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Liberalism As A Mental Disease

I first started listening to conservative talk radio back in the late 90’s. I would go out to my car on my lunch break and listen to the “Savage Nation”. His mottos of “borders, language, culture”, and “liberalism is a mental disease” I found very appealing At the time I regarded the “mental disease” claim as effective hyperbole, but it turns out it just might be true.

Fast forward to a recent show. On this episode he talked about several studies showing that, white liberal women in particular, tend to be more mentally ill and unhappy then their conservative counterparts. He presented the results showing by percentage that a large proportion of liberal women and men were either unhappy, or had been diagnosed with some form of mental illness. That shifted the concept of liberalism being a mental disease, from hyperbole into scientific reality. Now, the study doesn’t say that all liberals are unhappy or mentally ill, just a far greater number of them then conservatives, including over 50% of liberal white women. Tim offered some valid reasons as to why this is the case. One of which was to blame the mainstream media. One example he used was pointing out how prominent leftists on twitter jumped all over Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s mocking of Biden’s “I’ll give you two words, made in America” statement with her tweet of “here’s two words, Let’s go Brandon”. The point being critics of Boebert’s tweet obviously don’t follow the news very closely, or only listen to liberal propaganda from fake news sites, deliberately set up to disparage conservatives. If you only get your news from sources that, #1, are completely biased, #2, have been proven to lie over and over again, and #3, do nothing but instigate fear and division, you can be easily lead down the road to unhappiness and possibly, mental illness. He made another, sort of “chicken or egg” point, which was, are mentally ill people more inclined to become liberals, or does liberalism make people mentally ill. I think a good argument could be made for both. He then used my favorite word, discernment, in characterizing one of the main problems with liberalism, noting that with items like the Boebert tweet, not only do liberals fail to fact check what they hear or read, they are actually afraid of doing so, whereas someone who leans towards conservatism will tend to be more discerning, and do the necessary fact checking. The broadcast “liberal women tend to be more unhappy and mentally ill” is very good and I highly encourage everyone to check it out.

While the theories brought forth are totally valid and I agree with them, I have my own thoughts to add on this. The brainwashing by the MSM is undeniable, but I believe the issues go far beyond the echo chamber of the MSM/corporate news complex. It’s the entirety of mainstream culture. Everything from news, to social media, to what programs are selected to be produced, to how products are advertised are all pieces of the puzzle. For instance, CBS has 3 shows that glorify the F.B.I., the same F.B.I. that is now engaged in political and religious persecution of enemies of the Biden Regime. All of the networks produce primetime shows that promote woke ideology. It’s brainwashing, pure and simple. It doesn’t end there however, like all prog-glob agendas, it’s multi-faceted. I mentioned in a previous essay that our food is being manipulated. Tucker Carlson has a story intitled “The End Of Men” which I haven’t seen, but in the trailer it talks about how processed food is lowering testosterone levels in men. The additives in our food are making us fat and unhealthy. The point I made was that you need a healthy gut for your mind to function correctly, as a result, you become more susceptible to lies and propaganda. My wife brought out the point that liberalism today is actually nothing more than a cult. One interesting fact I stumbled upon was that in cults, 70% of the members tend to be women. The article gives various reasons for why this happens, but I found it interesting that studies showing a large percentage of liberal women are prone to be mentally ill or unhappy, also show women to be more easily coerced into joining a cult. The leaders of cults, just like the leaders of the progressive-globalists know exactly how to seduce people into signing up. Prey on low self-esteem, provide an illusion of comfort and promote an “us vs them” mentality, are some of the tactics they both use to recruit new members, especially women. Think about all the current articles and stories that show obese women, or women who would be described as unattractive by traditional standards that are now suddenly being called beautiful. Lifestyles that not so long ago would have been called deviant are now deemed to be acceptable. That accomplishes these three tactics simultaneously. Society has engrained, especially upon women, the concept of acceptable beauty, so women who don’t feel they measure up to this engrained ideal, and I will grant you it is an impossible standard, will suffer from low self-esteem. Next, comfort is provided by telling them if you follow us, you’ll now fit in, you’ll belong. Thirdly, because they are now deemed acceptable, the us vs them mentality can be used to attack people traditionally considered attractive, and traditional society in general. Think about the reaction Jordon Peterson received when he criticized Sports Illustrated about the cover of their swimsuit edition.

I stated before, I believe the “chicken or egg” theories are both true and valid. Current liberal, progressive-globalist dogma is undeniably insane. They want to radically depopulate the earth by as much as 95%, they reject biology, being unable to define what a woman is, they renounce and persecute religious people, change the meaning of words to redefine morality and sow division whenever unity is called for. Therefore, someone who fully subscribes to this philosophy can only be categorized as deranged. In addition, if a normal sane person were to be exposed to only modern liberal thinking, they would undoubtedly be likely to become unhappy or mentally ill. I know I would. In any case, the cause of the disease is modern day liberalism.

The show makes another valid point when he states that terms liberal and conservative have essentially lost their original meaning. People, like himself, who were once called liberal, are now being called conservative, even though their politics haven’t really changed. You see that in the recent “conversions” of Joe Rogan and Russell Brand. I agree with that thought, it isn’t really conservative vs liberal, or even conservative vs statist as Mark Levin calls them, it really boils down to what I’ve been saying all along, it’s good vs evil. Current modern day liberalism is not simply a mental disease, it is inherently, unequivocally, undeniably evil. That is not to say that a person who has become a member of the cult of liberalism is irredeemably evil, and totally lost. Like any member of a cult, they desperately need to be deprogrammed. Sometimes, simply exposing a liberal to plain common sense can work miracles. We need to pray for the lost, unhappy, mentally Ill liberals, talk to them, plant a seed that will grow into a realization that can change and save their life. After all, isn’t being happy and ok mentally far better than the alternative? Youbetcha!

Mental health is no joke. Maybe the most evil tactic employed by the prog-globs was the whole Covid scamdemic. By locking people in their homes, taking away their jobs and future, injecting people with an untested poison purposely, they have succeeded in bringing overdose deaths and suicides to record levels, not to mention deaths that can be directly attributed to the jab and their effect on surviving family and friends. Liberalism is not just a mental issue, it is a good vs evil issue. If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, please get help, call the suicide prevention line, there is a national phone number,1 800-273-TALK. Every life lost, whether it be abortion, or suicide, or the result of a crime related to mental illness, is a loss for humanity and a win for the depopulationists. Don’t let these inhuman monsters who prey upon the weak succeed. We must win this war against their evil, there really is no other choice. With the latest talk of nuclear war, it has never been more apparent than now how essential it is to stop this madness, unlike climate change, it truly is an existential crisis, life on earth literally hangs in the balance.

Hang in there, my brothers and sisters, fight the good fight

And as always, Rock On you beautiful creations, Rock on!

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