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No Brainers For The Brainless

It seems obvious to me that common sense and the woke culture, apparently even main stream culture have become diametrically opposed to each other. The whole abortion debate for instance makes absolutely no sense at all. These “pro-choice” people are advocating for the right to murder someone, just because a pregnancy is inconvenient? Do you think that might be something to consider before you have unprotected sex? Common sense says that if you don’t want to get pregnant, or an STD. for that matter, you have 2 options, either don’t have sex, or at the very least, don’t have unprotected sex. In this day and age, it’s not like that no one knows about all the myriad forms of birth control. Another instance of abject brainlessness occurred when my wife recently got into an argument on Instagram with someone on the issue of animal abuse. Both of us feel that someone who abuses animals should have the same abuse done to them (can you hear me Herr Dr. Fauci). This person was trying to excuse animal cruelty by saying it might be a cultural thing to abuse animals, and that my wife was being unsympathetic to humans or some such nonsense. Ok here’s the deal, If you decide to care for a living thing, whether it be a goldfish or a golden retriever, you automatically assume the responsibility of properly taking care of it, end of debate. If you are incapable of doing that, then don’t get a pet, it’s a…you guessed it, no brainer!

Over and Over, you hear of instances where people are cancelled by the woke mob because they did or said something that was deemed offensive. I don’t recall the right to not be offended in the Bill of Rights. If something offends you, whether it’s words, a painting, a T.V. show, someone’s hairstyle (bless your heart) than guess what, you always have the choice to not read or look at it, or change the channel. What you don’t have is the right to force your opinion on somebody else. IT’S NOT ROCKET SCEINCE PEOPLE! IT’S A NO BRAINER!

As I get older, I find myself getting to be more of what I call a conservative libertarian. It’s because I’m sick and tired of do-gooders who think they know more about how to manage my life than I do, who are trying to tell me what to do or how to think. The way I feel is that if it doesn’t hurt someone or something else, like an animal for instance, then fine, whatever, do what you want, with the caveat that when you face the consequences of your decisions, don’t expect society to rescue you from the results of your bad decisions. Another stipulation is that you should have to be an adult to make those decisions. That is a no-brainer as well. This whole controversy about children getting mutilated by trans-gender surgery is mind-boggling. Since when did we, #1, allow children whose brain hasn’t matured enough to handle the basic needs of life, make permanent decisions about their bodies, #2, permit school teachers and administrators to hide their grooming attempts from parents, I used to think that was illegal, if not it's certainly immoral, and #3, allow parents to sexually mutilate their own children? Of course we shouldn’t, it’s barbaric, but yet we do. We don’t allow kids to vote or drink until they are adults, but somehow we think they are mature enough to make a permanent life altering decision. That’s a no brainer, but I’ve come to the unescapable conclusion that all of the woke mob and the prog-globs, despite their intellectual capacity, are in fact no-brainers, they have abandoned any modicum of common sense whatsoever in their quest for diversity, equity and to not be offended.

Another no-brainer that seems to have escaped the bounds of common sense is what’s going on in my old home state of California. Governor Hairdoo has decided that in the name of “climate change” California is going to mandate all electric vehicles by 2035, because they are supposedly zero-emission. First of all, how can California provide enough electricity to power a state full of electric cars, when they can’t even provide enough power to keep the lights on in a heatwave? Secondly, the inescapable fact that the production of electric car batteries produces more pollution by far than gas powered vehicles. It’s like when I heard a news reporter ask a random person where meat comes from, and the answer was “the grocery store”, or another one who asked where does electricity come from, and the answer was “the plug on the wall”. I call it the “The Attack of The Living Brainless”.

We all do stupid things from time to time, lord knows I do, probably more than my share. The difference between my doing stupid things and being brainless is a matter of intent. I don’t mean to do stupid stuff, more often than not it’s because I didn’t think things through, I didn’t fully appreciate the consequences of my actions. The brainlessness of the woke mob and the prog-globs is that they get to do and say stupid things, but don’t have to live with the results of their stupidity, that’s especially true for the brainless elites. They demand to defund the police, because of some mythical belief that cops systemically target blacks for execution or incarceration. Then they marvel at the rise in crime, but don’t really care about it because Congress-critters like Cori Bush have private security, they are well insulated from the violence they have perpetrated by their actions. They don’t care about how their policies have caused inflation and shortages because those things don’t affect them. Cabinet officials like Pete Buttigieg have government vehicles, they don’t pay for gas, they don’t care about inflation, they make enough money to where that’s not an issue, but if you complain about it, then you are labeled as a Trump supporting domestic terrorist/semi-fascist. I pray that eventually they will have to face the consequences of their actions. While I may call them brainless or stupid, they actually are not that stupid, they are doing this intentionally to reshape our country into their vision of a socialist utopia. One thing they seem to have forgotten or ignored, despite their protestations and denials, God is in control, and God will only let this go on for so long before it gets dealt with. Karma is a bitch, and I fully believe that Karma is God’s gift to humanity. You are seeing a bit of this with Texas Governor Abbot sending busloads of illegal aliens to D.C. and Chicago, and then the Mayors of those cities whine and complain about a hundred or so illegals when Texas has to deal with thousands of them every single day, oh boo-hoo. Not that I wish physical harm on anyone, even the brainless, but I would guarantee that there would be a drastic change of policy if there were BLM riots in Martha’s Vinyard or if busloads of illegals started showing up at the Obama’s home. If the smash and grabs, the abhorrent violence we see in cities like New York and Chicago started happening to those useful idiots in Hollyweird and D.C. Imagine her outrage if AOC was mugged by someone who had been repeatedly released due to so-called bail reform. I wonder if she would accuse her perpetrator of trying to date her. Then again, she is the epitome, the poster child of the brainlessness the permeates today’s political landscape. I could totally see her, coming to defense of her attacker. Welcome to Bizzaro-world, the place where common sense has gone to die. “No brainers for the brainless” should be their campaign slogan. Where the people who can’t think for themselves, the sheeple, the “no brainers”, are fodder for the people you think they are smarter than you, but in reality, are simply brainless themselves. or maybe to put it better heartless and soulless. So long seekers

Rock on Y’all!!!

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I would be considered "a conservative Libertarian" since I resurrected, reconstituted and co-founded The Libertarian Party in my county in NE Georgia. There was a previous iteration of the Party in my County which I belonged to but it fell on hard times for a few years until we came along did the deed by raising it from the dead.

later, dude

Sep 09, 2022
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I cant consider the Republican party as conservative, for the most part, with a few exceptions there is very little difference between Republicans and Democrats, they are all about big government.

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