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To Dream The Impossible Dream


I’ve always aspired to be a writer. It’s the reason I started writing this blog. After my rather unceremonious dismissal from my previous employment, I suddenly had the time on my hands to start writing. When I was in high school, I thought I would write novels. I took a creative writing course and my teacher really liked the short stories I wrote. It never worked out though, for a lot of reasons, mainly the same ones that stopped any aspirations of a musical career. My desire for financial stability. The whole starving artist thing just wasn’t very appealing to me. Writing this blog has been, if nothing else, therapeutic. It has brought out a way for me to express myself, that is both fulfilling and challenging.

Sometimes I have difficulty deciding what to write about. It’s not writers block, it’s because there are so many things I want to write about. The political situation in America is so all encompassing these days, that most of my blogs end up being about politics. I listen to the news and there always seems to be a new story. As I go through my daily search of web sites and news shows that I’ve recorded, there is always some new outrage that either isn’t being told by the mainstream media, or if so, isn’t being reported truthfully. A lot of the time they are touting “breaking news” stories that I’ve known about for months. It’s not like I fancy myself as some great investigative reporter, there are far better people out there doing a far better job than I ever could. My purpose in writing this blog, is to try and give my perspective on current events that affect the lives of my fellow Americans. That being said, there is one job that I think I could do way better than the people currently doing it. That is the press corps at the White House. I actually kind of liked what they did to Trump during his term, they actually did their job of questioning everything he did, and to his credit, Trump didn’t dodge the questions. He did call out the ones who weren’t actually asking questions, who were just making phony accusations, kind of like the old “when did you stop beating your wife”, type of questions. Or the ones who were just spreading fake news, but he didn’t run and hide. Something Biden has turned into an art form. The White House press corps under Biden has been nothing more than a propaganda tool for his administration. The only one who has tried to actually ask serious questions is Fox News' Peter Doocy. Even so, his questions fall far short of the visible hatred that Trump, or his press secretary, had to endure on an almost daily basis.

I would love to be able to ask Biden, or his Pravda-like spokesworm, Jen Psaki, (because Uncle Joe is protected from doing any serious press conferences), some serious questions. These would be questions I’m sure that a whole lot of Americans would like some answers to.

Question number one, We have seen big tech firms censor conservative voices who do not agree with this administration’s policies. This White House, Big Tech alliance in censorship is unprecedented and frankly, un-American. Does this administration really support this? If not, will you publicly denounce this censorship and support the breakup of these big tech monopolies?

Number two; The CDC and your own health advisor, Dr. Fauci have been constantly flip-flopping on all things related to Covid, these reversals and disinformation have resulted in a belief by a great many people, that our health officials can’t be trusted. The mask and social distancing regulations have been shown by numerous well qualified scientists and peer reviews studies to be faulty and basically useless. Now they are pushing vaccine mandates even for people with natural immunity, an obvious denial of accepted science, why? Has some sort of deal been negotiated with the Big Pharmaceutical companies? Can you comment on the allegation that doctors are receiving bonuses for vaccinations? Recently, the FDA approved one of the vaccines, without a public hearing, in violation of the own rules, can you explain this? The government’s own reporting system, VAERS, is showing over 12,000 deaths due to the vaccine, yet when 25 died because of the Swine Flu vaccine the FDA pulled it from distribution. Why are they letting this experimental vaccine to continue to be used? Once again, this administration has coordinated with big tech to censor what you consider misinformation, thereby prohibiting a rational discussion of any possible ideas or solutions to this pandemic. For instance, the inventor of the vaccine Robert Malone, has come out against mandatory vaccinations and for early treatment of Covid using Ivermectin, but has been censored by social media. Every day, credible scientists, doctors and authors are getting pulled off social media platforms, because of what this administration, in conjunction with these tech giants, considers misinformation. My question is, what are you afraid of? What is this administration trying to hide? If the facts are on your side, you should be unafraid of differing opinions, you should welcome a debate that would prove your point. Why are you willing to subvert our fundamental, constitutionally guaranteed, right to free speech? Is it because you think that the average American citizen is too stupid to think for themselves, or is there some hidden agenda you are not willing to tell the American people about?

Question number three; The F.B.I. recently issued a report that said that the protest on Jan. 6th was not coordinated, basically blowing the whole insurrection story apart. On the basis of this, will the protestors still being held in the D.C. jail be released? Also, when will the D.O.J. release the 14,000 hours of surveillance video it captured on that day? If the D.O.J is not willing to come forward with the surveillance footage, can you give us a legitimate reason for them to withhold that information? Many members of congress have come forward and said how traumatic this protest was, some even crying during Speaker Pelosi’s House committee session investigating the January 6th protest. We the people, need to know what actually happened on that day. Can you tell us how many F.B.I. agents were involved, and what was their role in the protest? Can you confirm or deny the allegations that Antifa was part of the protest? It’s been speculated that the release of the F.B.I. report is a ploy to prevent their involvement in the protest from being revealed. What is your response to that allegation?

Question number four; There have been numerous reports lately that have seriously questioned the ability of Joe Biden to run the government. Former President Trump’s health advisor has come forward and said that he doesn’t think Joe Biden is capable, mentally of doing the job. More and more people are talking about his cognitive decline. He couldn’t remember basic details of his own son’s life, for example. Now with the situation in Afghanistan, the widespread criticism of his actions and the disparity between what he says, and what other members of his cabinet are saying, do you support having him take a cognitive test to determine if he is actually mentally capable of executing his duties?

Question number five; You have reversed all of Donald Trump’s policies, specifically the ones that make America safe, such as the remain in Mexico policy, and the construction of the border wall. The results of these have been a huge surge in illegal immigration from over 100 countries that is unparalleled in American history. Given the fact that drug cartels control the Mexican side of the border, charging people thousands of dollars to come over, is this administration comfortable in colluding with these cartels in human trafficking? Also, an alarming amount of fentanyl from China is also going over the border, resulting in the overdose deaths of thousands of Americans. Your policies have enabled this to happen. The number of people streaming across our border is so large that there is no way to properly vet even the ones who are caught. Let alone the ones who have evaded our Border Patrol. Our Border Patrol is so tied down with paperwork from the masses of illegal immigrants, 90% of whom are reported as being young men of military age, that they can’t even do their basic job of protecting our border. This obviously makes the probability of terrorists coming across Mexico into the U.S. extremely high. What are you going to do to ensure the safety of America? Why are you pressuring private companies and state governments to mandate the vaccine while letting hundreds of thousands of untested, un-vaccinated, un-vetted, illegal immigrants to settle in our country, spreading a potentially deadly disease? How do you live with this on your conscious? How do you sleep at night? How can you possibly justify this blatant hypocrisy?

At this point, probably much sooner, I am sure I would have been rudely escorted out of the briefing room, thrown into a hellhole D.C. jail and left to rot. But if not, I would have one final question. Your son Hunter’s laptop has been authenticated by outside sources like The Daily Mail, and Just The News, for example, as belonging to him. The information on it, not only shows his rampant drug use, which would make his lying about it on his firearms application a felony, but also possible child pornography. It also details how you and your family illegally profited from the use of your political office for private gain. Have you sold out America to the Chinese Communist Party? Are you not in fact, a puppet of that regime? Do you even like America, or is this all just a plot to enrich your family? In the short time you have been in office, your policies have created a work force that can’t afford to go back to work. Skyrocketing inflation, the collapse of our southern border, and our demise from being energy independent, to now begging OPEC to produce more oil. Now we have the humiliation of our catastrophic, poorly planned withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving Americans stranded, yes I said STRANDED. The loss of BILLIONS of dollars-worth of valuable military equipment, let alone the loss of our standing in the international community is a grave defeat for America. The result of this will be an increase of the threat of real terrorism, led by a resurgence of Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Yet, this administration has said that the greatest threat to America is white supremacy and domestic terrorists, further sowing division in our country, while ignoring real threats to our nation’s security. ARE YOU NOT IF FACT, A TRAITOR TO THIS GREAT COUNTRY?

In my fantasy, it’s a drop the mike situation, all the traitorous main stream media trolls would just be sitting there with dropped jaws, apoplectic in their outrage that their emperor has been shown to have no clothes. People will flood the airwaves and internet with either joy or indignation. The truth would finally be revealed. People who have held their deep dark secrets in fear of reprisals from the deep dark state would be emboldened to tell the truth, unburden their soul. We the people would regain our political power, without the need for a revolution or civil war. Ok, it’s my fantasy, and I get to be the hero. Of course, this is pure fantasy. Number one, there is no one in today’s media who would even be allowed to ask these questions, let alone having the balls to do it. Sure, there are a lot of people like me out there in the vast wasteland of the internet who have no problem asking these and a lot more interesting and necessary questions, but there ain’t a chance in hell of any of us being in a White House press conference. The so-called “fourth estate” has been abandoned to craven cowards, and partisan hacks. Even the ones on “conservative Fox News”, like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Dan Bongino, Laura Ingraham, won’t ask the real questions that need to be answered, until there is overwhelming evidence that something is hinky. They skirt around them, possibly afraid of being taken out by the woke mob. I often wonder what they, and their fellow “journalists” talk about in their private conversations. Is Jim Acosta really that much of an idealogue? Is he really that ignorant? He can’t be that much of a pompous ass. Does anybody at CNN regret that they HAVE to read the company line, regardless of their personal opinions? What does Tucker Carlson really know? I’m sure during his time in the media, he has made some VERY interesting contacts, who have privately, told him some VERY interesting things. He brags about being the enemy of “group-speak and lying pomposity” but you know he isn’t sharing everything he knows or believes, none of them do. I would love to have a private, off the record conversation with any of them. What do these media types talk about to each other when the cameras and microphones aren’t on? Maybe Greg Gutfeld and Brian Stelter are actually good friends, maybe Sean Hannity isn’t a complete asshole. I sometimes wonder however, if all of them aren’t just sitting in a bar somewhere, laughing at us dumb deplorables. They sit in their comfortable houses in predominantly white neighborhoods, and like Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo, criticize and pontificate on air about the “racist domestic terrorists”, in the fly-over states. Is it because they are afraid of actually telling the real truth? Are they afraid of losing their phony, baloney jobs, their comfortable homes, their time in the limelight? One almost has to be a complete narcissist to want to be on T.V., it certainly takes a unique type of personality, but it also must entail a selling of your soul. The news media long ago forgot its obligation of impartiality, in favor of ratings and entertainment. Now, everything is a narrative, a story, not necessarily the truth, but something that can masquerade as the truth. It’s something to please the masses no matter which side of the political spectrum they subscribe to. It reminds me of professional wrestling, where, according to what side of the political fence you’re on, one side is the hero, the other, the villain. The narrative is then cultivated to that particular people group, to inflame and divide, but also, most importantly, to get ratings, to get advertisers, to get paid, sometimes very handsomely. The truth has now become fungible and ultimately, it’s become lost in some sort of gray area of partial truth, partial lie.

The thing is, all of these folks in the mainstream media have access to people and information the rest of us don’t, they have to know a lot more than what they are telling us, and yet they, for the most part, remain silent. Either they are true believers or cowards. The true believers who feel that telling a lie is ok, the ends justify the means, because it further advances their treasonous agenda of the socialization of America. Or they are the cowards, plain and simple. The issue is that in these dark and dangerous times, cowardice is really tantamount to treason as well. That may sound hyperbolic, but if you think about it, it’s true. When our entire government becomes tyrannical, when it stops being a government of the people, by the people, for the people, then the only ones who can stop it, short of a revolution or a civil war, is a free, brave, independent, news media. Free from censorship, free to express contrary opinions, unafraid of the consequences of telling the real truth. My only hope is that the new breed of “citizen journalists” will carry the torch, otherwise all may be lost. The problem is, not enough people listen to them, and it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Also, it’s so easy to spread disinformation, and some people have abused this power to great effect, hence the calls for censorship of “misinformation”. What remains, and this applies to citizen journalism as well as to mainstream media, is for the consumer, the everyday American, to practice discernment. Censorship can never be the answer. The innate God given ability to distinguish truth from the narrative. It’s been lost, because frankly, we as a country stopped using it. For far too long we have depended on our media to tell us the truth, and they have failed us. Discernment has been lost but hopefully, not forgotten. We still have the ability, if we really try, if we really want to, to discern the truth from the lies. While walking the dogs the other day at Sonoma State University, there were all these students walking around outdoors with masks on. They are wearing cloth masks that don’t work, to prevent a disease they have a 99.98% chance of surviving, in the bright sunshine, which has been proven to kill the virus. I remarked to my wife that our kids are not being taught critical thinking, they’re not being shown how to think for themselves. This is tragic, they can’t “learn to discern” unless they are taught to think for themselves.

The old adage “how do you tell if a politician is lying? His lips are moving” applies now more than ever. We obviously can’t trust what we are being told by our government. We should question everything and demand the real answers, and demand to see the proof behind those answers. Don’t rely on what the “talking heads” on T.V. are telling you, you have to find the answer for yourself, and that entails research, digging for the truth behind the narratives. It isn’t easy, we have let big tech censor us and we have let our politicians let them get away with it. If we want to keep America free, this may be the only way, this side of violence, to do it. Learn to discern, Knowledge is power, POWER TO THE PEOPLE, RIGHT ON!


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