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A Blind Eye (part 3)

Numbers from the U.S. customs and border protection agency report that over the last 3 fiscal years more than 390,000 unaccompanied minors have crossed our southern border, and more than 85,000 of them are now unaccounted for by the federal government. Caseworkers are complaining that the vetting procedures for the 300,000 that are accounted for are being rushed so much, that there is no real way to say that the “sponsors” these kids are being placed with are reputable responsible people. Most of the time they are placed with cartel associates for use as indentured slaves or put into sexual slavery to pay off the debt they owe to the coyotes who brought them across the border.

According to the Human Trafficking Institute there are more than 25 million victims of human trafficking at this moment. Let that number sink in, 25 million people, it’s staggering. That’s more than the entire population of countries like Taiwan, Chili, and North Korea, almost as much as Australia! According to Forbes, human trafficking generates over $150 billion in business.

These are facts that “Sound Of Freedom” is trying to make us aware of and the backlash and controversy surrounding the movie is becoming more and more intense. The backlash is coming from leftist media outlets like The Washington ComPost, Rolling Stone, CNN, The Guardian, some publication called Jezebel, and the usual suspects of left wing propagandists. They are all saying that the movie is somehow “Q-Anon adjacent,” in an effort to besmirch Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard, who have made statements and comments in support of certain aspects of the problematic conspiracy theory. The controversy is being generated by movie-goers who have claimed that theaters have turned down the volume, and turned off air conditioners in an effort to discourage people from seeing the film. I can speak to the claims about theaters personally. My wife and I saw the film on July 3rd at a theater in the nearby town of Rocky Mount. Both of us remarked on the way out how hot and stifling the theater was, since this was our first time at this particular cinema-plex, we weren’t sure if this was anything unusual. One thing that we both agreed was totally messed up, was the theater next to us was playing the Transformers movie at maximum volume, so much so that it drowned out portions of the movie. It got to the point where we almost walked out. I’ve never heard of these type of complaints before, but when I heard that a lot of people were complaining about the same thing, and other problems like low volume and tickets not being available due to being sold out, even though the theater was empty, or evacuating a theater for an unexplained reason, it made us think that what happened to us was intentional as well.

There can be no doubt that Hollywood and the left is not happy at all with the movie doing so well. One could make the argument that their anger derives from the fact that the “blockbuster” movies they were counting on to pull them out of the recent doldrums they’ve been experiencing since Covid have for the most part been spectacular failures, so when a low budget film promoted by an upstart studio that specializes in “faith based” movies kicks their butts, they get pissed. While I’m sure there is some small truth to that, I’m sure that the real reason for this shameful spewing of hate, is that Sound Of Freedom comes too close to home. As I wrote in part 2 of this series, Hollywood and the film industry have long been known for sexual deviancy. Since the 1920’s when the use of the “casting couch” became well known, to Harvey Weinstein’s perfecting of its use, the tales of sexual shenanigans in Hollywood have become commonplace. The entertainment and news media have had their fair share of sexual scandals as well, we all remember Matt Lauer, Charley Rose, and the ousting of Fox News chief Roger Ailes over a sexual harassment suit, as well as the claims made against Bill O’Reilly which prompted his dismissal. This type of behavior, while decadent, disgusting and disgraceful, was between adults. When celebrities like Michael Jackson, and Kevin Spacey were accused of molesting children and Jared Fogel, the once famous spokesman for Subway Sandwiches was found guilty of trafficking in child porn, the focus on Hollywood depravity shifted. In 2014 Amy Berg released the movie “An Open Secret” a hotly debated film which detailed child sexual abuse in Hollywood. I have not seen the film, but one of the actors detailed in the documentary, Brian Peck was convicted of having sex with minors. Rapper R. Kelly is like the poster boy for sexual misconduct having been convicted numerous times for various sexual offenses. Celebrities like Corey Feldman and Mel Gibson have told tales of the debauchery prevalent at Hollywood parties, and brought to light the disgusting underbelly of child exploitation by Hollywood elites, and moguls in the entertainment biz

It’s not just Hollywood that has a problem with child sex trafficking and child porn. Social media platforms like Meta (Facebook) and Instagram have all been chastised for allowing child porn on their sites, they say they are doing their best to do content moderation, censor and take down child porn related posts, but it’s hard to take them seriously after all their success in censoring conservatives on their platforms. Like “the war on drugs” the problem of child porn and child sex trafficking is one of demand, just like American’s insatiable demand for drugs such as heroin, cocaine and fentanyl, we are also the largest market for child porn. It’s a two-fold issue, child porn/traffickers make tremendous amounts of money, enabling them to buy off politicians and law enforcement. In addition, large swaths of our society have devolved to the point of habitually accessing this perversion. America is the largest consumer of child porn, with California being one of the main hubs for its distribution. It goes hand in hand with the decline in church attendance and the demonizing of the western nuclear family, all of which are part and parcel of the radical left’s agenda.

I wrote in part 2 of “A Blind Eye” about the transgender aspect of the sexual abuse of children, also how our own government is colluding with the Mexican cartels to facilitate human trafficking. Finally, a group of Republican Senators have called out the Biden Regime for its role in making the U.S. the largest perpetrator of human trafficking in the world. News came out this week about how a proposal that would change California’s law on human and sex trafficking, making them both serious felonies, was shot down by a committee of democrats in the state legislature. Although there has been a lambasting backlash against this committee, with some members saying they will revisit the legislation at a later date, it all seems to me to be the standard political posturing, saying a lot, but meaning very little. With the growth of the child-porn industry in America, enabled by leftist social media platforms and the government/corporate/media complex, Its become blatantly obvious that the radical left is promoting and encouraging the sexualization and the sexual abuse of children. It’s become a war for the souls of our children!

Thanks to the overwhelming success of Sound Of Freedom, the radical left now has a big problem. Their agenda has been exposed, and in their zeal to denounce the film they have put themselves squarely on the side of pedophiles. The claim that the movie endorses Q-Anon theories is ridiculous, the movie was made before all the Q-Anon hype hit the internet. I’ve spent a bit of time looking at all the Q theories, and after watching the movie, I think I can safely say that there are no “Q drops” in it. The only Q theory that comes close is that a global cabal of elites are running child sex trafficking rings, but nowhere does Sound Of Freedom make that particular case. I heard another critic say she walked out of the movie because it doesn’t cover all the aspects of child sex trafficking, and focuses on the efforts of Tim Ballard, in an effort to make him look like a superhero saving kids from pedophiles, meanwhile ignoring all of the other forms of human trafficking. Of course, the movie doesn’t explore all the ways humans are trafficked, it can’t, to do a project like that would require a series of ten or more films. The purpose of the movie is to bring the issue to our attention, and by doing so, expose the horror of human trafficking. As I previously stated, just as the radical left is using multiple fronts to normalize pedophilia, the perpetrators of child sex trafficking use different methods to obtain their “product.” To criticize the movie on that basis is ludicrous. I saw the other day where a complete moron at CNN, sounding like some deranged holocaust denier, proclaimed that Sound Of Freedom was created out of a “moral panic” using “bogus statistics.” To that I would refer him to the government’s own statistics and the numerous humanitarian organizations that keep stats on human trafficking. He is right about a calling it a moral panic, in a way, just not how he is trying to portray it, the extent of human trafficking should cause a moral panic, there should be a national outrage over this issue.

In an opinion piece by David Strom he made an observation that I’ve been noticing as well, he calls it the “Streisand effect,” I’ve always called it the “Tipper Gore” effect, it’s where by denouncing or censoring something it becomes even more popular, as everyone gets curious as to why it is perceived as being so horrible or offensive. The box office numbers for Sound Of Freedom certainly bear this out. The effect also has the unintended consequence of bolstering the very theory they are trying to debunk, after all who is leading the charge to denounce this movie? You’ll never convince me that all of these critics are denouncing the movie independently, not when they all use pretty much the same verbiage in their articles, and not when you take into account the global investment management of major media outlets by Blackrock and Vanguard, (kinda sounds like elites to me.)

It used to be true not so very long ago that everyone agreed that sexualizing children was wrong, that grooming kids into perverse sexual lifestyles was at the very least, extremely creepy. We all acknowledged that not only does human trafficking exist, but it is one of the most horrific crimes that can be committed. Now we see the radical left is encouraging “Drag Queen story hours" where children are exposed to deviant, highly sexualized transvestites, or parades where naked men ride on bicycles or dance around like the thoroughly disgusting “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” (by the way, why are parents letting their kids see this crap, in my mind they are as much to blame as the actual pedo’s.) They tell everyone that drag shows for children are fine, transitioning kids by surgical mutilation is acceptable and actually healthy for them, that puberty blockers prescribed for trans-kids are safe, when there have been no long term studies that confirm this, and many countries in Europe ban their use. The fact of 85,000 unaccompanied minors crossing into America going unaccounted for is no problem since it’s a Democrat doing it and not the evil Orange Man. They believe child sex trafficking should not be a serious felony for some insane reason. They try to convince people that disgusting and perverted pedophiles are actually misunderstood “minor attracted people.” (I actually think the term pedophile doesn’t convey my disgust adequately, personally I prefer the name Salty Cracker gives them, “kid f-ers.”)

The fact of the matter, as has been recently shown by the effectiveness of the Bud-Lite boycott, the outrage over Target’s promotion of trans clothing for children during Pride Month and the success of Sound Of Freedom, is that the people, the “silent majority,” are no longer being silent. We’re starting to say no to all the woke b.s., and that terrifies the radical leftists, they see their grip on our culture slipping away. I think, or at least I hope that maybe, finally, the vocal minority on the radical left have gone too far. They have been waging a war on children for decades. It started with socialist doctrine taking over the school system, and was exacerbated by the teacher’s unions diabolical demands during Covid that isolated and “panic-porned” our children. Now they are being totally upfront in public proclaiming their desire to harm children, under the guise of helping them. For a while a lot of normies accepted this, because they themselves have been brainwashed by the propagandist media, but trying to normalize something as monstrous as pedophilia goes against basic human instincts. I can’t think of one culture that thinks it’s ok. 99.9% of humans on earth think it’s abhorrent and evil, even hardened criminals won’t tolerate a pedo, they have to be housed in separate cell blocks. Does the .1% that are ok with pedophilia include the elites of society? Well, let’s take a look, shall we? These elites all travel in the same social circles hobnobbing with each other in their leftist echo chambers. Once again, all you need to do is look at who is criticizing Sound Of Freedom, while promoting child exploitation films like “Cutties.” Who was flying to Epstein Island on the “Lolitta Express?” Who is perfectly fine with an open border controlled by human trafficking cartels in collusion with our government? Who is trying to deflect our attention from the atrocities of human trafficking by criticizing the movie that is exposing it? One thing for sure, it ain’t Mr. and Mrs. Joe Normal, they’re just trying to put food on the table, buying a child sex slave really doesn’t fit into the budget, but you know who could pay for one? Scum-sucking-magots like Jeffrey Epstein, who bought an island and invited all his friends over to partake of it’s diabolical, satanic “amenities.” Nah, the elites of our world are completely innocent, yeah right, and I’m the Queen of Sheba, and Epstein really did commit suicide. The elites of the left think two things about the average American, first they hate them, they hate them with a white hot ferocity that knows no boundaries. Secondly, they believe they are incredibly stupid and will believe any b.s. they try to shove down their throats, no matter how much it defies simple logic and basic morality. It’s way past time that we give these asswipes a dose of reality, and tell them to shove their insane, evil, debauched crap where the sun don’t shine. To quote perhaps the best line from the movie, “GODS CHILDREN ARE NOT FOR SALE!” and personally, I’ve had enough, and I believe a lot of people feel the exact same way. I say either send them to “gen-pop” in prison and let the convicts exact a just punishment, or as the saying goes, kill ‘em all and let God sort it out. That may sound a bit harsh, but I don’t care, the Bible tells us in Luke 17:2 that it would be “better for him to be tossed into the sea with millstone around his neck, than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.” That works for me as well.

Rock on! Brothers and Sisters. Rock on y’all!

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