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Have You No Sense of Decency?

That famous line is from the Army/McCarthy hearings in 1954. The lead counsel for the Army, Joseph Welch, uttered this in response to Senator McCarthy implicating an associate of Welch’s law firm of being a member of an organization called The National Lawyers Guild, described by then Attorney General Herbert Brownell Jr. and even acknowledged by Welch himself as “The mouthpiece for the communist party.” Welch’s line has gone down in history as a moment of brilliant oratory. After he said it the crowd of reporters in the gallery cheered him on, and McCarthy sat in “stunned silence.” An examination of the actual proceedings against McCarthy tells a different story, which Ann Coulter wrote about in her book “Treason.” Coulter’s version, backed up by transcripts and footnotes paint a very different picture. The bottom line is that despite all the stories of people being blacklisted, and having their lives destroyed by the evil bully Joe McCarthy The release of soviet communications uncovered by the Venona Project, show that McCarthy’s suspicions were well founded.

I think a review of that particular moment in history is worthwhile because it shows how radical leftist Demonrats and the New World Order globalists will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Senator Joe McCarthy has gone down in history as a rage fueled, alcoholic madman who trampled on the rights of innocents in his unhinged desire to rid America of imagined communists. While his tactics and his actions can certainly be called into question, McCarthy understood the magnitude of the problem of communist infiltration not only in government but in society as well. He understood that communism is a direct assault on the American ideal. That’s the reason he had to be taken down and destroyed, vilified to the point where “McCarthyism” is used as a bludgeon against anyone who thinks that communism is evil. Much like Orwell’s Emmanuel Goldstein character in his masterpiece “1984” he’s become a mythical bogeyman, bent on ruining people’s lives. However, the Venona Project revealed what we now know is an absolute fact, there were and still are avowed communists in our government. They don’t call themselves communists, they prefer the name progressives or socialists, but for all intents and purposes they are communists, and believe wholeheartedly in communist doctrine. I have a couple of quotes from the late Nikita Khruschev, who held the office of First Secretary of the USSR during that time period, that I think are very pertinent to today’s political situation. The first is “You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you wake up and find that you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy, until you fall like over-ripe fruit into our hands.” The other quote I think is even more revealing is “The press is our chief ideological weapon.” If these 2 quotes don’t illustrate that their long-range plans are coming to fruition, I don’t know what will.

By now the leftist/globalist playbook is well known. They see no reason to change it, because it’s working just fine. They are fulfilling Khruschev’s prediction of taking control over America, with the mainstream press only too happy to carry their water. Any sense of decency or patriotism has long since departed from mainstream newsrooms, they hate America and they hate the average American. Operation Mockingbird should be deemed an unqualified success. They have succeeded in demonizing objectivity and fairness, decrying “both-side-ism” as a threat to democracy, and cowardice in the face of their “truth.” As guardians of their version of the truth, they firmly believe that opposing opinions shouldn’t be broadcast because they are mis-dis-mal information and therefore should be censored, and the purveyors of this misinformation should be put in jail.

The Covid scam was a perfect example of this. There were so many “experts” saying that reputable doctors who contradicted Herr Dr. Mengela-Fauci should face imprisonment, that the unvaccinated needed to be removed from society, shunned and forced to stay in their homes. After it came out that the jab didn’t prevent the Wu-flu, that natural immunity was far more robust than the clot-shot, that basically everything they said about Covid and its treatment was an orchestrated lie, was there any apology from any of them? All I heard were the sounds of crickets. The MSM lies like most people breathe, constantly. They have no remorse or shame even when called out for their lies, propaganda and hypocrisy. Their reasoning is like what Jussie Smollett probably used to perpetrate his hoax. Utilizing this twisted logic, they rationalize their actions by saying “just because he lied, it doesn’t make what he did wrong, he lied for the good of humanity, to bring attention to systemic racism and white supremacy.”

The people living in the MSM echo chamber are not (necessarily) stupid, they know what’s going on in the world around them, they have to know that Biden is a senile, corrupt, pedophile with a sex and drug addicted son. They have to know that the lies and propaganda they spew each and every day are destroying America. Speaking for myself, I can’t imagine being so indoctrinated, so brainwashed that I could do what they do and still be able to live with myself. It makes me wonder what a Joe Scarborough, Nicole Wallace, Jim Acosta or Rachel Madow thinks in the privacy of their own minds. The human condition, generally, is to rationalize bad behavior, we make excuses to ourselves for the wrongs we may have done. The ends justify the means, the good of the many, vs the good of the few and so on. How do they justify their actions and words? How can they rationalize what happened with Covid, with East Palestine, with Lahaina, with Afghanistan and now all the innocent civilian lives lost in Ukraine and the possibility of a nuclear war? How can they live with themselves when they prop up and enable politicians who promote crime, and drug use in our big cities, meanwhile letting hardened criminals stay out of jail by some ludicrous notion of bail reform in the form of “cashless bail.” How can they dismiss the human trafficking of children at the southern border or the mutilation and sterilization of children in the name of transgenderism. Is their communist, progressive ideology, their desire for a utopian One World Government worth the human sacrifice that it requires? I can’t imagine how any sane person could rationalize all of this. Author and broadcaster Michael Savage has always maintained that liberalism is a mental disorder, and it’s hard to make a case that he’s wrong, the only way to describe their actions is insanity.

I may think that my leftist, progressive New World Order believing brothers and sisters are wrong, or maybe suffer from varying degrees of mental illness, but I don’t wish them dead. I can’t say the same thing for them. There can be no doubt that there is a deliberate, ongoing attempt by the globalist elites to kill off millions, if not billions of people, in their quest to depopulate the globe and make the world “green.” From the food we eat, to manufactured diseases, to weather manipulation, to brainwashing our children, to letting criminals run rampant, all of these atrocities and so many more, make it clear that the elites of the world think that the average person is an expendable commodity, even more so, they think normal people are a blight on the world, not them of course, but the average person. I think what the delusional participants of the mainstream media don’t realize is that in the eyes of the elites, after all is said and done, after their utopian New World order is implemented, they will be just expendable as the rest of us, and when their usefulness is over, they will be “discarded” as well.

Understanding the McCarthy era in the 50’s is vitally important to the situation today. The one thing that the communists and their globalist allies do very well is play the long game. For decades, just like Khrushchev prophesied, they have been on the offensive against America. You can arguably make a case that the Demonrats effectively neutered the Repugnicans by their successful destruction of “Tail gunner Joe” in those hearings in 1954. The so-called conservative leadership certainly hasn’t shown any cojones since then. Even when Repugnicans have won elections they tend to cower in fear of being labeled a bully by the left, and capitulate. Only Reagan and Trump have shown the willingness to stand up to them. The left was able to take down Nixon, (whose crimes look like petty theft compared to the actions of the Biden Crime Family), and Gerald Ford and the Bushes were tools of the establishment Repugnicans, and therefore part of the Uniparty. Terms like decency and morality are lost in today’s political landscape, it’s gotten to the point where if someone in the mainstream media or politics had to answer the question, under pain of death “have you no decency, have you no shame?” The answer would have to be an unequivocal “no.” The thing is, the vast majority of Americans are decent and moral, and we’re getting sick and tired of people and institutions that are not. Neil Oliver has said that he believes in the end the people will prevail against the globalists and communists, it’s just going to be a very difficult road. I totally agree, for two simple reasons, first there are far more of us then them, and secondly, I firmly believe that in the end God wins and evil loses.

Rock on my decent and moral brothers and sisters!

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