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When a conspiracy theory becomes reality

The other day one of my neighbors came over to say hello. This is always a good thing, as human to human contact doesn’t happen very often these days. He asked me (knowing my political leanings) if I knew what the flag meant that one of our other neighbors was flying. I told him I wasn’t really sure. If you go around my neighborhood you will see the red, white and blue on a few of the houses, but this one was a little different, it was white and black, with one red/blue stripe on it. He asked if it was a Qanon flag, because me, being a conservative, I have to know everything about Qanon, right? Now, I’ll have to admit I do know a bit about it. In my research into conspiracy theories, you can’t escape it. That actually might be the reason why I didn’t know the significance of the one red and blue stripe on the black and white flag, because it has nothing to do with Qanon, its only showing support for cops and firefighters, something that we both totally support.

One thing I told my neighbor was that there is no such organization known as Qanon, it’s actually one person known as “Q” and a group of “anons” that sort of work in conjunction with him. The theory says that there is a satanic global cabal, run by 8 old world families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers that actually own and run the world, the “black hats.” They also believe that the “white hats” are engaged in a battle against them to win back control of America in particular, and the world in a larger aspect, for the people. That is a vast over-simplification of the theory, but that is the basic gist of it.

This all leads me back to the discussion of so called “conspiracy theories”. The term itself is applied to ideas that, at least according to the powers that be, are so far fetched as to be laughable and beyond consideration. The problem is that lately a lot of these laughable, far fetched conspiracies are proving out to be true. The latest is the origin of the Wu-flu. I said in a previous blog that I couldn’t believe how anyone with a working brain, could possibly think that this particular virus emerged naturally, from bats to some other animal, like a Pangolin, and then became infectious to humans. The Wuhan Institute of Virology is right there at the center of the outbreak, they do virological studies, because it is a Chinese institution, they have to work with the CCP. The CCP is a lying, tyrannical, evil, genocidal government. But no, we’re supposed to believe that the virus evolved naturally, and if you say otherwise you are castigated, censored and for some “cancelled”. It seems now, that something I’ve known about for more than a year, that the WIV were in cahoots with Fauci’s NIAID. One thing I’ve had a lot of time to do since I’ve become unemployed is read a lot of news stories. I can’t remember which source it was, probably the Epoch Times, because they do a fantastic job of covering China and the CCP, detailed all the connections between the WIV, the NIAID, (NIH), the CDC, and of course the infamous WHO. I actually thought that it was pretty much accepted as fact that the only logical reasonable explanation for the origin of the Wu-flu was the WIV, the only real question was whether it was accidental or done on purpose. Silly me, imagine my surprise when I saw on YouTube, senator Rand Paul grilling The Fraud Fauci about the origins of the virus. This was after the article by former NY Times science editor Nicholas Wade that detailed the true origin. Now all of the sudden, the “lab leak theory” was no longer laughable and outrageous. It warranted further investigation, said the Biden administration, even though they had “spiked” an actual investigation started by Trump. No nothing suspicious here. Tucker Carlson did monologs about it, the internet was blowing up about it, lots of video’s on YouTube of Rand Paul jousting with Fauci. I was astounded! I knew Facebook et. al was censoring all things Trump, but I thought that the lab leak theory was still being investigated, especially after the WHO’s report was roundly denounced as being a total whitewash. I know that I can be somewhat naïve, but sure enough, as I looked, I discovered that anyone who considered the lab-leak theory had been castigated, censored, or cancelled, the 3 C’s, The newly released Fauci emails suggest that it was he who wanted the lab leak theory quashed, and that he collaborated with other scientists, like Peter Daszak and Facebook to do just that. It was also revealed that he had several conversations with Bill Gates, you know Bill Gates, who is HEAVILY invested in Big Pharma. Also revealed in these emails was that he said that the cloth masks everyone was wearing were ineffective in stopping the virus (DUH). Another one I read was that he had been made aware that hydroxychloroquine working in conjunction with a couple of other drugs were VERY effective against Covid. So not only was the “debunked” lab leak theory proven to be, at the very least something that should be investigated, it also looks like he ignored “the science” for his own nefarious reasons. I’ve maintained for over a year now that The Fraud Fauci is a complete p.o.s., him and his buddy Peter Daszak have conspired to keep the truth from the public. Why? Could it be all the money these research scientists get in the form of grants? Is it the fame and recognition he is receiving from the main stream media? Is it that they are afraid of what the public might do to them if they discovered their role in the “gain of function” research done at the WIV? I suspect it’s all that and more, yet still the publicity arm of the progressive left, i.e. the mainstream media, are still defending him. It’s absolutely incredible, do they have no conscious? Do they have no soul? What I now believe is that he is for all intents and purposes a mass murderer, who should face the death penalty, preferably by Covid.

Since the Biden administration took over control of Washington D.C., networks like CNN have had a precipitous drop in their ratings. I wonder why? Is it because all of the crap that they have been spewing for years is being exposed for the lies they are? Look at the stories that they and their fellow prevaricators have been pushing that have turned out to be total lies. The Russia collusion story, the Hunter Biden laptop, The January 6th “insurrection” that supposedly killed Capital Police officer Brian Sicknick, the Portland riots, that were “mostly peaceful” it’s all being proven to be so much crap. What’s next? I think that it will be the one thing that will get you kicked off social media faster than you can say Fuckerberg, Election fraud. Contrary to popular belief, none of the initial claims of election fraud were adjudicated in court, ALL were dismissed on technicalities. To me this is like the lab leak theory, it’s a no brainer! Even if you didn’t have all of the signed, under penalty of perjury, affidavits from people who witnessed all the irregularities that happened on election night, even if you don’t know that the voting machines have been proven to have internet access and that they have also been proven to be easily hackable, even if you think that the ballot dumps that happened in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, after counting was shut down for a couple hours in the early morning, were all on the up and up (wow that’s a duzey right there), all you have to do is think about the massive crowds Trump was generating at his rallies vs Biden events that numbered in the 10’s of people. There was literally no enthusiasm for Sleepy Joe, or Harris either for that matter. Remember she dropped out of the primaries because not even the African American community was buying her schtick. I have watched both of Mike Lindell’s election fraud videos and I have to say that he lays out a VERY strong case. But, of course I’m a right wing conspiracy kook. If there was no election fraud, why are forensic audits being done or being looked into by a number of states, and why are the democrats so afraid of them? I mean if this was the most accurate, fair and trustworthy election in history, why should they be afraid of the truth? If this was the most honest election ever, than instead of fighting the audits they should embrace them, team up with the Republicans to make sure everything is on the up and up. Instead, they attack in the hopes that by using these attacks they can try and discredit the outcomes. That makes ABSOLUTLY no sense unless they have something to hide. In my humble “common man” opinion, which is also the opinion of a hell of a lot of people, a recent poll showed that even some Democrats believe there was fraud, this election was STOLEN! I can’t wait for the results of these audits, I fully believe that this will be the next “conspiracy theory” to bite the dust, and with it, hopefully, the demise of the main stream media, and the restoration of America. If this was the most honest, fair election in the history of elections, prove it. Shut me up, explain the irregularities, let the people who submitted their affidavits have their day in court, prove that the voting machines can’t be hacked. Have the Supreme Court actually do their job, and rule on the states that unconstitutionally changed the voting standards by bypassing the state legislatures, you know the only ones who are constitutionally authorized to make any changes. Do a TRUE forensic audit and canvass of the votes. Because if it isn’t done, and all we have is the “take my word for it, and shut your white supremacist racist mouth” that we hear from the left, than there will never ever be any trust left for our government, our media, or the big tech social media companies. All that will be left is a banana republic and probably, ultimately, sadly, violence. Crisis’ are what the socialists use to gain control, in the words of the patron saint of the left, Saul Alinski, “never let a crisis go to waste”. I truly believe that the left, the statists in this country, are actually trying to foment an insurrection by implementing these massive social/progressive measures. Measures and actions designed to not just undo everything Trump did, but to so divide the country that the right will feel that they have no other choice but to revolt against them, providing an excuse to implement martial law and assume total control over the country. Now there’s a conspiracy theory for ya!

It is my fervent hope that we can come together as a nation. I do not want to see another civil war, I want America to go back to being America, the land of hopes and dreams, the shining beacon of freedom, the best chance for humanity. Where people are judged by “the content of their character, not the color of their skin”, where if you work hard and play fair you can succeed. We have traveled so far down the road of divisiveness that I don’t know if that’s possible. The only way to get back on the right path is to get to the real truth, whatever that is. Sadly truth has become nothing more than a narrative that both sides use to gain political power. Political power in this country belongs to the people, not the elite class, and we have an obligation to do whatever it takes to get our power back. WHATEVER IT TAKES! Don’t get me wrong I’m not advocating violence of any sort, but to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, when a government becomes unresponsive or tyrannical to the people, it’s the people’s right, their sacred duty to change that government. The alternative is to bleak to consider. Pray for America. As always, Peace and Love, my brothers and sisters ROCK ON!

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