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The Poll Bubble

I remember reading a few years back about the Nixon-McGovern presidential race back in 1972. Nixon won in a landslide, receiving more votes than any presidential candidate in history at that time. What I thought was interesting, was a story of a rich woman who lived in Manhattan. She said she couldn’t believe Nixon won, because all of her friends voted for McGovern. She had no clue the rest of the country saw McGovern for what he was, which was a precursor to the socialist lunatics we are dealing with today. All of the woman’s friends were from the same area, they all shared the same politics and social status for the most part, so she assumed since all of her friends were such upstanding intellectuals, the rest of the country must surely agree with their views and politics. She lived in a bubble of her own limited existence and experience, an echo chamber, having no clue whatsoever about how “lower” class people live.

I often find myself in the same situation. I look at the news and I try to be objective about the sources I use for my information, but with all the misinformation out there being portrayed as factual news, by both the left and right, it’s extremely hard to discern the truth. This is something that I’ve written about on a lot of prior blogs, and is still a huge ongoing problem. We all want confirmation that what we believe is right and true, and as such we seek out information that confirms our beliefs. There are three websites I use predominantly for news and information. All three of them are news sharing sites that publish stories from a variety of different authors and journalists. Citizens Free Press (CFP) has supplanted the Drudge Report for most conservatives like me, who found Matt Drudge to be a sell-out to the left, often publishing fake news stories solely designed to hurt the Trump campaign. CFP will often post articles from left wing publications like The Washington Post, (WaPo as it is often called, which I like a lot since it sounds like whopper, which is what a lot of their stories and articles are) or The N.Y. Times. They will lead with a headline that says something like “leftists are triggered” by such-n-such or so-n-so, to bait you into reading the article, but also to trigger their readers conservative bias against these publications. The Bongino Report (TBR)is the 2nd one I use, and its philosophy is pretty much the same as CFP. These 2 sites allow a conservative to see what the left is saying and writing, without actually having to read or watch the WaPo, cable news or the MSM. The 3rd source and my favorite (because most of my readership resides there, for which I have to say I’m very grateful) is The Rumor Mill (RM). The RM is a predominantly right-wing site. What you will find there is virtually every story, every conspiracy theory, everything the Big Tech oligarchy censors, “hopium” resides there, as well as everything “Q”. The RM does not censor anything, something the other 2 sites do, so you have to practice discernment when reading the incredible number of articles posted on its site. This is absolutely fine with me, it’s what the internet was supposed to be, the free exchange of ideas without censorship. The RM provides me ALL of my side of the story, which I can try and verify through other sources like CFP and TBR, but you have to sift through the flotsam of tin-foil hat conspiracy theories to discern what might be the truth. Still, since it is so right-wing, it can lead to confirmation bias, where the “facts” you think are correct are confirmed by what information you retrieve, and if that info is inherently biased, your truth may just turn out to be someone else’s regurgitated fantasy. That’s why I use all 3 of these sites along with YouTube, Rumble, Bitchute and Telegram, (there is a new site called “Locals” which purports to be censorship free, that I’m going to add to my arsenal) to gather news and opinions. To my thinking the best way to get accurate info is to try and get as much of it as possible and then decide, using common sense, my own moral compass, and demonstrable, provable facts to achieve that goal.

One of the things I have the most difficulty with discernment are polls. One of my favorite lines is “there are lies, damn lies and statistics”. Stats, like polls can be easily manipulated to fit a preconceived outcome. For instance, there are numerous polls that show the Biden Regime has somewhere near a 40% approval rating. To me this is unbelievable! I realize I exist in a conservative echo chamber, not much different than the lady from Manhattan I mentioned earlier, but how can any human with at least half a brain think that anything this clown and his regime have done is good, let alone 40% of Americans. I just don’t buy it. So, I did a little research into polling. The questions pollsters ask is often the most crucial aspect of any poll. They can ask a leading, unresolvable question like “when did you stop beating your wife?”, or a double-barreled one like “are getting training and career planning?” (I have personal experience with this one from my time working for a Ford dealership, what if you’re getting training, but not planning, how do you answer?) The 2nd most important aspect is the type and size of group being polled, is it a true representation of all sides concerned with the particular issue, or is it skewed on way or another. The MSM polls are guilty of this ALL the time. The group size being polled is also very important obviously, the larger the group, the higher the probability of accuracy. So even though I relish the polls that show The Biden Clown Show’s popularity dropping like a stone, I have a hard time believing their accuracy. Like I said, I can’t believe that 40% of the population thinks everything is going swimmingly. That 40% number historically represents the Democrat base, but given the number of reports of “buyer’s remorse” amongst Biden voters, and a recent Morning Consult poll by left-wing Politico, showing 35% of Americans want to overturn the election, (The National Pulse’s editor Raheem Kassam said that after reviewing the results of that poll, the number could actually be closer to 50%.), I have difficulty with the 40% number. One article I read recently provided some insight into these numbers. The article said you really have to dive into the results, looking at the “strongly disapprove” vs the “strongly approve” numbers you will find a 2 to 1 difference in favor of the strongly disapprove group. This makes a bit more sense, since the people in the middle are probably not people who follow politics as closely as say someone like myself. Still, I don’t believe the 2 to 1 ratio is accurate either. I’m sure there are a lot of people like me who simply don’t respond to pollsters or others who give responses that don’t accurately reflect on their personal politics out of fear of the “cancel culture” so prevalent these days.

What remains are the “true believers”. I have absolutely no data on this, I’m not sure if any accurate data could even be found showing how many true believers there really are, but it can’t be more than 20% of the population, if that. College professors and their sheeple students, avowed communists and Marxists, the Antifa/BLM crowd, certainly qualify as true believers, but they are a vocal minority. BLM garnered a lot of support due to a very effective marketing campaign, but when their true motives were exposed, their popularity declined precipitously. The vocal minority, by aligning themselves with craven corporations, the “woke/cancel culture”, and the progressive left have made it appear that they are vastly popular. I think however, that if a real, factual, accurate poll were done, it would show very little real support for their ideals.

The progressives/globalists have to know this as well. That is one of the reasons why they needed to gain control over the MSM. By controlling the message, the narrative, the MSM and their cronies in cable news and the press can manipulate polling data to conform to their own confirmation bias, making it seem like progressive ideas are wildly popular, when in reality most rational thinking people find them completely insane, like a 3 trillion dollar “infrastructure plan isn’t going to cost a dime. Or at least that is what they are hoping. I like to use this example a lot. I call it the “Jurassic Park”. In the movie, scientists bred the dinosaurs at Jurassic Park to be all female, so they could control the breeding and genetics, Jeff Goldblum’s character’s response is “life finds a way”, another way to say it is “man plans and God laughs”, or maybe P.T. Barnum’s “you can fool all the people, some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time”. We are seeing that play out right now with the “Let’s Go Brandon” phenomenon. That segment of society the progressive/globalists thought was firmly entrenched in their camp, namely college students, have broken out. What started as “FJB” chants at college football games (no wonder why The Fraud Fauci, didn’t want crowds at them), have morphed into a worldwide phenomenon with a Rap song titled “Let’s Go Brandon” hitting number 1 on the charts. Life finds a way, even if you live in a bubble, insulated from reality. Even if you get all your news thru CNN, (the few that are still watching), or don’t pay attention to politics at all, you can’t continue to live life in a bubble of denial. A bubble where you accept wearing a useless mask to protect you from a virus that has a 99% survivability rate. Where you accept unproven, dangerous drugs being forced into your veins. Where you think that our southern border being over-run by illegal immigrants from every part of the world is a no big deal. Where you tolerate our most basic freedoms being taken away in the name of universal vaccinations, domestic terrorism, supposed racism and hate speech. Where you tolerate and accept such evils as child trafficking, gruesome human and animal experiments and the “depopulationists” of the New World Order who think of you only as a number, not a living, breathing, thinking individual. Where you actually believe that 40% of Americans think Biden is doing ok. Life will find a way to burst your bubble, even if you don’t do it yourself. It’s far better to open your eyes, claw out of that bubble that entraps your mind and seek the truth. I firmly believe, I have to believe, the truth will be exposed, the evil of the progressive/globalists will be revealed and justice will prevail. The people still living in their bubble echo chamber, who still believe in dubious polls and the MSM, will be in for a shock, a shock that will rock, and the cozy bubble they live in will be gone. Leaving self-recrimination in its wake. Don’t be that person, bubbles are ok for small children, but that’s about it.



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