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Trying To Do The Right Thing

If I ever end up going back to work, there are going to be some very unhappy dogs. The best part of my day is the 2 to 3 mile walk we try to get in, weather permitting. The other day while walking “Los Tres Perros Loco”, (the name I gave my pack), My wife spotted a sticker that said “Imagine still believing all this is still about stopping a virus”. We stopped for a closer look and saw that it was from a group called “The White Rose”. When we got home, I decided to check them out, and sure enough there they were on Telegram. What they are doing is VERY COOL! You can go to their site and print a variety of fantastic stickers that protest all the b.s. being perpetrated on us. They show pictures from around the world of people who have posted these stickers. So, I decided to give it a try. Every day I print out a couple of pages of stickers and put them up in places where I think people will see them. As I live in direct proximity to a high school and a university, I think that is prime ground to try and reach the indoctrinated. I actually think it’s great when it looks like someone tried to remove one of them, because it means that they must have read it, therefore I feel like I’m sowing some seeds. Seeds that might at least get these young people thinking. It really saddens me when I look at the youngsters, (boy I love that term, makes me feel real old) walking around these days. So many of them are walking around in the bright sunshine wearing their useless face diapers. I even remarked to one kid, while waiting at a crosswalk, to “take off your mask bro, breathe the free air”. He looked at me like I was some sort of space alien. (I know, maybe it’s because I used the word bro) I continued on, putting out my sticker of the day (“LIVE IN FEAR – IT MAKES YOU EASIER TO CONTROL), thinking at least I said something that might get the young man thinking. Getting people to think is a very good thing to do, a very right thing to do.

Most of us these days are just trying to get from day to day, and the political struggles of our country are not uppermost in our thoughts. Putting food on your table and a roof over your head are rightfully the most important things most people are concerned about. So, when you try and reach out to someone, to try and help them to realize that ignorance is not bliss, that awareness of what is being done to our country is actually of greater concern than the basic necessities, it needs to be done in a careful, non-confrontational way. “Speak the truth in love” the Bible says in Ephesians. If you confront someone and tell them they’re stupid or ignorant because they are wearing a mask, or they have gotten the jab, it is totally counter-productive. I always try to engage a person on their level, ask them questions about what they perceive to be real, and then pose non-threatening questions designed to make them think about what makes sense. For instance, a neighbor of mine whose wife has been diagnosed with the Wu-Flu and I were talking the other day, and I asked him how she was doing. He said that she was getting better, and I remarked that that was a great thing, because now she has natural immunity. The question I posed to him was, “I mean natural immunity works far better than any vaccine, right?” His response was he didn’t know what to believe anymore, but I could tell that I got his thought processes going. Sometimes that’s all it takes. I admit I do get tired of friends and relatives telling me that they have done “the research” and that my beliefs are totally wrong. I find it very hard to restrain from being, shall we say, very vociferous in my response. Whether it’s “well you get all your news from Fox News.”, or “you need to get more information than just your right wing web-sites.”, I find it very hard to restrain myself. When all their information comes from either a widely discredited mainstream media, or from left wing web sites, that just parrot the news from the main stream. The information you get from all these “right wing” websites is easily provable. For instance, the latest study from the University of Louisville that shows that masks are useless. There is nothing like that on any “left wing” site. There was a study from earlier this year that found that conservatives were far better informed on current issues then people on the left, especially on topics like the Wu-Flu. So my problem is, how do I educate my friends and family when they are so programmed by the fearmongering of left wing media and politicians that has gripped our country since Trump was elected. The indoctrination has become so pervasive, that if anything is described as right wing, it’s automatically dismissed as disinformation. It doesn’t matter if it comes from reputable sources like Dr. Robert Malone, who is one of the creators of the vaccine, the scientist who won the Nobel prize for inventing Ivermectin, Satoshi Omura or brilliant speakers like Candace Owens, who literally destroys virtually anyone she has a debate with. Yet when Rolling Stone publishes an article that was immediately debunked as being a total work of fiction, it is still treated as gospel by the left. How do you do the right thing, when you are up against this incredible, unbelievable level of ignorance? Right now, I’m really trying to hold my tongue and not say something I might regret later, some form of ad-hominem attack, that might ruin a relationship. My first hope is that as more and more people become aware of what’s really going on, as more and more truth comes out, they will eventually see that they have been lied to, and realize that the people they dismissed as conspiracy theorists were actually people who cared about them. After that, I don’t know, because something needs to be done, sooner rather then later. Sometimes doing the right thing might have to be making the hard choice of losing friends or alienating family members, to somehow slap them out of their hypnotic trance of leftist indoctrination, in the hopes of waking them up. (Remember the comedy movie “Airplane” when all the passengers lined up to slap the hysterical woman? It’s getting to that point.)

I remarked to my wife a couple of days ago that the one thing kids are not being taught, and purposely so I feel, is critical thinking. No, not anything like the racist, Marxist, Critical Race Theory, but actual critical thinking, how to figure things out for yourself, you know, problem solving. From revolutionary times until the whole public school thing came about, students were taught how to think for themselves, and look at all the progress that was made from that style of teaching, the industrial revolution is a prime example. It was called The Trivium. Basically, it could be summed up by the example of teaching someone how to play the piano, vs teaching him how to play an individual song note for note. One way you end up knowing how to play the song, but you have no idea how to play the piano. The other way you learn not only how to play the piano, but you also learn how music works. So many of these kids have no problem-solving skills and as such are easily manipulated by their environment. In this case, it’s the bombardment of the media telling them they have to live in fear of a virus that has a 99.97% survival rate, and is not transmitted outside in casual situations, so even though they have nothing to fear, it’d almost as if they WANT to live in fear, because they have been conditioned to live in fear.

The thing is, it’s not just our children who haven’t been taught to think for themselves, but the entire preceding generation. My daughter recently texted my wife berating her for not getting the jab, and told her that she was being selfish by not getting it. She scolded her saying that all of our info came from “Q-Anon” right wing propaganda. My initial response was to call her up and read her the riot act, as she had no business telling us what to do. My daughter is 36 years old, we even home schooled her for a couple of years, and yet she has been totally indoctrinated by the culture. She won’t even listen to alternative theories, which most of the time she can’t even be exposed to because of the censorship by big tech. I don’t want to ruin my relationship with my daughter, but because my wife is recovering from a massive heart attack, (which by the way is just one of the reasons she doesn’t want the jab), and she really needs to refrain from getting upset, something absolutely needs to be done. Like most offspring she won’t listen to her parents, so right now I’m literally praying for someone or something to intervene in her life and open her mind to reality.

We have become an indoctrination nation. If we are ever going to be able to restore America, one of the first priorities has to be the proper education of our children. In my last blog I wrote about the “law of unintended consequences”. One of the unintended consequences of the lockdowns was that parents were finally having to take part in their children’s education. They started seeing the crap that is being taught to their kids, and standing up and saying something about it. Issues like C.R.T. and the sexualization of elementary age children. Or the insane rantings of socialist teachers who spread their dogma like a REAL virus. These parents are doing the right thing. More and more parents need to step up, shout out and join the mission to take back our schools. This will lead to taking back our country. I saw an article in Citizens Free Press, that had clips of college students at various football games over the weekend shouting “F—K Joe Biden!” It made my heart smile to see that not all kids are citizens of Indoctrination Nation, lets pray that the chant goes viral. But, like I wrote earlier, it’s not just our children who need to be deprogrammed it’s a great many people of the generation who preceded them. There are so many 20 to 40 year old people that believe that socialism is the way to go, it’s truly frightening when you realize how successful the progressives have been in transforming the youth of our country.

In my last blog, I wrote that the time is now for patriotic Americans to stand up and say “enough is enough”. As a country I believe we have reached a precipice, and our future is hanging in the balance between going full on “1984” or taking a step back from the edge and retaking the principles this nation was founded on. In the end, it’s all the small right things we can do that can lead up to a massive change. The sort of “pebble in a pool effect” that can expand into a tidal wave of truth. People doing what’s right, standing up against tyranny wherever it’s found, whether it’s in our schools, or our workplace, or especially when it’s rooted in our present government. One of my readers sent me an article that reminded that We The People are actually in control of the government, not the other way around. It seems almost farcical to think about it, of course we have the power, it says so right in our constitution. Sadly, We The People have surrendered this power to the government, we have allowed them to usurp control over our lives, and push us to the precipice. This doesn’t have to be like this, the government works for us, and when they stop working for the benefit of the people, they need to be fired, or worse, depending on the transgression. We need to remember that as American citizens we are under no obligation to obey unconstitutional laws or orders. We need to be reminded that the C.D.C. cannot make or impose any law! We need to make sure our elected officials know who their real boss is. THAT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!


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