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The Lyin' Kings

News Flash! “Slow” Biden is a pathological liar, a con artist and grifter who has had a very loose association with the truth for a very long time. Ok, that’s not anything new. Biden has spent his entire adult life, spinning tales out of whole cloth. To paraphrase the old joke, how can tell when Uncle Joe is lying? His lips are moving. Constant and obvious lying might be tolerable if you’re a used car salesman, but not so much when you’re the supposed leader of the free world. I think it would be hilarious if just for once, when Joe told one of his whoppers, like when he said he was arrested in South Africa for trying to visit Nelson Mandela in jail., or when he said that he graduated at the top half of his class at law school, (76th out of 85), some reporter pipes up and says “Hey Joe, that ain’t so! Quit lying you hoser!” It’s bad enough that he constantly lies about his personal life, “My son died in Iraq” (nope), or that he graduated with 3 degrees from undergraduate school, (nope), it’s when he deliberately lies to the American public about what’s going on in our country. Even more maddening is when the MSM covers for him and doesn’t challenge him when they know he’s not telling the truth. It literally makes me sick. Politicians lie, that’s axiomatic, why we accept this is a separate issue. At one time or another, everyone lies, we’re human, we’re not perfect, but when it’s the President it’s a whole other matter. The fact that Biden’s constant prevarications come as no surprise to anyone who pays attention to such things tells you about the present state of our political system. His adventures with reality have been chronicled for years, and I’m sure that our adversaries are well aware of them, it’s an unmistakable sign of weakness. He’s plagiarized, flip-flopped and lied ever since he was elected to the Senate, and although I have no evidence of it, he more than likely lied to get elected in the first place. Judging from what I could gather, at the very least, he misrepresented himself as he has done throughout his political career as “Blue Collar Joe.” Uncle Joe has probably been a liar his whole life, I mean you don’t suddenly wake up one morning and say, “I’m gonna lie my way to the top”, someone as pathological as Biden, has had to have been doing it since he was a little kid.

I’m also sure that everyone in the MSM knows about his inability to be truthful. With that being said, why aren’t they doing anything about it? During the State Of The Union speech last week, Republicans in the crowd shouted out “LIAR” after one of his false claims, and they were the ones chastised for it, it didn’t matter that Biden wasn’t telling the truth, it was the “lack of decorum” they were concerned about, this after they applauded the wicked witch of the west, Nancy Pelosi when she tore up Trumps SOTU speech. According to some reports there were as many as 17 verifiable false statements issued by the prevaricator in chief during the speech. Instead, you have the New York Slimes saying “the speech contained no outright falsehoods, but at times omitted crucial context or exaggerated the facts.” Hey guess what New York Slimes, lying by omission is still lying! It’s insane, but no more insane than the bizzarro world Biden and his handlers have unleashed on the world.

There are two things we can be absolutely sure of, Biden couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it, and the MSM will either cover up his bovine excrement or make excuses for him. So, who is more at fault, the congenital liar or the clowns that cover for him. In my book it’s the clowns. Everyone on the right always makes the case that if the situation was reversed and it was Trump telling all of these lies, what would the MSM do? I think the answer to that was shown during Trump’s presidency, they were relentless in their attacks. Jim Acosta from CNN made a career out of attacking Trump. Good ol’ Uncle Joe on the other hand, unleashes bomb after bomb and nothing happens. If you see your house is burning down and you don’t call the fire department, is it your fault or the fire’s? The fire is gonna do what a fire does, “Slow” Biden is gonna do what he’s gonna do, lie. Our media could call the fire department, (in this analogy it would be telling the truth,) but instead, not unlike the Roman Emperor Nero, they fiddle with stories of phony racism and transgender affirming care, while America burns. As I was researching this, I came across the infamous Washington Post article that claimed Trump lied over 30,000 times! That would be something like 16 lies for every day of his term in office!. That is an unbelievable number, and if correct makes Trump Derangement syndrome understandable. The thing is the 30,000 is unbelievable because it’s pure political b.s., for instance one of the “lies” the Post sites is that Trump lied over 220 times when he said the “Russia, Russia, Russia witch hunt” made his job harder, do you mean to tell me that it made his job easier? Or that the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax wasn’t real? A vast majority of the supposed lies were the typical Trump’s exaggerations, that while you can technically categorize them as lies, (everything can’t be the greatest thing ever done, I think most people would agree that saying something like that is hyperbole, but whatever) they don’t reach the level of deceptiveness uttered by Biden over the years. If our clown car media actually did its job and told…wait for it…the TRUTH, how do you think Biden would react. Can you imagine Biden’s reaction if the press gave his lies the same 24/7 coverage they did with Trump? You thought you saw Joe get angry during his SOTU speech, if that happened, he would have a stroke. (by the way, I saw the best political shirt the other day worn by Luke Rudkowski on Timcast, it read “Biden and Fetterman in 2024,” bwahahaha!) One of the biggest failures in American history might be the refusal of our press to stay politically neutral. The damage done by their reckless disregard for the truth may be irreparable. From their failure to investigate the origins of the Covid scamdemic, to their constant blathering about “systemic racism,” (I read a story out of the Daily Mail, that some study now purports that wild animals are now racist, unreal), the Russia Hoax, The Laptop from Hell, Kyle Rittenhouse, actually believing anything Adam Schiff has ever said, the list goes on and on. It’s great that CNN and MSLSD’s rating are in the toilet, but their b.s. is perpetuated on social media, so it doesn’t matter if less than a million people watch anything on CNN, or MSLSD, their poison is spewed out all over the social media universe.

The main thing that conservatives on talk radio have been talking about is accountability. Who is accountable at the FBI for the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, who gave the “code red” at the FBI to tip the social media platforms about a Russian disinformation story that was coming before the 2020 election. The hearings in the House of Representatives have been interesting. So far, the Repubicans are doing what they said they would do, but whether or not they will ever find out anything and hold them accountable is still up in the air, I’m not holding my breath, I have serious doubts based on past history, but so far this has been a pleasant surprise. I want the lying MSM held accountable. That is a far trickier road, they have a first amendment right to their opinions, I would never take that away, unlike the left, I don’t believe in state sponsored censorship, but maybe the House could hold hearings regarding all the mis-dis and mal information that the MSM has broadcast over the airways these last few years, if anything it would be a good start. These people are basically cowards, who I have no doubt will crumble at the first sign that their phony baloney jobs are in jeopardy. It would be really interesting to see Nicole Wallace, Brian Selter, Joy Reid, Rachelle Madow, Don Lemon or any of the other useful idiots in the MSM on the hotseat of a congressional inquiry, if nothing else it would be a great show. It would be an “emperor has no clothes” moment, and the liberal tears from something like that might be enough to cause the East River to flood its banks.

It's reached the point with the Biden regime, that if you want to know the truth, simply assume the exact opposite of what they are saying. If crazy Uncle Joe says the economy is in good shape, you know a recession is on the way, if he calls “Maga Republicans” white supremacists, you know he’s about to unleash his DOJ on patriotic Americans exercising their constitutional rights. If he tells you that he bears no responsibility for inflation, then you know he’s directly and purposely responsible. That’s a hell of a way to run a country that is supposed to be the leader of the free world. Unfortunately, that is now a lie as well, because Biden, along with the clown-car media working in lockstep with the corrupt corporatocracy have made America into the CCP’s bitch. Our media could stop this, if they just did their job and reported the truth instead of shilling for a demented fool and his globalist puppet masters. That’s why I labeled them as cowards, it takes real courage to speak the truth to power. It’s easy for me to write about what is so obvious, I have only a thousand or so people who might read my blog, so I pose no real threat to the regime, but these clowns reach millions. In the Bible, Luke 12:48 says “from everyone who has been given much, shall much be required.” These media clowns have been given much, they reach millions of people and are very well compensated, what is required of them is to tell the truth, and they have failed miserably, they are the true Lyin’ Kings.

Rock On Y’all

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