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Time To Crash The Party(S)

One of my favorite books is Mark Levin's “The Liberty Amendments”, if you haven’t read it, I strongly recommend it, in fact I’m going to re-read it as soon as I’m done with “The Real Anthony Fauci,” which is another book I cannot recommend strongly enough. Levin’s book got me to thinking about what if I could draft a constitutional amendment that would address one of the root causes of the polarization and division in America today. One thing really jumped out at me, and it was that in today’s politics in America, it always the Republicans vs Democrats, oh sure you have the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, even the Communist Party as recognized political entities, but in reality, it all boils down to Republicans vs Democrats. The thing is, these days there is just not a lot of difference between the two. Oh sure, you may have a few on either side saying things that appeal to whatever base they are trying to reach, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senator Ted Cruz are prime examples of this, but as the old saying goes, talk is cheap. On the Republican side you have RINO’s like Liz Cheney or Cryin’ Adam Kizzinger, who might as well just join the Demonrats. On that side you have Senators Kyrsten Semina and Joe Manchin derailing Biden’s totally unconstitutional voting rights legislation, (thank God). You could easily, and I have done so repeatedly called them Republicrats and Demicans. Look at what the Biden Regime is trying to do in Ukraine. You have all the Dems saying that we need to intervene in a country that really has no strategic value, other than a “wag the dog” value for Biden’s failed policies. By the way has everyone forgotten about the Biden Crime Family’s ties to Ukraine? No, they are saying we need to protect the territorial integrity of some eastern European country with virtually no significant strategic value, when we can’t even protect our southern border. Joining the Dems in their rush to war are the neo-cons who are always itching for a conflict so their constituents in the defense industry can make bank. Doesn’t anyone find it slightly peculiar that these two seemingly disparate groups are joining together to draw our country into an Orwellian conflict?

My proposed amendment would fundamentally change the way politics are done in this country without changing any fundamental constitutional construct. I say we abolish ALL political parties. No more RePubicans, no more Demonrats, just independent Americans who actually want to serve this country. Think about it, no more of these insipid political conventions that are just a showcase for lying, career politicians. Here is how it might work. If someone wants to run for any elected office, the first thing they must do is gather signatures of let’s say 10% of legal registered voters in the population they are seeking to represent. That would get them on the ballot. You could have a primary election where you weed out a few non-contenders. In that primary, anyone could vote for anyone, not like it is now, at least in California, where if you are registered Republican, you can only vote for republican candidates. Election committees that help with the campaign would be allowed, the staffing of which would be limited to a percentage of registered legal voters, in other words if the number of eligible voters is 10,000, your campaign election committee would be limited to 10 people, or something along those lines, this would prevent someone from overwhelming an eligible candidate with sheer numbers of “volunteers”. These would also have to be disbanded immediately after the election. There would be a hard cap on political campaign contributions, both for an individual or a corporation, and they would be identical, say $10,000. There would also be a limit on the number of candidates anyone can contribute too. This would eliminate the ability of someone like George Soros from funding the election of so many of these insane District Attorneys nationwide. Political Action Committees (PAC) would also be abolished, as well as donations from any Union or organization that is not incorporated. The “soft” money that so thoroughly corrupts our elections has to stop, along with abolishing all the lobbyists who prowl Washington D.C. like so many jackals. All eligible candidates would be required to participate in at least 3 debates. Any media outlet, no matter how big or small that gives access to one eligible candidate, will be required to give the same time to all eligible candidates for free. If a media outlet somehow couldn’t afford to provide equal time, then they could apply for government aid to cover the expense, God knows how much money the Federal Government wastes, so providing a few million bucks for something like this should be no problem. Political advertising would most certainly fall under this. This would eliminate a candidate from being able to outspend his competition, as any media outlet that ran an ad for one eligible candidate would be legally required to provide the same time for all eligible candidates. The next big aspect of this is term limits for all elected officials, and Supreme Court Justices. (In Levin’s book, he outlines a sane and sensible method for dealing with term limits for SCOTUS justices). Our founders made one crucial mistake when they were designing our form of a democratic republic, and they most certainly can be excused for this bit of short-sightedness. While they knew that good and evil exist, they didn’t comprehend how anyone would want to be in government service forever, for them it was unthinkable. They couldn’t foresee how their perfect system of government could be corrupted by career politicians. Any elected official will be limited to 2 terms in office , not 2 consecutive terms, although that is perfectly acceptable, but 2 terms in total. In other words, you can’t have someone like Governor Jerry Brown in California, being elected once for 2 terms and then waiting a while and running again for the same office for 2 more terms. You get 2 terms in one office regardless of whether they are consecutive and that’s it, you’re done! The other aspect of this is compensation. I’ve heard plausible arguments that say Representatives and Senators should be paid handsomely for their service as this might thwart someone trying to bribe them. However, I think that if someone wants to run for office, then the motivation should be service to the city, county, state or country, rather than for monetary gain. So many politicians have to be getting into the game, because they see it as being very lucrative, not because of some sacred belief in helping people. Therefore, I think their compensation should reflect what someone who might be considered upper-middle class might earn, say in the neighborhood of $150,000 a year for federal Senators and Representatives, and maybe $100,000 for state congress-critters. (They should also be prohibited from playing the stock market, I mean hasn’t anyone heard the axiom about the fox guarding the henhouse?) Bribing an elected official would result in a very harsh sentence, say 20 to 30 years without the possibility of parole in a federal penitentiary. Also, their ability to vote themselves raises would also be abolished. If they want a raise, they have to do what everyone else has to do, ask the boss, in this case it’s “We The People”. Any raise they get would have to be approved by the voters. Holding an elected office should be reserved for people that actually want to serve the people, not by who can provide them with the most clout or money or power. We saw in the last presidential election, how Big-Tech along with a leftist MSM colluded to get Biden in office, I won’t say elected, because I firmly believe he cheated and was not elected legally. The result of this is a lot of conservatives like me have lost faith in our election system. We are disgusted by the way America has been turned into what can only be called a banana republic, where Biden himself said, paraphrasing that great freedom fighter Joseph Stalin, that , “it doesn’t matter who votes, it’s who counts the votes” (Just like when he said “we have the biggest election fraud organization in history”, I can’t believe he actually said that.) There is no longer a need for any political party, they have become enemies of the people. African Americans or Hispanics for instance, are not thought of by Democrats or Republicans as people, but as voting blocks. I’m sorry, but just as I disagree with the whole concept of different races, (there is only one race, the human race), I object strenuously to individuals being lumped together as some sort of voting block. We need to remember that we are above all else, Americans, imbued with individual rights, one of the most important being the ability to think for ourselves. We shouldn’t allow our thoughts and beliefs to be limited by the obsolete notion of having to have them conform to some political party platform. As a conservative, I tend to vote Republican, not because I’m registered as one, I’m registered independent, but because for the most part I agree with what some, certainly not all, of them are saying. We should all be independent voters, free to choose the candidate that best exemplifies our beliefs, not a Demonrat or RePubican. If candidates were freed from having to grovel at the feet of political parties in order to just get on a ballot, then “We The People” might actually get to see what they really believe, who they really are, warts and all. Lastly, and this wouldn’t be part of the amendment, but I feel is vitally important, I think we really need to get past the idea that someone running for office has to be perfect, spotless. I would think that most people understand that no one is sinless, or blameless, or hasn’t done something in their past that they aren’t ashamed of. News flash! No one is perfect, we’re all flawed human beings! Now obviously we can’t have murderers, sociopaths, psychopaths or convicts (or pedophiles, Joe) running our government, but maybe we can cut some slack for a good person that may have had a “youthful indiscretion”. Something that these days would cause him or her to be “cancelled” by our “woke police”, making them unwilling or unable to serve his country out of fear of the woke mob, I think it’s called compassion. George Washington or Thomas Jefferson were not perfect people, they owned slaves, I’m sure they had other faults as well, but those faults were infinitesimal compared to the good they were able to achieve. How many able and willing people have been reluctant to get into politics, because they knew a background check might be exploited by the opposing party to disqualify them? Just like the argument that an aborted baby might be the one who discovers a cure for cancer, we’ll never know if the next George Washington is out there, but because of some small, probably inconsequential indiscretion, he has been effectively killed politically.

Politics has been called a blood sport, not for the faint of heart. In reality it has become a cesspool of criminals, narcissists, grifters and other forms of lowlife, that we have allowed to usurp control over our lives and wellbeing. It has become a government that used to be “of the people, by the people and for the people” into one of “buy the politician, bully the people for your own personal gain”. The logistics and minutia of my proposal are things that I’m sure could be worked out, unfortunately there would have to be lawyers involved, (one of my favorite jokes is; what do you call 100 lawyers buried up to their neck in sand? A good start!) I think this is something that needs to be considered. I realize that my amendment doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of even being considered, but the fact remains that political parties and all they entail, have become not only obsolete, but are one of the root causes of the division that is crippling our country, and as such are, like I wrote earlier, an enemy of the people, and in reality are the real domestic terrorists. If a candidate was forced to run for office on the strength of their ideas and convictions, instead of their conformity to any one political party, or their obligation to that party because of money, or favors or whatever, (wink, wink Kamela), then I truly believe we would get a better class of leadership, which is quite obviously sorely lacking in today’s America. Think about it, in a country of 330 million people, the best we can come up with is Joe Biden? Or Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Graham, McCarthy, Durbin, Adam Schiff for God’s sake? Political parties are nothing more than a barricade that prevents people who might actually be able to make a difference from actually doing so. The sayings “Money is the root of all evil”, and “absolute power, corrupts absolutely”, have become the reality of politics in America today, and this paradigm needs to be changed. America needs real leaders, not scumbag politicians who have no interest in serving the people, only enriching themselves, and these vermin, need to go A.S.A.P.!



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