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Breaking News From Bizzaro-World!

     I remember back in September 2019 when the world was mostly sane.  Trump was President, the economy was great, the globalists and communists were seemingly on their last legs.  Their constant attacks on Trump were being exposed for the lies they were.  There was very little talk of racism or any of the issues we have had to deal with on a daily basis for the last three or four years.  I was enjoying success on my job, finally getting some of the recognition I felt I deserved.  I had started to think about retirement in 5 to 7 years.  Then in November 2019 everything changed.  It started with Covid, but it wasn’t the Wu-Flu that changed the world, it was the way the world reacted to it.  Suddenly, almost instantly, the normal world turned upside down into Bizzaro-World. 

     My wife mentioned something the other day that really got me thinking.  When all the Q-stuff was at its peak, one of the conspiracy theories being propagated by the Anons, was that the large Hadron Particle Collider in Switzerland was causing worm-holes and opening up portals to other dimensions.  Even for a diehard conspiracy theorist like myself, it seemed kind of far-fetched, but then a few months ago, she introduced me to a phenomenon called the Mandela effect.  The Mandela effect is when large groups of people supposedly mis-remember things from the past, like the Monopoly guy wearing a monocle, or whether Fruit Of The Loom had a logo with a cornucopia on it.  (contrary to what Fruit-Of The Loom says, they actually did.)  It’s really weird, because I fall into this group of people who are allegedly mis-remembering things from their youth.  The thing about the Mandela effect is that it seems like either the whole internet has been scrubbed, which has happened on occasion, or there are an incredible number of people who are suffering from some weird form of mass psychosis, or has there been some sort of dimensional shift in reality.  Scientists acknowledge the Mandela effect, but they can’t (or won’t) explain it.  Could the Mandela effect be caused by a dimensional shift to an alternate reality caused by this massive particle collider?  All the scientists we’ve been told to trust, say that is an impossibility, but then again this is the same group of people who assured us that Covid couldn’t have come from a lab leak, and the mRna vaccine is completely safe and effective, so there you go.  I’m not saying that this is true, I’m just saying that nothing happening these days is beyond the realm of possibility.

     Over the last 4 years it truly seems like each new year is trying to out-do the previous one in terms of insanity.  Already in 2024, we’ve had massive earthquakes, at least 9 state Capitals were evacuated after a coordinated e-mail bomb threat, numerous political figures on both sides have been “swatted” and to top it off, in Miami maybe eighty or so cop cars descended on a shopping mall.  That may be the most bizarre of all.  The official story told by the media and police is they were stopping a fight between some 50 or so kids who were using sticks and fireworks, but other witnesses claim they saw 10 foot tall aliens, one video showed some obscure, blurry creature walking around.  What’s kind of strange is that so far none of the police body cam footage has been released.  Of course, there was nothing on the mainstream news about it, just local news, but there are plenty of videos showing the massive number of cops responding, 60 to 80 cop cars, way more then would be needed to deal with a brawl between some kids with sticks and fireworks.  Then, the next day, I see a story about how Congress is going to be briefed about a CIA report that said that alien space ships or pieces of them have been found and are now in the possession of the U.S. government.  The one thing I’m pretty sure of, is that if this were in fact an alien invasion, just like when congress was briefed about extra-terrestrials a few months ago, there would be wall to wall media coverage, kind of like M Night Shyamalan’s very creepy movie “Signs.”  Instead, the reaction has been sort of ho-hum, nothing to see here, which makes my think this is just another distraction.

     The few people who read my blogs know that I watch a lot of videos and T.V. shows.  Some of it is purely for entertainment, but mostly it’s to keep myself informed about what is going on in Bizzaro-World.  However, some of the stuff I watch purely for entertainment corresponds to what is happening in today’s society.  For instance, the first thought that came to my mind when I heard about the Miami mall story was something from the original “Men In Black” movie.  How could this story be kept out of the news, and how was it possible to float the ridiculous story of a massive police reaction to a fight involving 50 or so kids with sticks and fireworks?  Easy, they had a “neuralizer,” you know the “flashy thing” that agent “J” used to reset the memories of people who have witnessed alien activity.  Next, I remembered a line from the late great comedian Mitch Hedburg.  He was riffing about how Bigfoot has never been photographed clearly, and he said “maybe Bigfoot is just blurry,” maybe the 10 foot tall Miami mall alien is just blurry. 

     At this point things are so freaking weird that the worm-hole, dimensional portal theory doesn’t sound so outlandish after all.  For example, another of the shows I’ve watched is “The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch,” where a group of researchers are studying some of the strange things that happen with regularity there, including worm-holes and portals.  Now I suppose all of these strange events could be the product of some sort of trickery, designed to generate conspiracy theories which in turn generate income to the producers of this type of content.  With the advent of computer aided graphics and A-I that certainly isn’t beyond the realm of possibility, but with all of the weird and insane things we’re being bombarded with on a daily basis, in my view it just doesn’t fly.  Aside from all the distractions put out by the deep state and the prog-globs, there can be no doubt that something weird is happening.

     Some of my favorite science fiction has been about time travel.  I remember reading a book when I was but a wee lad about how a family traveled back to prehistoric times to see the dinosaurs. I loved it!  There was also a T.V. show back in 1966 and ’67 called “Time Tunnel.”  It was about a secret government project called of all things “Project Tic-Toc” where they sent 2 scientists back in time to witness historical events.  The original “Star Trek” had a few episodes about time travel as well, and of course there’s “Dr Who.”  Not to mention numerous movies like the forgettable Jean-Claude Van Damme movie “Time Cop.”  Author Dean R Koontz has a fascinating fictional book called “Lightning” where he wrote about some of the paradoxes involving time travel.  It’s all very thought provoking and to quote Mr. Spock “fascinating.”

     Ok so here’s another Wild Ass Conspiracy Theory, (WACT or “wacked”, lol.)  Maybe in a future reality, the prog-globs and their evil scientists found a way to travel back in time, and use the Hadron Particle Collider to change the world, sending us into the altered reality I call Bizzaro-World.  It certainly would explain a lot, because nothing going on right now makes sense.  It reminds of the old Firesign Theater skit from the ‘70’s where Dr. Happy Harry Cox reminded us “that everything you know is wrong!  So long seekers” and then a small voice would chime in “the longer the better!”

    All you have to do is think about what life was like before 2019.  Obviously, it wasn’t perfect, but there was no trans-gender b.s.  The Biden regime wasn’t in power, so the economy was great, we were extricating ourselves from Afghanistan, and we were not becoming involved in useless and destructive foreign wars.  Pedophilia was still abhorrent, DEI was just getting started, but no one was really paying that much attention to it.  Talk of racism was overshadowed by the historic employment stats among minorities and women.  To be sure the leftists were out there complaining about everything, and with the help of the media/corporate complex they were certainly able to propagandize a significant segment of society, but as I remember, things in 2019 were pretty good, all things considered.  Despite all the damage done by Obama in terms of race relations, as a whole people were getting along together.  

     Then everything changed.  Suddenly, people turned into sheeple, our so-called leaders bent the knee to tyrannical scientists and doctors who recommended insane protocols.  These same craven leaders let rioters burn down large parts of our major cities because of a convict who overdosed on fentanyl.  The stolen 2020 presidential election led to the “fed-surrection” on J6, which the criminal regime of Obama/Biden has used to persecute political dissidents to this day.  The American constitution, arguably the finest document ever produced by mankind for governance is now being systematically destroyed.  Free speech is being censored.  The laughable insanity of “Woke” culture, DEI and ESG have taken over corporate America.  The second amendment has come under furious attack by the prog-globs.  The left proudly proclaims that they have to basically destroy democracy, in order to save it, by trying to throw the leading opposition candidate in jail, like some 3rd world banana republic, or maybe just like Ukraine.

     On and on it goes.  Every day, hour, minute, second, there’s some new form of insanity being foisted on a bewildered world.  Foundational tenants of society are being ripped apart in favor of ideas that simply don’t pass the smell test. The elite class consisting of intellectual morons warns everyone about “climate change” as they fly around the world on private jets, and own beachfront estates!  The most laughable is the whole trans agenda.  Where we now have a Supreme Court judge doesn’t know the difference between a man and a woman?  WTF?  Men can get pregnant?  WTF?  Young children should be able to choose for themselves to have permanent life altering surgeries?  WTF?  Perhaps the most heinous of all is that women should be allowed to murder their unborn baby up until the moment of birth!  WTF!!!!!?

    I realize the whole time-travel, space dimensional portal theory is problematic to say the least, the fact of the matter is that the left, the globalists and progressives, have been playing the long game of societal control for decades.  Just because their plans were disrupted by Trump for 4 years, doesn’t mean they gave up on their evil ambitions.  Quite the contrary, they’ve doubled down on them!  The proof of their success is how well the public has accepted their lies, propaganda and outright insanity.  It blows my mind that any rational thinking person would buy this crap.

     I believe a lot of the issues we face today can be attributed to a falling away from the truth of the Bible.  In my Youtube searches I came across some videos regarding the rise of “Mega-Churches.”  Churches that boast of having tens of thousands of members, but are not actually teaching the true word of God.  “Name it and claim it,” prosperity doctrines are preached to massive congregations most of whom have probably never read the Bible and who mistaken believed they are being saved.  Instead, they are simply being deceived by false pastors whose only purpose in life is to get rich.  Scum-bags like Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn and perhaps the most famous of them all, Joel Osteen, preach a gospel that is as far removed from true Christianity as Islam.  The result is that the Christian church has been captured by the secular-humanists.  The same secular humanists who believe that all of us are gods, capable of proclaiming ourselves to be anything we say we are.  Denying the existence of God, they seduce people with moral relativism, telling everyone that you are in fact a good person.  Osteen has said he believes 99% of people are good people.  The Bible clearly teaches us that this just isn’t true.  In Romans 3:10-18, the Apostle Paul states that “there is none righteous, no not one….”  We are all sinners, and it’s only God’s grace through the redeeming power of Christ’s death on the cross, his resurrection, and our acceptance of Jesus as our Lord and Savior, that can save us from the depths of hell.

     The subject of hell is very uncomfortable for people, but if you think about it, we’re living in a version of hell right now.  So many of us are living apart from God.  There are so many ungodly things going on that God would be completely justified in removing humanity from existence.  The thing I rely on, the thing that gets me through each day, is that I know that in the end all things work out to the glory of God, he has a plan that no time traveler or portholes can thwart.  Just as coal is compressed by geological forces to become diamonds, so are we, through all our trials and tribulations, being formed into better people, maybe not perfect, because as I said, we’re all sinners, but acceptable to God.  So, each day I try to thank God for the trials he has put me through, sometimes begrudgingly to be sure, grateful in the knowledge that he cares enough about my sorry ass to put me through them, to bring me closer to a deeper understanding of God. 

                                                                                SO LONG SEEKERS!

                                                                                ROCK ON Y’ALL! 















being ev

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