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A Blind Eye (part 2)

My wife and I went and watched the movie “The Sound Of Freedom” on July 3rd. It is a remarkable, power film that needs to be seen by everyone. It’s not a conservative, liberal or even faith based movie, it’s a movie about the evil of human trafficking. Go to for a theater near you. We’ve been waiting for this movie since we first heard about it around 3 years ago. It was originally completed in 2018 by 20th Century Fox, but when the good people at Disney bought Fox they decided to put the movie on the shelf while they released various woke films that bombed at the box-office. It’s interesting. If you remember back in 2015, 2016, a lot of stories came out about subliminal messages in Disney films. Some very explicit, like the scene where Daisy’s dress is obviously a penis, or when the case to the VHS cassette of “The Little Mermaid” showed an obvious penis in the castle background, (dubbed the “Phallic Palace” Disney had to recall the video and repackage it) Some of the claims were questionable, like in “Alladin” where a background voice is reportedly saying “good teenagers, take off your clothes,” or the scene in The Lion King where the dust in the sky supposedly spells out the word “sex.” There are dozens of these examples littering the internet, some easily explained away, some very obvious. Back in the early 2000’s I took my family to Disneyland down in Anaheim a couple of times. It was a great experience, we had a great time on all the rides and I really liked the California Adventure section where they have this amazing “California Screamin’” roller coaster, man, that was a thrill. It was all good wholesome family fun and we made a lot of great memories. We had no idea at the time that Disney had been doing some very underhanded and disgusting things for quite a while. With Disney’s history of using subliminal sexual messages in their pictures, along with their whole woke, grooming agenda, evidenced by their opposition to the “don’t say gay” legislation in Florida, (for the trillionth time, nowhere in the bill does it say, don’t say gay,) to their use of transgenders playing characters at Disney World, it’s no wonder they didn’t want this movie to be released. The world owes a tremendous debt of gratitude for Angel Studios obtaining the rights to “The Sound Of Freedom” and having the guts to put it out there.

Back in April of 2021 I wrote part one of “A Blind Eye” detailing some of the appalling statistics of human trafficking world wide. I have since written about The Biden Regime’s open door policy with our southern border. The well documented fact that drug cartels control that border, those same cartels that have been proven to be the largest perpetrators of human trafficking, have made America into a world leader in human trafficking. There is a YouTube video of Texas Senator Ted Cruz questioning Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over the regimes intentional failure to close the border. At the end of the video, Cruz displays a picture of the various wrist-bands illegals wear when they cross over into America and he asks Mayorkas if he knows what they are, and what they are used for. Mayorkas played dumb and said he didn’t know, but you know that he does, The Biden Regime is complicit in this collusion with the cartels to sell humans, many of which are children being sold into sex slavery. That’s not to say that they are solely responsible for the rise in human trafficking, it’s been a problem for a long, long time, at least Trump tried to do something about it by building the wall, but for some reason our media is ignoring this aspect of illegal immigration. At the end of the movie, after the credits have rolled, Caviezel talks for a couple of minutes and reminds us of this inconvenient truth, that more people are enslaved today than at any other point in human history, with America being one of the world leaders in child sex trafficking.

This ties in with one of the big issues America is currently dealing with, the whole transgender movement. I wrote a while ago that I thought this story was being put out there as a distraction from all the other enormous problems facing the world, like A.I., nuclear war, globalization and depopulation, after all it’s such a small percentage of society that’s pushing this agenda. I was wrong. I was wrong because the whole transgender issue goes hand in hand with the radical left’s insatiable appetite for children. The Secular-Humanist Progressive-Globalists religion with their communist/socialist philosophy have been hard at work for decades to achieve their version of utopia. In their twisted, evil version of utopia, the sexualization of children is just fine and dandy. They started long ago when they realized that children are a key element to their success, so they set about to take over the education system. We’ve seen the results of this with parents protesting school boards about the curriculum being taught and the pornographic books available in school libraries. To a large degree the prog-globs have succeeded, in America especially, where our children are far behind the rest of the world in terms of the basics, reading, writing and math. The focus of our current education complex is not about educating our kids, it’s about indoctrination into leftist philosophy. The useless, unnecessary and incredibly harmful policies implemented during Covid have only exacerbated the problem. The Covid lockdowns resulted in a critical lack of socialization and the indoctrination of immoral sexual behaviors has been incredibly effective at turning our children into mindless automatons hooked on their cell phones and social media platforms like TikTok, making them susceptible to every perverted doctrine the education system shoves down their throat.

The sexualization of our children, and its importance to the prog-globs has never been more apparent than now. You have to ask yourself why are they trying to destigmatize pedophilia? Why isn’t our government doing anything serious about child sex trafficking, and in fact is aiding and abetting the cartels in their human trafficking enterprises? In 2013 Corey Feldman came forward with charges that Hollywood in rampant with pedophiles, Elijah Wood, Mel Gibson and James Caviezel have gone on record saying the same thing. The monsters that perpetrate these crimes often use sex-trafficked children, or, as in the case of Feldman and others, naïve children who are easily exploited. Epstein island and the list of high profile pedophiles Epstein courted at the infamous resort is further evidence of a global cabal of elite deviants, who use child sex traffickers to supply their disgusting habit. These days, the alphabet mafia and their willing accomplices in the corporate/media complex are hard at work trying to change the term pedophile into minor attracted people, or “MAPS.” An insidious attempt to convince people that sex with minors is not perversion, as long as it’s consensual. How can they do this? Simple, start by brainwashing children. Teachers groom kids with inappropriate books describing in graphic detail deviant sexuality, trash which has absolutely no place in our schools. Corporations like Target market transgender clothes to young children, social media platforms like TikTok broadcast transgenderism in glowing terms. Anyone who opposes their agenda is labeled a hater and a “trans-phobe.” They try to convince kids that perversion is normal, it’s natural, so they can then feel free to give their consent. It makes you cringe when you remember Nancy Pelosi replying to a reporter who asked her why she stays in politics, “It’s the children, it’s the children, it’s the children.” If that doesn’t give you the creeps then nothing will. By normalizing pedophilia, through transgenderism and the sexual indoctrination of children, kids who are way too young to fully understand the ramifications of their behavior and their choices, they are attempting to absolve themselves from this heinous, criminal behavior.

It all makes the “PizzaGate” story sound more plausible, doesn’t it. When it came out back in 2016, the PizzaGate story was roundly debunked by all the usual fact-checkers. I’m not going to go into all of the disgusting aspects of the story, if you want to find out more there is plenty of info on the web. We must always keep in mind that all mainstream media, all the so-called fact-checkers are controlled. The main stream media is owned by six or seven corporations but are actually controlled by 2 investment groups who in turn own bits of each other, Blackrock and Vanguard. They are the ones who determine what is true, and what can be said or printed. My point is that even if the PizzaGate story is bogus, and to be honest I think there is a strong possibility that it’s actually true, at least certain aspects of it, you have to admit, with all of the crap going on these days, it’s not some wild-ass conspiracy theory. Epstein Island, the Hollywood pedo parties described by Cory Feldman, the charges against Kevin Spacey, the Disney subliminal sexual messaging, Joe Biden and his weird habit of sniffing young girls, along with the account from the diary of his own daughter that they showered together, all of this and so much more lend credence to the theory that there is in fact a cabal of perverts sex trafficking children, using them as nothing more than fodder for their sexual deviancy. That doesn’t even take into account another horrifying aspect of the PizzaGate story, Adrenochrome, which if true, would make flaying these monsters alive seem tame and merciful.

In an interview on Steve Bannon’s War-Room podcast, Caviezel talks about what he terms as “the middle third.” He’s explains there is one third of people who support what is going on in the world, I call them the prog-globs, there is another third like him who are fighting the good fight, and there is the middle third who sit on the fence and do nothing, the “normies.” The time for sitting on the fence is over, in fact it may be too late, some voices are predicting that A.I. will take over humanity in the next few months! I don’t want to speculate about that, but anyone who’s seen Terminator or The Matrix knows how that theory works. All I can say is that we can’t abandon our children, they have to be saved from this evil. One thing I fall back on is the hymn, “The Solid Rock” which says “My hope is based on nothing less, then Jesus’ blood and righteousness, I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus’ name. On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.” There are a great many passages of scripture that corelate with the world being in the end-times, I don’t know, throughout recorded history the world has experienced tremendously evil times, I think of the Mongol Hoards of Genghis Khan or WWII right off the top of my head. All I know is that in the Bible, Jesus warns us the end will come like a thief in the night, so we need to be prepared. Will we be the ones who can go before the judgement seat of God confident that we did all we could to stop evil, or will we be the fence riders who say “I was afraid to do anything.” This current struggle more than anything else boils down to good vs. evil. “The Sound Of Freedom” is a clarion call for all of us to get off that proverbial fence and fight against this unspeakable evil, I cannot urge anyone strongly enough to see this film.

Rock On, brothers and sisters.

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