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Who Is Really Guilty

I’ve was waiting for the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case to see which direction this blog should take. There are a lot of issues that led to Rittenhouse doing what he did that have only been addressed by a few people. The main one is that Rittenhouse probably would have never felt the need to go to Kenosha if the craven Governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, had done what he was obligated to do. By allowing the riots to occur, by having the police stand down, deaths occurred and those fall on his doorstep. Still, as much as the Governor is guilty for allowing the riots to take place, the people that elected him need to be held accountable as well. When will people realize that electing progressives can only lead to chaos and crime. Look at what’s going on in Chicago, New York City, and San Francisco, all of these cities have rampant crime, homelessness and drug problems, yet the political machines that keep getting these leftists elected, chugs along, either fraudulently electing morons or lying to the people to get the buffoons like AOC , Cory Bush and the rest of the “squad” elected. Bill DeBlasio, Lori Lightfoot and London Breed are complete ideological idiots, just like the dimwit Governor Evers, who refused to use the National Guard to protect the people who elected him. The other guilty party to this tragedy is of course the MSM. The lies they perpetrated and continue to spew are as much a reason for the killings in Kenosha as any action the governor refused to take. I was astounded to learn that a lot of people, especially in Europe and South America, thought the 2 criminals killed and the third who was wounded were black. One ignoramus on MSNBC said that Jacob Blake was killed by cops. I bet Blake was surprised to hear that he was dead. By the way, what do you think the odds are that out of the whole mob that was rioting in Kenosha, Rittenhouse shot the only 3 men who had criminal records, it seems to me that there were probably a whole lot of participants who had previous encounters with the police, just saying. My other observation is that the MSM and their allies constantly defend dirtbags like Jacob Blake who was armed with a knife and in the act of committing a crime when he was shot, and are so quick to demonize police before all the evidence can be evaluated. They did the same with George Floyd, Floyd was a criminal, who was passing counterfeit money and found to have a lethal dose of fentanyl in his system prior to his encounter with the Minneapolis P.D. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? If either of these guys weren’t doing something illegal, they would still be alive. The old saying, “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” certainly applies here. The same thing can be said about the Kenosha rioters, it was not the “peaceful BLM rally” the MSM lyingly told everyone, it was violent, it was lawless, the rioters were committing crimes! The MSM makes heroes of the crooks and zeroes of the real heroes in our police departments. Their rush to judgement in the Jacob Blake case was the fuel for the Kenosha riot, making them, in my mind, the most guilty of all the bad actors in this sad tragedy that simply didn’t need to happen. Miranda Devine of the New York Post wrote an article that listed 10 lies of the MSM in the Rittenhouse case, I encourage everyone to have a look at the list, it’s incredible, what was being said vs reality. Lies that were picked up and spread as the gospel truth by all the social media platforms, to the point where Rittenhouse couldn’t even get a Go-Fund-Me account to help pay for his defense. The left tried and convicted Rittenhouse before his trial even started. It was lie after lie, a direct attack on the justice system. They are still continuing to stoke the racial fire with the same racist lies that they have been using to divide America. To call them irresponsible doesn’t go far enough. I am not in favor of censorship, The censorship practiced by Big Tech on free speech is an abomination, I fully believe in the 1st amendment. That being said, somehow a price needs to be paid by this scum. Encouraging and perpetuating this violence has led to people getting killed, not just in Kenosha, but in all the cities where the “peaceful BLM rallies” burned down whole city blocks, killing people like the retired police officer in St. Louis.

After the verdict was announced, all the race-baiters on CNN, MSNBC and the MSM erupted in outrage. It was awful to read and hear what they were saying, these people are truly despicable. The only good thing, if you can call it that, is that the ratings for CNN and MSNBC are so low that it looks like hardly anyone is paying attention to them anymore, anyway. So, the leftists ply their lies on social media, where conservative opinions go to die, and unless the average Joe does some research, he is left with only one point of view. However, I actually think their outrage just might be fake. There is no way any rational, intelligent, thinking human, after looking at all the evidence could come to any different conclusion than the one the jury reached. Therefore, it’s only the complete fools, of which there are many in the MSM, that actually believe the tall tales they are telling. So, If the outrage is mostly fake, then what are they trying to distract us from? Well, I saw a couple of stories which aren’t getting a lot of coverage that I think are kind of important. The first was a report from American Thinker that said that the Biden Regime is selling some of America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve to Asia, around 15 million barrels so far. So, while our gas prices go through the roof, the Keystone pipeline construction has been stopped, and another key pipeline is being considered for shut-down, we are selling our oil reserves to Asia! The other story was a piece I found in Citizens Free Press that said that Sergie Millian, supposedly a source used by indicted Russia Hoax conspirator Igor Danchenko, and also listed as a source by Christopher Steele in the infamous dossier, (even though according to John Durham’s indictment, he wasn’t, it was actually Democrat operative and Clinton confidant, Charles Dolan, who was the source of the misinformation), might actually be an FBI informant! If this is true it implicates the FBI in the fabricating of the whole Russia-Gate Hoax, not just the cover-up. These 2 stories are huge, but all anyone wants to talk about is Rittenhouse. This is not to say that the Rittenhouse story isn’t important, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not where our attention needs to be focused. What the justice department is doing with Garland’s Gestapo, going after political opponents, parents and journalist’s is far more troubling than the Rittenhouse case. What the Biden regime is doing to our economy is also far more important. What the CDC, NIH and the FDA are doing by spreading lies and misinformation about the Wu-Flu has a much greater impact on the lives of average Americans than Kyle Rittenhouse. What is going on at our southern border, the attempt by the Biden regime to fundamentally change America into what will basically be a 3rd world country, preparing us for “The Great Reset” may be the greatest threat to America today. All of these tactics are being used to usher in this reset that will destroy America as we know it. They are all are hidden from the people by the MSM and Big Tech, just like the truth of the Rittenhouse smokescreen. We cannot let this happen, we need to keep our eyes on the prize. While it’s fantastic that people are finally seeing the lying, racist, progressive/globalists and the MSM for what they really are, we cannot let up. We need to demand Gestapo Garland, The Fraud Fauci, Rochele Walenski and the rest of their fellow swamp creatures face imprisonment for their crimes against not only the American people but against humanity. The FBI and CIA need to be abolished and replaced with institutions that have actual oversight and accountability. The MSM need to be held accountable for the lies and slander they perpetuate, maybe losing millions of dollars in legal settlements might spur them into reporting the truth for once. Joe Rogan said on his podcast that no one trusts the media anymore, and I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve written numerous times that there is nobody on the left or the right that is telling the unvarnished truth, it’s all a narrative. If you can’t trust news sources, if you can’t trust the government, what’s left? I don’t have a real answer for that, only that truth can only be discovered through discernment. For far too long we have let others do our discerning for us, leading to the crisis in confidence in our media we are experiencing now. Just as Wisconsin’s governor is as guilty as the MSM for what happened in Kenosha, we the people are ultimately responsible for letting all this take place. We have to take our country back, demand accountability from not just our elected leaders, but ourselves as well. We can no longer stand by and ignore what’s going on in the hope of some “white knight” coming to save us from ourselves. During the BLM “peaceful rallies” there was a slogan that I feel applies to our current situation “silence is violence”. The rioters used this slogan to demand attention to their alleged claims of racism and police brutality, I think it is more appropriate to use it in the context of what’s being done to our country now, remaining silent to the tyranny of the left, will only lead to more incidents like Kyle Rittenhouse. It’s only when the people speak with a loud enough voice, saying “enough is enough” and “we ain’t takin’ this crap anymore!” that the MSM and the progressives will take notice. Right now, they don’t care about us common middle-class Americans, in fact these elites despise us. We have to make them care, by making them pay. Make them pay at the ballot box, make them pay financially by boycotting and suing companies and organizations that profit from the division they sow, and when appropriate make them pay judicially. If all of us patriotic Americans can band together against the evil that is threatening to engulf our great country we will succeed, but only if we are willing to take a stand against the “cancel culture”, the lying MSM, the Big Tech oligarchs and the elites who want to destroy America. No longer is there an option to sit this one out, yes, we may offend some people, those that aren’t aware of what’s being done, who have been brainwashed, but doing nothing isn’t doing them any favors. The truth can be a hard pill to swallow, so do as the bible says “speak the truth in love”, you don’t have to be aggressive or argumentative, even though sometimes you might feel it’s necessary, and sometimes you might feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall, but try and persevere, especially with those you love, you might just be saving their life. It’s ok to be offended, being offended isn’t fatal, it’s part of being human, nobody agrees with everybody ALL the time. That’s why it is so important for the left to keep us divided, it keeps us from talking to each other, from reasoning with each other to find reasonable solutions to the massive problems America is facing these days. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the left needs to implement as much of their agenda as quickly as possible, because they are going to get trounced in the mid-term elections, and this is their big chance to fundamentally change, i.e. destroy America. The mid-terms may be too late, they need to be stopped now, and it is up to WE THE PEOPLE to stop them in their tracks now. Boycott, resist, to not comply, protest peacefully, unlike the Antifa, BLM, George Soros thugs. Make the ones who are truly guilty pay for their crimes.




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