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The Day America Died


   The last couple of days, I’ve been sucked into the ever evolving J6 story yet again.  It started when I was triggered by a YouTube video of this libtard interviewing a couple of dimwitted Gen Z girls.  He asked if they knew what happened on January 6th 2021.  Of course, they had no clue, I’ve mentioned several times about the plethora of “man on the street” interviews with Gen Z’ers who can’t answer basic questions like “when was the war of 1812 fought?”  Then the libtard interviewer follows up with “you don’t know about the insurrection that day?”  That was when I lost it.  Cursing at my laptop, I had to immediately shut it down.  To say I’m sick to death about all the lies regarding J6 would be an understatement.  January 6th 2021 should go down in history as the day America officially died.  Truth be told, America was already on her death bed before J6, but on that fateful day, she officially died.

    J6 was a setup.  I was wrong for about 2 minutes thinking that it was only Antifa hoaxers who did the violence, but as soon as I heard that Nancy Pelosi and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser had refused Trumps offer of using the National Guard, it became obvious that something far more nefarious was going on. 

    This has been dubbed by some as the “Fed-surrection.”  If you look at their plot unemotionally, it was actually brilliant.  It didn’t start on J6, or even when Biden’s puppeteers stole the election.  It started in 2016 when Trump beat the thoroughly evil Hil-liar-ly Clinton.  Realizing that the Trump economy was going to be a major factor in him winning reelection, they had to find a way to destroy it.  Hello, Anthony Fauci and his fellow depopulationist allies.  The plan-demic had been an arrow in the deep states quiver for a while.  Test runs of a global pandemic had been in the works for years, Fauci even “predicted” that Trump would face one of them.  Sure enough, the world got a case of Covid, and we all know the results of that.  Perhaps the most significant effect were state governments unconstitutionally changing voting standards to allow for highly vulnerable mail in voting.  I heard this from Tim Pool, I believe.  He said that while he does think Biden got 81 million votes, he doesn’t think 81 million people actually voted for Biden.  Like Stalin said “It’s not who votes that count, it’s who counts the votes.”

     The deep state knew that Trump supporters would be righteously angry over a blatantly stolen election.  They also knew they had complete control over the media and most importantly the DOJ and the FBI.  One of Trumps biggest mistakes was putting Christopher Wray in charge of the FBI.  Wray has proven himself to be the very antithesis of what the FBI was supposed to stand for, he’s a complete deep state snake.  Together, with the help of Ober Fuhrer Merrick Garland, large segments of the FBI have been turned into a gestapo like Federal police force.  Using the FBI, elements of the Capital police and the military, they planned the set-up for J6.  (Sometimes I wonder if they even had a code name for the operation, like when they dubbed the phony Russia investigation “Crossfire Hurricane,” maybe they called this one “Sympathy For The Devil.”)  The goal being to create an environment where the opposition, henceforth to be classified as “domestic extremists” could be rounded up and prosecuted.  Trump’s “Stop The Steal” rally would conveniently provide them with everything they needed.  The FBI, using the same techniques they’ve used successfully for years, similar to what they employed to run the Gretchen Whitmer fake kidnapping scheme, started infiltrating on line chat groups and organizations.  The FBI has a long history of instigating violence among dissident groups who would have probably done nothing if not for the FBI infiltration.  In this case their goal was to incite anger among groups that thought the election was stolen and goad them into doing something about it. 

     Two things had to be accomplished to make their plot work.  First, they had to make sure the Capital was under-protected.  Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, D.C. Mayor Bowser and assistant Capital police chief Yogananda Pitman made that a reality by denying the deployment of the National Guard and withholding crucial intel about possible violence from the Chief of Capital police, Steven Sund.  Sund could have done something to prevent what transpired on J6, but according to his testimony he was denied that crucial intelligence, and his requests for National Guard troops that day were slow walked by the Pentagon.  Secondly, they needed hundreds of FBI agents and confidential human sources.  Some of them were actually imbedded in the Capital to “escort” the protestors to various offices, like Pelosi’s.  Some were used to rile up the crowd, while others orchestrated the breaches, either directly or indirectly, Characters like Ray Epps can be seen in multiple videos calling for people to go into the Capital.  

     There are a lot of videos and news articles that tell a completely different story than the lies our beloved and respected mainstream media and their prog-glob allies have been spewing.  One was from a Lara Logan series intitled “The Rest Of The Story” which has an episode named What Are They Still Hiding About January 6th|Victoria Charity White (hopefully the link works, if not you can look it up on Rumble.)  Another was from The Blaze.  Another really well done one is January 6th: A True Timeline.  The Epoch Times has a great production The Real Story Of January 6 Part 2: The Long Road Home And I think the most important one was on “The Tucker Carlson Encounter” show where he interviewed Congressman Clay Higgens, Tucker Carlson Clay Higgens Interview-YouTube.  In the interview, he lays out the FBI’s involvement on J6.  Higgens, with his 30 year history in law enforcement, knows how to conduct an investigation, more importantly, he has access to all the J6 footage.  Revolver News has a series of articles that blow-up the J6 insurrection lie.  Revolver News has been on the hunt for the truth of J6 from the beginning, and it’s their reporting that has really got the ball rolling in terms of setting the record straight.  There are also many other videos that prove beyond a doubt that J6 was a setup, notably more than one in which you can actually hear some of the Capital Police officers saying “we were set up!”    

    The deep state lured patriots perfectly into their trap.  I hear pundits and politicians say the protestors who committed violence that day need to be held accountable.  I strongly disagree with that sentiment.  Given the obvious entrapment perpetrated by the FBI, Democrats in Congress, the Capital Police and even the military, they’re the ones who should be incarcerated, not any of the protestors, the only thing they should be found guilty of is maybe bad judgement.

     What angers me the most is how all of these assholes can live with themselves, how can they call themselves Americans?  They are deliberately trying to destroy America and replace it with an authoritarian autocracy in which no dissent is allowed, where all of the rights spelled out in our constitution are being obliterated.  How does Michael Byrd sleep at night, knowing he murdered Ashli Babbit.  How does Harry Dunn, who lied on the stand at the Oath Keepers trial, lied to the J6 committee when he repeated the claim that Capital Police officers died on J6 and who now, unbelievably, is running for congress, how does he sleep at night?  For that matter the judges and juries in D.C. who have convicted these patriots, two of which, Mathew Pema and Mark Aungst committed suicide.  Many others have received sentences far in excess of the severity of their supposed crimes, while still others have spent years rotting in the D.C. gulag, unconstitutionally detained and denied bail while awaiting trial.  Meanwhile Ray Epps gets off with no jail time.  Everyone who thinks that J6 was a Trump inspired insurrection is exposing themselves as a socialist/globalist/fascist lunatic.  On the other hand, I suppose you could call J6 an insurrection, only not how it is currently being portrayed.  It was an insurrection in the fact that it enabled the left to usurp total control over the government, the FED-SURRECTION!

     Even though the America as we’ve come to know it, doesn’t exist anymore, that might not be such a bad thing, America has drifted so far away from the framer’s original intent as to be unrecognizable in its present form.  Still, it doesn’t mean that the idea of America is dead.  I pray for a second Great Awakening, a spiritual revival.  I pray that God will have mercy on our country and the world by delivering us from the inhuman monsters that seek to enslave us.  A Great Awakening where people will return to the truth expressed in scripture, where individual freedom and liberty reign.  Where the idea of a government “of the people, by the people, for the people” our founders envisioned is revitalized.  Where the evils of globalism, socialism and communism have been laid upon the proverbial ash heap of history.  Where mass murderers like Fauci, the elite pedophiles and deviants get their just due.  A world where actual journalists can objectively tell the truth, unbiased, unafraid of being censored.  A world where we treasure our children, instead of murdering, mutilating, molesting and manipulating them with disgusting, immoral philosophies and diabolical medical procedures.  A world where we are judged by who we are instead of what color our skin is, or who our ancestors were.  A world where we celebrate our cultural differences, and integrate them into our society, instead of using them to sow the hatred, division and discord our enemies count on.  I’ll close this with a song lyric and a quote by Thomas Jefferson.  The Jefferson quote is a bit long, but it’s so appropriate “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”  The lyric is from the classic Youngbloods song “Get Together”, that goes “come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now.”  Like my old joke about a hundred lawyers buried up to their neck in sand, that would be a good start.

                                                                                Rock on Y’all!

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