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Firing Fauci Is Not Enough

I have to admit that I’ve always been intrigued by stories of “The Mob”, the Mafia, Cosa Nostra, organized crime, gangs like the Japanese Yakuza or the Chinese Triads. One of my all-time favorite movies is “The Godfather”. I’m not alone in this obviously, since that movie and a score of others from Goodfellas, to Casino, have done very well at the box office. Americans seem to have a fascination with gangsters and outlaws, and a lot of these movies do a grave disservice by romanticizing the criminals, turning them into legendary anti-heroes, fighting against a society they don’t fit into, or acknowledge. Al Capone was a brutal murderer, whose crimes have been well documented. He was finally brought to justice, not because of all the brutality he was guilty of, but because he didn’t pay his taxes. It was the only way the Feds could bring him down, still he never had to account for his most heinous crimes. Andrew Cuomo’s decisions in the opening months of the pandemic led to the deaths of thousands of elderly Americans, yet the thing that finally got him was a sexual harassment charge. Like Capone, Cuomo still hasn’t had to answer for his most serious crimes. Now we have Dr. Anthony Fauci, “The Fraud Fauci”, “Dr. Mengela Fauci”, as I’ve called him in previous blogs. Every time I see his face on T.V. I get so incredibly angry at this monster. The latest accusations against him have come from his agencies funding of unbelievably cruel experiments on animals, something I wrote about in a blog a few months back. Much like Capone and Cuomo, if Fauci can be brought down by this, I’m all for it, at least he’s off the air, hopefully fired and disgraced, but like those other two villains he desperately needs to be held accountable for the mass-murderer that he undeniably is.

A brief web search of Fauci reveals a slate of horrors and atrocities that would make infamous Nazi Dr. Mengela envious. Back in the 80’s Fauci was in charge of managing the AIDS epidemic. His handling of that epidemic is exactly the same way he is handling the Wu-Flu scamdemic. Fauci advocated finding a vaccine, (which for AIDS has never been found). So, Instead, he advocated using the anti-cancer drug AZT instead of researching and using less expensive drugs to treat the symptoms of AIDS. At the time, this was advocated by a number of prominent scientists and Doctors. These treatments would have prolonged the life and provided a better quality of life for AIDS patients. The use of AZT enabled Big Pharma to reap millions in profits. AZT was somewhat effective, but since it’s chemotherapy it can have a very deleterious effect, sometimes killing the patient before AIDS did. The AIDS/AZT story is exactly the same as Fauci’s handling of Covid. Effective low-cost medicines like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have been banned for use, while experimental drugs like the mRNA vaccines or Remdesivir are promoted as being the only solution, once again, making billions for Big Pharma. How many people could have been saved by the use of these low-cost alternatives will never be known, but a safe guess would be in the hundreds of thousands. In my opinion these actions make Dr. Fauci among the worst mass-murderers in history, leaving the likes of Capone and Cuomo far in the distance.

The N.I.H.’s funding of animal experiments is just another example of his evil. I cannot write about them, though I strongly encourage anyone with a strong stomach to do some research. There is a Glen Greenwald article from back in 2018 that talked about the cruel, inhuman industry that breeds dogs for these horrific, torturous, and unnecessary experiments. I read the article and it literally made my skin crawl. The worst aspect of this story, is that all of it, the breeding of dogs for these experiments, the manner in which these dogs are caged, and the barbaric experiments they are used for is legal. The so-called scientists and researchers who have participated in these ghoulish experiments are just as guilty as Fauci and they also need to be brought to justice, the University of Pittsburg especially. Their experiments and processes for using fetal tissue, in both organ harvesting and animal-human experiments is so abhorrent that writing about them in an earlier blog sent me into a wave of depression that made me question whether God shouldn’t just wipe humanity off the face of the earth. These monsters will probably never face the justice they deserve, because as I stated earlier, these experiments are currently legal. Murder doesn’t go far enough to describe the inhumanity of what our own government, through Dr. Fauci’s agencies like the N.I.H. and NIAID have done. Maybe the horrors committed by the University of Pittsburg could be prosecuted as infanticide, but I’m not holding out much hope for that to happen, given the political landscape of these times. The long tentacles of Fauci and his loathsome cronies in government, Big Pharma and the research/health industry will more than likely prevent true moral justice to be served.

So, this monster is still out there, still talking to reporters and the main stream media, who treat him like he’s some sort of savior or hero. This makes them just as culpable in his atrocities as the scientists and researchers that accept his grants. How is it that someone like me, who’s not a researcher, or a reporter, just a common blogger, can find this information easily, when the people responsible for informing the country ignore it and try to sweep it under the rug. Because of what? Politics? Are you kidding me? Millions of people are dying or have already died, and the media wants to protect this POS? Instead, it’s people like me who are called “conspiracy theorists” or “nut-jobs”. Fauci has lied repeatedly, he even admitted he lied about masks early on in 2020. His own agency, the N.I.H. has for all intents and purposes confirmed that he lied to Congress about the gain of function research funding Fauci approved. He is constantly “evolving” his statements as “new data” comes forward, so he says. He rejects the accepted science of natural immunity, he rejects the undeniable proof of Ivermectin efficacy, because vaccines make Big Pharma billions. His god complex is thoroughly in evidence when he says an attack on him is an attack on science. He relishes the spotlight the MSM has lavished on him, to the point where he is convinced that he is unassailable, and the sad fact of the matter is that he may be correct. Through his manipulations he has become the Czar of the research world, controlling the purse strings of scientific research preventing what could possibly be life-saving, world changing discoveries. By enabling the huge profits of Big Pharma, he has destroyed our health care systems. Doctors and hospitals are now afraid to provide life-saving treatments out of fear of reprisals, pharmacists won’t fill prescriptions for Ivermectin because of restrictions his cronies in the FDA and CDC have instituted. Yet he is protected, like a Mafia Don in the Godfather, he has the MSM and the Biden Regime in his pocket to insulate him from the justice he deserves. Despite emerging data from other countries like Israel that show the decreasing efficacy of the vaccine. Despite data from the VAERS system which shows more than 16,000 deaths from the jab, (a figure one expert claims could be underestimated by a figure of over 100 times). Despite all of the stories inundating the internet of people who have had serious or fatal reactions to the drug. Despite one State Governor saying that 40% of the Covid deaths in his state are from people who have already been vaccinated. Despite that Colin Powell, who had been double vaxxed, died of the Wu-flu, Fauci’s smug, arrogant face still resides on our airwaves. The other day, Biden doubled down on mandatory vaccinations, saying at his recent town hall on CNN that police should absolutely be forced to get the jab. To me there can be no doubt that this comes from Fauci. Like I stated earlier, I’m not a reporter, but why hasn’t Fauci’s ties to admitted depopulation advocate Bill Gates been more thoroughly investigated by the press. Judging by his actions, I fully believe that Dr. Mengela Fauci is a firm believer in this demonic philosophy.

At the very least, I hope the outcry over the animal experiments will lead to his ouster. Americans will put up with a lot of things but animal cruelty is something that is almost universally despised. Even if nothing happens to The Fraud Fauci because of this, I sincerely hope it leads to changes in the law regarding the use of animals in medical research. According to PETA, 99% of this research is unnecessary! These changes need to happen NOW!

I have three rescue dogs currently, and the abuse and torture of animals makes my blood boil. I recently said to my wife that people who abuse animals should receive the same punishment, the same thing they did to the animals they harmed. For instance, if someone lets a dog starve to death outdoors, then let’s chain that person up, naked, until he or she starves to death. I think a just punishment for Fauci and his scientists and researchers would be to have them treated exactly like the dogs in the experiment were treated. They chose Beagles because Beagles have an inherently trusting nature, still the dogs had to be “debarked” because the noise would have interfered with the experiment. The torture being inflicted on them was so horrific they had to be silenced. I would soooooo love to see all of these evil bastards pay that price, the electric chair, or the gas chamber, or a firing squad is just too good for them. Pets, dogs especially, hold a special place in my heart. I firmly believe that God gave us dogs to be our companions and friends. I don’t “own” any of my dogs, they are my welcome responsibility, in return I receive their unconditional love, which is priceless. To say that they are beneath humans or are somehow expendable for “the greater good” to me is the height of human hubris. God calls us to be good and faithful stewards of the earth and all creation, humanity can use what God has created to live our lives, but it also means that we have a responsibility to use creation wisely, humanely. I’m a carnivore, I understand where my food comes from, and what it takes to bring it to my dinner table, but that doesn’t justify cruelty to animals. Like the Native Americans I give thanks for the sacrifice a living, breathing creature made for my sustenance, and for God’s provision. So maybe The Fraud Fauci will get fired, maybe he’ll face jail, although I seriously doubt it, but as long as I don’t have to see his loathsome face, or hear his despicable voice ever again, that will have to suffice. In the end all of these evil bastards will eventually die, one way or another, and they will have to face God’s judgement if not mans.




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