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The Plight of The Prog-Globs

The Plight of The Prog-Globs

In light of all the stories coming out about the Florida parental rights legislation, erroneously dubbed by the left as “don’t say gay”, the reaction of the Disney company to the bill, and the confirmation of Judge Kentanji Brown-Jackson, coupled with all the talk about trans-genderism, the Lia Thomas controversy and the Criminal Biden Regime's defense of all things pertaining to transgenderism, a huge part of the overall agenda of the “prog-globs” (I got tired of typing progressive/globalists all the time, and this sounds so appropriate) has been thoroughly exposed. Their plan is to make what the vast majority of Americans find abhorrent and disgusting, mainstream and acceptable. For instance, a few months ago, an associate professor at Old Dominion University named Allyn Walker used the term “minor attracted person” (map) to describe himself, because he felt the word pedophile was derogatory and unfair. Walker feels his sexual proclivities are natural and okay as long as he has the minor’s consent. A few days ago, HHS Secretary Xavier Beccera came out in support of tax-payer funded transgender surgery for children, confirming the Biden regime’s support for this madness. After the Florida parental rights bill was passed, the Disney company came out squarely against it. Since then, numerous stories emerged about Disney employees being arrested for pedophilia and child porn. Their blatant hypocrisy was exposed with the news that Disney Cruise Lines routinely go to countries that are decidedly anti-gay, and how one of these cruises included a stopover on Epstein Island. There are also pictures of convicted child sex trafficker, Ghislaine Maxwell doing a “Happy Family Day” fundraiser at Disney World back in 1985.

I have 3 children, all grown and moved out. I think I can speak for every parent out there when I say that my wife and I have made mistakes in raising our kids, every parent does, thankfully, for the most part our children survived our mistakes and have gone on to make a life for themselves. For me, children are the most precious resource any country has, they are literally the future, and as such the education of children has to be one of the most important functions in any society. The prog-globs realized this a long time ago, and for the last 80 years or so, they have been working to make sure our public school system inculcates our children into their twisted ideology. For the last 10 years that indoctrination has gone on steroids, as teachers, who themselves have become radicalized by the Marxist philosophies propagated at the various teacher’s colleges, are becoming more and more extreme. None of this is new, anyone who has been paying attention, knows this is a fact, and has been going on for a while.

The Covid scamdemic, as bad as it has been, did do one decent thing, it opened the eyes of parents to what has been going on in our public schools for a long time. I remember a teacher saying when there was all the uproar over whether public schools should reopen, that it was because parents wanted their babysitters back. That statement was revealing on two fronts. The first was the teacher actually made an excellent point. For so long parents have turned over the responsibility for their children’s education to the public schools, so in effect the schools were babysitters, influential babysitters. Unaware parents turned a blind eye to what was being taught, thinking that public schools were teaching reading, writing and arithmetic, not CRT and Marxism. The teacher’s and their union had no problem with that, in their thinking a parent’s ignorance was their bliss, it created a fertile field to cultivate their nefarious agenda. The second point was the teacher lamenting that parents were finally getting involved in their children’s education. This is a perfect example of the law of unintended consequences, with children being forced to do distance learning, parents saw the crap being taught on their kid’s laptops, and became understandably outraged. This isn’t breaking news either, the Virginia Governors race was decided because of this.

Most people and especially parents understand that young children are highly impressionable. They lack the cognitive ability to think for themselves in a mature manner, their brains just haven’t developed or experienced enough to make rational decisions. This, obviously makes them susceptible to the influence of teachers and people in authority. It’s the exact technique pedophiles use to lure kids into their clutches. This is the precise reason why we don’t let children vote, why we have laws in place to protect children from predators, why we don’t allow children to be exposed to material that might have a detrimental effect on their mental well-being. The prog-globs realize this as well. It’s the reason I feel they are so adamant about being able to teach young kids about sexual subjects, they know they can shape and mold their young minds to their twisted way of thinking, with the ultimate goal of making it seem like normal, socially acceptable behavior.

The scamdemic, more than anything else in modern history, has caused untold harm to our children. The lock-downs and their associated restrictions like masks and distance learning, have caused a tragic, dramatic increase in suicide and drug overdoses in young kids. I still see kids walking home from school wearing masks outdoors in the bright sunshine! It’s insane, it reminds me of the psychological mind manipulation of The Stockholm Syndrome. The manipulation of kids to accept this mask madness is nothing less than child abuse, abuse which our society will be feeling the repercussions of for the foreseeable future. Now the leftists want to teach kids about transgenderism and homosexuality in grammar school! I don’t have a problem with homosexuality, or with transgenderism in adults. Yes, I agree that someone who believes they are gay or transgender as a child, faces a tough road, but what about the impressionable child who is coerced into thinking they might be gay or trans, has gender surgery and hormone therapy before puberty, then when they reach adulthood, realize that they made a mistake. There are a lot of stories about that exact thing happening. I would hazard a bet that the number of children who earnestly believe they are gay or trans is far less than the children who regret having these procedures, I have no empirical evidence of that, it just seems like common sense, because of the aforementioned undeveloped brain of a child or a teenager. Now, there are some state governments that want children to be able to get gender-altering surgery if they desire it. The statements made by HHS Secretary Becera reinforced the Criminal Biden Regime’s agreement with this lunacy. This is something that has to be an adult decision, there simply is no other choice, a child just isn’t mentally or physically capable of seeing all the ramifications of a procedure that will last a lifetime.

When I first started writing these blogs, one of the main themes has been the trafficking of children. In my research I found out about something called “Pizza-gate”. The “conspiracy theory” of Pizza-gate states that there is an evil cabal of pedophiles in government and the entertainment industry that traffics children for sex. I don’t want to go into the details, because they are far too grotesque, and give me nightmares. The Pizza-gate story has been roundly debunked by all the usual suspects, the same group of fact-checkers that said there was no election fraud, that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation, the Kyle Rittenhouse and Nicholas Sandman were white supremacists, that Ivermectin was a “horse de-wormer” and that all the “conspiracy theories” were nonsense. So, you can take the “debunking” for what it’s worth. The selection of Judge Brown-Jackson to the SCOTUS, is an ominous development in this ongoing war against our children. When the reports of her giving light sentences to child pornographers and pedophiles, two things became crystal clear to me. The first was that Judge Brown Jackson must have never met or talked to a victim of pedophilia or child porn as the decisions she made in these cases almost always favored the pervert. If she ever met a victim of pedophilia or child porn there would be no way she could defend the perpetrators of these abominations, unless she is a monster herself. The second is that the lefts agenda to make pedophilia mainstream is being exposed. It’s so “Brave New World” and “1984”. It’s also so revealing about the true nature of the swamp. I think the lizard-people (sorry that’s an insult to lizards) dwelling in the scum of D.C. and Hollyweird particularly, are very scared of what will happen to them if their perversions are ever allowed to see the light of day, and as such desperately need to make it seem like this is normal human behavior. I got some news for them, IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN! They can try, but it’s never going to work. You can’t just override millennia of human behavior. I find it ironic that the left wants you to believe in the theory of evolution, in survival of the fittest, but now, suddenly, they think they can change a behavior engrained over thousands of years that ensures that the survival of the human species. It proves what conservative pundit Michael Savage said years ago, “liberalism is a mental disease”. News flash, gay people can’t reproduce, a man who undergoes transgender surgery still cannot give birth. Despite the left calling mothers “birthing people” it takes a woman to give birth. Yes, there is adoption, and I have no problem with a responsible gay or trans couple adopting a child, provided they let that child develop naturally. Yes, there is invitro fertilization, but they can’t physically reproduce. It takes, guess what? A hetero male and female to physically reproduce. You know a biological man and a biological woman. The strategy of the prog-globs has been revealed. They dream of a society exactly like the one depicted in Huxley’s Brave New world, where all babies come from a test tube, and are manipulated to produce whatever segment of society is needed. (Wow! I bet Margaret Sanger and Hitler would have really loved that idea) My views aren’t bigotry, they’re f-ing science! I’m not a biologist, but even I know what a woman is, and what the differences are between women and men, and if they think they can override the most basic human instinct of species preservation, I think they are in for a rude awakening. I really believe the prog-globs have vastly overestimated the general public’s acceptance of their ideology. We saw this in the Virginia election. What they have done with their war on children is to awaken the anger of moms, the “Momma Bears”. You can deride them as “soccer moms”, or think that somehow Hollyweird portrays moms in a realistic light, but when their children are in danger, when they are being abused, when they are being used as a political football and most of all when they are being taught subjects that are totally antithetical to their morality, they will come face to face with the unstoppable anger of the “momma bear”, and that’s a force to be feared. The prog-globs erroneously believe the comments of left wing trolls and ideologues on Facebook and Twitter are indicative of the majority of people’s beliefs in their ideology, when in fact most normal people could give a damn what some lunatic snowflake thinks about “social justice” or that January 6th was an event on parallel with the Civil War. They are far to busy going to work, raising their children, paying the bills and just trying to survive the insanity that threatens their very way of life. However, when push comes to shove, rest assured “The Sleeping Giant”, the “silent majority”, the “momma bears” will wake up, and when that happens, those prog-globs don’t stand a chance. Nature finds a way, man plans and God laughs, and the road to hell is paved, not by people with good intentions, but by evil people who think of themselves as gods, people like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Barrack Obama, Hil-liar-ly Clinton and Fauci, to name but a few. I’ve always loved this famous quote from Abraham Lincoln, “you can fool some of the people, all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time”. In the end I believe we will see who are the real fools

Of all of these “wars” that have been fought over the last few decades, the war on terrorism, the war on drugs, the war on women and the like, the war on children may be the most urgent. If we let the prog-globs succeed in taking control of our children, then any hope of a sustainable free society is gone. Hil-liar-ly Clinton infamously said the “it takes a village to raise a child”, I like to paraphrase that into “it takes a village to raise an idiot”, meaning that when we surrender parenting and education to the government the results are exactly what we are seeing today. Today we have kids who have graduated high school who can’t read or write above an elementary level if even that. We have children who have no idea of how to use critical thinking to solve problems. We do have children who are being taught racism. We do have children who are being taught that America is a bad place. We do have children who have no idea of the sacrifices made by brave Americans of every creed, color and sex to maintain our freedom. The other day I was at the supermarket and an elderly gentleman behind me was wearing a ball-cap with “Vietnam Veteran-Purple Heart Recipient” written on it. The grocery bagger, a kid maybe 18 years old, had no idea what a Purple Heart was! My jaw almost dropped to the floor! Only when We The People retake control over how our children are raised and educated, will this insidious war on children be won, and won it must be! Failure to win this war is not an option! The plight of the prog-globs when they realize that they have failed to capture our children’s future will be something to behold, and is something I can’t wait to see, you just don’t mess with people’s children and think that there won’t be serious reprisals, which in time will spell the doom of the prog-globs.

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15 avr. 2022

I don't like to advocate for vy oh lents, but when I see and hear what the predatory parasitic class do to minors, it doesn't hurt my feelz when they are made to disappear in an accelerated's just hastening their predisposed apoptotic condition. Great Write-Up, BTW!!!😁👍🏻

15 avr. 2022
En réponse à

Thank you very much for your kind word. Pedos are notoriously recidivist, they usually can't be rehabilitated. That being said, like a rabid dog, the most extreme violators need to be put down, the rest just need to be locked away forever.

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