CNN exposed supposed lies, not how they are one of the main sources of misinformation out there.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but both Google and YouTube are ramping up the campaign to get Biden re-elected and Trump thrown into jail for the rest of his life, nah no bias there.

     It’s no big secret that Big Tech, and the mainstream media are extreme leftists.  The whole Google Gemini A-I disaster is the defining proof of that.  What they don’t get, and perhaps they should have a conversation with the folks over at Bud Lite, is that more and more people are realizing that it ain’t raining, their lies don’t fly anymore.  The recent 9-0 decision by the Supremes should be an “Emperor Has No Clothes” moment for all lefties.  Instead, they accused the 3 leftist judges, Brown, Sotomayor and Kagen, of outright betrayal.  The thought that maybe they were totally wrong and should perhaps re-evaluate their position never entered their addlepated brains.  Talk about denial!  I watched a few clips of newsreaders on NBC, ABC, MSLSD and CNN trying to figure out how they are going to convince their brainwashed viewers that this was something other than what it was, and it’s almost funny.  It isn’t because of their total unwillingness to accept that despite what they and all their idiot “experts” and pundits said, that the insurrection clause in the 14th amendment was on solid constitutional grounds, in reality it was complete lunacy.  Just wait, in the next few days you’ll see tons of content saying the Supremes either didn’t say what they said, or that somehow, it’s some mysterious “Trumpian” influence on the court that forced them to rule as they did.  Certifiable moron, Keith Olbermann has already said the Supreme court should be abolished!  His thread on X shows that this guy needs an intervention, maybe he should go hunting with Ted Nugent and Clarence Thomas, (better make sure you wear that bright orange hunting vest, Keith.)  Olbermann’s rant is a kind of “hold my beer” moment alongside Whoopi “Dingbat” Goldberg saying that Biden could (and I’m sure in her deluded mind, should) lock up ALL Republicans, and Rachel Madcow saying that if elected Trump would make himself President for life.  Wow!  Talk about people in need of a cognitive exam! (Or possibly a civics lesson on how America government was designed.)

    The problem is there are still people that believe these liars when they say it’s raining, without bothering to check and see if they are being pissed on, maybe because it’s better to be pissed on than pissed off?  I don’t know.  However, unlike the leftist globalist progressives, I don’t think their ideas, rants, lies and lunacy should be censored.  The more they lie, the more ludicrous their lies become.  It will eventually get to the point where even the most brain-dead, TDS suffering, communist will be forced to realize the prog-globs are full of sh*t.  That is still a long way off, but we can take some solace in the fact that there are still (thank God) some people out there, some people who matter, who think America is worth saving from all of the Leg-Pissers out there.  I’ve said this before, pendulums swing, and I think, well, I hope and I pray, that it’s finally swinging back to reality from Bizzaro-World.  There has been some good news lately that gives me a smidgeon of hope, but I remain skeptical, the evil of this enemy is very intrenched, and I don’t know if it can ever be rooted out.  Still, I do know that in the end God’s will, will prevail.  That all things work out to the glory of his name, how that’s gonna be is anybody’s guess, but at least its stopped rainin’, well at least for a little while.

                                                                Rock on my brothers and sisters, Rock on!

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