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The View From North Carolina (part 1)

Southern Exposure

Preface; I am going to do a series of essays about my adventures, thoughts and opinions after moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to east central North Carolina. I want to explore the differences, of which there are many, and amazingly enough, some similarities. As always, my Christian conservative perspective will be in full force. I hope you enjoy these essays, and if you do share with family and friends also, please feel free to leave a comment on my blogsite –, Rock on!

It’s been almost three months here in N.C. and I have to say this whole transition hasn’t gone anything like I expected. The house we moved into needed far more repairs than we anticipated, there are issues getting decent produce and meat locally, and it was insufferably humid for a month, even the locals said it was extreme. On the other side, it’s beautiful here. There are awesome thunderstorms, lightning bugs, wild critters roaming around, (the coolest being a box turtle with yellow-orangish markings on his shell huge, one of which looked like the number 3, so I named him Dale Earnhardt), huge cicadas (which my boy Corndog finds very tasty) that are just a few of the very pleasant surprises we encountered these past weeks. Since our original visit to look at some properties in N.C. lasted less than a week, a very hectic one at that, it should have come to no surprise that we were surprised.

Going From Sonoma County California to Edgecombe County in North Carolina is like moving to another country, not just another state. I run into people who ask me how I like it here, and my answer is “I feel like I’ve been paroled”. Despite all the frustrations of our house, the weather, the food, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now then here. With all that is going on in our country, I’m so glad to be blessed with owning a home free and clear, in a place where my wife and I are safe.

How safe I guess remains to be seen after the news reports of people who question the integrity of the 2020 election are getting subpoenaed by the DOJ and visited by the Gestapo. I’ve written, and so have many others, that the election of 2020 was a complete fraud. Any rational thinking person who has done just a little research knows that this is true. The MSM can deny it all day long, but the facts are there. So, is it just a matter of time before the brown shirts of the FBI come knocking at my door?

One thing my fellow conspiracy theorists and I have talked about is the possibility of a civil war. Some of them, myself included, think that for all intents and purposes a civil “infowar” has already begun. The Jan 6th primetime show trial, juxtaposed with the exposés from Revolver News and The Epoch Times, showing the Gestapo’s role in the Jan.6 th “insurrection”, should be enough to convince anyone, that the leftists are trying to instigate an actual civil war. Why? To stop the midterm elections? To institute Martial Law and suspend whatever rights we have left? To insure one party rule in perpetuity? Probably those reasons and a few more that are too heinous to think about. Before I moved to N.C. I thought the possibility of civil war was remote at best, that the whole insurrection narrative was turning out to be a big nothing-burger for the progressive-globalists (prog-globs). Yes, we conservatives are mad as hell at the Biden regime. We know what they are trying to do to America. We also know that taking up arms against a tyrannical government that is doing its best to goad us into violence is simply playing into their hands. Yes, we are frustrated at our so-called representatives in Congress for not speaking out in the strongest way against Biden’s Gestapo and their political purge. We feel the effects of rampant inflation and an open southern border. We bemoan our subservience to China, wail about how children are being groomed and indoctrinated in our public schools and the lawlessness and drug overdoses that kill hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens. (Yes, I’m including you in these murders, Herr Dr. Mengela Fauci). Our frustration grows when we see the MSM either censor these stories, ignore them completely or just flat out lie to protect their prog-glob masters. They characterize us as “semi-fascists” whatever the hell that means, saying that we are the ones who want to end American democracy, which in itself is a twofold lie, #1 they are quite obviously projecting their own sins on righteous patriots, and #2, America is not a democracy, we are a constitutional republic. We see the situation becoming increasingly dire.

Even with all that, we don’t want an armed conflict with other Americans. We just want sanity restored, the constitution respected, our rights not trampled on by an authoritarian, illegitimate, illegal regime. The prog-globs are pulling out all the stops to try and demonize half (I actually think it’s more like three quarters) of the population. Calling us domestic terrorist, threats to democracy, white supremacists and the whole litany of pejoratives in their desperate attempt to cling to power. They employ images modeled from Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germany during Bidens “soul of America” speech, and their lackeys in the MSM cheer on, calling it a great wartime style speech! For the love of God these people actually want to see Americans fighting and killing their fellow Americans! It’s completely unhinged.

Since all of madness began in 2019-2020, I keep expecting sanity and reason to put an end to bizzarro-world. I have such a hard time believing that normal people who, while they may agree with some of the traditional tenets of the Democrat party, like big government and high taxes, actually think what’s going on in with the Democrat party and the Biden regime is fine. I wrote a blog a while ago asking where are the civil libertarians. Those so-called defenders of our rights against government over-reach. Why did the Dershowitz’s of the world sit on their hands when Obummer and Hil-liar-ly Clinton were perpetrating their illegal campaign spying and the Russia-gate hoax on not only the Trump campaign and administration, but the American people as well. Where are they now, when an increasingly authoritarian government is engaged in a political purge of its enemies. Don’t they see a problem with the brown-shirts of the FBI/Gestapo using illegal general warrants, to engage in fishing expeditions to drum up phony charges against the opposition party? Warrants whose sole purpose is to intimidate the opposition by using the Stalinesque tactics of inventing crimes. Always remember it was Stalin who infamously said “show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime”.

I sometimes wonder, do the useful idiots at MSNBC and CNN that spew this cow excrement, (excrement they must get directly from the White House), believe what they are reading off the teleprompter? Because they apparently lack the ability to think for themselves. When they get off camera and maybe meet at a local pub, do they laugh and giggle at how they are putting it to the “Trumpers”, without realizing the incredible harm they are doing? To use a quote from the McCarthy hearings “have you no decency?” Have they no shame? I think not, these people have sold their souls to what can only be called evil. I listened to Glen Beck for a few moments today on my way to get yet even more stuff for my house from the local Lowes. (if a day goes by without a visit to a hardware store it’s a good day). He made a great point about things that people would have considered evil just a few years ago, are now being deemed acceptable in today’s society. Men can have babies, but we can’t define what a woman is, pedophiles are now “minor attracted people” or “maps” and are simply misunderstood, the sexual indoctrination of our children is perfectly fine, and surgically mutilating their genitals is actually a good thing, criminals are victims, and victims are to blame. All I can say is that anybody who can’t see what’s going on needs to read Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, and “1984” and get a good dose of WAKE THE F**K UP! FOR GOD’S SAKE CAN’T YOU SEE HOW YOU ARE BEING USED BY POWERS THAT DON’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS ABOUT YOU! Sincerely has America been so dumbed down and numbed up, that we can’t see what’s being done to us?

Or has it? Just when I start to lose hope, something happens to restore my faith in America, usually it’s a little thing. Like today, my wife and I were shopping at the local grocery store and a lady came in behind us wearing a bold red t-shirt with “Lets Go Brandon” in big letters. We smiled and gave her a big thumbs up. I get the feeling that a lot of people are mad as hell, but don’t want to say or do anything for fear of the government, or being cancelled or whatever. Despite what the puppet masters running the decrepit stooge that is Joe Biden say, you can’t escape the facts of runaway inflation, runaway crime and runaway illegal immigration, all of which directly affect the lives of every American. I hope and pray that it won’t come down to Americans fighting Americans, that in the end the people will see through the lies and propaganda and kick all of these swamp dwelling bastards out, in both parties. If not…, well I guess we’ll just have to see what God’s will is. With all the debauchery and immorality permeating not only America but the entire world, I fear the wrath of God, who would be completely justified in wiping humanity off the face of the earth. We all need to pray for peace and sanity, pray for humanity to come together to fight evil, pray for leaders who understand morality, freedom and individual rights to be lifted up, ones who won’t succumb to the poison of political power, and most of all pray for God’s mercy. We sure need it.

Pray on all of my brothers and sisters, and as always


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Preach it, brother! I get incensed and boiling mad when these asshats use the term "democracy", over and over again.


Sorry about the shouting.

later, dude

17 sep. 2022
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We all need to shout out the truth from the highest mountaintops, rock on!

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