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The Shill, The Whole Shill and Nothing But The Shill

I’m an old rocker. I grew up listening to all the old classic acts, Led Zep, The Stones, The Beatles, The Who, Deep Purple, all of them, I still listen to them all the time, if you look at my Pandora favorite list all of those bands are there. In my opinion the music that came out of the 60’s and 70’s was an amazing, transformational phenomenon that hasn’t been matched since. I’m also a musician, I’ve been playing a guitar since I was 13 years old. I like a lot of Neil Young’s work, I learned how to play “Like A Hurricane”, “Old Man”, “My, My Hey Hey” and “Heart of Gold”. I identified with Neil because his singing voice, like mine, is far from perfect, but you could tell it’s very heartfelt. Neil Young’s song, “Rockin’ In The Free World” was a scathing attack on the evils of modern society and neo-cons like George Bush. “We got a thousand points of light, for the homeless man, we got a kinder, gentler machine gun hand”, great, poignant lyrics, combined with Youngs signature grunge guitar, written in 1989, it became an anthem of the 90’s.

So given Neil Youngs history of “fighting the man”, and “speaking truth to power”, and all those other liberal cliché’s, I was flabbergasted by his open letter to Spotify demanding they remove Joe Rogan’s podcast. What a disappointment. It’s no secret that I’m a conservative, if you read my blogs that’s abundantly clear, but I also once considered myself a liberal. I thought Reagan would start WWIII, that Republicans were the party of rich white racists, the whole shebang. So, I feel that I can identify with what are now being called “classic liberals” (kind of like classic rock, lol), people like RFK Jr. or Bill Maher, or Neil Young. I was astounded that someone like Neil Young would advocate for the censorship of free speech, but yet that’s where he went. He made a statement later to try and clarify his open letter, saying he is against censorship, but in light of his Spotify demand, hypocrisy is the only thing that is really clear. If Young truly believes that Rogan is peddling “misinformation”, why doesn’t he go on Rogan’s podcast and explain his position, why he thinks that this is misinformation? Or better yet debate Dr.’s Malone and McCullough. If he is so adamant that these two doctors, despite all their accomplishments and credentials are wrong, why doesn’t he challenge them with his facts? No, like the other Canadian Coward Justin Trudeau, who went into hiding when the AMAZING CANADIAN CONVOY hit Ottawa. Neil hides behind an open letter, apparently afraid to debate someone who might have opposing views. Like a typical leftist, he’s all in favor of free speech… for him, but not anyone with opposing opinions. In the end, he is just another shill for Big Pharma, and the globalist “powers that be” that he mocked in “Rockin’ In The Free World”. So, I’m saying, “goodbye Neil”, just like the NBA, who shill for the CCP, I will never again listen, play or watch anything you have done. Not only because of your blatant hypocrisy, but because you are taking the side of the Big Pharma murderers. The same goes for Joni Mitchell and Nils Lofgren, they have obviously sold their souls. Maybe Young never really believed anything he wrote, maybe it has always been about writing and selling songs that would resonate at a particular moment in time. Maybe he has always been a coward and a hypocrite. After his Spotify rant, some interesting comments of his from the 80’s were unearthed. These comments shed a light on who Neil Young really is, words that can only be described as homophobic. One thing is certain, he doesn’t really give a damn about free speech. In truth, I think he did it just for the publicity. In the end, all he is, is a shill for the Medical/Industrial/complex.

Speaking of liberal shills, the other day I was watching T.V. and an ad came on for a drug called Nurtec. Apparently, this is a migraine drug developed by a company called Biohaven Pharmacuetical. I don’t know much about the drug, it is supposed to treat and prevent severe migraines. If it works, that’s great, I’ve had family members who have had to go the E.R. because of severe migraines, so if this works, fantastic. The point I’m making is that it’s Woopie Goldberg hyping the product. That by itself is not a big deal, if she truly suffers from migraines and this works, good for her. The problem I have is that Biohaven Pharmacueticals entered into a deal with….you guessed it Pfizer, to market the med. So, basically what you have is another celebrity shilling for Big Pharma. There is no doubt that there has been an explosion of drug ads on T.V., especially cable T.V. It seems like half of the commercials are for one drug or another. Having a celebrity endorse a product is a tried and true tactic to increase sales, and as such is a sound marketing technique. I chose the Woopie Goldberg ad because of her stance on Covid misinformation, the fact that she is a leftist is just a bonus. In fact I’m sure there are celebrities on the right (there’s just not very many of them in Hollyweird) that do the same thing she is doing. So, there are a lot of famous people endorsing one drug or another. Pfizer has a history of being a company who is unafraid to use their substantial monetary clout to influence public perception. It has to make you question the opinions of people who are beholden to them for paychecks. Take a look at all the T.V. shows that are sponsored by Pfizer. CBS’s “Healthwatch”, Anderson Cooper’s “360” “This week with George Stephanopoulos” “CNN Tonight” and CBS’s “Meet The Press” to name a few. Isn’t it odd that all of these media outlets are spinning the same narrative, that the facts and statistics attested to by the likes of Dr. Malone and Dr. McCollough are Covid “misinformation”? The best one is the narrative that these, well qualified, world-renowned doctors are somehow some sort of “fringe element”, (that seems to be the “go too” label now, dismiss the dissenters as being a “fringe element” ala Justin Trudeau’s labeling of the Canadian Freedom Truckers). The fact that Pfizer and their other partners in the Medical/Industrial/Complex have made billions of bucks promoting this unnecessary poison on the populace. and the fact that if the cheap effective, alternative treatments for Covid were made available, they would stand to lose those billions of bucks, is entirely coincidental. Look at the medical establishments total denial of natural immunity, natural immunity doesn’t make a dime for Big Pharma. No, instead it’s the jab and only the jab! It doesn’t matter if everything they have said about it has turned out to be a lie, if you say anything against it, you are a “science denier”. (Great, now I have another label, I’m now a white supremacist, domestic terrorist, conspiracy theorist, science denier, yeehaw!) The pronouncements that if you get the jab you are safe, that you couldn’t spread the Wu-flu and that there were no serious side effects, were only a few of the lies they have told. (Sorry, Trump, people have died from the jab, a lot of people). If you can’t see what’s going on here, then you must be blind deaf and dumb. The same is true about the story of THE AMAZING CANADIAN CONVOY. Doesn’t anybody find it odd that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS et. al aren’t covering the largest truck convoy in history? Gee, maybe it’s because it’s a protest against the left’s darling Trudeau. Against his fascist mandates and restrictions. Maybe because it’s a protest against the medical establishments failed narrative. Nope, according to the MSM it’s a non-story, these 50,000 plus truckers and supporters are just a “fringe element” of misogynistic white supremacists. Yeah right, and I have some swampland on the moon to sell you. Shills, shills and more shills who suppress the truth. They don’t want to get their puppet masters at Big Pharma mad or they will be canceled out. They just ignore the nagging voice of their consciences that keeps whispering that they are being lied too, that they are being manipulated. So, they will keep cashing that nice paycheck, and doing what their masters tell them to do.

This is nothing new, the Medical/Industrial/Complex has been doing this for a long time. They have perfected the process. Robert Kennedy Jr. describes their murderous methodology in minute detail in his book “The Real Anthony Fauci”. (Isn’t it amazing that hardly anyone in our beloved MSM is talking about his book? I wonder what could be happening? Shills in the publishing industry? Hmm…).

Their efforts have effectively throttled the 1st amendment. If you can’t even have a discussion about alternative theories, brought by qualified, competent individuals, then for all intents and purposes free speech is dead, and with it, America. America, cannot survive without free speech, the world can’t survive without free speech. You know what I’d love to see? I think it would be great if someone like Rogan, who I feel is pretty impartial politically, if I recall, he did endorse Bernie Sanders for president, host roundtable discussions of all the issues surrounding Covid and the media. It would have to be a multi-part endeavor. For example, on one show have Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Dave Rubin, Tim Poole, Glen Beck and Ben Shapiro debate Joy Reid, Don Lemon, Brian Stelter, Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper and Rachel Maddow about fake news, censorship and the state of our media. On another show, have Dr.’s Malone, McCollough, Pierre Kory and others from Senator Ron Johnson’s “Second Opinion” panel debate Dr. Fauci, Rochelle Walenski, Dr. Francis Collins and some of their sold out minions. Let’s get Republican Senators Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, along with GOP Congressman Jim Jordan and Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene and the “Second Opinion” panelists debate Democrat Senators Dick(head) Durbin, Chucky Schumer, Congress(man?) Eric Swalwell, Speaker Pelosi, Fauci, the heads of Big Pharma, and Big Tech. I personally would love to see Fauci debate RFK Jr., or Tucker Carlson debate Don Lemon one on one, they would be like a pay per view heavyweight boxing match, (I think RFK Jr. would decimate The Fraud Fauci) In other words get people from both sides of the issues and have them tell their side, and let the people decide who is really telling the truth. There would be no editing, no holds barred, no quarter given, no prisoners taken. The debate moderator would have the authority to call B.S. when someone obfuscates, or gives one of those insipid non-answer answers, and hold their feet to the fire. Let’s get to the real truth so there can no longer be the misinformation excuse for censorship. But like all my great ideas (lol) I suppose it would never happen, but in reality, it is something I feel really needs to happen. All of these people say they really care about the future of America, all of them accuse the other side of spreading misinformation. It’s time to stop the “Age of the Narrative” and find out who actually cares about America, about the state of Western Democracy in the world today, who cares about the actual truth, or who just cares about lining their pockets. If they have nothing to hide, if they aren’t afraid of the truth, then what have they got to lose. More than personal wealth, someone’s reputation, at least for most non sociopathic individuals, is a commodity far more valuable than monetary wealth. You would think someone would want to expose the lies of the other side to the disinfecting sunlight of the truth. The damage done to someone’s reputation, by the revelation that they are a manipulating liar, is virtually irreversible. One thing for sure, it would expose these cowardly shills and murderers for who they really are, especially in the case of Herr Dr. Mengela-Fauci, which is why he would never agree to anything close to this. His failed experience handling the AIDS epidemic taught him valuable lessons in dealing with adversaries. The main one is to deny them a platform that would expose his malfeasance. Still, maybe his arrogance and hubris would entice him to do it, it would be something if he did.

I believe that people are waking up to the reality these shills have been perpetrating on the public for so long now. Kind of like the old saying “hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned”, the wrath of the people that will be unleashed on not just these shills, but everyone involved with what can only be described as crimes against humanity will be biblical. To borrow Samuel Jackson’s line from “Pulp Fiction”, where he quoted scripture from Ezekeil 25:17, “I will execute great vengeance on them, with furious rebukes, and they shall know that I am the Lord, when I lay my vengeance upon them”. In the end the people’s wrath will seem like a walk in the park, compared to God’s vengeance.





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