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Fantasy Press Conference (part 2)

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Back in August of 2021, I wrote a blog entitled “To Dream The Impossible Dream –A Fantasy Press Conference”. In it I wrote about what questions I would ask if I was a member of the White House Press Corps. The first question was whether The Criminal Biden Regime agreed with big-tech censorship of “misinformation”. The answer to that has become alarmingly obvious, not only do they support it, they are actively and illegally encouraging it, by unconstitutionally asking them to censor anything the administration determines is “mis-dis or mal information”, 1st amendment be damned. The next question had to do with Dr. Anthony “Mengela”-Fauci and his actions in dealing with the Covid scamdemic. This question still hasn’t been answered, despite all of the evidence that has been revealed about the Wuhan Lab, and the incredible expose’ in Robert Kennedy Jr’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci”. Fauci, hasn't been incarcerated and still has his job! In my mind this is sooooo indicative of the devious tentacles of the deep state, of which Fauci ‘s National Allergy and Infectious Disease (NAID) agency plays a huge part. Fauci protects his kingdom just like a Mafia Don ala “The Godfather”. He rewards allies with millions and billions of bucks ensuring their loyalty and obedience and attacks and destroys, personally and professionally, anyone who challenges his authority. The reluctance of Congress to expel this monster from society is a litmus test to see who is corrupt and who isn’t. The 3rd question was about the Jan 6th protest. The answer to this question was to double down on the fascist, un-American, partisan, witch-hunt investigation led by “Vodka Skelator” Pelosi, and the traitor Liz Cheney. The results of this sham job of political persecution directly led to the suicide of Mathew Perna, who walked through an open door in the Capital building, “The Peoples House”, and had the temerity to chant “U.S.A.” Jan 6th defendants are still being denied bail, housed in what can be accurately described as an American Gulag, while Antifa and BLM rioters, who did far more damage to government buildings than any of the Jan. 6th. protestors, are out on bail walking the streets. This incredible travesty of justice is still ongoing, which begs the question, how many more of these protestors have to die before Congress calls out these fascists on the phony committee for who they really are, and call it out for what it really is, political persecution. Right now, only a very few, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Louie Gohmert and Jim Jordan, are speaking out, but the majority of Congress needs to rise up and defend the Constitution, and denounce this “investigation” for what it really is, the persecution of political enemies, and the cover-up of the Democrat and F.B.I. involvement in the whole fiasco. The fourth question was about Joe Biden’s descent into senility and dementia. The answer to this has never been more obvious than during Biden’s recent disastrous European trip, where he called for regime change in Russia, told the 82nd Airborne they would be deployed in Ukraine and said that if Russia used chemical weapons the U.S. would respond “in kind”, all of which had to be walked back by his administration, not to mention him angrily saying that sanctions were never meant to deter Russian aggression, despite numerous members of the administration saying that was exactly what the sanctions were supposed to do. It has become so increasingly obvious even to the most fanatic Biden supporter that he is well down the road to complete senility, although I sure there are still a bunch of kool-aid drinking sycophants (mostly the MSM), that think he is doing just fine. The next question was about the southern border, and whether the Biden Regime was going to do anything about it. The answer to that has been totally obvious as well. The invasion has not only continued, unabated despite the SCOTUS decision on Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. Biden has now said that “Title 42”, which Trump instituted after Covid broke out to expel illegal immigrants due to heath reasons, will be rescinded in May of this year. Most experts expect that this will vastly increase the already overwhelming number of illegals crossing into America. The next question was in regards to Hunter Biden’s laptop. Now the MSM has finally, begrudgingly, admitted the computer belongs to the serial crackhead, pedophile, sex addict, traitorous son of Joe Biden, will there be a serious, real investigation of its contents? At the end of my initial fantasy press conference I’m rudely escorted out of the briefing room by the SS, oh I’m sorry, I meant the Capital Police. At this point I would like to continue my fictional story of how I wish that someone, anyone would ask Biden or any of his spokes-worm lackeys the real questions that need an answer. Granted some journalists like Fox’s Peter Doocy have asked some tough questions, (questions that the decidedly unfunny, supposed comic, actual moron, Steve Colbert said he should be slapped for asking). However, I still feel the questions should be far tougher. Questions about the lies Biden told when he said he had no interaction with his son’s business dealings, even though the e-mails on Hunters laptop tell a completely different tale, not to mention the shared bank accounts of Hunter and Joe Biden. Questions about money laundering and Hunter Biden’s role in financing bio-labs in Ukraine. Questions about his ultimate plans for America’s energy needs. Questions about Fauci and his murderous history of failed vaccines and corruption. How about asking him about his obvious declining mental health? How about asking him who his real masters are, come on man, tell us Joe, who is pulling your strings, and why they are all of the sudden throwing you to the wolves by allowing the MSM to finally report that your son’s laptop is legit? Is he no longer a “useful idiot”, whose problems now far outweigh his benefits, and as such needs to be removed, before he causes some real damage to the deep state.

I think a really great idea would be to let regular citizens, not media hacks, be allowed a chance to ask questions of our leaders. Not at some phony, staged Town Hall forum, but at the White House, (the real White House not some movie set prop so Biden can more easily read the teleprompter, and by the way, no teleprompter, notes or pre-written questions would be allowed). There are so many questions, important questions that real normal Americans want an answer to. I know I have a bunch, and I’m sure that a great many “normies” have a bunch more. How about these for a start. Why is the Criminal Biden Regime trying to buy oil from despotic countries like Venezuela, when America has more than enough oil reserves to be energy independent? Is this administration actively trying to destroy Americas economy with the goal of implementing The Green New Deal? Can anyone please explain why Anthony Fauci is not in jail, awaiting execution for his role in the mass deaths of people around the world since his tenure began as head of NAID? Will the CDC, FDA, NIH and NAID and big pharma ever be held accountable for all the lies and mistakes that caused irreparable harm to not only the peoples trust in medical science, but inflicted unimaginable damage to American society? Will any action ever be taken against the mainstream media, the big tech social media platforms, and specifically Mark Zuckerberg for actions that illegally influenced the outcome of the 2020 election? How much money did the Biden Crime Family accumulate by their illegal interactions with Russia, China and Ukraine? Why did a subsidiary of Hunter Biden’s Rosemount Capital company help fund bio-labs in Ukraine, and what is the real purpose of those labs? Why is the American government funding what can arguably be called bio-weapons labs in Ukraine? Is it the official policy of the American government to inflict a mass casualty event on the world to implement the World Economic Forum and United Nations agenda of “The Great Reset? Why is this administration demanding supporting for Ukraine, when it has been documented they have a strong Neo-Nazi presence in their military, not to mention the numerous authenticated reports of widespread governmental corruption? Will Joe Biden submit to a public test for his cognitive ability? Is Joe Biden the true Manchurian candidate? Who is really pulling Biden’s strings, because at this point everyone knows he is incapable of a single cogent thought. Why are extreme issues like transgenderism and exposing young children to sexual content being promoted, while other, far more pressing issues are ignored? Is it Biden’s attempt to normalize deviant behavior like pedophilia, because like his son, he is one also? Do any of these bought off toadies in the medical/industrial complex feel any responsibility for all the harm they have done over the last 50 years? Just how corrupt are they? Do any of them have a shred of integrity, a shred of patriotism, a shred of human dignity left in their loathsome lives? How much money and power is enough? Do you agree with this statement? There actually is systemic racism in America, it’s not in our police departments, it resides within the medical/industrial complex, as evidenced by their continuing use of Africa and other 3rd world countries as Guinea Pigs for their monstrous experiments on people of color in these countries. When all of these traitors to America and the world are found out and arrested, should they be hanged, shot, electrocuted, drawn and quartered, or be just left to suffer the rest of their miserable lives alone, in solitary confinement?

In my fantasy press conference, the people responsible to answer these and all the other questions from the true American people, would be compelled to respond truthfully. No teleprompters allowed and maybe they would be hooked up to a polygraph. The penalty for lying would be a quick trial for treason and then summary execution. It would be more like a prosecution than a press conference probably, but these scum sucking maggots need to be held accountable, and like any criminal given a plea deal, they would have to give an allocution of their crimes to avoid the death penalty. Okay, so I’m feeling a bit angry today, but how long does America and the rest of the world, have to put up with this b.s.. When the “powers that be” are actively engaged in the destruction of western society to impose their twisted vision of a New World Order, it kind of riles me up. I’m sick and tired of all the lies and manipulations that have killed or harmed so many innocent humans, for the sake of globalism and depopulation. The time has come for them to answer for their crimes against humanity. To paraphrase that noted master of the word salad, Kamala Harris, it’s time to do what we should already be doing, and that time is now, every day it is time for us to agree that there are “tools” (euphemism for stupid people) and scum that seek to destroy America. Sorry I guess I’m not the word salad master that Harris is, thank God!

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Rock on Y’all!

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