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Could You Please Stop Trying To Kill Us!

This Monday, I went in for Colonoscopy, I know big news, right? I did refrain from asking the doctor if he found the Federal Government up there while performing the procedure. I abided by all the Covid restrictions, I had to have a Covid test 5 days before, and my wife wasn’t allowed to wait in the building, but at least I wasn’t asked my vaccination status, which here in California I found somewhat astonishing. I really try and avoid our medical system, while I’ve had some very good physicians over the years and while my current doc is the best I’ve ever had, my wife and I have also been subjected to what can only be described as quacks. I live by the axiom that Doctors practice medicine, and in my opinion some of them need a lot of practice.

Which brings me to what I want to write about today. Why is our government and our medical establishment trying to kill us? In just the last few days I’ve read 4 different articles that prove the vaxx is not only unnecessary but very, very dangerous. 3 of these articles weren’t written by “conspiracy theorists” telling true but anecdotal tales about the horrors of the jab. These articles were about studies done by reputable sources, the Office For National Statistics in the U.K., Harvard University and the NIH, all of which certainly could not be called wacko conspiracy theorists. The 4th article appeared in the Canadian Times, and as I’m not familiar with their history, I felt I should list them separately from the other three. The U.K. study found that vaccinated people under the age of 60 were dying at a rate 2 times higher than unvaccinated people, it also referenced a German study that reached the same conclusion. The Harvard study confirmed a previous Israeli report that showed natural immunity is robust, and provides much more protection, especially against the variants, than the vaccine. The 3rd was a report from the NIH that concluded that only 1% of adverse vaccine reactions are being reported to the VAERS system. Now before all you doubters tell me how unreliable the VAERS data is, think of all the reports of nurses who have been pressured by hospital administrators not to report adverse effects, I realize the data has to be verified, but do you really think there are tons of people filing false VAERS reports? I don’t think so, Historically VAERS data is almost always significantly underreported. So, think about that, if the latest info from VAERS that I saw had something like 19,000 people worldwide have dying from the jab, and if that’s only 1% than it means that potentially almost 2,000,000 people worldwide may have already died from the kill-shots. The article from the Canadian Times quotes a former vice president of the World Health Organization, a professor named Christian Perronne who specializes in “tropical pathologies and emerging infectious diseases”. This professor is saying that all vaccinated people should quarantine over the winter months because of the alarming number of fully vaccinated people in hospitals in the U.K. and Israel. Israel is reporting that 85 to 90% of the hospitalizations are fully vaccinated people. Oh sure, the jab is safe and effective, and if you believe that I have some swamp land in the Sahara to sell you.

Yet the Criminal Biden Regime’s health dictator, Herr Dr. Mengela-Fauci and his evil minions at the FDA and CDC, are pushing for mandatory, universal, ongoing kill-shots! Despite the overwhelming evidence of the efficacy of alternative treatments like Ivermectin and Monoclonal antibodies. Despite emerging data that the effectiveness of the vaccine wanes dramatically after 6 months. You can’t listen to the radio without some celebrity or sports hero (the last one I heard was one of my all-time favorite 49ers, Ronnie Lott, so sad) pushing the jab. There are 2 possible answers as to why this is happening, and both are true, they both tie into each other, and neither one has anything to do with stopping the Wu-Flu. The 1st is the most obvious one, Big Pharma makes Big Bucks from the jab. This fact has been well established, and is undeniable, although vastly under-reported by our Pravda MSM. The 2nd reason is the “Great Reset”, in which the progressive/globalists who want to bring in a One World Order, need the worlds population to decrease dramatically so they can be easier to control. Big Pharma is in lockstep with the NIH, the CDC and most importantly the FDA, which approves, especially lately it seems, any drug that makes huge profits for Big Pharma. The approval of the vaccines and the boosters defied common sense and established medical processes. Without any data on the long term effects, and the fudging of effectiveness statistics, it has made the worlds population human Guinea Pigs. If I recall someone from the FDA basically did a “Pelosi”, talking about the approval of the booster shot for children ages 5 to 12. He basically said that we have to administer the shot to find out the side effects, the same as when Pelosi said “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill”. It’s ludicrous, it’s insane, humans are not lab-rats, (or Beagles for that matter Herr Dr. Fauci). Why aren’t Fauci’s ties to Big Pharma being investigated by the MSM? Why isn’t there an uproar over this over-paid, narcissistic, bureaucratic monster who for all intents and purposes controls not only our medical establishment, but the scientific establishment as well? These are Issues that Robert Kennedy Jr has done remarkable work reporting on in his latest book “The Real Anthony Fauci.” Which despite being blackballed is selling quite well. The billions and billions of bucks being bombarded on Big Pharma is nothing less than a crime against humanity, given the undeniable fact that these jabs are not only unnecessary but potentially lethal. That doesn’t even take into account the other insidious, evil aspects of the jab like Luciferase and Graphene Oxide, both of which tie directly into the One World Order’s goal of global control and depopulation.

As I stated earlier all of this has absolutely nothing to do with eradicating the Wu-Flu. I know there are some scientists who believe that we can eradicate Covid, I’m obviously not a scientist, but I just don’t think it’s ever going away. The latest variant dubbed “Omicron” coming out of Africa bears this out. Sorry folks on the left, it’s here and it’s here to stay, purposely, by the way. Humans have been living for a long with far more deadly viruses than the Wu-Flu, and humanity will find a way to live with this. Have we eradicated the flu? The common cold? No. Why? Because, viruses mutate, and the jab helps the virus to do exactly that! I’ve heard dozens of reputable scientists and doctors say that you should never start a vaccine during a pandemic because of viral mutations, yet that is exactly what has been done. The jab allows the virus to mutate because it only attacks one variant of Covid, so now you need boosters to protect you from the mutations that the jab enabled. Everything our government and medical/scientific establishment is doing defies common sense, and previously known, accepted and effective medical practices for dealing with viral outbreaks and pandemics. Mutations are their supposed rational for needing boosters, but the vaccines cause more mutations, give me a break! I was born at night, but not last night. Yet there must be lockdowns. According to Fauci, freedom is subservient to Covid, if that doesn’t tell you something, nothing will. There must be mandatory jabs, the unvaxxed must be segregated from the vaxxed, even though recent studies have shown that populations with the highest vaccination rates are experiencing the highest rates of Wu-Flu infections, and also the highest increases in excess mortalities, nope nothing fishy here. Biden promised during his campaign to defeat Covid, yet more people have died from the Wu-Flu during his reign of terror then under the Trump administration. According to the CDC’s own VAERS statistics, more children have died from the Covid Kill-Shot, than have died from Covid! I love how the fact-checker PolitiFact put a false label on the report actually saying that no one has died from the jab. Wow! That takes some hubris, but the MSM lies like other people breath. Lockdowns, vaccine mandates, masks have been proven to be totally useless. Of course, they are useless, because it’s never been about eradicating the virus, it’s never been about protecting the public, it’s always been about controlling the public. If the virus is mainly transmitted indoors, does it make any sense whatsoever to keep people indoors? If natural immunity is far better than the jab, why should recovered Covid patients be required to take it? For that matter, why aren’t we mandating that Congress, and all of these illegals pouring across our border, just to name a few, get vaxxed? Nope we are told, “nothing to see here, you white supremacist, racist, domestic terrorist, shut up and OBEY!” Numerous, peer reviewed studies show that masks DO NOT WORK, but we are ordered, “wear your mask, you murderer!” These measures haven’t been put into place for our health, they have been instituted to keep us in our place, to take away our God given freedoms, and most of all TO KILL US! Face it, for the globalists there are simply too many humans on the planet, and way too many humans that don’t want to be slaves to tyrannical, dictatorial, global elitists. I love how the Biden regime is saying that inflation is a good thing, that supply shortages are great! Do they really think we’re complete morons? No, they just don’t care, they have high paying jobs, they have the “correct” politics, inflation doesn’t affect them, they can afford higher food prices. High gas prices, so what! They have government supplied cars and gas, “let them eat cake”. Well, I have something to say to them, EAT THIS! I will not be voluntarily taking the jab, they will have to strap me down and gag me before I submit.

It makes me wonder how many humans have to sacrificed on the alter of depopulation. I’ve mentioned this before from infamous depopulation proponent Bill Gates. Gates said that by using vaccinations and abortions we can decrease world population by 10 to15%, roughly 1 to 2 billion people. From the look of all the news reports and VAERS data it seems like we’re well on our way. There was a story out of Canada that reported 13 stillborn children in one day at a hospital where they normally experience one stillbirth a month! I just listened to a video from Dr Peter McCullogh. In his presentation he gives a wealth of data from various studies worldwide that tell the tale of death and misery the vaccines are causing. As I do whenever I hear someone talking about the issues with the jab, I search the web to see what our supposed fact checkers are saying, and which fact-checkers are being used, because let’s face it, most of the fact-checkers out there need to be fact-checked themselves, and this is certainly the case with Dr. McCullough. It seems that once again our media is trying to silence anything that goes against the narrative. This particular one is that the vaccines are safe and effective. THIS IS A LIE! A DELIBERATE, INTENTIONAL LIE THAT IS LEADING TO PEOPLE DYING! LEADING TO OUR CHILDREN BEING INTENTIONALLY HARMED BY MYOCHARDITIS, ESPECIALLY OUR YOUNG BOYS! There can be no other plausible explanation as to why this poison is being inflicted on the world’s populations. The progressive/globalists NEED PEOPLE TO DIE! It’s really that simple, and really that evil. Even the treatments for Covid patients when they require hospitalization are killing people. There are now numerous studies that show Remdesivir and the ventilation of Covid patients, doesn’t help them, IT KILLS THEM! Early prophylactic treatment, or just early treatment SAVES LIVES! The current insane strategy of treating people after a positive test, is to send them home and see if they get better or worse, don’t give them anything like Ivermectin or Monoclonal anti-bodies that will fight the bug, no let’s see if they get sicker, and then we can hospitalize them, give them Remdesivir and watch them die. Dr. McCullogh makes a very good point that ethically and legally a doctor can’t pressure anyone to get vaxxed. That doctors MUST provide all the information about the drug, good and bad, and that is just not happening. Rochelle Walensky of the CDC is going on TV with propaganda designed to get children to get the jab, nowhere in her spiel is there anything about the risks of getting it, none of the propaganda you hear on the radio or watch on TV, says anything at all about the risks! History will show, that is if there are any of us left to write a true history, that the ethical and moral decisions that are being made by our health industry will have led to the deaths of more people than all of history’s worst mass-murderers combined! If the globalists succeed with the depopulation agenda you are looking at 1 to 2 BILLION DEATHS! No that’s not a typo, it’s billions with a “B”.

I have to trust in God that if there are too many people on planet Earth, that he will give us a solution, the Bible says that God will not give us a situation that we can’t handle if we have faith. I pray however that the person or persons that could provide a solution have not been aborted. God gave us stewardship over the Earth, it’s up to us to be wise, discerning caretakers of the Earth’s resources, all of them, human, animal, vegetable and minerals, everything. Most leftists think of conservatives as being environmental rapists, only concerned with amassing material wealth. A true conservative is the exact opposite, a true conservative is concerned with the conservation of everything, including humanity. There is no reason to kill off 2 billion people, however, there is every reason to conserve the Earth’s resources, as there are limits to what the Earth can handle. Rampant consumerism, where we throw everything away, where products are individually packaged unnecessarily, where throw-away junk mail fills our mailboxes, where we have to have the latest and greatest is a far greater threat to humanity, than having to many people. It sickens me when these “limousines liberals” fly off on private jets to go to environmental summits like the one just concluded in Glasgow. Hypocrites like Barrack Obama, the Clintons, Al Gore and John Kerry, lecture people about climate change, but they live in huge energy consuming mansions, they are in reality, some of the biggest climate abusers on Earth. The same can be said of the insipid Hollywood celebrities who preach about the horrors of climate change from their multi-million dollar mansions, as they drive their gas guzzling limo’s to some red-carpet gala. What they actually want is a world where they can have their beach-front Malibu or Martha’s Vinyard home undisturbed by the deplorables of the lower and middle classes. These are the people they want to eliminate. The great unwashed “masses yearning to breathe free” are anathema to vacuous idiots like Allyssa Milano, Joy Behar, Don Lemon or Chris Cuomo. Something they don’t understand or have maybe forgotten, it’s us deplorables who have enabled them to live their lives of luxury, by watching their TV shows or going to their latest box office flop. Yet even these POS’s deserve to live! Unlike them, I don’t wish them to die, well most of them anyway, I really think that Herr Dr. Mengela Fauci and his minions, all of them who have perpetrated this evil on humanity, need to face ultimate justice, but still, that is not for me to decide. I just wish they would shut up and stop TRYING TO KILL US!

Pray My Brothers and Sisters Pray!

And as always Rock on Y’all!

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