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Shall We Play A Game?

I had an idea the other day to try and do something a little different for this blog. It’s been really tough trying to keep positive while you see the purposeful destruction of our country. I always try to interject some humor into everything I do, something that irritates my wife from time to time, like the time when I rhymed my response to everything she said, ala “Princess Bride”. So, I wanted to see if I could make it somewhat interactive by asking my readers to participate with me in a fun game that I’m calling Who Belongs At Gitmo. On My last blog I wrote that in my opinion the people in the MSM who tell deliberate lies that result in people getting killed or hurt should be prosecuted criminally. However, they obviously are not the only ones to blame for the madness that has exploded all around the world. So, what I want to do is to make a list of the bad actors, swamp creatures and monsters who I feel should end up in Gitmo or worse. Now before some of you get carried away, I have to issue this disclaimer for those who have no sense of humor, this is a kind of a fantasy, some would probably label it as a pathetic attempt at gallows humor. I’m looking at this from the perspective of if I was actually a judge with the authority to impose whatever sentence I felt was appropriate. In reality I do not wish death on anyone, well almost anyone to be totally honest, as you can tell from the first 3 names on my list, however contrary to radicals on the left, I truly believe that if some of the creatures on my list were to face the punishment I feel they deserve, a real judge would have no problem in imposing a death sentence. Still, it’s not my place to judge or sentence anybody, I’ll leave that to God and real courts of law. That being said, the following are some of the people that I think should be held accountable for their actions. The sentences, like I stated earlier, are what I would impose if I had the power, (which thankfully I don’t). Compare my list against what any of you readers come up with. For all I know you may want to put me on the list, after all I am a conservative white male, and as such I am a racist, domestic terrorist, p.o.s., and my sentence would probably be having to watch CNN or MSNBC at Gitmo after being waterboarded for the rest of my days. Some of you may want to include Trump on their list, that’s ok as well. On my blogsite “” I specifically mention that I welcome all points of view. The requirements for including someone on the list have to be provable, legitimate crimes, not just because someone looks like a reptile (Jen Psaki). For instance, number one on my list is Dr. Anthony Fauci. It’s not because his crimes are worse than some others who will appear on my list, it’s just that I find him particularly loathsome. For brevity’s sake I think it should be limited to a top 10. So here goes with my top 10

#1 Dr. Anthony “Mengela” Fauci.

The complete list of crimes against humanity for this monster would take an entire blog to mention, I’ll just give 2 examples that can be verified. The first is his direction of the response to the AIDS crisis, while he was director of the NAID. Using the same m.o. that he later used for Covid, Fauci pushed for a vaccine to combat AIDS (to date none have been developed) while ignoring other treatments that if used at the beginning of the crisis, could have saved lives. Instead, he advocated using an anti-cancer drug that did more harm than good, but did have the benefit of lining the pockets of his buddies in Big Pharma. The other example is his handling of the Wu-flu scamdemic. Like his actions with AIDS he pushed for vaccines and the use of Remdesivir to combat the virus. Like AZT, Remdesivir has caused serious problems with Covid patients, resulting in unnecessary deaths. The vaccines themselves have been dubbed “kill shot” because of the number of people who have died from the jab.

Sentence: Death (preferably by sticking his head in a cage with flesh eating parasites, after he has been vaccinated 50 times and his vocal cords have been cut so we can’t hear him scream, yes I have zero compassion for this monster).

#2 George Soros

Like Fauci the list of Soros’ crimes against humanity would be a very long one indeed. His funding of anti-American politicians is well known and documented. The recent reports about funding election campaigns across the country for radical Attorneys General has enabled the destruction of the criminal justice system in those cities where they have succeeded in getting elected, San Francisco and Chicago are prime examples. Bail reform and non-prosecution of felons has led to violent criminals being released so that they can harm or even kill innocent victims. Soros’ various and nefarious foundations will seemingly fund any organization that opposes democracy or freedom, his “color revolutions” have caused untold violence and death worldwide.

Sentence: Find out what planet this alien is actually from and send him back, preferably in a pine box.

#3 Hillary Clinton

Where do you begin with this demon from hell. When your name has become a slang verb describing murder (Clintoncide) I think it might be time for her to pay for her long list of crimes against humanity.

Sentence: In merry old England (and elsewhere in Europe as well), they used a particularly gruesome method of executing murderous traitors, called “drawn and quartered”. I think this would be appropriate. (ok, maybe that was a bit harsh, but it is Hillary, and hey, they used to burn witches at the stake so this ain’t so bad)

#4 Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is a traitor. She is spearheading the dismantling of our constitution. The 2 impeachment trials of Trump were nothing more than a partisan sham, which prevented his administration from fully implementing his MAGA agenda. She has made enormous profits off her position as Speaker of The House, using exemptions in SEC regulations to do insider trading. She is the very definition of a swamp creature, and as such is a traitor to America. The Jan 6th witch-hunt commission she chairs is nothing more than a platform for the political persecution of people that don’t agree with the agenda of the globalist/progressives, reminiscent of the show-trials of the Soviet Union. Witch hunt is very appropriate term for this witch.

Sentence: Slow death by alcohol poisoning. (oh wait, she’s already doing that, I’ll have to think of something else, hmm…)

#5 Barack Obama

Obama almost single handedly pushed back race relations to a level unseen since the 1930’s, resulting in scores of dead bodies littering the country, think of the George Floyd Riots in the summer of 2020, and Obama’s reaction to the Michael Brown incident in St. Louis. BLM is an outgrowth of his racist policies. His ties to Weather Underground domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and anti-American pastor Jeremiah Wright show his true feelings about America. A true disciple of the radical communist Saul Alinsky, his presidency has been a blueprint for his fellow globalist/progressives on how to divide America, a blueprint the Biden regime is following in their quest to dismantle America

Sentence: Life in prison in his home country of Kenya.

#6 Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki is a traitor, the reason she is so high on my list is that I simply find her repulsive. The propagandist lies she tells on an almost daily basis, mislead and misinform the American people. In my humble opinion she is a traitor, by telling all of these lies, she is, for all intents and purposes, rendering aid and comfort to enemies of our country.

Sentence: 30 years in solitary confinement at Gitmo, with her cell wallpapered with 8x10 glossy photographs of Peter Doocy.

#7 Joe Biden

At this point in his life, Biden is a shell of his former self. However, that shouldn’t excuse him from his crime of being a long-time traitor to the U.S. Like Pelosi, Biden is the epitome of a Washington D.C. swamp creature that has used his position as a Senator, Vice President and now President to enrich his family and friends, while selling his influence to America’s enemies, namely the CCP. Although never formally accused “Sniffy Joe” has all the earmarks of a pedophile, and has been accused of sexual harassment, which of course his shills in the MSM will never cover. #metoo my ass.

Sentence: Life in prison at Gitmo. His guards should be required to address him as Brandon.

#8 Mitch McConnell

In my opinion McConnell is a vile, disgusting traitor. At least with scum like Nancy Pelosi you know what you’re getting, the witch is an unabashed leftist. With McConnell you get a worm that says he’s a conservative, pro American, but his actions tell a different story. For all intents and purposes, he is actually worse than Pelosi, because of his treachery, he is enabling the criminal Biden regime to wreak havoc on America.

Sentence: A life sentence of solitary confinement at Gitmo, having to listen to Donald Trump speeches 24 hours a day.

#9 Jeff Bezos

While I don’t think that Bezos could be called an outright traitor to his country. Amazon’s ruthless business tactics have resulted in the destruction of countless small businesses globally. His personal rag of a newspaper, The Washington Post, has lost all credibility as being a trustworthy news source and has become a propagandist piece of trash reminiscent of Pravda.

Sentence: Life in prison at Gitmo, having to use an empty Coke bottle as a latrine.

#10 Jeff Zucker

While it’s true that CNN’s ratings are in the toilet, the lies they continue to spew out on a daily basis are picked up and spread worldwide by social media as gospel. It would be one thing if these lies and misinformation didn’t actually end up with people dying, but they do. The whole Kyle Rittenhouse fiasco is a prime example of this.

Sentence: Life in prison at Gitmo. Zucker should be forced to watch The Hannity Show, Gutfeld and Tucker Carlson Tonight every day for the rest of his miserable life.

#11 Bill Clinton

OK I know I said a top ten, but how could you have a list like this and not include Billy Jeff. Scumbag is too good a term for this P.O.S. From his time as Governor of Arkansas to his term as President, Billy Jeff has been accused of rape, convicted of cheating on his wife perjury and been disbarred. Now, thanks to the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, he has been proven to have been a good friend of the creep to end all creeps, Jeffrey Epstein, ‘nuff said.

Sentence: Life in prison at Gitmo, in solitary confinement, having to constantly stare at a picture of Hillary, (kind of like the torture from “A Clockwork Orange” with his eyelids taped up.)

Now as I stated before, this is my sad attempt at a bit of humor ok! I am not a judge, you couldn’t pay me enough money to be one, so this list is just my opinion, I wouldn’t want Attorney General Merrick’s Gestapo, I mean the FBI, to come and pay me a visit. If you want to play along, please feel free to respond to this blog however you wish. You can either use my blog-site,, or reply to The Rumor Mill when they publish this, (boy I sure hope they do). If nothing else that will make it easier for The Gestapo to find me. (like it would have been hard for them in the first place). Also, as I said before, I’m not afraid of anyone’s opinion, unlike Big Tech I don’t censor anything. Normally I frown on these Ad. Hominem type of comments, but in this case, I’m making an exception, just try and keep it humorous. I realize that there is a lot of justifiable anger out there, as if you can’t tell from some of my comments, I feel it on a daily basis, but sometimes, maybe just for the sake of your own sanity, you just need to laugh at things that are not really laughing matters. It is truly a sad and worrisome time we are all living in, and while this type of humor might offend some, being offended isn’t a crime. I have heard a lot of comedians, of which I certainly don’t qualify as being one, bemoan the Woke/Cancel Culture that has had such a detrimental effect on comedy. People need to laugh, cancelling comedians because they might be offensive, is actually offensive to me. If this makes you smile, then that makes my day, if you find it offensive, oh well too bad, you’ve already read it, so there’s not much I can say except, sorry. NOT! BWAHAHAHAHAHA

IN ALL SINCERITY, PEACE AND LOVE, BROTHERS AND SISTERS. (when we can laugh with each other or even laugh at each other, (yeah, some of us may need to grow a thicker skin) the world will be a better place.


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Dec 19, 2021

Lookup "Cockney Slang"...

e.g. ..."Trouble & Strife" = Wife 🤭🤫

But really...Purveyors of Destruction have been glaringly obvious. Ever since after 9/11, all you have to do is ask..."Cui Bono?!". The answer will immediately present itself like a neon sign in a pitch-black stormy night in the middle of nowhere. Additionally the 4th. Estate has essentially become the 5th. Column. No Mystery Whatsoever. Absolutely Treasonous. This is "Saturn Death Cult" "Star of Remphan" level stuff...they tear down to double down to rebuild with more technocratic control than ever!!! I've probably said enough. For now.

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