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The State of Our Union

I didn’t watch the State of The Union (SOTU) speech on Tuesday. I was afraid I might have to slit my wrists if I subjected myself to such an overdose of B.S. Honestly, I never watched one of Trumps speeches either, they are just exercises in political theater that I don’t have the stomach for. I think the last one I actually watched was George Bush’s after 9-11. I realize that this makes it difficult to comment on it, since I have to rely on other sources for an analysis of what was said. This obviously can lead to confirmation bias, so what I did was to listen to what some people, whose opinion I have come to respect said and wrote, and juxtaposed their thoughts with my own. One source was an article from the conservative publication The Federalist which pointed out 17 lies or mis-statements from the speech. I also heard a CNN clip of Van Jones who is seen as somewhat of a moderate Democrat, saying that Biden’s speech was the return of Uncle Joe the uniter, it made me wonder what planet he is on. The clips I saw of Bidens speech, not the gaffs, but just those rare moments when he talked coherently, made me cringe. This is the leader of the free world? The best clip I saw was when Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert heckled Biden after a remark he made about soldiers in coffins, saying that he put 13 soldiers in coffins. She was immediately booed by the Democrats, and castigated by MSM flunkies like Jake Tapper for a lack of decorum. This tells you how these loathsome, useful idiots really feel about dead soldiers.

What is worrisome is that according to a CNN poll (I know its CNN) 41% of the people who watched the speech gave Biden a strong approval for his remarks about the Russia-Ukraine debacle. CNN admitted that the poll was heavily weighted in favor of Democrats, which makes sense since they would be the primary SOTU viewers, and the 41% approval rate is the lowest for a SOTU speech in the last 15 years. Still, what it says though is how well the Democrats have shifted from Covid to Ukraine. I wrote in a previous blog, “Never Forget, Never Forgive” that this was what they were going to do, rescind the increasingly unpopular Covid restrictions because of the upcoming mid-term elections. What a coincidence it was that Vodka Skelator (I love Citizens Free Press’s description of Pelosi) lifted the mask mandate the day before the speech. (By the way, did you see the way she rubbed her hands together when Biden mentioned Afghanistan, like some sort of evil witch?) The left is counting on the short attention span of the “normies” to switch the focus from their failed Covid policies to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Tragically, it seems to be working, all over social media you are seeing “we stand with Ukraine” and other such nonsense. Before I get to far, I have to say that I support the Ukrainian people. They are the ones who are suffering and dying from this “wag the dog” farce going on in eastern Europe. There is so much propaganda out there saying that America has to defend the Ukrainian democracy. That is absurd! Ukraine is not a democracy! Zelensky has jailed his political opponents and shut down opposition media, no wonder Biden likes him so much. Let’s not forget that Ukraine has been and still is, one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Has everyone forgotten the Hunter Biden/Burisma scandal? Or what about the whole quid-pro-quo episode where then V.P. Biden extorted the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor who was investigating his son and Burisma. The insane mainstream media wants to sell the American public that we need to go to war with a country that has nuclear bombs over what is basically an internal Russian issue. The fact that George Soros and Hilliarly Clinton support Ukraine should tell any rational thinking person that this conflict is not what it is being portrayed as. I love how the left has suddenly turned into war hawks, saying that we need to protect Ukraine’s sovereignty while totally ignoring the crisis at our southern border. These are the same people who assured us that Trump was going to start WWIII while conveniently forgetting the fact that by projecting American strength, Trump was able to keep America out of any kind of foreign war. I had to laugh when Biden said that we need to strengthen the southern border. I had the same reaction when he said that we need to fund the police, but at least he pissed-off BLM and Ilan Ohmar.

The only thing I can figure out of all the nonsense that spewed out of Biden’s dementia ridden pie-hole, is that the left, the progressive/globalists, truly think We The People are incredibly stupid. Those of us on the right, who have either been awake during the last couple of decades or who have woken up since the scamdemic have been screaming from the mountaintops about things like “The Great Reset” and “Agenda 2030”. Now its time for the “normies” to wake up. The globalists are pressuring for a world war! Think about that. Okay so I guess the Covid scamdemic didn’t kill enough people, the jab hasn’t either, at least not fast enough, so now to depopulate the planet we need a global war? I think it’s amazing how all of these war-hawks on both the left and the right are screaming for military action. Cryin’ Adam Kinzinger, after being duped by a meme about the “ghost of Ukraine” went on to idiotically call for a no fly zone over Ukraine and taking out Russian radar sites, but said that was ok because it wasn’t going to be an engagement with Russian ground troops. Ok I guess those radar sites are in the clouds? How do idiots like him get elected? It truly boggles the mind, and remember I’m from California, the home of electing truly stupid people, (Eric Swalwell anybody?) These idiots have no problem calling for war, because they know they won’t be the ones fighting it. It’s like the phony picture of a Ukrainian M.P. proudly brandishing what looks like an AK47 saying that she is willing to fight for Ukraine, but it turns out the gun she is holding is an Aerosoft toy gun. Then of course you have the real monsters who need this war. These are the human scum in the military/industrial/complex. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for America having the best weapons and technology out there. FOR DEFENSE! The failed “nation building” strategies of the neo-cons have made it abundantly clear that we have no business interfering in other countries. All it has done is first and foremost, killed a lot of innocent civilians and secondly, ruined America’s standing as the leader of the free world. When we support Autocrats like Zelensky or the repressive regimes in Saudia Arabia, and bow down to the CCP, all America shows is weakness. The Biden regime has exacerbated this weakness. The disastrous failure in the Afghan withdrawal, enabling Russia to accumulate a war-chest for its invasion of Ukraine by cancelling Trumps sanctions on the Nordstream pipeline, meanwhile cancelling the Keystone pipeline, ruining America’s economy by making us energy dependent and demonizing over half of the country have showed the world that America is at best a paper tiger, unwilling and unable to defend freedom. I saw one moron on MSNBC who actually said that Putin installed Trump, who then weakened NATO so he could attack Ukraine, totally oblivious of the fact that Putin’s excursions into Ukraine happened under Obama and now Biden. Biden doesn’t want Ukraine to fall to Russia because his crime family owns Ukraine, not because of some mystical belief in Ukrainian sovereignty. He supports Zelensky because Zelensky undoubtedly knows where all the proverbial bodies are buried. Polls show that overwhelmingly Americans don’t want to fight a war in eastern Europe, so the left’s propaganda machine, along with the military/industrial/complex are desperately trying to change that belief. You see all of these defense industry paid “military experts” on cable news saying that it is imperative for us to intervene in Ukraine, invoking the “it’s a matter of national security” canard to drum up support for war with Russia the same way they did it with Iraq and Afghanistan. All of you “normies” out there, who go about your daily lives, unconcerned about what your government is doing, desperately need to wake up! There used to be a bumper sticker that said something like “War has never solved anything.” The obvious retort was “yeah except for ending slavery and ending Nazi fascism for starters, war has been totally unnecessary”. The thing is sometimes wars are necessary, but most of the time, they are just an excuse for power mad rulers, or ones who think they are doing God’s work, (Remember The Crusades?) for imposing their will on others. They are talking about a WORLD WAR, like it’s not only okay, but absolutely necessary! Hello this isn’t 1939! There are countries that have nuclear weapons, and have said they will use them!

I’ve written that I believe that the world is already at war, that it’s a cold-war style infowar instead of a hot war where bullets and bombs are flying around. These fools actually want one of those! It seems like since the progressive/globalists are starting to lose the infowar, they have to ramp up their actions to achieve their goal, the goal of world depopulation, and global control. The time for saying “oh that could never happen here in America, or the world is just too civilized and interconnected for a world war to happen” is gone. So, one more time, WAKE UP! THEY ARE LITERALLY TRYING TO KILL AS MANY FREEDOM LOVING, FREE THINKING, PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE! SO THEY CAN ENSLAVE THE REST. IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE AND IT WILL HAPPEN UNLESS WE THE FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLES OF THE WORLD, WAKE UP!

Do you hear that? I think it’s an alarm clock!

Pray for peace, now more than ever, peace and freedom are the enemy of tyrants.

(If you like this blog, you can read more of them on my web page “”, share them with your “normie” friends. Help me to awaken the sheeple, you might just save someone’s life, it really has become that critical).

Rock on Y’all!!

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