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Living On The Edge

I originally started writing this blog with a short history of the world changing events of 2019 and 2020 that marked the beginning of societies descent into what I’ve dubbed “Bizzaro-World”. At this point in time, I don’t think that any rational, reasoning person, who has objectively looked at those events could come to any other conclusion than that there are evil people that want to fundamentally change the way the world operates. For me to write about them once again, seems pointless, whether or not we can admit it to ourselves, we all know what’s going on. I have been calling them “progressive/globalists”, people like Mark Levin call them statists. Whether they are billionaires like George Soros or Bill Gates, organizations like those that are part of the U.N., or countries like China, they have gone all-in on Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum's “Great Reset.”. If they succeed, the result will be an Orwellian society where democracy and individual freedoms are dead. (By 2030 you’ll own nothing and be happier). Unless you have been residing on another planet, or have totally divorced yourself from any form of media, there is no escaping the fact that this time we are in right now is going to shape the way humanity functions for the foreseeable future, we are truly living on the edge.

It always amazes me when I read an article, the latest was by James Kunstler, that expresses something that I have been saying for months! Kunstler was writing about his coming to the realization that all of the Covid scamdemic might just be a plot by nefarious global actors to gain control over the world. The thing that gets me is that I’m not an investigative journalist, I do not have any inside information from anonymous sources deep inside the intelligence community like Simon Parke or Charlie Ward, I’m not a doctor, lawyer or Indian chief, I’m just an average dude with apparently a modicum of common sense, and I’ve been writing about this for months! Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of videos, listening to people talk about the possibility of another Civil War in America. This is also something that I’ve written about quite a bit, the fact that we are already in a Civil War, it’s not just here in America, it’s a global Civil War. In reality it’s a titanic, penultimate struggle between good vs evil.

Sometimes people have said I have a problem with referencing Star Trek too much. It was a show that really shaped my world view when I was a kid. The thought of a United Federation of Planets, in which Earth was ruled by one government, was a kind of Utopian fantasy of mine, a one world government that would mean the end of war and poverty, ruled by benevolent, wise and elected people who had the best interests of mankind at heart. Oh, to be so young and naïve. One episode that has constantly stayed with me was entitled “The Omega Glory”. The basic premise of the episode is that on a parallel world, 2 groups of people called the “Yangs” and the “Kohms” fought it out for global control. The Yangs were the “Yankees” who lost to the Kohms who were the communists. Without going into further detail about the story, it’s just one line from Dr. McCoy when one of the Yangs says “good will always defeat evil”, and McCoy’s response was that “I’ve found that evil usually triumphs unless good is very, very careful”. If we aren’t very careful this will happen, evil will triumph. The globalists have been very busy planning The Great Reset for decades. The tactics they are using are the same ones Hitler used to manipulate the German people and instigate WWII. Those tactics can be boiled down to 2 main principles. The first is the need to instill a constant fear in the people, and the second is to intimidate them so much that any reprisal would be suicidal. Ever since 2020 when society fully descended into bizzarro-world, I’ve been waiting for someone or something to happen that would restore sanity from the chaos happening all around us. I guess it’s because, like the Yangs in Star Trek, I feel that eventually good always triumphs over evil, eventually. Over the ensuing months, I’ve waited and waited for that sanity to return. I’ve been praying and hoping for something, or someone to stand up and put an end to this. That is why I bought into the whole “hopium” epidemic. The websites of people who were saying that there are a group of “white-hats” actually seemed plausible, because as fantastical as the “Q” theory seemed to be, the descent of society into bizzarro-world was every bit as unbelievable.

I imagine a lot of Germans felt the same way I’m feeling these days, when Germany started its march towards what would become WWII. How could regular, normal German people actively participate in the Holocaust, how could they accept someone so obviously deranged as Hitler. I guess in the end maybe I’m giving humanity to much credit. Evil people have always been very effective at lying and manipulating regular, normal people into doing things that go against their fundamental principles. Hitler did it by using racism, blaming the Jews for all the ill’s they supposedly inflicted on the proud Aryan race. Now the progressive/globalists are doing it by using the scamdemic, and racism. Instilling fear in the masses is the best way to get them to do things they wouldn’t normally do, like surrender their freedoms. If you went and asked someone on the left, someone who is a traditional Democrat, not one of the “True Believers” of “The Squad”, if they think that censorship is a bad thing, that freedom of the press is essential, that a government’s responsibility should be to maintain order and ensure domestic tranquility and prosperity, I truly think that the vast majority of regular normal democrats would agree wholeheartedly. So, the progressive/globalists have to instill fear in everyone world-wide. What better than a global pandemic or enflaming race hatred? Under the guise of fighting a “deadly virus” and “white supremacy” they have largely achieved this goal. Huge segments of the global population now live in abject fear of a disease that is the basic equivalent of the Flu. Before Covid, we didn’t fear the flu. Do you think that it’s any coincidence that flu deaths dropped 97% in 2020, or that even though we are in this global pandemic, numerous studies show that there was not an increase in worldwide mortality in 2020? In other words, despite the Wu-flu scamdemic killing millions, there was virtually no increase in the number of deaths that normally happen in any given year. Nowadays the world is terrified of Covid. The omicron strain, according to Biden is going to kill tens of thousands of unvaxxed, un-patriotic Americans. A cursory look at the symptoms of omicron look a lot like those associated with a common cold. I laughed when Jesse Waters at Fox said that at that particular moment Alec Baldwin had killed more people than omicron, and guess what? The common cold is a form of a coronavirus. So just like they did with Covid, even though it has an over 99% survivability rate, the leftists in the media, Herr Dr. Mengela-Fauci and our wonderful health care system officials are predicting doom and gloom about something that is more than likely, as dangerous as the common cold! Devious and despotic politicians are once again using this an excuse to assume more authority and control over peoples lives. Our media and tech companies have walked hand in hand with them to once again, promote the irrational fear they instilled, purposely, on the unsuspecting masses. The only thing that matters to them is the narrative. Like Hitler they demonize a certain segment of the populace, whether it be “the un-vaxxed” or “white supremacists”, so that the fearful have something to focus on, because if there is one thing for certain, if something makes you afraid, you are going to hate it, it’s only natural.

The progressive/globalist have employed a rather genius plan to intimidate the opposition, accuse the other side of heinous crimes, and then do exactly what they accuse the opposition of doing! You see it all the time. While Pelosi was running the Hiliarly Clinton’s campaign phony Russia Hoax investigation in order to impeach Trump, the Clinton campaign had already actually colluded with Russia by fabricating the infamous Steele Dossier in the first place, let alone her dealings with Putin and uranium. When the 2nd impeachment fiasco was going on, supposedly about an improper call Trump made to president of Ukraine, the Biden crime family had been whoring themselves out to corrupt Ukrainian government officials to line their own pockets for years. While they staged an actual insurrection by stealing the presidential election, they manufacture a phony insurrection to shift the focus from them. The latest reporting on the events of January 6th by Revolver is telling a story the phony January 6th commission absolutely does not want the public to know. Instead, they are going about their real agenda of dismantling that ever troublesome American constitution. They accuse Trump and his supporters as being Nazi’s, when Biden’s Attorney General, a particularly loathsome creep named Merrick Garland, (who actually kind of looks like the head of Nazi Germany’s SS, Heinrich Himmler), is actually employing Nazi, fascist tactics against freedom loving Americans. Garland’s Gestapo, an organization formally known as the FBI, is actively persecuting political enemies of the Biden Regime, and the progressive/globalists. The Russia hoax, the raids on Roger Stone and Project Veritas, the persecution of concerned parents and the vilification of at least 75 million Americans as white supremacists, are exactly what the Nazi’s did in Germany. All of these are being done to intimidate the opposition into inaction.

Fear has been by-far their greatest and most effective weapon, by using a mass-murderer, a demagogue, a deranged psychopath named Tony Fauci to be in charge of our government’s response to this virus. Over and over Fauci has done a fantastic job of making sure that normal, regular Americans are living in fear, and that they must continue to live in fear. Narcissistically referring to himself as “the science” he has fooled large segments of the population into believing his utterly non-scientific garbage of masks, lockdowns and especially the jab. His agenda seemingly being, how many people can I kill, how many lives can I ruin. Every time I read a story of someone who insists that they need to go to the hospital after testing positive (which is dubious in itself, considering the proven unreliability of the PCR test), because they think they are going to die, every time I see young healthy kids wearing those useless face diapers outside in the bright sun, every time I hear of politicians implementing some new fascist restriction on the people, my hatred for this p.o.s. grows exponentially.

America is living on the edge. On one side is the progressive/globalists who seek a one world government, and see America as the last obstacle in their quest for a tyrannical, Orwellian global dictatorship. On the other side are regular, normal, freedom loving people. The progressive/globalists seemingly have all the power, they own the media, big-tech, big pharma and have control over the American government. They have proven that they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal, and they most certainly have the means to do it, and as it stands right now, they are winning. It doesn’t matter what Project Veritas, Fox News, or anyone in the Alternative Media do, say or reveal, the progressive/globalists are not afraid, despite the reports of fear about the mid-term 2022 elections, or Biden’s plummeting poll numbers. If there was actual fear on the left, then wouldn’t they distance themselves from the actions of the Biden regime that are so unpopular with the people? Instead, they are doubling down. Some say that the reason they are trying to shove as much of their agenda down our throats is that they know they will be crushed in the 2022 mid-term elections, others say that the election of Trump thoroughly disrupted their timeline for The Great Reset, so now they have to fast track all their plans. I find the second scenario to be more believable, I think that people hoping that the 2022 mid-term elections will stop the left from achieving their goals is short sighted. If they were capable of pulling off the stealing of a presidential election, then what’s to stop them from doing the same thing again in 2022? That is why they are un-afraid. When a sham committee investigating a phony insurrection can trample on the constitutional rights of Americans, when political protestors are jailed in an inhumane Gulag in Washington D.C. and nothing is done about it, even though some brave congress-critters did make formal complaints, it shows that in reality, the progressives are not running away in fear of any “red wave”. There is an arrogant confidence when Jen Psaki knowingly lies at her press conferences, oh she may be called out for a few paltry things, but she is never really challenged to answer for the Biden regimes unconstitutional actions, and their failures in any meaningful way. I would love to be able to be in the White House Press Corp with the ability to force Psaki to truthfully answer real questions, but the Praetorian Guard that is our media, would never allow it. She lies because she knows with absolute certainty that even if she is caught lying, there will be no real consequences, it sure doesn’t sound like she is afraid. Pelosi, who looks like she is always drunk, says that people in congress, the ones who regulate the stock market, have the absolute right to invest in the very markets they control! She did this unabashedly, obviously believing its her right to do insider trading to enrich herself, but if a normal regular person did insider trading they would be locked up, remember Martha Stewart? She sees no conflict in what she is doing, she thinks she has a right to do it and she has no fear of being indicted for insider trading, because she and her party control the Gestapo.

The weapons against the fear and intimidation tactics of the left are hope and faith. In this battle, hope and faith can be compared to David vs Goliath. During the Christmas holidays there were a lot of pundits and opinionators saying that what America needs is a rekindling of faith and hope. I wholeheartedly agree as these are the only things that can defeat evil. We certainly cannot and should not count on Trump coming to save us. Trump’s recent statements to Candace Owens, and her lack of pushing back on those comments, are showing a side of Trump, and Owens for that matter, that are in direct opposition to what millions of their followers believe. In truth there is no one, absolutely no one in either the Republican or Democrat party that can do, or is willing to do, about the state of our country. The only people that can do anything about it, are WE THE PEOPLE! This is where our hope and faith have to come from. From Christians who know about God’s love and mercy for humanity, from Jews who have experienced holocausts, from peaceful Muslims who have been subjected to so much bigotry and hatred, from just ordinary people who are saying “enough is enough, we see through your lies and manipulations, and we are done with all of you. One of my favorite bible verses is from Joshua 24:15, “as for me and my house, we choose to serve the lord”. I’m not saying that I don’t sometimes fail in that regard, I’m just saying that I always try to, because that is where my hope and faith reside. Obviously, it’s different for each individual, I’m not trying to convert anyone to any particular set of beliefs, but each individual American has to have hope and faith in this battle of good vs. evil. Throughout America’s history there have been times when all hope seemed futile, when the forces of evil seemed invincible, yet somehow, we’ve always pulled through. I, myself have faith that this time will be no different, I have to have this faith, otherwise all is lost and hate and evil will triumph. Hope and faith are the tools that can bind together not only Americans, but all the freedom loving peoples of the world in this existential fight against the forces that are trying to enslave us. Hope and faith can be the driving factors that solidify our resistance to tyrants, that will enable incredible sacrifice in the name of freedom, and send these bastards back into the darkness where they belong!


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