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Where Is Ray Epps?

I was in the middle of writing a blog, when the anniversary of January 6th (Jan6th) came around and slapped me in the face. I watched as the left compared it to Pearl Harbor, 9-11, The Civil War and The Holocaust, all of them saying that Jan6th was as bad or worse than any of those. Of course, this is absolutely ludicrous, if you have been following the actual story, not the complete B.S. propagated by 99.97% of our fabulous news media, by now you have to have reached the conclusion that the whole “insurrection” was nothing more than a plot hatched by Democrats to legitimize the political persecution of conservatives. Some of the coverage I watched on Fox News talked about the hypocrisy of the MSM and the Dems in regards to their coverage of the summer of 2020 riots as being “mostly peaceful” vs the constant blathering about the “insurrection” on Jan6th and the communist like show trial Jan6th commission. Some, focused on Kamela Harris’ support for BLM rioters, her funding of bail for those arrested, and her comments that she felt the BLM riots were not only righteous, but they should continue, even after all the death and destruction they caused. Some focused on the lack of security on Jan6th, how Trump had offered 20,000 National Guard Troops only to have his offer refused by Pelosi and the Mayor of D.C. a liberal hack named Muriel Bowser. Some others brought the whole Democrat commemoration circus into focus, talking about Pelosi’s bizarre zoom call with members of the cast of the Broadway show “Hamilton” to sing a song in remembrance of the “insurrection”. (By the way, apparently the song was not zoomed live, but was a taped performance from months ago, about something entirely different). Other news outlets talked about the alleged PTSD that some reporters were feeling after the “traumatic” events on that day. The only one that I felt did a fair job of talking about some of the real issues about Jan6th, at least on cable news, was Tucker Carlson. I complain a lot about the MSM, and I include Fox News as part of that insidious, traitorous group of scum, but for the most part Carlson gets things right even if he is a little late in reporting some stories. In regards to Jan6th he has been at the forefront of getting the truth out there, and while he won’t go all in and say that this definitely was a leftist plot, the information he delivers really leaves one with no other possible conclusion. His documentary series “Patriot Purge” was well done, I just wish it had gone into further depth about the whole conspiracy the Democrats perpetrated not only on Jan6th, but even the summer of 2020 riots, which I feel were all part of the plan.

Here’s the way I see it. After re-listening to Harris’ statements about her support for the riots, I realized that she said what she said because she had no fear of repercussions. In other words, she knew the fix was in, that the election of 2020 was in the bag. The riots served the lefts purpose of dividing the population, as cowards on the right all joined in on the BLM narrative of “systemic racism” and police brutality towards blacks. With the MSM providing cover for them, they were never called out about the reality of what BLM actually is, a Marxist, anti-American, anti-family, terrorist organization, that does not care one bit about actual black lives and whose only concern is advancing their political agenda. The MSM’s coverage undoubtedly caused some people to vote for Biden, out of fear of being labeled as a racist if they voted for Trump. It was just another arrow in their quiver, like Zuckerberg financing “get the vote out” organizations in Democrat districts, or getting Big Tech to suppress the Hunter Biden Laptop story. They had a lot of arrows in their quiver, and they used them all to steal the election away. Next came the weird Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot. This was like a training exercise for Jan6th. The FBI agent in charge of that whole fiasco, was promoted to the D.C. office after it was done. After the selection of Biden, they knew that of course Trump would protest the election, they knew that on Jan6th he was going to host a rally in D.C. to protest the steal. Right wing websites were all abuzz about somehow getting the electors to either change their vote, or have Pence do something to decertify the results. Or that there was going to be an actual insurrection. The left knew all this as well, and with the help of the Gestapo (FBI) they finalized a plan to turn the protest into a riot and then into what could be labeled as an insurrection. This would than enable SS Ober Fuhrer Garland (who although, not yet named as Attorney General, was a sure bet) to initiate political persecutions of Trump supporters, and ultimately Trump himself, in an effort to prevent him from running in 2024.

It all went down according to plan, instigated by people like Ray Epps and others who have mysteriously remained unknown and unindicted by what the DOJ has called the “largest manhunt in American history”. The Capital was breeched and the narrative was secured. The MSM Pretorian Guard insured that any opposing thoughts would be quashed and their allies in Big-Tech would make sure that any information that deviated from the official party line would be censored. We were all inundated with traumatized politicians and reporters who called it the biggest threat to democracy since 9-11. Dimwit bartender Alexandria Cortez said she had to have therapy, because she feared being raped by the mob, even though the story she told about what supposedly happened to her has been proven to be a complete lie. Spineless Republicans, (aren’t they all?) joined in the condemnation of the protest. The left had what they wanted, a tool to demonize and persecute Trump supporters as “domestic terrorists”.

I knew right away that something fishy was going on with the whole thing, to me it was an obvious set-up. When pictures started coming out that showed what appeared to be Antifa members changing their clothes to look like Trumpers. There were images of the Capital police letting people into the building, and of these supposed “violent insurrectionists” just milling about, acting more like tourists than anything else, I mean they even, for the most part, stayed between the ropes that marked the tour path! It was then that the narrative of an insurrection lost all plausibility. If this was an actual insurrection, then it had to be the most badly run insurrection in the history of insurrections. To be honest, in my heart of hearts I was hoping that it would be an actual insurrection, because the election HAD been stolen, and the ramifications of that marked the beginning of the end of America. Without free and fair elections, America is just another Banana Republic. I bought into the “hopium” that true patriots in the military would intercede and right this incredible wrong. I believed then, and still do today in Thomas Jefferson’s statement that a little revolution now and then is a good thing. Then the truth about Jan6th started coming out. Some news sites were questioning why the security around the Capital was so inadequate for something that was known to be a possibility. Stories came out that Pelosi had turned down Trumps offer of The National Guard. The story of how Capital Policeman Brian Sicknick had actually died of natural causes and not by being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher, or by being sprayed with “bear spray”, as the MSM breathlessly lied about. That none of the protestors had been armed with guns, that none of those who were subsequently arrested by the Gestapo had actually been charged with insurrection. That there was 14,000 hours of video that Pelosi and Garland’s Gestapo were not releasing. To fight back against the emerging truth, Pelosi convened a special “bipartisan” commission to investigate, 2 republicans, Jim Jordan and Jim Banks (I guess there may be a couple with spines) were ousted after they said that they would ask the hard questions that challenged the narrative, and were replaced by RINO witch Liz Cheney and that other crying fool, Adam Kizzinger. They started to hold hearings, one I watched where Capital policemen repeated the lie that Sicknick had been killed during the protest, and no one corrected them! The only person killed on JAN6th was Ashli Babbit, but apparently her death was inconsequential and was justified, because even though she had done nothing to justify her being murdered, (arrested maybe, but murdered, no), she was a Trumper. Then there were the crying politicians, it was just too much to watch, but Nancy with the laughing eyes had what she wanted, a show trial to legitimize the persecutions. It was around this time that Tucker Carlson did his first story about a report from an alternate news organization called Revolver News that blew the whole insurrection narrative apart. The story talked about a man named Ray Epps who appears in videos on January 5th and January 6th encouraging people to storm the capital, the best one is where he is doing exactly that, and the crowd is yelling “fed, fed, fed”. The Revolver story also talked about how in the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot, there were as many FBI agents and informers as there were actual participants. Glen Greenwald then came on and talked about the scary history of the FBI using C.I.’s and plants to entrap people into committing crimes they wouldn’t have ordinarily done.

I’ve said for a while now that Jan6th was a deliberate plot, that Pelosi, Schumer, the Capital Police and the Gestapo (FBI and DOJ), all conspired to take advantage of the very real anger millions of patriotic Americans felt about the fraudulent outcome of the 2020 election and stage an event that could be used against Trumpers. The last report I read on Revolver News lays out the events of Jan6th in great detail, with photographic evidence coupled with a time line. That report is an absolute must read, I cannot stress that enough. They highlighted 5 people who were directly involved in instigating and participating in the Capital breach, but as of now, have not been arrested or indicted for their roles. To me, based on the past history of how the Gestapo works to infiltrate and entrap citizens, the questions that every single media outlet should be asking is, where is Ray Epps? Who are Ray Epps and the so-called “scaffold commander”, along with others mentioned in the Revolver report? Why won’t Ober-Fuhrer Garland release the 14,000 hours of video? Why hasn’t officer Michael Byrd, who has a history of malfeasance on the job, been arrested for the murder of Ashli Babbit? Perhaps the biggest question should be, why aren’t the Republicans in the House and Senate doing anything about this? All they do is condemn the violence, because it’s the politically correct thing to do, but why aren’t they on every single media outlet, every day demanding answers to these questions. The only congress-critter doing anything is Marjorie Taylor Greene, and to a lesser extent Matt Geatz and Louie Gomert.

CNN and MSNBC have treated this like it was the super bowl, airing all the comparisons to 9-11, Pearl Harbor, The Holocaust, the Civil War or whatever. The good news is that at least according to the T.V. ratings not very many people subjected themselves to this insanity. Most Americans have moved on from Jan6th. I haven’t. The simple reason is that this whole situation needs to be dealt with. Americans have to know what actually happened on that day, not some b.s. narrative, or as some have called the media coverage by CNN and MSNBC “January 6th , The Musical”. You can’t have political prisoners being held without bail in a hell-hole Gulag in D.C., while the rioters and terrorists of the 2020 summer riots go free. You can’t stage an “insurrection” to usurp unconstitutional powers, (thank you Patriot Act), in order to persecute political enemies. Once again, our media and our so-called leaders have abandoned the American people. I was stunned when I heard Ted Cruz call the protestors terrorists. The backlash he received from that forced him to back-track his statement on Carlson’s show, but I ain’t buyin’ it. To me it shows his real opinions, and his true nature, as a gutless, cowardly Washington swamp creature, big on talk, short on actions, which can be said for 99.997% of the denizens of the D.C. swamp. I read that Democrats are contemplating using the 14th amendment to prohibit some republicans from running for office. That just might not be a bad thing, as while they certainly can’t be called insurrectionists, they just as certainly, don’t serve their constituents. Get them out of D.C. and bring in some fresh faces that actually care about the direction our country is headed in, and are willing, as our founding fathers were, to pledge their lives, liberty and fortunes for the sake of saving America.

The failure of the DOJ and the FBI to bring in the people documented in the Revolver story speaks to the true nature of Jan6th. The Revolver story shows photos of these guys, you would think that with all the technology they have at their disposal, finding these guys would be easy. No, instead Garland’s Gestapo goes after a couple in Alaska who they thought might have Pelosi’s laptop (by the way whatever happened to that story, what did actually happen with Pelosi’s laptop?) They imprison hundreds of protestors in an inhumane D.C. Gulag and then go on record as saying they aren’t done. Garland sic’s them on concerned parents calling them domestic terrorists, while actual terrorists could be and very likely are, coming across our southern border. When the Gestapo raids Project Veritas, at the behest of the N.Y. Times, he is employing the same tactics the Nazi’s did in Germany. These are the reasons why we need to remember Jan6th, because they have enabled the Biden regime to persecute their political enemies, and that just can’t stand. January the 6th. instead of being some sort of leftist super bowl should be a call to action, much like “remember the Alamo”, We should all demand to know where is Ray Epps? And along with “remember Ashli Babbit” make them our rallying cries, so that we don’t forget the real message about Jan 6th.




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