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Wars and Rumors of War




     Three stories hit this week that really drive home the point that our elected government officials are nothing more than paid operatives of the deep state.  The first was a Rasmussen poll showing the “elite” class, (defined as individuals who make over $150,000 a year with college degrees, usually from Ivy League schools) overwhelmingly think the economy is great, there is too much free speech, climate change restrictions on everything from fuel to food to appliances are necessary, and actually trust the government.  Upwards of 75 to 80 % of these so-called “1%ers” support these insane positions.  These are the Lizard people who represent the ruling class, the so called “doner” class in America.  The second story was about Arizona GOP chairman Jeff DeWitt attempting to bribe Senate candidate and Trump supporter, Kari Lake.  DeWitt was exposed on a secret recording that his handlers wanted Lake to sit out the next couple of years, offering her lucrative jobs and such.  The third was yet another James O’Keefe undercover video where a Republican congressional staffer and admitted Nancy Pelosi fanboy named Titus Warren, revealed the sordid sexual shenanigans going on in Congress.  Allegations that former Congressman, Madison Cawthorn made a few years back.  What these three stories in particular make abundantly clear is the elite class in America, #1 has no problem with the destructive direction America is heading, #2 is in fact facilitating this through the bribery and blackmail of politicians, bureaucrats, other government officials and Judges.  And #3 is profoundly sick and perverted.   

  Through the years, corruption in politics has been seen as standard operating procedure.  While it stands to reason that a person who aspires to be a politician, probably isn’t going to be a paragon of virtue in the first place, the level of corruption and immorality we are seeing in the politics today makes movies like “The Godfather” pale in comparison.  It makes me wonder if at those hoity toity elite D.C. cocktail parties, you get people who brag “I’ve got Congressman so and so in my back pocket,” while another might retort, “well I have 2 of them on the payroll, plus a Senator and a federal judge!  And to top it off, I just screwed one of my staff in the Congressional cloak room.”

     The result of all this is The Uniparty.  It doesn’t matter what party a politician belongs too, what matters are who that politician is beholden too.  You can’t tell me Bitch McConnell or Lyndseed Graham Cracker represent the people who elected these snakes.  Robin Williams once said, “politicians should wear sponsor jackets like Nascar drivers.”  Then, at least we would know who they owe allegiance too.  The political lobbying and donor class are the ones in charge, the real Deep State.  Generally, they are Ivy Leaguers who either go right into government service or corporate boardrooms after college.  Some will join the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, or any of the alphabet agencies that form the unelected bureaucracy.  Others go to law firms whose sole purpose is to destroy the fundamental foundations of our country.  These are the lizard people who comprise the military/industrial/censorship/big tech/complex.  They do not give a damn about the common man or woman.  The only time they even care a little is when they can be used like a roll of toilet paper.

    The wealthy elite class think because they received a college education and got some phony baloney degree, it intitles them to pass judgement on us common folk.  It makes me laugh, when you consider that since colleges have long preferred DEI and affirmative action enrollment over merit, these elites with their degrees are probably not the brightest bulbs out there.  In fact, most high school graduates can probably run intellectual circles around these highly educated morons.  It’s mainly due to the fact we haven’t had common sense educated out of us.  They could care less about the problems everyday Americans face.  They don’t have to worry about inflation, they’re rich.  The open border just means they’ll have more choices when it comes to hiring a gardener or a nanny.  They take absurd woke positions on social issues, because they can, everyone in their lunatic asylum of an echo-chamber agrees with them, so there’s no consequence from their peers, and in fact anybody who criticizes them gets black-listed.

     Recently, however, we’re starting to see a back-lash against the elites.  The pendulum is swinging the other way.  Nobody likes the crap Hollyweird is turning out.  Liberal newspapers and magazines like Sports Illustrated, The Washington Compost and The L.A. Slimes are laying off entire staffs of people, because more and more people are realizing they are simply full of shit.  The apoplectic screams coming from the mainstream media of “Trump is a racist, Trump is Hitler, or Trump is going to be a dictator who will disappear gays” are falling on deaf ears, because Trump has already been president and he didn’t do any of that.  In fact, more and more people are coming to the realization that things weren’t so bad under the Trump administration, we weren’t being over-run at the border, inflation was under control and we weren’t on the brink of WWIII or a Civil War.

     It’s ironic that the communist philosophy of Karl Marx, so beloved by the left, is coming back to haunt them.  Marx preached about the class struggle between the “proletariat” and the Capitalist “bourgeoisie.”  These days the proletariat are the normal working men and women who want government out of their lives and believe in God, family and country, you know, those evil MAGA Republicans Biden is always screaming about.  The bourgeoisie has become the leftist elite/crony capitalist/progressive Globalist/ruling class that can’t stand the peasants of the working class.  This iteration of the bourgeoisie will do whatever is necessary to maintain their power.  Just as the “Robber Baron” capitalists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries did.  Buy politicians, rig elections and destroy anyone who gets in their way.  Use money and power to subvert and take advantage of the best form of government ever devised by man, the American constitutional republic.   

     Few if any, politicians that are trustworthy these days.  Coupled with the complete corruption of the mainstream news media, truth and morality have become fungible commodities, where we are told what narrative we should believe.  Our education system has become so polluted that only the few highly motivated individuals can actually learn anything.  Most of the students emerging from the public “screwal” system are barely functioning ignoramuses, who have no capability to think critically. 

     It’s gotten to the point that when I read or hear a story that benefits the bourgeoisie, I immediately think conspiracy.  One of the more blatant ones is “replacement theory,” where what’s happening at the southern border, is being pushed by the left as “poor 3rd world refugees coming to America for a better life, or to escape political persecution.”  In actuality it’s nothing more than them trying to get millions more Demonrat voters.  The Demonrats deny this, but they’ve gone on record as saying they want to change state demographics, so there you go.  The darker side of replacement theory is the fact that a large portion of these illegal immigrants are military aged men.  Some states like California, want them to be able to become police officers, and other scum-bag politicians want to allow them to enlist the military.  Hmm...I wonder why.  These illegals not only owe money to the cartels who smuggle them in, they are also beholden to the open border Demonrats who facilitated their immigration.  The same Demonrats who are working hand-in hand with the cartels in the largest human and sex trafficking operation in history.  In addition, by allowing huge amounts of fentanyl to cross the open border hundreds of thousands of Americans are dying every year, but who cares.  They could give a damn if some peasant dies, or even if some illegal immigrant dies trying to get in, there’s plenty more where they came from.

     Another blatantly obvious conspiracy theory involves the military industrial complex.  The need for “forever-wars” to keep the cash flowing in.  Remember when Trump got us onto all those foreign wars and conflicts?  Neither do I.  Do you think that may have been the reason the deep state went after him so hard?  Since the 3rd Obama administration, or the Biden regime if you prefer, has come into office, we’ve become involved in 2 major conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle-East, making WWIII a distinct possibility, and now we are on the verge of a Civil War, with the stand-off between Texas, the 25 states that have pledged allegiance to the Lone Star State, and the Biden regime who needs the influx of illegals to continue relatively unabated.  Boy those folks at Lockhead Martin and the other behemoth defense contractors must be ecstatic.  Who cares if American soldiers and innocent civilians die, that is what the proletariat is there for, to provide fodder for the bourgeoisie’s war industry so they can continue to own their beachfront homes (I thought global warming was going to raise sea-levels,) and fly around the globe in their private jets.  (don’t worry about their carbon footprints, they buy carbon offsets, just like the “indulgences” the Catholic church used to provide for wealthy sinners, so it’s all cool.) 

     When I hear about wars and rumors of war, I try to look and see who is cheerleading for these conflicts.  After being hornswoggled by Bush the 2nd and his b.s. weapons of mass destruction claim along with the credibility problems of 9/11, which resulted in 2 decades of conflict in Afghanistan, I think any politician or bloviator calling for American intervention in a foreign country is immediately suspect.   3 soldiers died and dozens more were injured the other day by a drone strike from an Islamic terrorist group.  Iran, of course denied involvement, but that’s laughable, considering they are the world’s leader in state sponsored terrorism.  The Biden regime has gone out of its way to monetize Iran, easing the Trump era sanctions on their oil production and nuclear ambitions. While publicly, the Biden Regime denounced the attack, their policy towards Iran shows they are either incredibly stupid, which is a distinct possibility, or they approve of what Tehran is doing, also very probable.

     Hopefully, We The People, the proletariat, are finally waking up.  Polls are showing Gen Z’ers and minorities are realizing the people they have been continuingly fooled into voting for, (in the case of blacks for decades,) don’t have their best interests in mind, and in fact actually loathe them.  More and more of them are tuning in to the MAGA message.  The trucker convoy to the southern border is going to be very interesting.  Let’s see how the White House spokes-worm, Karine “identity hire” Jean Pierre, will lie about this.  It’s already been demonized by the MSM as a group of extremist Christians, radical right wingers who are going to incite violence, sort of reminds you of Canada’s freedom convoy, (or Canadia, as KJP calls it.)  You can be sure the leftists will call them fascists, racists, homophobes and transphobes, maybe they’ll even trot out Hil-liar-ly’s deplorables label.  We’ll have to see what happens, it certainly is a situation that could escalate into violence and spark a Civil War.  I truly believe, and I’ve said this before, the left wants both a Civil War and a world war.  They want a Civil war so they can impose Martial law and prevent the 2024 election, because the crap they got away with in 2020 and 2022 isn’t going to be so easy to do this time around.  A world war will enable the Prog-Globs to implement their agenda for a tyrannical global government, to which a leftist American government would surely surrender our sovereignty.  How’s that for a conspiracy theory!

     If you think this can’t happen in America, you’re wrong.  Think of all the conspiracy theories that turned out to be true.  Remember this is a government that infected black Americans with syphilis in Tuskegee.  That allowed the CIA to experiment on unwitting civilians with LSD, (MK Ultra.)  That imported hundreds of Nazis after WWII (Operation Paperclip.)  That infiltrated news rooms during and after the Cold War (Operation Mockingbird.)  That perpetrated the whole “weapons of mass destruction” lie.  Remember all of the lies they told us during Covid.  Those are just the things that have been proven.  There’s still the whole 9/11 and Donald Rumsfeld’s missing trillion dollars story and so many other conspiracy theories.  Our own government has been shown to be more than willing to break a few eggs to make an omelet, what’s a few more media lies, a few more dead soldiers and civilians, as long as the 1% gets to keep being the 1%.

     I guess in Bizzaro-World, where up is down, and wrong is right and right is wrong, it’s only fitting that the communist slogan of “Workers of the world unite” would mean something entirely different than what Lenin and Marx envisioned.  Now the workers of the world, the common man and woman, the proletariat, need to unite as never before to rid the world of the very people who coined the phrase in the first place.  We need to unite, not against capitalism, but against the current leftist/globalist bourgeoise, to restore liberty and justice for all, and most importantly our freedom.

Rock On Y'all

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