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Have Enough Of Us Died Yet?


     I’m not a doctor, or a scientist and I don’t play one on T.V.  Just like the title of my blog-site says I’m just a common man.  I don’t even know if people consider me a decent writer.  That doesn’t bother me so much, as it’s a labor of love, a way to both express my views and vent a bit.  I don’t consider myself an expert on politics, science, medicine or military strategy in any way.  I’m just a dude who tries to pay attention to what’s going on, and render my thoughts on whatever I feel needs to be talked about.  To accomplish this, I try to get as much information from as many different sources as possible.  While I do stay away from all the lying legacy news outlets, I check out a variety of news amalgamation sites like Citizen Free Press, The Bongino Report, The Blaze, Resist The Mainstream, Newsmax, Human Events and to a somewhat lesser degree, Rumor Mill News and The Drudge Report.  I’m also a daily YouTube and Rumble visitor.  So, while I’m not a Doctor, Lawyer or Indian Chief, I was born with a working brain, and some modicum of common sense.

      When the jab came out, there was a great deal of chatter on-line about this new mRna technology that was used to produce it.  All of it centered on the revolutionary way it worked.  Conspiracies abounded about how it was similar to a computer platform that could be used to alter someone’s DNA.  Also, the use of the enzyme Luciferase in the formulation of the jab, would allow Governments to be able to track who was vaxxed and who wasn’t.  The scientific community assured everyone mRna was completely safe and couldn’t harm anyone’s DNA.  Hmm.. However, subsequent studies emerged that showed the jab can actually find its way into your DNA and Dr. Robert Malone, one of the pioneers of the technology, came out basically saying the jab isn’t safe, it needed to be more thoroughly tested. 

     What followed after the jab roll-out is why I will never trust the scientific/health establishment ever again.  Without getting into all of the well-known specifics like the establishment lying about virtually everything Covid related, there has now been a peer reviewed study that shows DNA contamination in the jab!  Doctors, like the Surgeon General of Florida, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, observed that the jab contains an element called SV40 which enables the mRna to penetrate the cell wall and interact with DNA.  He said foreign DNA could basically hitchhike on the SV40 and possibly combine with a patients existing DNA.  I watched an interview with Dr. Ladapo, and another with a roundtable of researchers and scientists who gave a very technical breakdown of the mechanics of the issue.  It’s on Rumble under “Kevin McKernan PLasmid dsDNA contamination In MRNA Vaccines”  This presentation lays out how the jab can interact with your DNA, and if it can do that, then it can change a person’s DNA.  They didn’t come out and say it would, just that it could, and like Dr Ladapo suggested, that means it needs to be studied, and because it needs to be studied, the jab should be halted immediately.

    Then, the Epoch Times published a peer reviewed study that showed that for every person the Covid “vaccine” purportedly saved, 14 people died from it mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Caused More Deaths Than Saved: Study  The article, which you really need to read, also said that the vaccine presented for FDA approval IS NOT the same one that is being used by Doctors!  This gets me to another very disturbing statistic.  One that is finally getting some media attention, but I heard about almost 2 years ago.  Excess Deaths.

     Before I was forced to leave California, (THANK YOU GOD! SINCERELY!) I took a class on selling life insurance.  While I did pass the class and got my license, I never followed through and actually start selling insurance, it’s a long story.  Anyway, my study into the insurance biz was very eye-opening.  The one thing that stood out was how much insurance companies rely on actuary tables to determine risk factors associated with life insurance products.  They are very good at determining how long someone will live based on a multitude of factors.  You have to keep in mind that insurance companies want you to live as long as possible, so you’ll keep paying premiums.  It’s legalized gambling, they measure every aspect they can think of to try and find out how and why people die, and adjust policies on the basis of their research, which is why if you’re an obese smoker with a drinking problem you’re going to pay a lot more than someone who isn’t, it’s just basic logic.

 Back in 2022 I read a story about how insurance adjusters were noticing a dramatic increase in what they called “excess deaths.”  This was not some government sponsored scientific study, it was the insurance industry releasing this info.  The number of excess deaths reported was unbelievable, some estimates have shown that between 2022 and 2023 there were 650,000 in America alone!  Bear in mind that some estimates of Civil War deaths were in the neighborhood of 620,000.  Casualties from Vietnam were 70.000, and yet only a handful of people are talking about it.  Watch Dr. Jon Campbell on either YouTube or Rumble for a couple of mind blowing videos, just search for “International Excess Deaths” and you’ll find them.  The insurance industry noted they were seeing a lot more young people are dying than there should be, they didn’t go into why this was happening, they just said it was.  Some of it has to be due to the lockdowns which forced a lot of people to forgo critical medical procedures.  Also, because of the lockdowns we saw spikes in overdoses and suicides.  That doesn’t begin to account for the dramatic rise in deaths of people ages 20 to 45.  The CDC just released data that show the average life expectancy in America has gone from 79 in 2019 to 76 in 2023.  Some people suggest this proves how deadly Covid was, but it doesn’t, as most actual Covid deaths (people who died because of Covid, not those who died with Covid) were people who were over the age of 80!  According to the data, the death rate for elderly Americans actually declined by 6% in that time period where the death rate in people 20 to 45 years of age exploded!  Also, the spike happened after Covid had basically run its course, but coincides directly with the introduction of the jab, and the jab mandates.  We already know that the jab can cause Myocarditis especially in young people, and we’re seeing a big spike in cardiac events in that demographic, we also know that the jab can “shed” the virus.  I read one article that blamed it on poor diet and exercise, and while that certainly is a problem, our children have been exposed to these for a long while now, so that doesn’t really answer the question of why so many kids, especially athletic, healthy kids are dropping dead.  The afore mentioned info in the Kevin McKernan video about the DNA contamination of the jab also brings up the increased risk of cancers forming.  There is so much that raises red flag warnings with this excess death data, that, like the proper conspiracy theorist I am, I have a hard time believing that it is an unintended consequence of the jab.  How about this for a conspiracy theory, I want someone to explain why so many young working aged Americans are dying, while we’re seeing hundreds of thousands of working/military aged illegal immigrants, mainly men, pour over the southern border, in conjunction with the data that show virtually all of the “job growth” created by Slo-Biden has been from non-Americans.  Hmm…

     Nothing about what is going on today is in isolation, it’s all an intertwined web of evil.  People need to realize these attacks on every facet of society are part and parcel of an over-arching strategy.  Look at what’s been done in our public screwels.  First, they to turn our children into ignoramuses, lacking the ability to think critically, but obsessed with social-media.  Chemicals are put into our food supply that destroy testosterone and coupled with the elimination of physical ed. requirements have rendered our children fat, ignorant and lazy.  The prog-globs promote climate hysteria designed to frighten everyone into believing the world is approaching an ecological catastrophe that will kill everything. The attacks on basic human morality, the denigration of the family, the belittling of spirituality, the sexual grooming of children, trying to normalize pedophilia, while also sterilizing them with “gender affirming care,” are all strands of the web, as well as crime running rampant in our cities. Criminals are allowed to run free, unafraid of being jailed, let alone prosecuted, while everyday people go to jail for defending themselves, trying to stop a thief, or even perhaps just saying or buying the wrong thing, like a Bible!  Our government is being run by immoral, corrupt politicians who have either been blackmailed or bribed into doing the bidding of their over-lords.  Our food supply, which has already been poisoned with obscene chemicals banned in other countries, is now awash in recalls for contamination.  Meanwhile ranchers are saying that the beef supply has reached a 76 year low, and the reports of hundreds of thousands of chickens that have to be slaughtered due to illness.  Anywhere you can find a problem, you can link it to the web of prog-glob “Shelobs” (that’s the evil spider from “Lord Of The Rings,” for those you don’t know the reference.).

    On top of the other crap, we have Covid and the jab.  What Covid couldn’t accomplish the jab will.  Who knows how many will actually perish because of all the ramifications of government policy, the virus and the vaccine, it’s already been in the millions.  The FDA just laughably stated that the number of “confirmed” cases of death due to the jab, are a mere handful, that the information of tens of thousands of “adverse events” recorded in VAERS is not reliable.  They are correct about that, but most experts say its off because only a small percentage of adverse events are reported, it’s time consuming and complicated to file a report on VAERS.  Some experts suggest the data is off by a factor of a hundred times.  Despite what the FDA says, the excess deaths speak for themselves. The question is why isn’t anybody, any major news organization shouting this from the rooftops?  The death toll is staggering, it’s akin to Civil War deaths which wiped out approximately 2.5 % of the American population! 

     The answer, as it’s always been for everything in bizzarro-world, is ideology and money.  In the twisted thinking of the immoral elites, everything going on is justifiable as long as, A) their side is winning and, B) they have enough money, so the problems experienced by the average person have no effect on them.  Why would a news network that receives millions of bucks in advertising from Big Pharma, jeopardize the cash flow by pointing out the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are dying because of their collective malfeasance.  They already demonstrated that truth, objectivity, morality and integrity are meaningless to them, the only thing that matters is preserving the narrative, their paycheck and most importantly their backsides, because if people found out what’s really going on, there just might be a reinstitution of the guillotine.

     Every day I pray for my friends and family who have been jabbed.  The long term effects of this poison may never be known, as jab fatalities will undoubtedly be ascribed to heart failure, cancer or the insane “sudden adult death” syndrome.  The medical establishment uses this so they don’t have to say what the real cause of death is, because, as I wrote before, at this point they’re too far down the road to admit culpability in the atrocity.  My wife and I are what is now being referred to as “pure-bloods,” people who have never been jabbed. I’ve read stories where people are requesting “pure-blood” when they have surgeries or transfusions, because they are afraid of vaccinated blood.  I don’t know how many of us are out there, but I’m positive the government knows, and it remains to be seen how they will act upon this knowledge, if past actions are any indication, it won’t be good.  I’ve already been labeled a racist, homophobic, transphobic, Nazi, deplorable, misogynistic, hate filled murderer, so what’s one more label.  In my mind, they can call me whatever they want (just don’t call me late for dinner,) it’s how I define myself that matters, because that’s the person I need to look at in the mirror every day, and as hard as it sometimes is, because we all sin and fall short of the glory of God, it’s far preferable than being part of the death-cult that the progressive left has become. 

They promote killing unborn children, they are willing to let innocent civilians die in endless, needless and useless wars.  They use science to kill off as many people as they can by introducing novel viruses and vaccines, and contaminate the food supply.  They promote assisted suicide even for people suffering from depression. and they advocate for the sterilization of children through “gender affirming care.”  I’m sure it won’t be long before there are medical boards who will determine whether or not you have lived too long, and therefore any medical intervention to keep you alive will be denied because it isn’t cost-effective.  That was an issue that has already been raised with Obamacare, so how long do you think before its fully implemented?

     As I’ve stated numerous times the globalists need to keep the people divided, I read somewhere that there are 3,000 so-called elites who are trying to rule the world against a global population of around 7 to 8 billion people, in other words there are a lot more of us then them.  All it takes to break their grip on society, is for society to say NO, we ain’t gonna do it.  Seems simple enough, but the prog-globs have been so effective at sewing division that societal unity cannot be achieved easily.  I do feel somedays like the pendulum is swinging back to sanity, with more and more people waking up to the crap going on, even Gen Z’ers.  Still, it remains to be seen, I still see so many lost, ignorant, intolerant, brain washed sheeple out there that sometimes it feels hopeless.  In times like these, the best thing we can do is get on our knees and pray, every day!

                                As always Rock On Y’all!

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