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Divided We Stand, United We Stall

This blog has been one of the tougher ones to write, I’ve spent days writing and editing, trying to come up with an essay that conveys information on a subject so obvious that it shouldn’t need to be discussed. The first draft was 7 pages long as I went through examples that demonstrated what I wanted to say. All of these examples were from stories that I’ve delved into a number of times, I felt like I was being insanely redundant, the definition of insanity being “doing then same thing over and over expecting a different result.” I’ve written about bizzarro-world so many times, along with so many others and still, it seems like the vast majority of the people out there either don’t know or don’t care about what is going on and what is purposely being done to them. One of the main goals of the lizard people behind Bizzaro-world is to divide the people of the world into as many bickering tribes as possible. Tho old adage of divide and conquer has never been truer than it is today. Current events have proven that adage to be true beyond any doubt, but instead of anybody doing anything about it, we just keep on chugging along, seemingly content in our tribes. I get that it’s human nature to want to be with others who think and believe the same way, it’s the path of least resistance, but it’s also the path leading to being enslaved by the progressive/globalists.

These prog-globs have turned every facet of our society into some form of divisiveness. They have been doing this for a long time, only now it’s being accelerated. In my own family, there are subjects that, if broached, lead to heated and hurtful arguments. They have their points, gleaned from the propaganda outlets of the mainstream media, and I have my opinions, formed by doing research from alternate, independent sources. We each think our arguments are solid and based in fact and truth. So, it becomes a battle in a war of ideology. Once again, human nature tends to make us intransigent, as we dig in our heels to prove that we are right and they are wrong.

A large part of the problem boils down to philosophy, and how you view humanity. In Mark Levin’s book Ameritopia he discusses the belief on the left that socialism and communism are the best means to achieve a Utopian society, where everyone is equal and there is no strife, crime or poverty. Without going into detail about his book, suffice it to say that Levin completely destroys the theory. As with all of Levin’s books, I highly recommend reading it. On the other side, are the Capitalists. That is a far to broad label to put on all the people who disagree with socialism or communism, but let’s let it stand for now. The main difference between the 2 philosophies is whether or not you think a government should control everything for the public good, or that individuals should be free to make their own decisions as to what’s best for them. To my way of thinking, the former says that humanity is incapable of governing themselves and need some group of elites who are far better at running their lives than they are, where the latter thinks it’s a God given right to be free from authoritarian rule.

With this base division among people, the prog-globs have been busy creating sub-divisions. The Alphabet/Woke Mafia, vs the traditional nuclear family. Race hatred, black against white, Jews vs Muslims, the myth of systemic racism. Taking everything normal people hold to be true and moral, and turning it upside down into some form of oppression, creating a class of victims who think the world owes them for their supposed suffering. Once again, it’s human nature to feel the justification of victimhood, it alleviates the victim of the responsibility for their choices. “It’s not my fault, I’m being repressed, or offended,” or whatever.

Our Lizard King ruling class of prog-globs knows that the best way to keep the different tribes they’ve created from joining together, is to control the narrative. It’s so “1984.” They created what has been dubbed the industrial/censorship complex. This is not any sort of breaking news to anyone who has been paying attention. Organizations like the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The United Nations with their World Health Organization and the myriad other evil entities that comprise it, George Soros with his “Color revolutions” and NGO’s. are working in lockstep with private companies like Vanguard and Blackrock. The MSM, controlled by a corrupt corporatocracy of 7 huge conglomerates stifles the flow of any news that threaten to harm “The Narrative.” All done to make sure the people stay divided against each other.

So, if this is not some “wild ass conspiracy theory,” I mean I’m certainly not the only person who sees this, the question is why is everyone accepting this purposeful tribalization in our society. Why does one tribe have to be right and the other wrong? The simple answer is once again, human nature. The real answer is far more complex, and shows how easily the people can be led by lies and propaganda into mass formation psychosis.

It sort of reminds me of the movie “Highlander,” where all the immortals battle each other until “there can be only one!” Every tribe wants to prevail and crush their perceived enemies. The thing to remember is the tried and true quote from the Bible, “a house divided against itself, cannot stand.” Unless we as a people find a way to come together and unite against the forces of the prog-globs, these secular humanists that are trying to enslave us, then we will surely fall. There can be no doubt that these Lizard people are evil. While I’m not here to judge, certain things are simply as plain as day. Have you noticed that it seems like it’s in these Satanist’s DNA to announce their intentions? All you have to do is look at what they accuse their enemy of doing, and that is what they are actually doing themselves, some may call it projecting, I call it announcing. Everything they have accused Trump and conservatives of doing or trying to do, they ARE trying and doing. You may think I’m using hyperbole in labeling the prog-globs as Satanists, but if you think about it, there is no other way to accurately describe them. Satan is called “The Father of lies,” all these prog-globs do is lie. They disavow God and set themselves up as gods. Tell me the truth, are there really that many people who actually believe they can change their sex simply by declaring it so? These are the people who trivialize and demonize peaceful people who believe in God. Why? Because they’ve filled the hole in their soul with the lies and fantasies of the ultimate liar. Could it ever be more obvious than Cosmopolitan Magazine publishing an article about how to have a Satanic themed abortion ceremony?

I’m not naïve enough to think that Christianity is the only way for us to unite, while I may believe it to be so, for me to force my beliefs on others of different faiths would only serve the divisive purpose of the Lizard Kings. People of all peaceful faiths need to come together in fighting the evil of these people who think they are gods. They know that there are billions more of us than them, that’s the reason for their divisiveness, it ain’t that hard to figure out. What is hard, perhaps the hardest thing humanity can ever attempt, especially in today’s extremely fragmented society is to try and unite an the effort to save ourselves from ourselves. The old song by Canned Heat, “Lets Work Together” says it all, “Together we stand, divided we fall, come on now people let’s get on the ball…because together we will stand every boy girl woman and man.”

Maybe It starts with a simple respectful conversation, not a confrontation. So much of what is on cable or the web is seems to be about getting in people’s faces, name calling and talking over one another, trying to show the opposition as being wrong-headed, ignorant or stupid. They do it because it works, it sells. We need to stop giving people the ammunition to divide us. We should try to empathize with our friends, family and neighbors, not demonize them. If we strive to do that, we will find we have much more in common than we’ve been told to believe. One of the things I find both fascinating and wonderful here in North Carolina, is the town we live in is over 50% black. Yet, for the most part, we all get along, we treat each other as humans, not adversaries. It’s no coincidence that we also are in the Bible belt, where “Love thy neighbor” is preached constantly. It’s a hard concept for some but as hard as it may be, it might just be the perfect place to start.

Rock On Y’all

(and if you get the chance check out that song, “Lets Work Together” it’s still pretty cool after all these years)

Peace Out!

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