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The United States of Western China

I wrote in one of my blogs (Who I Am, Who Am I) about my love of sports, and how disgusted I was when Golden State Warriors coach, Steve Kerr, equated China with America in terms of civil rights, and how they treat their citizens. At the time I was outraged, China’s policy of the ethnic cleansing of Uyghur Muslims, forced abortions, political prisoners being used for organ harvesting, were just a few of the unconscionable atrocities being committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Now just 7 months into the Biden Crime Families regime, I am forced to agree with Coach Kerr. In just a few short months Biden has managed to create a sort of China in progress here in America. The atrocities are different, but they are atrocities, just the same. There were a couple of stories I read this weekend that made me realize how far down that road have gone. These stories made me question my faith, not just in America but in humanity. The first one I heard on Tucker Carlson’s daily show, he had a spokesperson from PETA talking about how the University of Pennsylvania was using dogs in medical experiments. Specifically, they were using Beagles, because of their compliant and trusting nature. She went on to say that the dogs were usually euthanized after these experiments, one of which was injecting them with parasites and then monitoring their slow decline, another where they bred Beagles with poor eyes, so that they could then remove the eyes, and then kill the animal. Dogs are not the only animals being used for medical testing, all kinds of animals are being tortured in these experiments, which, according to the lady from PETA, are unnecessary 95% of the time. This is heinous, especially for me, I am an avid dog lover, I have three rescue dogs that are a part of my family. I get VERY angry when I hear about animal abuse, I, ignorantly believed that sometimes using animals for medical experiments was a necessary evil. It’s not necessary, it’s just evil. Researchers get grants from the National Institute of Health (NIH) or Health and Human Services (HHS) so that they can conduct these cruel and evil experiments and then write a paper about the results, so they can in turn receive more funding. The experiments at the University of Pennsylvania were done with grants from the NIH, yes that’s Tony “The Fraud” Fauci’s NIH. As awful as that story is, I read another one, so horrible, so demonic, that it chilled my blood. The University of Pittsburg was doing organ harvesting from aborted fetuses. That alone is thoroughly despicable, but then came the bombshell, they were inducing labor to make sure the organs being harvested, had a blood supply for the longest time possible. In other words, these were babies, some of which would have survived in a neo-natal unit as a “preemie”, who had been BORN ALIVE! They had heartbeats, before they were murdered for their organs! Once again these were funded by government grants. We the people, those of us who pay taxes, are paying for this horror. How is any different from the organ harvesting China does with their political prisoners?

The next one is the persecution of political enemies. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a “terror threat” over the weekend. The supposed threat was from people who were anti-vax, or who believed that the election was stolen, or that Trump was going to be reinstated in August. They had no credible threats, but still they issued the warning anyway. Basically what they did was proclaim 80 million or more Americans as domestic terrorists! Couple that with a leaked document from the C.D.C. that they have a plan to segregate vaccinated people from the unvaccinated, plus the unlawful (in my nonlawyer view) incarceration of the January 6th Capital protestors, along with the censorship of opinions and facts that don’t agree with the narrative by Big Tech, and you can figure out what the real intentions are. Sounds like China to me.

Next we have the unelected bureaucrats in charge of our health, like Dr. “Mengele” Fauci, and the CDC’s Rochelle Wolensky, who along with ignorant Hollywood has-beens like Arnold Schwarzenegger, that are telling us we have to put aside our freedoms, because of the dastardly virus. The “Terminator” actually said, excuse my language, “f**k your freedom”, well actually Arnold, it’s F**K YOU! The only thing is that Americans are seemingly willing to give up their freedom for a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate. If we let this unholy alliance of the illegally elected “Resident” Joe “Xiden” Biden, the mainstream media, Big Tech in Silicon Valley, the federal bureaucracy, and famous elites, like actors and athletes spread their panic porn to the point where we willingly give up our freedoms, then all is lost and America will descend into being a vassal of the CCP.

Our southern border has collapsed, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are pouring from around the world through what was once our border with Mexico. I read one report that said enough illegal immigrants have crossed into America to make it the 7th largest city in America! No one disputes that fact. No one disputes the fact that the cartels control the Mexican side of the border. No one disputes the fact that the illegal immigrants have to pay coyotes to obtain passage into America. Does anybody really believe that the cartels are doing this for humanitarian reasons? They are HUMAN TRAFFICKERS! THEY ARE CHILD TRAFFICKERS! THEY ARE SEX TRAFFICKERS! By allowing this to happen, America has been made complicit in these crimes of human trafficking. That doesn’t even take into account the spike in fentanyl that has also been allowed to go through our southern border, fentanyl, a drug so powerful, it makes heroin seem like a day in the park, a drug that is responsible for THOUSANDS OF OVERDOSE DEATHS! Guess where the worlds supply of fentanyl comes from, that’s right, China. So, America, is now working with the CCP to kill more Americans, nice.

Then we have the debacle in Afghanistan. For twenty years we wasted soldiers fighting a war that only the generals, neo-cons and the defense contractor industry wanted. We spent hundreds of billions of dollars that were supposed to train an Afghan army to take over and install a government that would be free of Taliban influence, it never happened. We should have left Afghanistan once Al Qaeda fled to Pakistan, a couple of years after we sent our troops to Afghanistan, but our elected leader were intent on “nation building”, and convinced the American public that this had to be done to ensure America’s security. Trump had a plan to get us out, but he was thwarted by his own military, General Milley to be precise. Trump’s plan would have gotten us out, and would have kept the Taliban at bey. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, recalled the conversation they had with the Taliban, he said Trump made a point of saying that if the Taliban harmed ONE American, during the pullout, then the full weight of the U.S. military would be deployed against them. You know the Taliban took him seriously, just as you know they don’t take Biden seriously at all. The Taliban wasted no time in taking over the country, making it look like a replay of America’s sad exit from Saigon in the Vietnam war. Biden, absurdly said that there was no chance of this happening, but it was inevitable once the Taliban knew of his intentions. The billions spent on the Afghan army were squandered through corrupt Afghan officials, who pocketed the money for themselves. Over 2,400 American soldiers died, unnecessarily, in Afghanistan. Let alone how many were wounded. America's prestige and image as a superpower has taken what may be a fatal blow. Now guess who is going to probably take over Afghanistan? I put my bets on China installing a government through its “Belt And Road” program, or just taking it over outright. So once again we’ve done their dirty work for them.

I equate today’s progressive version of America with Saruman, the evil Wizard from J.R.R. Tolkien's “Lord Of The Rings”. He became seduced by Sauron, the dark lord, and thought that together they could rule Middle-Earth. Sauron had other plans however, he knew that Saruman was week-minded, and could be easily manipulated by temptation and greed. The progressive's America has become weak minded and thinks it can partner with China, but China’s plan is to become the worlds supreme superpower, the ruler of the One World Order, in other words, Sauron. Biden, or whoever is calling the shots, is being manipulated, actually I think Biden is more like the character Grima Wormtongue, who was Saruman’s sidekick, and the weak wizard is Obama, who has always given himself far more credit that he deserves. Once the CCP has achieved its goals, it’ll toss these fools away like yesterday’s dirty diaper. Leaving America as The United States of Western China, or perhaps The Peoples Republic of Western China. A wholly owned province of China.

America has been on the decline for a long time, Trump started a resurgence, but there is only so much that can be done in 4 years. Although the Biden regime is the public face of this treasonous betrayal to the CCP, the real enemy within is the massive federal bureaucracy. Guys like Fauci, who is the highest paid snake on the government payroll. The people who work for all these federal agencies have, in a lot of instances, had their jobs for years, and will do anything to keep their phony baloney jobs. Presidents come and go, but the bureaucracy continues on, the real deep state, who are embedded in ALL the agencies, from the A.T.F. to the F.B.I., to the C.I.A. and everything in between. They will do what a president wishes, as long as it goes along with their agendas and beliefs. If not, they will make life miserable, just like they did with Trump and the “Russia, Russia, Russia” hoax. But they are only one of the enemies within, these bureaucrats who have sold their soul for the status quo. Along with the “American Marxists”, to use Mark Levin's phrase, in Silicon Valley, in our universities, and in our media, these enemies of the people are achieving their desire for a socialist America, not realizing they have sold themselves to the CCP.

The question then becomes, are we the people really willing to go down that road? I saw a survey recently that said something like 68% of Democrats identify as socialists. That is astounding, it really shows how effective the tactics of the progressive left have been. For far to long, conservative politicians have ignored what has been going on in the media, in our universities, in American culture. For far to long, they have wanted to be “Mr. Nice Guy” and play by the rules of “civilized society”. Meanwhile the progressives have taken over our schools, our media and sadly our culture. They have gotten down and dirty, playing racial and identity politics to demonize conservatives. Now we see the result, a nation on the brink, “the shining light on the hill” is about to go dark. Only we the people can stop it. We can’t rely on politicians or pundits to do the job for us. Over 80 million people voted for Trump. WE ARE AN ARMY! WE HAVE THE TRUTH ON OUR SIDE, WE MUST NOT BE AFRAID TO USE OUR POWER TO RESTORE AMERICA TO ITS RIGHTFUL PLACE AS THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. We cannot be nice anymore to these monsters, yes monsters like those who do, or fund, live organ harvesting on babies, or who want to depopulate the world, the time for niceties has long since gone. WE THE PEOPLE MUST STAND UP AND RESIST THE TYRANNY OF THE MARXISTS AND THE GLOBALISTS! It doesn’t necessarily have to be violent, but it does have to be unrelenting. We have to call them out for the atrocities they commit, demand EQUAL justice, demand that our freedoms are NOT NEGOTIALBLE! To quote Thomas Jefferson “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery”. Youbetcha! All day, every day, LET FREEDOM RING, GOD BLESS AMERICA, LAND OF THE FREE HOME OF THE BRAVE! LET’S ROLL!


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