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Manipulating Liars - The Sequel

I want to know how anyone can possibly trust the mainstream media after all of the revelations of outright falsehoods and propaganda that have been happening the last few weeks. It started with Twitter C.E.O. Jack Dorsey admitting at a congressional hearing in March of this year that censoring the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop was a “total mistake”. N.P.R., to my utter amazement, issued its own mea culpa on April 2nd admitting that their original reporting on this story was wrong. Then lately it’s been an almost daily revelation, the latest one being from N.B.C. They deceptively edited the video of the Columbus Ohio police shooting of Ma’Kiah Bryant, the teenager who was shot and killed before she could stab another teen. They wanted to make it look like another case of police brutality, to continue this false narrative of “systemic racism”, and that racist cops are hunting down and killing blacks. (Yes, it is a false narrative, all you have to do is look at the statistics regarding police shootings to realize that it is total b.s.). Then there was the CBS 60 Minutes hit piece against Florida governor Ron DeSantis, that I detailed in a previous blog. The story about Russian bounties on American soldiers story has also been debunked, some people even speculating it originated with congressman Adam Schiff. Project Veritas’ expose of a CNN technical director where he boasts about how CNN defeated Trump. That they hyped Covid for ratings and basically said that they were propaganda peddlers for the Democrats. By the way if you haven’t seen Project Veritas’ expose on the inner workings of CNN I highly recommend it.

I wonder if most people know that 90% of the media, including all of the “mainstream media” is controlled by 6 companies, that the big 3 broadcast networks, ABC, CBS and NBC all lean to the left, according to a report from Allsides Media Bias,(and to anyone with a working brain), as is taxpayer funded NPR. Of the 6 companies that now own the 90% share, 4 lean to the left, CBS, owned by National Amusement, ABC, which is part of Disney, and NBC, which is owned by Comcast, and cable news CNN, which is part of Time Warner. 2 don’t seem to lean one way or the other, Sony, which seems to be fairly centrist, and is mainly in the entertainment business anyway, and Newscorp run By Rupert Murdoch. Interestingly, he put his son Lachlan in charge of Fox News in 2020, and sold 20th Century Fox to Disney, hmm…to me it seems like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The Murdochs are the most “snake-ish” of the bunch, I believe they fall into the “if it bleeds it leads” category, sensationalizing news for ratings. That is the main reason why I trust Fox News, about as much as I trust CNN, which ain’t much, to say the least. I get into disagreements with friends and family, (which sucks by the way, I’m basically a non-confrontational kind of dude), about my conservative political views. Without exception the first point they always make is “well you get all your news from Fox News”. My response is “no actually, I don’t get my news from Fox News”. I will watch some of the opinion shows like Tucker Carlson, but I DO NOT get all my news from Fox or any of these 6 companies. I do look at what they are reporting and use it to compare and contrast to the other sources. I rely instead, on independent news channels, like the Epoch Times, N.T.D. as well as other news sources from around the globe like Sky News of Australia to try and glean what the truth may be. My friends and family will always retort that they get their news from a variety of sources as well. However, when I ask what those sources are, they are always the news organizations that are part of these big 6 conglomerates. I find it very interesting and somewhat funny that when you listen to the news broadcasts from these people, they all sound like they were written by the same person. They all repeat the same line, like “it’s a threat to our democracy”, different newsreaders (I refuse to call these so called “news anchors” anything else) on different channels, all repeating the same line, word for word. You would think they would have enough sense to at least re-word it a bit. In 1983, 50 companies owned 90% of the media. Today, our media has been monopolized and manipulated by these 6 conglomerates.

The other thing I wonder about my liberal friends is how they feel about the censorship being done by the social media giants, Twitter, Facebook and Google. Do they feel, as I do, that this is totally un-American? Twitter has suspended Project Veritas after their CNN report, even though it was all caught on video! All three felt it was necessary to prohibit stories about the Hunter Biden laptop before the election because “intelligence officials” concluded it had to be Russian disinformation, even though both the F.B.I. and the D.N.I. said it was authentic. Yet they promoted the Trump-Russia collusion story endlessly, despite the fact that the Steele Dossier had been totally discredited, hell they even published that piece of fictitious disinformation, nope no bias there. I wonder how many people who voted for Biden, (I still wonder how many people actually voted for Biden), would still vote for him if they knew what was on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Talk about buyers remorse! The Daily Mail, which I know is a gossip rag, confirmed that the laptop IS Biden’s, they used a company that had a former F.B.I. agent with almost 30 years of experience with this type of situation to analyze it and verify that it was his. John Soloman of “Just The News” reached out to some of the email senders from the laptop, and they confirmed UNANIMOULSY, that those emails were authentic, that they did in fact send those emails to Hunter Biden. Even Biden himself admitted that the laptop could be his. Did these social media giants censor this to help Joe Biden? Was it just a coincidence? Where they really trying to stop “disinformation” from influencing the election, as they stated? If my friends on the left actually believe that I have some swamp land in the Sahara to sell you.

America cannot continue to be America without a Free and unbiased press. The press corps and the news have become a commodity, tailored to whatever market that has been targeted, be it on the left or right. They all take advantage of people’s natural confirmation bias, to spin a specific narrative. I’ve said this before and I will continue to beat this horse until it’s dead and buried. We can’t have “Manipulating Liars” in charge of our information. These conglomerates and big tech social media giants have a monopoly over our information, it truly has become an “info-war”. I don’t know who said it first, but it’s absolutely true, when you can control the narrative, you can control the people, and that is exactly what is happening, we are being controlled, we are being manipulated. As Americans we need to demand that these perpetrators of disinformation, propaganda and censorship on BOTH sides be stopped. NOW! It might already be too late, but to not do so means the death of America as we know it. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE, THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!

Peace and Love, ROCK ON Y’ALL!

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