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The Spokes-Worm

People who read my blog know that I have a special feeling about someone who I call the “Spokes-Worm”. Fewer people in the Biden regime disgust me more than professional prevaricator, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. For a while, I kind of gave her the benefit of the doubt, thinking that, well, she must have the hardest job at the White house, trying to spin all the debacles of the Biden administration into something believable. However, that benefit of doubt was short lived. I don’t know what kind of person she is outside of her job, as there is limited information about her on the web. She is married, has 2 children, and graduated from William & Mary college. Since graduation, she has spent her time working for various Democrats or the mouthpiece for the Democrat party, CNN. Maybe she’s a great mom, devoted wife and friendly neighbor. I did find it interesting that one site had her wealth listed at over 2 million dollars, CNN must pay very well, but all that is neither here nor there. Psaki is what I and others have called a “True Believer”. In my definition, a “True Believer” is someone who unabashedly believes what they are doing or what is being done, right or wrong, is always right, the ends always justifies the means. It’s not just that she lies, almost compulsively it seems, it’s the manner in which she lies that are the reason for my antipathy towards her. I’ve never seen a Press Secretary so smug, so condescending, so blatantly phony and flippant with all of her hand gestures and smirks. I wrote in a previous blog that it was a wonder that someone in the White House Press Corps, doesn’t go up to her podium and bitch-slap her. Not that I’m pro violence against women, far from it., but I would be willing to bet that there are some members of the press corps that would line up for the chance. Do you want to have some fun? Google “Jen Psaki’s lies”, you’ll find a treasure trove of whoppers, inuendo, obfuscations, hypocrisy and downright petulance, sort of like “how dare you challenge the Queen when she’s lying to you, accept it and move on, slave!”. Her condescension and obvious hatred of the middle class was never more apparent than when she made her “treadmill” quote about the supply chain crisis. Reminiscent of Jim Acosta’s feud with President Trump, Psaki’s skirmishes with Fox New’s Peter Doocey, make for, if nothing else, entertaining T.V. The problem is, this isn’t some vapid T.V. show like “West Wing”, this is our country. What makes it even worse is that she is never pressed by the press when she tells a whopper. The other day she said the Federal Law always supersedes State law. Now I’m not a constitutional scholar, but I have read the constitution, and I know for a fact her statement is just not true! It’s a lie. In the constitution there is something called the 10th amendment, you may have heard about it, it’s that part of the constitution called The Bill of Rights. The 10th amendment states “the powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively or to the people”. So, federal law does not supersede State law all the time. Yet no one challenged her on this obvious and deliberate falsehood. No one, it seems, really challenges her on any of her prevarications. There may be one or two follow-up questions, but it’s nothing like the visceral hatred of Trump that permeated his dealings with the White House Press Corps. Jim Acosta especially, who may be the most arrogant, ill-informed, partisan hack “reporter” ever to reach that position. I’ve written ad-nauseum, as well as maybe half a million other writers, about the failings of our fourth estate. It is no more apparent than in the White House briefings that Her Royal Majesty Jen presides over. It seems like almost everything that comes out of her pie-hole is a deliberate distortion of reality. The “infrastructure bill will cost 0 dollars” or no Americans were “stranded” in Afghanistan or when she was arguing the semantics of “the middle of the night flights” with Doocey. (Hey Doocey, why don’t you try asking her in the first place about the Illegality of those flights or Biden's whole border policy for that matter?)

Which brings me to another observation. A few weeks back, I wrote a blog about a “fantasy press conference”. It was about the failures of the White House press corps to challenge the Biden regime’s disastrous policies at the border, in Afghanistan and in regards to the planned Covid “scamdemic”. Despite these continuing crises, the song remains the same, to borrow a Led Zep reference. I think it would be great if there was a way to hook-up a lie detector to Spokes-Worm Psaki. Every time she tells a lie, she gets an electric shock, like a taser maybe. I know it sounds harsh, but think about it, all she has to do to avoid the shock would be to tell the truth. We could also wire up the press corps as well, every time they print one of her lies as truth, like the “President Trump told people to inject chlorine” myth, or when they don’t challenge her when she distorts reality, they get a jolt. I realize that this is farcical, (still, I would love to see a skit about it on Gutfeld or SNL) but seriously, something needs to be done to stop this obvious, and deliberate, Pravda-like propaganda that is on constant display at these press conferences. (I love when Citizens Free Press calls her performances a “Pravda Press Conference”). At my fantasy press conference, I asked questions about the debacle in Afghanistan, the Covid cover-up, censorship, the January 6th protest and whether Joe Biden is cognitively able to lead and whether he is a puppet of the CCP. To date none of these questions have been answered. It’s not like I was expecting them to be answered anyway, after all I’m just a deplorable, racist, domestic terrorist, conspiracy nut, you know, an average American. With that in mind, I have a few more questions for the Spokes-Worm that will probably never be asked or answered. Such as…

Ivermectin has shown to be highly effective in treating Covid, the Utter-Pradesh province in India, which has a population of roughly 240 million people, has had remarkable success using Ivermectin as part of a package in treating Covid, while not relying on vaccines or Remdesivir. Why is this administration not following the experience of India and instead, still promoting dangerous universal vaccinations? Secondly, why are you pushing universal vaccinations for everyone, even for people who have had Covid, when “the science” as Dr. Fauci loves to call it, shows that natural immunity works far better than the vaccine? Thirdly, according to the government’s own VAERS data, at least 16,000 people have died as a result of the jab, and this ties into my first question, when you see these data, along with reports of great success with Ivermectin and monoclonal anti-bodies, why is this administration still committed to killing its own citizens with an experimental drug? Can you tell us why you are so adamant about universal vaccinations for everyone, except Congress, the USPS, the pharmaceutical companies and Illegal immigrants among others for example? This administration along with Dr. Fauci, the CDC, CNN and various other mainstream media outlets have said that this is now a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, yet the illegal immigrants storming our southern border are not required to get the jab, which might not be such a bad thing considering all the adverse events on the VAERS site. Still, recent studies show that vaccinated people carry a much higher viral load than unvaccinated people, and are in fact more responsible for the increasing number of Covid cases than unvaccinated people, also more and more studies are showing that as the weeks go by, the vaccine becomes far less effective, allowing vaccinated people, such as the late General Colin Powell, who was fully vaccinated, to get infected and die. Will you now change the false narrative of “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated?”, will you actually “follow the science” as you profess so often? Furthermore, can you please explain why Dr. Fauci still has a voice in this discussion, when it’s been revealed that his agency, with his approval, funded the “gain of function” research at the Wuhan Lab? Why aren’t you pressing the DOJ, much like you pressured them to go after citizens like Steve Bannon for resisting the partisan January 6th’s commission’s subpoenas, to prosecute Fauci for lying to Congress?

I would love to hear what their real thoughts are on this one; There have been an increasing number of crowds at football games and other venues shouting “F**k Joe Biden and “Lets Go Brandon!”, given the recent polls showing Resident Biden’s approval numbers somewhere in the 38 percentile and sinking daily, do you think that Americans are finally seeing through all of the lies and disasters that this administration has foisted upon it’s citizens, and do you plan on actually addressing these crises instead of ignoring them as Kamela Harris, Pete Buttigieg, and HHS secretary Mayorkas have done?

The next one, I think is great and I would pay money to hear the Spokes-Worm’s answer; There has been talk among conservative pundits, that the vaccine mandates actually have nothing to do with the virus, but are actually being used to separate people who might disagree with Biden’s policies, and as such are then going to being labeled as domestic terrorists or threats to his administration. What is your response to that charge? (Remember, in my fantasy press conference she is wired-up and has to tell the truth).

How about another one; Your Attorney General responded to a complaint, rather quickly I might add, from a school board union that he is going to use the power of the federal government to go after parents who are angry at what some schools are teaching their children, namely CRT. Given the fact that AG Garland’s son in law’s company produces that curriculum for various school districts, and as such, is an obvious conflict of interest, I have a twofold question. Do you think that the FBI going after concerned parents as domestic terrorists is a proper use of their time, when violent crime is on the rise in so many cities across America? Or is this just another tactic, like using big tech to censor information this administration considers misleading, to stifle free-speech, thereby making it easier for his son-in law to sell his product, and by the way, do you even believe in the concept of free speech?

I am sure that millions and millions of my fellow Americans would love to hear the actual truthful answers to these and a lot more very serious questions, but all we get is either unquestioned, mostly unchallenged spin from the “Queen”, or frivolous, stupid questions from the sycophants in the Press Corps, (I think every time they ask one of those, they should get a jolt). Remember during the campaign for President, Biden’s camp said if he was elected, the adults would be back in charge? These idiots act more like children than anything Trump may have done with his nasty Tweets. Petulant, obsessive lying is what spoiled brats like Psaki do, and that’s exactly what she is. The problem is she is the spokes-person for the most powerful, at least for now, government on the planet! The fact that she is allowed to do this, shows not only the incredible failure of our press, but also the overwhelming contempt all of them have for the American people. I got a news flash for her and all the other progressive/globalists/leftists out there, WE THE PEOPLE see through your lies and distortions. The contempt you hold for us, is nothing in comparison to the contempt we have for you. Contempt isn’t even a strong enough word, disgust, and anger also fall short. Like I keep saying “beware the sleeping giant, he is asleep no more”. Watch out Spokes-Worm Psaki, your day of reckoning will come, all of the lies you’ve told will eventually be revealed. The justice you will receive is not up to me, but be assured proper justice will be dispensed, an orange jumpsuit would look so great with your red hair, and this time, there will be no way of spinning another web to save yourself.

Peace and Love, My Brothers and sisters, (and pray for Jen, she obviously needs it)

Rock on y’all!!

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