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Notes From The Observationist

As I was doing my usual perusal of news stories, I came upon 4 which I thought worth mentioning. The first was the one about a funeral home embalmer named Richard Hirschman who is claiming to be seeing “novel, bizarre blood clotting” in 65% of the people he is embalming. He is also saying that other embalmers are experiencing the same phenomenon. The second one was a story Tucker Carlson had on his show a couple of days ago. It was actually a story that had crossed the alt-media pages weeks ago, the same with the embalmer story. The Carlson piece was that insurance actuaries are seeing a 40% increase in deaths of men between the ages of 18-40. The CEO of the insurance company stated that a 10% increase in the mortality of that age group is a once in 200 year event and that a 40% increase is unprecedented. The next was an appearance on Laura Ingraham’s show featuring that noted purveyor of misinformation Dr. Peter McCullough, you know, the renowned cardiologist who has had more papers published than any other doctor, so he obviously doesn’t know anything. Dr. McCullough stated unequivocally that kids should absolutely not get the jab. The last item is yet another report of young healthy athletes suddenly dying. Both were high school basketball players, one from Texas, the other from Illinois. This follows on the heels of a 37 year old body builder who died in her sleep “mysteriously”, and a triple vaxxed comedian passing out on stage. I can’t even count the number of stories that have popped up with the same headline, “healthy athlete suddenly dies”, if I’m not mistaken a lot of them were soccer players. All of these stories about young athletes say the same thing, that the cause of death is unknown. Yeah right, sure.

I’ve said this before, I’m no doctor, lawyer, scientist or anything, I have no medical degree, nor have I ever went to a college or university, (except to walk my dogs) I’m just an average dude, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s going on. If I was a prosecuting attorney, I would think just these stories alone would be enough to establish a very strong circumstantial case. Especially in light of the statistics from the VAERS site, that some experts say are underreported by a factor of up to 100 times. These facts alone show that at the very least “something wicked this way comes”.

If you go back and look at my previous blogs, you’ll see that I’ve been writing about this, and the other atrocities that the medical/industrial/complex has been inflicting on the world since the beginning of the scamdemic. A lot of others have as well. It’s not like we’re all brilliant investigative journalists, certainly not me, it’s just that we have a working brain. We check out multiple sources instead of reiterating the talking points of the media masters. I wrote about the harm being done to our children “Do We Hate Our Children” back in March of 2021. I’ve said from the beginning that lockdowns and masks were wrong, especially for children, that what it was really about was various federal, state and local governments usurping total control over our lives. I’ve written continuously about how I feel that Dr. Fauci is a mass-murderer guilty of crimes against humanity. I’m not alone in my opinions obviously, because I had to get my information from somewhere, and there were a lot of real investigative journalists saying the same thing. All of us were labeled conspiracy theorists and dismissed. After reading Robert Kennedy Jr.’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci” and seeing how he has played the Covid scam exactly like his murderous bungling of the AIDS epidemic, I have a couple of questions. How can anyone not see what’s really going on? The only answer to that is willful ignorance, or perhaps what Dr. Malone has described as “mass formation psychosis”, which my wife has colorfully dubbed “modern zombieism”. The next one is, how do these doctors, scientists and so-called journalists live with themselves? They have to know that the actual misinformation they either spew or dispense is killing people. I have no answer to that one, greed certainly is one reason, keeping your job is maybe another, but to claim those as excuses when hundreds of thousands, probably millions of innocent people die, goes beyond my understanding. I’ve heard some pundits opine that history will show the scamdemic as the worst failure of medical science in history, to me it goes way beyond that. What the medical, industrial, media, governmental cabal has done to humanity word wide, and is still doing for that matter, will make the atrocities of Hitler, Stalin, Mao. Pol Pot and Genghis Khan combined, pale in comparison.

It’s been so frustrating to me, when I see or read stories about things that I have known to be true for a long time, just coming out as if they are recent developments. Although the mainstream press, at least Fox News, is slowly catching on, the others are still dragging the washed out, dried up narrative along. Like I wrote in my last blog, wake up people, and smell the coffee, smell the sweet aroma of freedom. We need to work together to spread the truth, spread freedom like a virus, a virus that will kill apathy and heal the people. The powers that be aren’t just trying to control you, THEY ARE LITERALY TRYING TO KILL YOU! HELLO? IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?




And as always, because music is life ROCK ON Y’ALL!

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