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Are You Finally Pissed-Off Yet?

Are You Finally Pissed Off Yet?


When I started writing this blog, it became obvious that I was one of those tin-foil hat wearing “conspiracy theorists.” Fast forward 2 years later and most of those wild, crazy “theories” have been proven to be true. The main one being that there is a cabal, comprised of various member of our elite ruling class that are seeking to establish a “New World Order” and will do so by any means necessary. Given the heinous and treasonable acts of this cabal that have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to have been committed, why is it that people aren’t marching in the streets? Why hasn’t there been a French Revolution style protest with guillotines waiting to provide justice for these scum-sucking p.o.s.’s who are quite literally trying to kill off the average middle-class person world-wide? Why aren’t we pissed-off enough to demand a change? Have we been hoodwinked by the Uniparty of Rupugnicans and Demonrats in Congress into doing nothing, instead, waiting for them to get off their collective ass and actually do something to save our republic? Especially the Repugnicans who keep saying that they are going to expose the deep state, and “hold their feet to the fire,” but in reality, do nothing substantial? There is enough hot air in D.C. to fill the Hindenburg 10 times over and enough b.s being strewn about in the media that the methane gas released from all of it would make the Nordstream explosion seem like a firecracker.

I love Neil Oliver; his podcast and YouTube videos are always well thought out. I truly respect his opinions, he is one of the few along with people like Dr’s Jordan Peterson, Peter McCollough and Robert Malone who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. In the latest Neil Oliver video I watched, Ulez&thestatewe'rein, he details exactly what I’m trying to say, and he does it much better, his Scottish accent gives a sort of Braveheart feel to it. You have to admit that the cabal, with their complex intertwining of industry, the military, the media, government, education, and the permanent D.C. bureaucracy, has done a masterful job in keeping the people in line. They rely on the basic good will and good nature of free people and always poise their arguments and agendas as being for the public good. This is especially true in regards to the whole “Green New Deal” being forced down our throats. Every part of the Green New Deal is a scam to garner more power for the progressive globalists (prog-globs) in the quest for the New World Order. One of the biggest scams is the whole electric vehicle lie. There are so many things wrong with E.V.’s it would take an entire blog just to list them. The same is true for both wind and solar energy, the amount of energy generated, the materials needed to produce them, and how to dispose of the solar panels and batteries after they’re used up, all render them a far worse option then our current energy system. Actually, if they really cared about Co2 levels, wouldn’t it be more efficient to simply plant more trees, and the specific kinds of trees that process Co2 better than others. Of course, it would, but like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine with Covid, planting trees wouldn’t generate as much money for the Green/Government industry and wouldn’t create the need to control the masses that the cult of climate fear mongers desire. Tree farms are far more preferrable and scenic then the bird Cuisinart and solar farms that litter the world, that’s for sure.

Lately, there have been attacks on gas stoves, ceiling fans, thermostats, meat, plastic straws, and how many beers you should drink a week, just to name a few. It’s becoming blatantly obvious what the agenda is, the elites, the prog-globs not only want to rule and control the middle class, they are doing their utmost to literally kill off the middle class. The Palestine Ohio and Lahaina Hawaii massacres are 2 very good examples of this. If you take into account all the lies and hypocrisy of the “Greenies,” coupled with all the attacks on our food supply, it becomes very evident the cabal has no interest in the health and wellbeing of average person. In America, the food we consume has chemical additives that are banned in other countries. Big pharma along with teacher’s unions and the pseudo-medical establishment “experts” forced lockdowns and school closures that had a devastating effect on small businesses and our children. The “vaccine” will undoubtedly go down as one of the biggest killers of all time, let alone all the other pharmaceutical crap they are advising us to take “for our own good.” The atmosphere is being polluted, no not by “fossil fuel” emissions, but by jets spewing God knows what into the air, leaving poisonous chem-trails that crisscross the sky. Food processing plants have burned down “mysteriously,” hundreds of thousands of chickens put to death because of Avian flu. Cattle and pork processors haven’t escaped the carnage either. With the WEF’s philosophy of “let zem eat ze bugs,” it is very apparent that they don’t have the best interest of the common man at heart.

What we are living through now is the unholy alliance of the globalists, where in the immortal words of the prophet Frank Zappa, from his 1973 masterpiece “I’m The Slime,” “you will obey me as I lead you, and eat the garbage that I feed you, until the day that we don’t need you, don’t call for help no one will heed you, your mind is totally controlled, it has been stuffed into my mold, and you will do as you are told, until the rights to you are sold.” The elites don’t think of us common folk as humans, they think of us as commodities. That is why they have no problem with sending our men and women to fight useless and unnecessary wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Ukraine. The cabal needs wars to generate profits, and wash their dirty money. The enormous casualties, both civilian and military, are deemed collateral damage. That is why they are more than willing to let hundreds of thousands of people die from an experimental gene therapy, let alone all that have died because of their man-made virus. They have no problem with our southern border turning into the largest human trafficking market place in the world, while simultaneously letting them smuggle fentanyl across the border which kills hundreds of thousands every year. That is why they have no problem sterilizing children on the altar of “trans.” It’s why they put chemical additives in our food that fogs up our brains and makes us fat and impotent, if they don’t kill us with cancer first. It’s the reason when tragedy strikes in places like East Palestine, they simply don’t give a damn. It’s what we’re currently seeing in Hawaii. The government of Hawaii, through their lack of not doing anything that would have helped the people in Lahaina is guilty of murder. I’ve just read where FEMA, instead of doing something to help, had their officials engaged in diversity training. The thinking sure seems to be “oh well they died, it’s too bad, but we’ll let rich landowners and corporations buy the burned-out properties of people that can’t afford to rebuild and are getting no help from the government, so they rebuild the devastated land into one of their “smart cities.” THIS IS THE SAME GOVERNMENT THAT IS GIVING BILLIONS OF BUCKS TO A CORRUPT OLIGARCH IN UKRAINE, but will only give the victims of this designed disaster $700 bucks. As my dear departed brother used to say “It’s enough to piss off the Pope!”

Each morning I check out the latest news stories on the 5 or 6 places I normally go to, looking to see if there is anything indicating that maybe bizzarro-world is turning around. Every day the answer is no, in actuality it seems that bizzarro-world seems to be saying “oh you think this is messed-up, hold my beer.” In truth the only thing I can rely on is my faith that God is in control. As believers we don’t sweat the present, for we know a better world lies ahead, but God wants to save as many as he can. Jesus said to his Apostles in Mark 2:17, “It is not those who are healthy, who need a physician, but those who are sick, I did not come to call the righteous, but the sinners.” So those who believe and those who don’t are going to have to go through some hard times, but always keep in mind, in the end God prevails, its really just plain common sense, since he’s the ultimate creator of everything, all knowing, all powerful and always present, the game is rigged in his favor, so to speak.

No one wants to go through trials and tribulations, but in reality, they are part and parcel of the human condition. Life isn’t fair, evil exists and sh#t happens. However, more and more, in these turbulent and uncertain times, I see people searching for some form of spirituality and coming to Christ and the Bible. More and more people are waking up to the evil being foisted upon them, by a thoroughly debauched elite class that worships power and wealth. An elite class of secular monsters that loathes the average person. They call us deplorables who cling to God, guns and our Bibles. I understand that Jesus tells us to love our enemies and turn the other cheek, it’s something I struggle with daily, because I don’t like it when someone is trying to kill me, my family, my fellow countrymen and women, and all that I hold to be true. So yeah, I’m kinda pissed off, aren’t you? If not, what will it take before you are, WWIII? Do you really want to live in a world where “you will own nothing, and be happy?” Do you want to be a slave to the godless cabal of progressive-globalists, or free as God intended. I know my answer, what’s yours. It’s really come down to that, are you finally pissed-off enough yet? We can sit here and wait for God to save us from ourselves, but what if it is God’s plan for us to wake up and fight against this evil. It reminds of a joke a pastor once told. There was a man whose life was in danger because of a huge flood. He climbed up on the roof of his house and prayed for God to deliver him, after a while a rowboat came, and offered him a lift, “that’s ok,” he replied “God is going to save me,” a few hours later and the flood waters keep rising, another boat comes by and tells him that it is his last chance, the man replies “I’m not worried, God will save me.”

Finally, a helicopter arrives to pluck him off his roof, and the man once again turns his rescuers away. After a couple of more hours, the flood waters engulf the house and the man dies. When he gets to heaven, he ask’s St. Peter, “I don’t understand I prayed for deliverance, but I drowned.” St. Peter responded, “God sent you 2 lifeboats and a helicopter, what more did you need?” In the Old Testament David asks God if he should fight his enemies, seeking to be in God’s will, God spoke to David, maybe he is speaking to us, we just don’t have ears to hear.


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