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Preaching To The Choir

It’s always nice to hear from my readers. I don’t get a lot of people responding to my blogs but all the ones that have, have given me very positive feedback. While that’s great for my ego, it also means that the people who really need to hear what’s going on outside the mainstream bubble aren’t getting the information they need to understand what’s happening to western civilization and how it’s being systematically attacked and destroyed. Don’t get me wrong I really appreciate the positive feedback, it proves there are like-minded, well-informed people out there, but somehow all of us right thinking people need to find a way to educate and inform the rest, not an easy task to be sure. That’s why I like and promote groups like and these are groups that do the heavy lifting to try and get the word out. While the globalists use the time-tested and effective strategy of divide and conquer, making us seem like we should hate each other, I don’t really believe the country is as divided as either the right or the left tells us. They have fooled us into believing we are. I think if you talk to an everyday person, regardless of their politics, you would find there is a lot of common ground. You see this in polls where upwards of 70% of people think the country is on the wrong track, that’s a striking number when you consider how we are supposed to be so tribalized. The reason for this is basic human morality. The vast majority of Americans don’t care what you do with your personal life, they may not want to go to Sunday Brunch with you, but as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else, it doesn’t impinge on anyone’s freedoms, and it doesn’t harm children, then what you do in private is your business. You want to be an adult, pot smoking drag queen, fine. Just don’t try and indoctrinate kids into your private adult lifestyle. I may find it abhorrent, but that is my personal opinion, which I have every right to have. You won’t find me going to drag shows, drag races yes, drag shows, not so much. (If I want to see some live entertainment I’ll go to a concert, and to be clear to my leftist friends I don’t give a damn about the sexuality of the performers, just whether or not they can put on a good show.) Most of the blame for this has to reside with the media. The left-wing propaganda machine that is our mainstream media constantly demonizes conservatives as intolerant, racist homophobes who are bent on maintaining some mythical idea of “white supremacy.” They go so far as to blame white supremacy for the 5 black cops who beat Tyre Nichols to death. This is the same thinking that called Larry Elder the black face of white supremacy. If I was of African-American ethnicity I would find this as insulting as Kamel-Toe Harris thinking I’m too stupid to get an I.D. According to these rocket scientists, African-Americans are so stupid they have to rely on “whitey” to supply their hate and to think for them. It’s ludicrous and also extremely harmful to the country, but that’s what the MSM needs, they have to supply outrage to generate viewers, the old adage “if it bleeds it leads” still holds true. Right wing media can’t escape their share of the blame either. By dismissing liberals as unpatriotic, ignorant, morons they miss the opportunity to reach out and have a meaningful discussion about the conservative view point. YouTube is chock full of people like Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh and Michael Knowles talking to college kids who have been completely indoctrinated in extreme leftism. These videos are always depicted as destroying some tenant of liberal ideology. Don’t get me wrong, they do exactly that, and they are doing these kids a great favor by doing so, they are not reaching the average person however. This is where the MSM holds the major advantage. Unless you’re someone like me who searches out news and cultural stories all day long, you get your information from either local news channels affiliated with the major networks, and thus controlled by them, or from their national broadcasts. The average person doesn’t know for example that Pfizer gives Fox News 70% of their budget, or that the former news chief at Fox, Roger Ailes was once quoted as saying that anyone on Fox who reported something disparaging about Pfizer would be fired immediately. The other networks are the same way. Pfizer gives out millions and millions of dollars in ad revenue to all of the so-called “legacy media,” and even though Fox portrays themselves as the enemy of legacy media, they take Pfizer’s money just like the rest. The perfect example of this is the recent Project Veritas sting where they got a Pfizer executive to admit on camera they do gain of function research on Corona viruses, so they can create a virus and then produce one of their fantastic jabs for it. This explosive story received zero coverage by the legacy news. The video was also pulled from both Google and YouTube. Gee I wonder why! The result is the narrative pushed by the MSM largely goes unchallenged, and the average person has no idea that extremely important stories are being ignored, purposely. What about all the protests happening around the globe? What about the criss-crossing chemtrails that are spraying God knows what into the atmosphere? I challenge anyone to ask a friend or neighbor, especially someone who might lean to the left if they know about these stories. Maybe ask them what they think of drag-queen shows that target kids. I think the vast majority would find it repulsive if they knew what was actually going on. Why? Because IT IS! It goes against basic human morality. The same can be said about “gender affirming” medical procedures. Do you think the average Joe, if he knew the actual truth about the grotesque chemical castration and mutilation of children would think it’s a good idea and would support such barbarism? Of course not, but the average Joe is told that these procedures are safe, and necessary for the mental stability of a child. While it’s certainly true that in this day and age children are confused, not just about gender but about everything, especially in the light of all they were subjected to during Covid, the push to legitimize irreversible, radical treatments and surgery when a child’s mind is so far from being fully developed, has to go against every moral precept of medicine. I think the reasons that most people tend to ignore this whole story are 1, they think that these procedures are so rare it doesn’t affect their daily lives, and 2, maybe because it’s so rare that something so radical as this just might be a way to help a troubled, confused kid. It’s true that these treatments are not very common, but if you look at the alarming rise in the number of these cases, coupled with the MSM’s almost constant drumbeat of transgenderism and the centers for indoctrination our public school system has become, you would come to the complete opposite realization, that what they are promoting is in reality a dangerous fad, in the hopes of further degrading and demoralizing our youth. There are so many stories out there that maybe this is part of the plan, to put out so much crap that there is no way for the average Joe to pay attention to them all. So, if the MSM doesn’t tell you that Slow Biden actually said “we could increase and disseminate, more rapidly, food shortages,” you would never think to check into all the food processing plants that have mysteriously burned down, or the hundreds of thousands of chickens and cattle that have been killed or unexplainably died. What about the shortages of baby formula, or basic over the counter pain relievers. The MSM tells us it’s supply chain issues because of Covid, or avian flu, or that it's just bad luck and coincidence that all these food processing plants burned down. But that’s absolute hogwash, Biden admitted that these shortages are intentional, he said it, and his handlers didn’t walk it back like so many other statements our Vegetable In Chief has said.

Those of us who have been paying attention, who check out websites, like Citizen Free Press, The Bongino Report, Rummermill News, The Blaze, The Daily Wire, Timcast, Joe Rogan, Russel Brand, The Epoch Times or Rebel News know what’s going on, and all of those sites get millions of hits, so at least one good thing is the choir we are preaching to is large, and is growing. Still, it becomes a matter of how do you reach the millions of average Joes and Josephinas who either don’t know about these places, don’t care (kinda short sighted there) or have been basically been brainwashed by the MSM. I will readily admit, I’m not big on confrontation. One of my big problems is if I get into an argument with someone it’s easy for me to go off the deep end and say things I regret later. Another is that I’m basically a shy kind of guy, I’m not one to approach someone I don’t know and start a conversation, especially a political one. So, for my part, I do what I can, there are groups like thewhiterosestickers that have printable stickers that you can post around town, I’ve done that a bunch of times. has printable flyers decrying globalism that I’ve dropped in mailboxes around my neighborhood. They also have a multi-step program to help fight against globalism, advocating things like paying in cash whenever you can, shopping locally, use a local instead of a national bank and so on. It’s a really good way to start a conversation, without actually starting a conversation. Word of mouth is a great way to get people to pay attention. That may be the most effective way to get the word out. My hope is that if someone see’s one of my stickers or a flyer than maybe that person might become curious and check it out, then when they realize that they are constantly being lied to, they will talk to their family and friends. The thing about the Covid restrictions that I found most maddening was how the vast majority of people sheepishly went along with them, the whole mass formation psychosis thing. The powers that be knew how people would react, they have been planning for this eventuality for years. Portrayed as a training exercise, event 201 laid the groundwork for all the restrictions the scamdemic inflicted on us, and guess what, Covid went exactly according to plan. What the planners realized was that the people had forgotten that they have the absolute right to say no, you can’t do this to us. That you can tell them to take your emergency powers and shove them where the sun don’t shine. The people, dumbed down, brainwashed and made complacent by the lies of the MSM, abdicated their responsibility and rights as American citizens, preferring the green pastures of “sheepledom.” It was only when the public finally got tired of all the useless restrictions, that governments began to ease them. Public outcry over what was being done to our children forced the teacher’s unions to allow schools to re-open. As stories finally made it past the MSM censors, sort of like the parable of the Dutch boy trying to plug all the holes in a dike, public opinion forced government officials, drunk on their newly found power, to ease up. (Well that and the looming midterm elections, where a lot of them realized they were going to get tossed out, still that, as well, was a result of the people’s will.) One of the things that gives me hope are polls that show trust in the MSM is at an all-time low, and that our government is the biggest problem facing America, not racism, transgenderism or even the economy, but our own government. In reality it’s not really about left-wing vs right-wing, I love the old adage that the right wing and the left wing all belong to the same bird. it’s actually boils down to good vs evil not left vs right. There is plenty of evil on both sides, (Am I right, Mitch McConnell? Am I Right, Lindsey Graham?). You don’t have to be a Christian to believe in evil, you see it every day played out in the streets of our inner cities, on our southern border, in the halls of Congress and unfortunately in our schools. The people recognize it, because I still believe that the majority of the people have not abdicated their basic human morality. The choir I preach to understands that, and like I said before, the choir is growing. The Bible tells us to speak the truth in love, you don’t have to be a Christian to tell someone the truth, you just have to realize that the person who has not joined the choir is your brother or sister and therefore deserves to hear the truth. Not as an attack, not as an insult, but in the spirit of wanting to save them from the evil that threatens their lives. The Globalism being preached by the likes of Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates is evil, there’s no other way to put it, they want to enslave humanity so they can rule over us. The choir they preach to is made up of the deceived, the ignorant and the downright evil, but their choir pales in comparison to the size of the choir for good. So, I will continue to preach to that ever growing choir, I truly thank all of you who have read my blogs, you inspire me to carry on. Even if only a relative few read my words, I believe it does serve a purpose, thanks again and as always…

Rock on Y’all!

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