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The View From North Carolina (part 2)

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It seems like autumn might be here in N.C., the last couple of days have seen the humidity and temps at normal, tolerable levels. I’ve heard that temperatures in the 90’s are in the forecast for next week, so I’ll enjoy the mild weather while it lasts. Still, even with the hot weather coming it’s better than what California went through recently, with Sonoma County seeing daytime temperatures reaching 115, OUCH! The heat wave prompted the incredibly stupid Governor Hairdoo to ask people to not only curb their use of electric appliances during peak hours, but in a hilariously ironic request, ask Californians to not charge their electric vehicles. Vehicles which he mandated to be the only ones able to be sold in the Golden State by 2035. To quote that wise and erudite commentator, Bugs Bunny, “what a maroon!”

On our move to N.C., we left the Bay Area and traveled south down I-5 on the way to Bakersfield. As we traversed the central valley there were dozens of homemade signs on the freeway demanding that Gruesome Newsome stop sending the irrigation water that farmers desperately need, into the ocean. One which read “MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN, STOP DUMPING 78% OF OUR WATER INTO THE OCEAN”, was typical of the dozens of signs we saw (I’ve actually have heard tales the water is being diverted to other states like Nevada and Utah, to cool the massive server farms the N.S.A. uses to track anything and everything, but that’s a story that will never be allowed to be told),

The government in California seems hell bent on turning what was once the most beautiful, prosperous state in the union, an economy that was the 3rd largest in the world, into some dystopian, liberal utopia. In my view it’s all part of the progressive-globalist (prog-glob) plot to not only destroy America, but to institute “The Great Reset” of their globalist agenda. One of their most nefarious tactics is to starve out the populace. The usual suspects of mainstream “fact checkers” such as Politico, tell us that the rash of over 100 food processing plants burning down, and mass deaths of cattle and poultry are all very explainable and that there’s nothing to see here. These are the same fact checkers that said the election in 2020 was the safest and most secure, that the Russia Hoax was real, and the Wu-flu jabs were safe and effective, so forgive me if I don’t put a lot of credence in their fact checking prowess. You have to look at the entire picture, where you have all of these food processing plants catching on fire, coupled with the mass deaths of cattle and poultry. In California Farmers are losing their farms because they can’t get enough water to irrigate their crops. Add in the whole supply chain crisis. One very interesting thing we noticed as we were travelling across the southwest, was train after train, hundreds of rail cars, just sitting out there in the middle of nowhere, not moving. Noted depopulation advocate Bill Gates along with China have been busy buying up huge swaths of American farmland, to the point where Gates (who also owns that wonderful eco-friendly poison giant, Monsanto) has accumulated the most farmland in America. Another thing is the chem-trails that crisscross our skies. In California the atmosphere is littered with grid patterns of chem-trails. It’s gotten to the point where you could literally play tic-tac-toe with them. It’s so disheartening to see them becoming more and more common here in rural North Carolina. Geoengineering is a fact, and I can’t believe that no one is talking about the chemicals being sprayed into the air we breathe by government jets. I’ve seen it happen in real time, I looked up one day as I was walking my dogs and spotted a plane spewing its chem-trail for a couple of minutes, and then all of the sudden it just stopped, but the chem trail remained for hours afterwards. You can’t explain that away as a normal jet contrail. What the hell are they spraying on us, on our food, in our water supply? Are these chemicals, this geoengineering, responsible for the heat waves that were blamed for the deaths of thousands of cattle in Texas? Weather manipulation has been going on for decades. My own father was involved with it. He was a field meteorologist with Pacific Gas and Electric when they were developing their hydroelectric system in northern California. They used silver iodine to seed clouds to produce more snowfall, and it worked! In fact, it worked so well that when the snow pack melted it flooded my home town of Chester. That was over 50 years ago, who knows what geoengineers are capable of now, since they have been doing it since before WWII.

To my thinking it’s all part of the prog-glob agenda of depopulation which I’ve written about numerous times before. Starvation is simply another arrow in their quiver. (A quiver that reminds me of Legolas’s endless quiver in “The Lord of The Rings” movies). There’s the Covid arrow, followed by the jab arrow. Next, they use the open southern border arrow, which, among other evils, like human trafficking, is allowing tremendous amounts of fentanyl to get into the U.S. resulting in the overdose deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. Then, you have the starvation arrow, along with that old tried and true arrow, abortion. Why do you think the prog-globs are so upset about the Dobb’s decision? There is the insidious poisoning arrow. Not only are we being bombarded from the sky with chem-trails spewing God knows what on everyone, I’ve watched videos of Canadian government officials actually poisoning a river, under the guise of controlling algae or some such nonsense. The fellow taking the video captured scores of dead fish where they were pouring some kind of chemical into a small river. Our food supply is being manipulated with addictive sugars and additives to make us fat, (this is so insidious because if your body isn’t getting proper nutrition from food, you aren’t able to think clearly.) They also have the added benefit of increasing impotency in men by lowering sperm counts, yippee! So, you have the jab affecting women’s fertility, check out the statistics for miscarriages after receiving the vaccine, coupled with decreased sperm counts in men because of what the FDA allows to be put in our food, along with wanting to have very young children inoculated with the latest poison the FDA has approved, after they tested it on 8 mice! I saw a message from the CDC talking about how to deal with your child if they develop Myocarditis for God’s sake! Nah, there’s nothing going on, it’s all just a coincidence. The FDA is allowing chemicals to be injected into food products that are actually banned in other countries. (if there is any government agency that needs to be disbanded and restructured, besides the FBI, it’s the FDA, along with CDC, the CIA, I could go on and on). The next and probably the most terrifying of all is the Civil War arrow, which we are seeing the prog-globs propagandists in the MSM promote breathlessly, demonizing millions of Americans as “semi-fascists, racists and domestic extremists. (I used to be a terrorist, now I’m an extremist, love how the prog-globs manipulate language, can you say “Animal Farm? I knew you could). It all begs a question I asked months ago when writing about Herr Dr. Mengela-Fauci, how many people have to die before there’s enough to satisfy the satanic depopulation desires of these monsters? Ask Bill Gates, he’ll tell you.

One of my favorite t.v. shows was “Vikings”, I loved how it combined a few historical facts in a fictional drama to give the show a feel of reality. One of the coolest things the Vikings used was the shield wall to thwart archery attacks. They would use their shields to form a defensive dome that the enemies’ shafts couldn’t penetrate. We patriotic Americans need to create our own version of a shield wall, to resist the endless arrows of the prog-globs. The first shield has to be speaking out against the tyranny of the Biden Regime, to exercise of our first amendment right of free speech. I understand that with the weaponization of the DOJ, the censorship and tracking imposed at the request of the Biden Regime by Big-Tech, that there is a legitimate fear about speaking out, but in the immortal words of Thomas Paine, These are the times that try men’s souls, the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country… We need to stand strong and united in speaking out, mocking and resisting authoritarian tyranny. The Biden Regime, acting on the orders of their puppet masters, have declared war on us. The brown-shirts of the FBI/Gestapo are only trying to intimidate patriots now, how long before they take the next step and arrest the average Joe just because he disagrees with the Biden regime? Actually, they have already started doing that, with the unconstitutional incarceration of the Jan 6th defendants, and their torturous internment in the D.C. Gulag. We need to convince the “normies” out there that this a crucial defining moment in American history. The enemy have done their best to divide America. The divide isn’t between the Democrats and Republicans, it’s between people who believe in freedom, the constitution, and the rule of law, and equal justice under the law and those who basically hate all the good things America stands for, who believe the lies that we’re a racist, intolerant county with no redeeming value whatsoever. If you look at it from that perspective, it’s not half of the country vs the other half, it’s like probably more like an 80/20 split instead of 50/50 and I’m being very generous to the prog-globs with those figures, because I refuse to believe that 80 some-odd million people actually voted for the decrepit fool residing in the White House. The 20% are the elites and their woke, useful idiot, insane, sheeple followers that purposely mislead decent people. If sane Americans were actually allowed to know what’s really going on, there would be demonstrations and protests from coast to coast. So, it’s up to those of us who have taken the time to try and find truth, to inform the normies that they are being used as tools. Democracy and freedom die in the dark, die in silence, die in willful ignorance, and it’s up to all of us who realize what’s going on, to shine the light of truth on these perpetrators of what can only be labeled as evil. I realize that this may come across as being overly dramatic, but this isn’t a war between the leftists and “The Extreme Maga Republicans” that Biden decried in his Hitleresque speech, it’s a global conflict between good and evil. A world war between people who bow down in subservience to, or who are deceived by, the satanic prog-globs, and people who believe in and trust in God and believe in American exceptionalism. It really boils down to that, and if we look at it from that perspective, we’ll realize that God is the most effective shield wall we can possibly have against the slings and arrows of the enemy.

Shine a light, my brothers and sisters, and always


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