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The Politics of The Wu-Flu

I want to start off by saying that I’m not in any way an anti-vaccine advocate. I’ve vaccinated all of my children and I have no problem with taking the established, proven vaccines. I have stated for the record that I will not be getting this vaccine however, for the exact same reasons that I would take the other ones. That reason is I know that the other vaccines are safe, that they have been tested thoroughly over a long period of time. Their side effects are well known and documented and the reports of adverse effects are of a small enough percentage that the pro’s vs con’s makes it a wise, safe choice.

I have had a great deal of experience interacting with the medical profession. In my almost 62 years on this planet, I’ve dealt with more than my share of doctors and hospitals. Everything from my first wife and her mom gaming the system to get scripts for valium, to the very real issues my wife and I have had to deal with. We’ve had good doctors and very bad ones. Bad/good doctors who suffer from “the god complex”, and are insufferable. They are the doctors who think they know everything and dismiss anything a patient might have to offer about their problem. There have been some doctors who are just outright quacks. We’ve had some very good physicians as well, empathetic professionals who listen, who take the time to get to know the patient and are aware of their own human failings. Unfortunately, our medical establishment is thoroughly corrupt, and the Wu-flu plandemic is absolute proof of that. If this disaster has shown us anything, it’s that the Hippocratic oath that doctors take has become virtually meaningless. The people’s faith in doctors has been shaken to its core. I don’t understand how any doctor or hospital would refuse to treat an unvaccinated patient, yet you read stories of this exact thing happening. I can’t believe that any doctor would put his faith in an experimental drug, and totally fall in line with the government propaganda while dismissing proven effective treatments like Ivermectin. There is a great video on Rumble that tells the story of Ivermectin and the politics behind why it’s not being used in the U.S. ( I cannot urge people strongly enough to watch this video. I’ve known about the efficacy of Ivermectin for a while, like Hydroxychloroquine it has been basically banned as a treatment by the unholy alliance of the mainstream media, big tech, the thoroughly despicable and corrupt N.I.H., (along with their cronies in big pharma). When you think about that, it chills your blood, these people are sacrificing livelihoods and LIVES for financial and political motivations. There just aren’t words to describe how incredibly EVIL all these people are. The video makes the obvious point, if we had started using Ivermectin back in 2020 as a therapeutic and a prophylactic treatment how many people could have been saved? The current standard for treatment of the Wu-flu is to send the patient home and see if they get worse! It’s insane, it’s diabolical. When there is A PROVEN TREATMENT THAT WORKS! Could it really be that profits and politics are taking a priority over humanity? More and more studies are coming out that the vaccine is far from safe, as we have been assured. Testimony from the FDA hearings on the booster shot alleges that for every person the vaccine saves at least 2, possibly even as high as 5 people DIE! Further studies show how the number of flu cases reported in 2020 shrank to unbelievably low numbers. Why? Gosh, do you think our highly regarded medical establishment might be “cooking the books”? Any story that contradicted the established narrative of the unholy alliance has been censored, but for those of us rational thinking people, who were taught to question science, the evidence has been overwhelming, but when we try to tell our friends and family the truth, most of the time we are dismissed as lunatic conspiracy theorists. The facts are inescapable, Covid numbers are grossly overinflated for political and financial reasons, effective treatments have been and still are prohibited for political and financial reasons, the ineffectiveness and harm the vaccines are actually doing is being covered up for political and financial reasons.

When did politics or your political leanings become a matter of whether or not you get medical care? I used to think that doctors and researchers were scientists, who were actually interested in helping people, not furthering their political agenda. Sadly, for most, it all boils down to MONEY! I can understand why your average Joe might do something that conflicts with their conscience in order to keep their job, but there is a difference between a factory worker and a doctor. People’s lives are in the balance. Any doctor who says that Ivermectin is a “horse dewormer” and not fit for humans is LYING. Ivermectin is being used in countries around the globe with unbelievable success. Any doctor who says the jab is “safe and effective” is also lying. This is unconscionable, it’s criminal. Doctors go along because they are afraid of losing their jobs, or their license, or for most, a very nice income. Hospitals go along because they are getting money for Covid patients, and are fearful of resisting the pressure brought to bear from this unholy alliance. The politicization and polarization of our medical and scientific community has resulted in its total discrediting. We see scientists and Universities skew or even censor data to continue to get grants from the N.I.H. There are reports of them performing needlessly cruel and sometimes absolutely inhuman studies, just to get funding. “Gain of function” research that they knowingly performed, that they knew could possibly lead to a global pandemic, but did it anyway, circumventing the restrictions in place. “Damn the consequences, we are scientists, we are doctors, we are gods!” Fauci is the worst of them, no different and even more evil than the infamous Nazi Dr. Mengela. I read a transcript of an interview Robert Kennedy did for his book “The Real Anthony Fauci”. He talks about Fauci’s ties to big pharma and Bill Gates, how he has manipulated his agency, the National Allergy and Infectious Disease center (NAID) and turned it into a money making monster that in effect controls ALL research and development in labs and universities in the U.S. He is in charge of dispersing BILLIONS of dollars in grants to researchers around the globe by which he obtains patents for their work. His agency coerces scientists who don’t toe the line, (remember how he got a group of “respected scientists” to cover up the Wuhan lab leak?). Corrupting politicians from both parties by having the pharmaceutical industry give big donations to their campaigns. You name it Fauci has, and is, doing it. As I keep reminding people, Bill Gates is a rabid advocate for depopulation, infamously saying that they can reduce the worlds population by 10 to 15% with vaccinations! Gates and Fauci have been collaborating together for a long time. Think about this, 10 to 15% of the worlds population, estimated at 7,800,000,000 is 78,000,000 to 1,170,000,000 people! HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE, DR. EVIL? HOW MANY INNOCENTS ARE YOU WILLING TO SACRIFCE ON YOUR ALTER OF MONEY AND POWER. IT IS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, AND ALL THOSE RESPONSIBLE NEED TO BE TO HELD TO ACCOUNT FOR THEM!

Why was he so anxious to have the Wuhan lab story covered up? Do you think it might be because his agency helped fund it? Yet, his smug face is still on T.V. telling us to get the jab, even if we have natural immunity, telling us we should wear masks even though he said back in 2019 that masks were for the paranoid. He lies to Congress, he lies to the people, his hypocrisy and smugness know no bounds. When he said that an attack on him, is an attack on science, it was ludicrous, and demonstrates his unbelievable arrogance. He doesn’t even follow the universally accepted science of natural immunity. He doesn’t accept the basic tenant of science which is to question everything, instead arguing for the suspension of individual freedom, and unconstitutional mandates. His funding of the Wuhan lab’s gain of function research has already resulted in the deaths of millions. Yet he still could have been a savior if he had approved the rational prophylactic treatment that doctors testified about before Congress. Instead, he lied and lied and keeps on lying, the latest one being that Covid has killed more children than the flu, even though there is a wealth of data that disputes this lie. The destruction of lives, families and businesses, apparently are of little consequence to him. The only thing this egomaniac appears to be concerned about is how many T.V. shows and magazine covers he can appear on. Fauci is every bit as culpable in this as the CCP, even more so, when you consider his long history of malfeasance, and yet he is still breathing free air. The progressives knew they had an ace in the hole with Fauci, they understood how he controls the whole medical/science/pharmaceutics industry. By promoting him as some sort of “Covid Savior”, the progressives and their lackeys in the mainstream media knew that they could control the narrative and therefore the people. His use of fear and lies to keep people afraid have led us into the dire situation we are in today. Irrational fear abounds everywhere nowadays. I see more and more people driving alone in their cars wearing the useless face diapers, (the best was a guy in a convertible wearing one). As I walk my dogs around the local high school and university, most of the students are wearing them, outside in the bright sunshine! Even though there have been almost zero cases of outdoor transmission, even though they are in the least likely to die of Covid demographic. Even if they caught the bug, or any of the variants, they would have natural immunity that is 13 to 20 times greater than any protection from the jab. (which, by the way, more studies are showing does not work against any of the variants, hence the need for booster shots) They have all been conditioned to live in fear, thanks to the likes of Dr. Evil Fauci and his fellow minions.

I stated earlier that the short answer to the politicization of all this was money. The long answer is much more terrifying. Why are they forcing the jab down our throats, when there are proven, effective treatments available? Why are they mandating people with natural immunity to get jabbed? Look at what’s going on in Australia and New Zealand. Covid quarantine camps in Australia and the total suspension of individual freedom and rights. You see police in Australia acting like Nazi stormtroopers, pepper spraying and throwing an elderly woman to the ground, breaking her hip. One video shows a woman basically being sexually assaulted by these goons, another showing a man being kicked in the head by an Australian policeman, and there are hundreds more of these accounts. New Zealand implementing a lockdown over 1 case of the Wu Flu, not even a death, just a case! Look at what the dictator (heavy on the dic.) Trudeau, is doing in Canada, it’s all VERY scary. I look at those countries, and what whoever is pulling Biden’s puppet strings is doing to America, I become very fearful about America’s future.

I don’t worry about the Wu-flu, I won’t get the jab, unless someone holds me down and forcibly injects me with it. I try to take good care of myself, exercise, watch what I eat (for the most part) take zinc and vitamin D, and practice good hygiene. There have been a couple of memes that I’ve seen the last couple of days that really illustrate the insanity that is prevailing in America these days. The best one says “remember to get vaccinated or a vaccinated person might bet sick from the virus they got vaccinated against, because you’re not vaccinated”. Even if I get the bug, I’m fairly confident I’ll survive, if I don’t, then I don’t. Tomorrow is never promised, I could die of Covid, I could get hit by a truck, when it’s my time, it’ll be my time, I refuse to live in fear. As Thomas Jefferson said “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery”. I was born a free man and I’ll die a free man and I will do whatever is necessary to protect my freedom!


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