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You Will Own Nothing And Be Happy

This now infamous motto for the World Economic Forum’s 2021 conference in Davos Switzerland, “In the future, you will own nothing and be happy”, was something I first heard on a Russell Brand podcast that my wife played for me. It sent a chill down my spine that still lingers to this day. My initial reaction was “fat chance of that ever happening”, there’s no way you could ever convince, coerce or connive people into giving up everything they own, even with the dubious promise of happiness. I mean that’s what the statement hinges on, right? Happiness. Obviously, it depends on whose definition of happiness is going to be used, as happiness is a very subjective thing. If someone is homeless, starving, a prisoner of the state because of their beliefs, and is given some food, are they happy? Well, I guess they would be happy they aren’t going to starve to death that day, but I kinda doubt they could actually be labeled as being happy. So it will all boil down to how will the one world order, the WEF globalists define happiness. My guess is that it will have absolutely nothing to do with individual freedom. For the prog-globs freedom is an inconvenient truth with humanity. Their answer for the problem of freedom? First; depopulation, get rid of as many freedom lovers as possible. Start with the Wu-flu, then the clot shot, and then follow it up with starvation, and if that isn’t enough death for them, how about a civil or even nuclear war. Ukraine’s psycho president/dictator Zelensky has gone on the record saying the U.S. should launch a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia, WHISKEY-TANGO-FOXTROT? Second; indoctrination. Use social and mass media to convince the sheeple that you don’t really need to own anything, you can just rent it. There is an interesting commercial I just saw. It was for a place called “Rent-The Runway” where they offer the rental of drycleaned clothes delivered to your doorstep. The premise being, why buy an outfit that you’ll only wear once, rent it instead. I have to admit it’s not a bad idea. The other thing that came to mind as I was thinking about this, is the food delivery services like Grubhub and car ride providers like Lyft and Uber. Think about it, using those services means you don’t need to buy and store food, you don’t need to own a car either and with Rent-The Runway, you don’t need to buy clothes. Are all of these “services”, just a ploy to get you used to not owning anything? Hey, I didn’t come up with the idea of owning nothing, they did. One thing for sure, services like these are becoming more and more prevalent and popular. Third; Transhumanism. In a previous bog entitled “Humans In Disguise”, I wrote about a top advisor for the WEF named Yuval Noah Harari. I wrote in my blog quoting him saying “human beings are no longer mysterious spiritual souls, we are now hackable animals, there will be two classes: The exploited and the useless…it’s better to be exploited, than be useless. Let that settle in your mind for a bit, hackable animals….a study was released by the Lund University in Sweden that said Pfizer’s Covid jab’s mRNa is able to enter into the liver and then be converted into DNA.” If they are able to turn the remnants of society into programable drones, then freedom can simply be deleted out of the program. Follow that thought down the rabbit hole and you can see how humans could be programmed to be whatever definition of happy our slave-masters desire. Sound far-fetched? A wild assed conspiracy theory? Once again, this guy Harari is unafraid to spout his transhuman madness out loud, he thinks it’s great. He is completely evil. This all sounds like a alternate version of “The Matrix”, in this movie instead of machines turning us into batteries to power the matrix, we turn ourselves into robots that can be programmed to accept whatever reality is suitable for our masters. For sure, like what transpires in the movie, there will be survivors, groups of people who have managed to avoid being killed or turned into some transhuman droid, (if someone makes this theory into a Matrix style movie, just remember, I thought of it first). It certainly qualifies as a dystopian nightmare, hey but just think, we’ll all own nothing and be happy. In “Brave New World”, Huxley had the societal masters employ a drug, Soma, to control the masses, the WEF wants to inject programmable mRNA into our bodies to eliminate humanity as we know it. Thanks Klaus Schwab, I hope you enjoy your beachfront property on the friggen Lake Of Fire in hell!

It doesn’t have to come to this, I still believe the war can be won without violence. The prog-globs want violence. That was what Jan 6th was all about, that’s why The Puppet Biden gave his infamous speech at the gates of Hell, that’s why he didn’t stop the war in Ukraine when it could have easily been done. There was a cease-fire on the table, but the Biden Regime rejected it. Peacefull civil disobedience is still the best tactic. There are things you can do to isolate and protect yourself from the onslaughts of the enemy. My wife found a group that is advocating tactics that, if everyone did them, would deal serious blows to the prog-globs, and they’re relatively simple and easy. Go to You’ll see “Global Walkout”. Step one is to pay cash for everything, don’t use your debit or credit card. The card companies charge vendors every time they process one of their credit or debit cards. Also, with Visa and Mastercard now tracking gun and ammo sales, they need to feel some real pain. If you go to on the same webpage, they have a section where you can print out cards to give to cashiers that explain the process, they also have tools to personalize a video that will help to promote the global walkout. They are now on their 3rd step, and I highly recommend everyone check it out, and do what you can. The more people that participate, the more power we amass. The elites and prog-globs think they have all the power, but in their darkest thoughts they fear the unification of the people. There are billions of us, if we united against the globalist agenda there is nothing that can stand in our way.

One of the major perpetrators of the agenda to destroy western civilization is corporate America. Unlike their cronies in the main stream media, and government, they need to make money. The saying “go woke, go broke” has never been more necessary than today. These corporations are shoving all the prog-glob crap down our throats. It’s what Mark Levin labeled crony capitalism, where corporations ally themselves with the government. The government then gives them favorable status legislatively and taxwise, in exchange for promoting government policies. This has been going on for a long time, on the left and the right, it’s the opposite of true capitalism, more in line with socialism. The crony capitalists need to pay the price for their support of all these abominations, like child grooming, reverse racism and the whole woke garbage. If we the people stop lining their pockets, they will be forced to change their ways or face financial ruin. Their god is money, they have no morality, so if they want to survive, they’ll have to adapt or end up on the proverbial ash-heap of history, financially and morally bankrupt. Pay cash, shop locally and as much as possible, divorce yourself from social, mass media. Don’t patronize companies that conflict with your morality. I realize in this day and age, that doing this completely can be hard if not impossible in some cases. For instance, where I live in North Carolina, I can’t get decent produce and meat locally. The same is true for Amazon, which chaps my hide to no end. Because I live in a rural community, there are certain products I need that I can only get through Amazon. I can’t totally separate myself from the internet, especially YouTube. YouTube is thoroughly despicable and un-American, but the nature of this blog requires me to have access to all viewpoints in order to try and glean the truth. But I can pay cash for almost everything. So do whatever you can, spread the word, defy the mainstream narrative, question everything. Like they used to say in the protests during the 60’s “the people, united, can never be divided”. Our motto should be “in the future, we will own whatever we damn well want to, and we won’t rely on you bastards to be happy”, because all of y’all will be rotting in prison. So long seekers!

( I want to sincerely thank all of you who read my stuff, my last blog was one of the most read essays I’ve done. If you like what you read here, please share it with family and friends, and drop me a comment on

Peace and love, my brothers and sisters, resist the mainstream, be real supermen and women who fight for “Truth, justice and the American way”, and always, always ROCK ON Y’ALL.

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