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The Left Can Save Us.

I will admit to living in somewhat of an echo chamber. I can’t handle watching any of the mainstream media news show or any of their programming for that matter. The insipid drivel that comes from regular network programming is nothing more than propaganda coming from their progressive-globalist overlords. While I do watch Tucker Carlson, the occasional Laura Ingraham show, and clips of the Gutfeld show, I don’t watch Fox News, contrary to what my children think. So, I peruse sites like Citizen Free Press, The Bongino Report, and Newsmax, as well as people like J.P Sears and Black Conservative Patriot. I’ll listen to Christian Patriot News and the X22 Report for all things Q related, as well as content from The Blaze and Timcast IRL among others. Most of these come from a very conservative perspective. While my view of liberal media is certainly influenced by the views and opinions of these sources, I don’t rely on their opinions, but my own discernment. Most of these programs concentrate on pointing out the lies and hypocrisy, and rightly so, of the prog-globs whose apparent agenda is to not only destroy America, but to radically depopulate the world. The problem, obviously, is that, with the possible exception of Tim Poole’s Timcast, they are preaching to the choir, I don’t imagine very many on the left regularly listen to The Blaze, although I could be wrong. I really like Timcast, because he comes from a very libertarian perspective, he admits he’s voted for Democrats, and participated in the Occupy Wall Street protest, so while I don’t agree with everything he says, I really appreciate his perspective. However, the choir isn’t going to change the destructive path our country is headed down. The only way things will change is if the everyday Democrat wakes up and demands regime change in their own leadership, but they can’t do this on their own. They desperately need our help. I liken it to deprograming people who are in a cult. Think about it, if you get all your news from MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS NBC, Fox News or any of the big newspapers, you have no idea what’s really going on, as they censor anything that doesn’t fit the narrative. I’m not talking about the conspiracy theories that fill the pages of The Rumermill, (who publishes my blogs, for which I will be forever grateful). I’m talking about the obvious verifiable lies that they put forth on a daily basis. The latest one being that hurricanes are increasing in intensity and frequency, which is the exact opposite of what NOAA’s report says. They need to be constantly called out when their lies are so blatant, but good luck trying to get them to admit they are wrong about anything. Has anyone heard a mea culpa from any of them about wrong they were to advance the claim that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation, even after the New York Slimes finally admitted it was real. Has any of these p.o.s so-called news channels called out any of those 50 former intelligence officers who said that the laptop was Russian disinformation. Hell, John Brennan is still on the air! I did see one, who said that even if it wasn’t disinformation, it was still right to do what they did, because Trump is so evil, that the ends justify the means, even if it interferes with a presidential election, and thwarts the will of the people. The hubris, the gall of these worms, but yet they still get airtime. I saw the clip of Don Lemon trying to get his expert guest Jaime Rhome, the acting director of the National Hurricane Center, to admit climate change is to blame for the intensity of hurricane Ian. Rhome deferred on answering Lemon, but you could tell he wanted to tell him that he was full of it. He should have, he should have referred to NOAA’s data that shows Lemon was not only obviously wrong, but also completely irresponsible in propagating the lie. Exactly like British royal commentator Hilary Fordwich did when Lemon tried to bait her about England needing to pay reparations for slavery. Still, it was better than nothing. It’s extremely hard to deprogram someone who has been indoctrinated with the propaganda from our government and our corporate media. I’ve tried with my own children, who unfortunately fall into this group. The only thing I can think of doing is being consistent in my message and beliefs, armed with the knowledge that I can back up everything I say and believe. The prog-globs have done a great job in discouraging people, through censorship and propaganda mostly, from finding out the real truth. To get the real truth requires some real effort. Look at the recent story of how the United Nations colluded with Google to push forward their version of “climate change”. The U.N. spokes-worm actually had the gall to say the U.N. “owned” the science on climate change. By working with Google they made sure that any search on climate change reflected their view. This type of subtle censorship happens all the time, Timcast has complained a lot about how YouTube works against him, by deleting subscribers and not providing notifications on updates to his channel. Let alone the deliberate censorship of conservative speech. Normal, everyday people either don’t have the time, or don’t have the inclination to research what they hear on the MSM. They’ve been so dumbed down by mass media or so consumed by all the inflation and crime, they take what they are hearing at face value. The latest example is the news coming from the Ukraine debacle. You see all of these people flying Ukrainian flags, and they think that Ukraine is fighting for democracy and freedom, when in fact the Ukrainian government not only has been called the most corrupt government in Europe, (by the very same media that is defending them now), but is demonstrably a puppet state for the globalists who use it to launder money and now are using Ukraine as an arms depot for all of America’s weapons that we’re sending there. Zelensky is not some freedom fighter, he’s an authoritarian crook, who doesn’t give a damn about how many of his countrymen die, as long as Putin is deposed as leader of Russia, which is what his puppet masters, the same ones that control the stooge “Slow Biden”, need him to do. Their desire is to escalate tensions between Russia and America. That’s why our government sabotaged the Nordstream pipeline, to escalate the conflict. They want to get rid of Putin, not because he’s a bad guy, which he most certainly is, it's because he’s not going along with their agenda. What they’re after, and they are using Zelensky and Biden to do it, is too the escalate the conflict into WWIII. If the everyday leftist or neo-con Bush supporter came to same realization I did, a long time ago, that their agenda is drastic global depopulation, then maybe some real change could happen. I wrote this in my last blog, these lunatics think a nuclear war with Russia is a GOOD THING! Who in their right mind could contemplate such madness! Well, my wife ran across this story that was originally from US News that goes a long way in explaining their thinking. I’ll quote from the piece. “In 1994, 160 nations agreed to reduce the world population to 880 million by 2030 at the World Population Summit in Cairo Egypt. It was called agenda 2031.” That is a 95% decline in the world’s population! The agenda has always been out there, it just takes some research. They firmly believe there are way too many humans on planet Earth, (or at least way too many to control and enslave).

I am old enough to remember the drills we used to have to do in elementary school after the Cuban missile crisis, where we instructed to hide under our desks when the siren blew. There’s a New Jersey public info spot that told people what to do in case of a radio-active event. My response to that? I used to have a poster when I was a teenager that said “in the event of a nuclear war, put your head between your legs…and kiss your ass goodbye!” That’s the reality, it doesn’t matter if you somehow survive a nuclear war, because the aftermath of it will render the earth uninhabitable except for cockroaches and Keith Richards. If, God forbid it happens, I really hope that Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab and the rest of the worms do survive, they will deserve the hell they created.

I, for one don’t particularly want to live in that hell, and I’m pretty sure most sane people don’t either. The problem is that most people who subscribe to leftist ideology, don’t know or understand how dangerous things have become. For obvious reasons the prog-globs don’t want them to find out either, so they try and foment a Civil War by demonizing patriots as domestic terrorists in an effort to distract them from finding out the truth, “it’s not our fault, it’s those white supremacist-domestic-terrorist-maga-Trumpers who are the problem, those are who you should fear, not us, we’re only out for your wellbeing, trust us.” Media manipulation and propaganda has turned many well intentioned “classic liberals” into nothing more then commodities, available for use at a moment’s notice. Transforming them into sheeple who do their master’s bidding. There was a research scientist on Tucker Carlson Today a few weeks ago that said you really only need about 30% of a population to achieve mass-formation psychosis. We’ve achieved that goal. We need to find a way to deprogram the sheeple, a way to make them see reality before it’s to late.

A lot of spokespeople on the left have been “red-pilled” I think of Russell Brand in particular, but there’s also guys like Joe Rogan who has said he voted for Clinton in 2016, who now says he will vote Republican. Bill Maher is slowly coming around, Liberal Democrat Bobby Kennedy’s book that illuminated some of the disgusting crimes against humanity perpetrated by our government, showed that even liberals can have a spine. There was that viral video from Florida after Ian ravaged the state a couple of days ago where a guy said he was a lifelong Democrat, but he was going to vote for DiSantis. It’s a good start.

A lot of conservatives think that people on the left are dumb. I don’t at all. Yes, some are, like the complete moron, Joy Bahar, the obviously mentally challenged, Joe Scarborough and the other idiot mouthpieces of corporate media that just spout out whatever garbage their slave-masters tell them to do. There are also some ignorant yokels on the right, those who believe that JFK Junior is still alive and him and Trump are going to reestablish America under the original constitution. (I may be a dyed in the wool conspiracy theorist, but even I don’t buy that one). By and large however, most Democrats are not dumb, just misinformed. We need to red-pill as many “lefties” as we can, but you can’t do it by demonizing them, they way the prog-globs have done to us patriots. It needs do be done in the proper spirit. I remember in the 60’s when the left was all about not trusting the establishment, free speech and non-violence and anti-war. It was where civil libertarians, like those who founded the ACLU resided before it went totally commie. Now they have become exactly what they used to oppose. They need to be reminded that big government is never your friend, that John Lennon is still relevant with “Give peace a chance”. That free speech, means free speech for everyone. That using racism to fight racism is lunacy. I used to be a liberal, before my neighbor informed me about who Bill Clinton really was. He did it, not by treating me as an idiot, but by treating me as a fellow human. That started my journey to discover truth. Talk to your liberal friends and family, ask them to do their own research, only do it without using their normal news sources, get them away from the MSM. Ask them if they know about the Biden laptop, ask them if they have heard about Tony Bobulinsky, ask them if they heard that former Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey admitted that censoring the laptop story was wrong, or that Mark Zuckerberg admitted the F.B.I. asked him to censor the story. That by itself might start the ball rolling. If we can convince those rational lefties out there, especially those that are feeling a “buyers remorse” about their decision to vote for “Slow” Biden, maybe there is still a chance to reverse this insanity before it devolves into a Civil, or even worse, a nuclear war. We need them on our side, it’s our duty to convince them of the prog-glob agenda, remind them of their civil libertarian roots.

I love the line from the Who classic “Won’t get fooled again”, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. There is no difference between establishment Republicans like Bitch McConnell or pond scum like Chuck Schumer, there is no difference between a neo-con like George Bush and Dick Cheney and the puppet masters like Obama, who control the Biden Regime, in the end they all want the same thing, power over how you live your life. They desire the end of not only individual freedom, but for billions of humans, the end of life itself! The first thing we need to do in America is throw out all the establishment politicians/maggots that feed off the people, demand term limits for all politicians and replace them with people who still love America and what America stands for. Then take it globally, I believe that a global unification of freedom loving people, including liberals, not the socialists or communists among them, but true “classic liberals”, can defeat the unholy beast that is the prog-globs. Otherwise we might as well put our heads between our legs and……..well you know.

Save humanity! Love a lefty, brothers and sisters, show them the way.

And always Rock On Y’all.

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