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Welcome To Summer Camp!

Ever since the descent into bizzarro-world, I’ve been proven wrong on so many things that I thought couldn't possibly happen in America. When the 15 day lockdown was announced here in California, I reasoned that if it went any longer the people would rebel, they just wouldn’t stand for their businesses being ruined and their lives upended or outright destroyed. I thought I was an essential worker. I thought there was no way Biden could get elected, I thought here was no way Americans would surrender their freedoms. Surely, Americans wouldn’t put up with tyranny and authoritarianism. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong on and on, every time I think this insanity may have reached its highest point, some new headline screams out “hold my Beer take a look at this”. The other day during our dog walk, my wife started talking about her very real fear of being put into a “quarantine camp”, because we, like hundreds of thousands of other Americans, choose not to get the kill shot. Once again, my rational mind initially thought there is no way that could happen here, we’re not Australia or Canada or Austria, we have guns, we have some, very few for sure, but some decent politicians. I told her that in my opinion there was absolutely no way this could happen. So, I went to the web to see what was up. I knew that quarantine facilities have already been set up, FEMA has had them for a while, but I wanted to know what the readiness status was, it turns out that they are just waiting for the go ahead. After the latest news about the variant omicron, the first things I heard about were how the interim governor of New York, immediately instituted emergency health measures, the Biden regime instantly installed a travel ban on some African countries, and floated out the plan to have everyone coming into the U.S. quarantined for 7 days. regardless of whether or not they have tested positive for the Wu-Flu. As of this writing there have been no recorded deaths from “Ohmigodicron” and very few hospitalizations. Once again, the catchphrase “pandemic of the unvaccinated” was being floated around by all the MSM outlets. Herr Dr. Mengela-Fauci, never one to miss an opportunity to be in front of a camera, was touting the possibility of more lockdowns and of course wearing the useless face diaper. He actually got on TV the other day, saying that people should ask the vaccine status of holiday dinner guests, and that individual freedom should be subservient to the greater cause of society. How many times do I have to call this monster, a monster? Why is he still allowed to spew his lies and propaganda? It truly defies belief, and is so emblematic of the state of our country, where this mass murderer is allowed his freedom, while saying that we should relinquish ours.

In Australia, they are rounding up citizens and putting them into quarantine camps. Just typing that made my skin crawl. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tested negative, if you’ve been in contact with someone who’s tested positive, no matter what the circumstance is, the police will take you against your will and put you into one of many camps spread throughout the country. Even if you have been vaccinated, if a contact trace shows that you may have been exposed the police will come after you. There are so many videos of people being brutalized by the Australian police, I watched them in total disbelief that police in a supposedly free country would treat normal law-abiding citizens like terrorists. The Northern Territory Chief Minister, a fascist named Michael Gunner was on Australian TV saying if you oppose vaccine mandates, even if you have been vaccinated yourself, you are now classified as an anti-vaxxer, and as such are, for all intents and purposes, an enemy of the state. The restrictions on personal freedoms in Australia and Canada should alarm every American, because guess what? They are headed our way. In parts of Canada if you haven’t been jabbed, they are restricting your ability to go to a grocery store! So basically, they want you to starve to death. Since the scamdemic started we have seen incremental authoritarianism happening globally. You see it in Europe where in Germany and Austria vaccine mandates have been instituted. Restrictions on unvaccinated people are increasing in countries such as Belgium, Greece and Switzerland. Vaccine passports are becoming all too commonplace. All of these actions pale in comparison to what has been going on in Australia. People are being forced into quarantine camps where they have to pay for the privilege of being interned. Glen Beck had an interesting piece about whether you could call them concentration camps, and as a strict definition they aren’t, but that doesn’t make them any less insidious. Just the fact that a government thinks it’s ok to round up its citizens for whatever reason should send shivers down the spines of every freedom loving human. To do so for a virus that has such a high survivability rate, where there are proven, safe and effective treatments that don’t require the kill shot, tell the real story behind why governments world wide are instituting these draconian, unnecessary restrictions. It has nothing to do with stopping the virus, it has everything to do with establishing an authoritarian one world government. If the progressive/globalists had started doing all of this at the beginning of the scamdemic there would have been massive protests and world-wide condemnation. Imagine the reaction if we were told that lockdowns would last for months, that vaccines would be mandatory, that you would have to sacrifice freedom and your basic human rights to fight against a virus that has a 99% survival rate. So instead, they pushed a 15 day lockdown to “flatten the curve”, next was social distancing and wearing masks. These had nothing to do with stopping people from getting sick, it’s been proven over and over again that these measures are completely ineffective in preventing the spread of the Wu-flu. They were very effective however in conditioning the people in accepting incrementally authoritarian governments. It’s the old story of the slow boiling frog. The people accepted the social distancing nonsense as well as the useless face diapers, because they were promised that doing so would enable a return to normalcy, the same with the jab. Get the vaccine and you can return to normal, the only thing is that the vaccines not only do not work like traditional vaccines, they can’t actually be defined as vaccines, even though the CDC changed the definition of a vaccine. They are killing 2 people for every one they supposedly save. Now we still need to socially distance, we still need to be masked and now we’re going to need constant boosters from now on. Until when? When enough people have died to satisfy the depopulationists? Maybe, but probably not. With the help of media propaganda, this brainwashing of the people is having its desired effect. Incremental authoritarianism is working, people are accepting their freedoms being taken away, accepting that censorship is a good thing, accepting that police are despicable racists, accepting that anyone who voted for Trump is a domestic terrorist. By dividing the people, the left is banking on the sheeple who don’t want to rock the boat, that just want to get along and get back to the “old normal”. As much as I would like to see a return to the “old normal” that is an impossibility, society has been forever changed, there is no going back. The progressives need to drown out the protests from freedom loving patriots who see what is going on and speak out against the slow boiling tyranny that is being inflicted on the world. It reminds me of the pictures of Jews in WWII smiling as they were being loaded onto trains headed to the concentration camps. They believed what the Nazis said about needing to be segregated for their own safety. The sheeple believe that the government has their best interests at heart. They think that because they haven’t said or done anything that contradicts the progressive/globalist agenda they will be safe. All that means is that they will just be the last to be rounded up, because the goal is not going back to the old normal, the real goal is to prepare the populace to accept a totalitarian government that will control every aspect of their lives. One thing that must always be kept in mind is the statement by the World Economic Forum, where they proudly said, “in the future you will own nothing and be happy”. Obviously if they tried to implement their agenda in one fell swoop there would be a massive outcry that would stop their plans, so they are just doing it bit by bit. The slow boiling frog is basic human rights and freedom.

If you don’t think that this is possible in America, you are blind. As I said before, there are already facilities in place to deal with anyone who doesn’t go along with the program. Like Australia it will be done under the guise of doing so for the public good, whether it be because of the perceived threats from the unvaccinated or white supremacy, or domestic terrorism, or anti-government “misinformation” dissedents. The treatment of the Americans incarcerated for their involvement in the Jan 6th protest is a prime example of how the progressive/globalists want to deal with political dissidents. The conditions at the DC jail where they are being held is unbelievable, unconscionable and decidedly un-American. The latest report from the congress-people who were finally granted access to the gulag, tells stories that are reminiscent of the atrocities committed by Soviets or the Nazis. The Jan 6th House witch-hunt commission under Pelosi has subpoenaed the telephone records, private conversations of American citizens who have not been charged with a crime, were not at the capital during the protest, whose only “crime” was supporting Trump. In direct violation of the 1st, 4th and 5th amendments. The House Committee chairman, another fascist named Bennie Thompson declared that invoking your constitutional right against self-incrimination, in other words the 5th amendment, basically means that you are guilty! Innocent until proven guilty has been thrown away apparently. The progressive/globalists are systematically destroying the constitution, and by doing so will destroy America, THAT IS THEIR GOAL!

I said at the beginning of this that I thought there was no way Americans would accept what the left wants to do to our country, and that over and over again I have been proven wrong. As of now I believe that unless We The People, on both sides of the political spectrum, band together to stop this, the globalists, the One World Government cabal will succeed. For the average democrat it means that they have to accept the fact that the regime they voted for has been lying to them about everything! The media that has been spewing lie after lie has been nothing more than a propaganda machine whose sole purpose has been to indoctrinate them into the proper way of thinking. You are seeing a trickle of that happening. Leftists like Russell Brand and Bill Maher are slowly coming around to the conclusion that so many of us deplorables reached long ago. We are not “conspiracy theorists” we are patriots who realize that a free America is the last, best hope for humanity. That the globalist agenda for world domination and world-wide global depopulation is a very real existential threat to humanity.

The “Q” people call it “The Great Awakening”, where instead of “The Great Reset” agenda propagated by the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and the One World Order cabal, the people will awaken to the evil being perpetrated by these monsters. I pray daily for this, that God will awaken the people, remove the scales from their eyes and let them see the truth of the evil that is marching towards us at an ever-increasing pace. The progressive/globalists will tell us it’s for our own good, that it will be the best thing in the world to have nothing and be happy. They will get on TV and social media and tell you that the government can solve your every problem. They will demonize anyone who doesn’t bow down and kiss the ring of the Woke Mob. All you have to do is relinquish your freedom, your possessions, and ultimately your humanity. Just become a slave to us and like the “Great Father” lie we told the Native Americans in the 1800’s, this new Great Father will take care of all your needs. It is an insidious lie, in this age of uncertainty, uncertainty that was intentionally instigated by the progressive/globalists I might add, it is natural for people to seek some form of certainty, some form of normalcy that will enable them to live a life without so much turmoil. That has become an impossibility, we have gone to far down the road, there can be no return to the “old normal”. The Wu-flu will never go away, but it doesn’t matter, humanity has faced and still faces diseases far worse than Covid, and still goes on. Part of the conditioning of the globalist/progressive movement is to accept the ludicrous idea that no one should die of Covid, that it can be eradicated, sorry folks it just ain’t gonna happen. The Great Awakening, whether you believe the Q theory, or you believe that God’s plan will save us from the pervasive evil of the globalists, or if you just believe that despite mankind’s worst intentions, nature finds a way to defeat evil in order to maintain global harmony, it has to happen. We can be sheeple no more, the time has come to decide which side of history you want to be a part of, free or slave. We can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines and wait for some “pie in the sky” savior to save us from ourselves. Do you want to be the person that tells their grandchild about the fight for freedom, or be the one that tells them what freedom used to be, before the globalists took control. I don’t know of anyone who would voluntarily become a slave to anything. But like the Jews who voluntarily boarded the trains to Auschwitz and the other concentration camps, or like the analogy or the slow boiling frog, people can be easily manipulated into accepting slavery. Satan is not called “The Father of Lies” for no reason, he is damn good at lying. Whether or not you believe in the Judeo-Christian philosophy this country was founded on, one thing is certain, evil exists, and no matter how much it is sugar-coated for your consumption, evil is….well, EVIL. Evil has to confronted and fought against continually. If you think that there is no way that the American government could possibly round up citizens and put them into a “quarantine camp” or a “relocation facility”, just remember what liberal icon Franklin Delano Roosevelt did during WWII when he forced the internment of tens of thousands of American citizens of Japanese descent. It has been done before, and it can be done again. The Biden regime is doing everything in their power to dismantle our constitutional republic, and replace it with a tyrannical one-party dictatorship. My wife’s fears are entirely justified, and unless We The People rise up and take a stand against the incremental authoritarianism of the left, we will soon all be saying hello to each other from behind a razor-wire encircled, political concentration prison, oh I’m sorry a “quarantine camp”.

What do we have to do? How do we wake up people who have been asleep for so long? One thing for sure, if someone isn’t willing to acknowledge that his or her paradigm is wrong, that everything they have been told or believe has been a lie, they will be totally unwilling to accept the truth. For those people, the only answer is to pray for their enlightenment. For others, you need to look for an opening, a chink in their “sheeple armor” for lack of a better phrase. Look for expressions of doubt about the policies of the Biden regime, look for questions about the lies that have been exposed about the MSM. Calling someone stupid or ignorant only makes them more entrenched in their stupidity and ignorance. It’s the same as when confronting someone about a harmful addiction, you can have an intervention, but it’s only when someone has demonstrated the desire to change that the desired change is possible. Its opportunities like these that can be exploited to awaken the sleepy. For all of those others who are the “true believers”, who honestly think that a One World Socialist Government is the only salvation or recourse for humanity, it may be to late to save them from themselves. These people are the true enemy, and since they have abandoned the fundamental principles that have made America the greatest country in the history of the world, in my opinion, they have surrendered their right to be called true Americans. A true American, whether they are a liberal or a conservative would rebel against the tyranny of the progressive/globalists, I think a good example of this is Tulsi Gabbard who, although a Democrat, has come out against some of the irresponsible, unconstitutional actions of the Biden regime, we need more people on the left like her to take the “red pill” and awaken to the “new normal”, a rebirth of the American ideal, a rebirth of the philosophy of American exceptionalism. That is the reason why so many people from around the world want to come here. These people wouldn’t come to a country that is fundamentally racist, or where there is rampant police brutality. For a lot of these people, they have direct experience with that exact type of government. The idea of what America really is, is what drives them here. Listen to the stories of people who have legally immigrated to America, their stories are uplifting, they tell the tales of true repressive regimes like the USSR and are so thankful to become American citizens. It’s late, but not too late to stop this, it can only be stopped if true Americans, along with all the freedom loving peoples of the world band together to fight against this evil. It is a fight, a war, not a conventional war like WWII, where good and evil were clearly defined, but an encompassing total global conflict, being fought on the battlefields of society, on information turfs of good vs evil, right vs wrong, it’s a fight we cannot afford to lose, one that I truly believe we will not lose. After all the only camp I want to go to is the one by my hometown of Chester on the shores of beautiful Lake Almanor.


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