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Tomorrow Never Dies

I’ve always been a fan of the James Bond flicks. Every Bond fan has their own favorite Bond actor, some prefer the original, Sean Connery, while the current version played by Daniel Craig has been very successful. Personally, my favorite was Pierce Brosnan, for me, he had all the quintessential Bond attributes, suave and debonair, he also had the physical attributes to pull off the action sequences that are required of the super spy, something Roger Moore just couldn’t realistically pull off. The current situation in the world reminds me somewhat of the Pierce Brosnan Bond flick “Tomorrow Never Dies”. In the movie, the character Elliot Carver is an evil media mogul who seeks to control all global media. In order to achieve his nefarious goal, he needs to start a war between China and the United Kingdom. The similarity between what Elliot Carver tried to do (of course he was thwarted by the ever-resourceful Bond) and what’s going on with today’s media is compelling. Our media, like Carver, wants to control the narrative, by allowing only what fits into their globalist agenda, and willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish their aims. Tomorrow Never Dies was made in 1997, 24 years ago. It makes you wonder whether the deep state cabal was paying attention and came to the realization of how to control the people by controlling the narrative, or if the writers of the movie were somehow involved with the C.I.A., and the globalist elites. Remember, the C.I.A. had started Operation Mockingbird in the 1950’s for use in the cold war, by hiring journalists to write propagandist articles which were favorable to the desires of the agency. They blackmailed some and bankrolled others, basically corrupting existing journalistic standards. Although most of the so called “experts” say the project has been stopped, it is interesting to note that CNN’s Anderson Cooper, an heir to the Vanderbilt fortune, worked for the C.I.A for a couple of years. The conspiracy theory websites use this as well as the undeniable bias of the MSM as proof that Operation Mockingbird is still ongoing. It’s not hard to believe actually, when you consider all the lies and misinformation that come from CNN and the rest. The Russia-Russia hoax, Jessie Smollett, Hunter Biden's laptop, and the Nick Sandmann-Covington Catholic story are a few just off the top of my head. The latest one with Border Patrol agents allegedly whipping defenseless Haitians, along with the Arizona audit results, are also lies and misinformation that the MSM are regularly promoting. On and on the lies, omissions and misinformation by not just CNN, but ALL the “legacy” mainstream media, from CBS, to ABC and NBC, and the cable media from CNN and MSNBC to Fox News are ongoing. CNN especially, is just a mouthpiece for every lie that comes from spokes-worm Jen Psaki, and the progressive elites. The other day she said in response to a question from Fox News’ Peter Ducey, that the Haitian refugees don’t plan on staying in America for very long, even as they were being flown from under the bridge in Texas where they were camping out, to various unknown destinations inside the U.S. She doesn’t even bother to pretend to tell the truth anymore, she doesn’t have to. It’s like the big bully on the block telling the kid he just beat up, “yeah, well what are you gonna do about it?”. No one challenged her on it, or any of the other lies that spew from her loathsome pie-hole. Anytime someone does get the gumption to try and challenge her, she either obfuscates or ignores them and “circles back” to something else. Then she has the audacity to complain about the criticism being thrown her way. It’s gotten to the point where her smugness and condescension are so irritating that it makes me wonder why no one of the White House press pool doesn’t go up and bitch-slap her.

Even when the left is caught perpetuating a lie it doesn’t matter. Politico came out with a story a few days ago, that Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop was in fact his, something all of us rational thinkers knew was true back in October of 2020. It was a story that most certainly would have affected the outcome of the fraudulent election if it had been reported on and investigated properly. So why come out with this story now, instead of back then? Gee, I don’t know, I can’t figure it out, I’m just a stupid, racist, deplorable sumbitch. The MSM all played up the “intelligence community says it’s Russian disinformation” story, even though Tony Bobulinski, a known business associate of Hunter Biden, said the emails from the laptop were authentic. Big Tech followed along, censoring any deviation from the narrative, so Bobulinski’s story never got any traction from the media, only Tucker Carlson (maybe the only one at Fox with a shred of integrity) who did the interview with Bobulinski, followed the story.

At least Fox News does one decent service. Because of their hatred of rival CNN, they are always willing to throw them under the bus for the lies they tell. Fox, however is as bad as the rest, they still maintain Biden won the election fair and square, I’ve seen nothing on Tucker Carlson about the Arizona Audit, and God forbid you say anything bad about the jab. On Guttfeld’s show one of his guests started talking about vaccine hesitancy and was cut off by the host immediately, actually saying that he doesn’t know of one person who has died from the jab, and downplayed the data from VAERS, saying its unreliable. I’ll admit the info on VAERS is not correct, because it’s been shown to have drastically underestimated the adverse events, especially the death count from the jab. The progressives control the narrative, along with their allies in Big Tech. That much has to be obvious to even the most partisan leftist. However, for those “true believers” the ends always justify the means, the ends being the establishment of a socialist America, and world depopulation. For them, the media/big tech/progressive propaganda machinations are perfectly acceptable. The Nazi propagandist Goebels would have been so proud of these vermin.

The only way to get any reliable information is from the alternative media. The problem is the alternative media is filled with nut-job conspiracy theories. So, who can you believe? I know one thing for sure, the progressives aren’t even trying to hide their lies anymore. Look at the debacle in Afghanistan, General Milley and Defense secretary Austin saying that it was a success, after leaving possibly thousands of people behind at the mercy of the Taliban, whom they graciously rearmed with billions of dollars in American weaponry, after 13 soldiers died needlessly and the drone strike meant for an “ISIS-K” terrorist killed 7 children. The Biden regime saying that the southern border is actually closed and Psaki saying that the illegal immigrants are not actually planning on staying, as hundreds of thousands of them storm the now non-existent border and are flown to cities and towns across the country. The FDA and CDC saying that the vaccines are safe and effective, when their own data shows the exact opposite. They just reclassify anyone who was vaccinated and died within 14 days of the second shot as “unvaccinated”, or just hide the facts from their compliant accessory to murder, the MSM. The bait and switch Pfizer vaccine approval story is a prime example. You have spokes-worm Psaki denying every scandal that seems to appear on an almost daily basis. The MSM is the modern-day equivalent to Pravda, there is no way to be certain of ANYTHING they say, but every reason to be skeptical of EVERYTHING they say.

By contrast, in the alternative media you have claims of “Asian secret societies”, secret deals, Q and the anons, or conspiracy theories that even the most die-hard hopium addict would question. The thing is, over the last couple of years the stories coming from even the most dubious of these sites has proven to be more credible than the drivel coming from the MSM. This has been a right-wing talking point for years. Trump denounces “fake news CNN” all the time. He isn’t wrong, CNN and MSNBC have been proven wrong on so many issues so many times it’s no wonder their ratings are crashing. Probably the only people still watching CNN are those unfortunates who do so while stuck at an airport, or the exceedingly small demographic of true believers. CNN’s ratings as well as those for the Biden regime have plummeted ever since he was installed as the “Puppet In Chief”, (did you see the piece where drunk Nancy P. said that they had to pass the Obama plan?). The progressives obviously have to know this, yet they keep on lying and denying, they just DO NOT give a damn! The general public is obviously catching on, you hear the “F**k Joe Biden” chants at various venues and events. MSM ratings are tanking as well, so it seems that a lot of people are waking up and aren’t buying the lies the media is trying to sell. However, the progressives must feel that there is absolutely nothing that the people can or will do to stop them. They have stolen a presidential election, they are systematically destroying our economy, and our country, by taking away our fundamental constitutional rights. Now they are trying to poison us by mandating we get injected with an experimental drug. Like that big bully on the block, they are taunting us “Yep, you caught us, so what. What can you deplorable, racist, domestic terrorist, Trumpers ever gonna be able to do to stop us! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!” Sadly, it looks like they are right. We can’t rely on our elected leaders to stand up for America, that’s for sure, I truly think that one of the requirements to hold a Congressional office is to have your spine and conscious removed. Big Tech and the MSM control the media and the narrative, in their ongoing effort to keep the “sheeple” in line. George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and “1984” are being played out to perfection as the progressives and globalists try to seize control over every aspect of everyone’s lives.

Like in the Bond flicks, there is always some arch-enemy, like the evil organization “Specter” that 007 is constantly doing battle with. In reality there is an evil organization, in fact there are a lot of evil organizations, all tied together under the banner of globalism, with an agenda of depopulation. One of them is The World Economic Forum (WEF). They came out and boasted before their 2020 convention “in the future, you will own nothing, and be happier”. If you look at the WEF’s website you can see a tab marked “platforms”, and if you go there, you can find another tab for Covid 19. I encourage everyone to check this out, just looking at all the detail on this page you can tell this plan has been in the works for a looooong time. It contains a literal web of connections and plans for the globalist future. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is another evil organization masking themselves under the disguise of philanthropy, but their agenda of world depopulation is shown by their real acts of murder in Africa with the use of vaccines and questionable medications. The United Nations, George Soros and the CCP all truly qualify as enemies of humanity. They are the real AXIS OF EVIL.

The question then becomes, is there anyone who can stop them? Is there a James Bond out there? Is our only hope that the “white hats” in the Q posts are real? Is an army of Good, of God, waging a desperate war to stop, what can only be labeled as Satanic depopulation, will God forsake humanity as he did in the time of Noah? Maybe, maybe not. If not, then the battle falls to We The People, not just Americans but all the people of the world. It’s a battle to the death! It’s a war unlike any war ever fought before. It’s not about armies on battlefields, it’s about life on Earth, about freedom from despotism and slavery, from evil monsters who see humans as mere commodities which are ultimately expendable for “the greater good”. It’s a war for everything, our immediate future and the future of our children. It really is good vs evil. After Noah, God promised to never again bring the floods, but when I see our Congress trying to make full-term abortion, which really is tantamount to murder, legal, when I see the governments of the world pushing for 100% vaccinations with a drug that is undeniably worse than the virus it’s supposed to protect us from, when I read about doctors and scientists who have totally sacrificed their Hippocratic oath on the alter of depopulation, when I see the absolute evil of the globalists I wonder if he might be thinking twice about that decision. Looking at all the evil that exists in the world today, I wouldn’t blame him if he did.

Still, God’s promise is with us. We can rely on that promise. Unlike Noah’s time there is more than one righteous person in the world. The internet abounds with the faithful, who are praying for deliverance from the evil that is threatening to engulf the world today. I don’t want to get into any religious discussion about righteousness. I truly believe that no matter what religion or philosophy someone believes in, there is an innate understanding of good vs evil. Some of us humans have chosen to believe the evil lies of the depopulation purveyors in a misguided belief that it is the only hope for mankind’s survival, possibly believing that at the end of the day they and their families will be spared. All you need to do is look at the list of people who are not mandated to take the jab, the White House, the CDC, the FDA, the WHO and the vaccine manufacturers are ALL exempt. That is the reason for the “rules for thee, but not for me” philosophy they exhibit constantly. I really don’t think that they believe they are being hypocritical. In their minds, it’s an ideology, a belief in the religion of depopulation, that drives them to do the unwitting evil that some of them do. I admit that over-population and a dwindling of the worlds resources are legitimate issues, but the systematic murder of billions of people can’t be called anything else but ABSOLUTE EVIL. A favorite song of mine is Johnny Cash’s “Gods Gonna Cut You Down”, the last verse goes “You can throw your rock, hide your hand, workin’ in the dark against your fellow man, but as sure as God made black and white, what’s done in the dark will be brought to the light”. I have to have faith that God will save humanity, that with God’s help, mankind can achieve a rational, moral solution to these issues, I only hope that the minds that might have brought about this solution haven’t been aborted before having the chance to do so, so that the promise of TOMORROW, NEVER DIES!



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