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The Killer Elites

“The Killer Elite" was a movie released in 1975 and redone in 2011. I have to admit that I haven’t watched either one, I just thought the title was appropriate for this blog, After doing my research into when the movie was released, I can’t believe I never watched either of them. So, both are on my watch list. These days you can watch just about any movie or T.V show you set your mind to. I found the original Dragnet the other day, had to watch at least one episode. My usual routine in the morning is to have a cup of coffee, watch some mindless TV drama and slowly wake up. Lately the shows I’ve been watching are “Bones” and “House”. I watched both of these programs when they were first airing on network TV, so it’s very interesting to see them now knowing all about the propaganda machine that permeates not just the news, but the arts and entertainment fields as well. On “Bones” we have a genius, atheist, forensic anthropologist who teams up with an FBI agent to solve crimes. On “House” we have a genius, atheist, complete asshole, epidemiologist/diagnostician who solves illnesses in a manner resembling Sherlock Holmes. I find it interesting how these doctors, although they work in entirely different fields are portrayed by the writers of the shows. Shows like “House”, “Bones,” “Grays Anatomy” or any of the 5 billion medical dramas TV has produced, all have the lead characters portrayed as dedicated professionals who adhere to the Hippocratic oath like a Baptist to a Bible. All of these programs help to forge an overall image of a doctor as almost godlike in their ability, altruism, heroism and all around greatness. Oh sure, Hollywood will trot out an anti-hero like Gregory House, who despite his “assholiness,” gets away with every immoral or illegal thing he does, but he is the exception that proves the rule. Why? Because he is House, he is virtually godlike in his brilliance. Bones is portrayed as being so smart, she does not have the ability to communicate with average people, her matter of factness about her own brilliance can come across as complete arrogance towards the plebes she is forced to interact with. Obviously, these are made up completely fictional TV characters, but it’s the overall portrayal of doctors and scientists and how that has been a major influence in the publics overall trust of doctors and scientists that I want to discuss. In light of the gross malfeasance perpetrated by the medical and pharmaceutical industry, especially in the last two years, has our medical system now become so compromised that they, like “Fake News CNN” can no longer be fully trusted? For all intents and purposes, has our medical establishment, become The Killer Elite? Where all that matters is money.

When all the information started coming in about the Wu-Flu, I was amazed at how many doctors and scientists went along with all the propaganda and rhetoric from the medical establishment. So many reputable health professionals agreed with the insane protocols and restrictions that were being forced down our throats. It made no sense, especially if we remember they were all on board with the natural origin theory of the Wu-flu. They abandoned all previously accepted science about the nature of a virus, especially when it came to natural immunity, and the nature of a virus to become less lethal as it mutates. Wiping down your food, lockdowns, masks, closing churches, schools, parks and beaches and forcing many small and midsize businesses into bankruptcy. What alarmed me most was how any differing opinion or treatment was quashed. Ivermectin was dismissed as a “horse dewormer” and Hydroxychloroquine which has been used safely for decades was deemed to not only be ineffective against the Wu-flu, but now it was dangerous as well. As it became obvious that the virus was far more dangerous for people over 50, the medical establishment went after our children, who had a 99% survival rate. Capitulating to demands of the teacher’s unions, all reasonable science was thrown out the window in favor of acquiescing to their far left demands. When the Great Barrington Declaration came out, I thought “finally, the establishment has to pay attention to this. These guys who signed on to it are respectable, dedicated physicians.” Nope, the declaration was censored and blacklisted by the media. When Dr. Peter McCollough, the most published doctor in America, a doctor whose credentials are beyond question, started raising issues about the whole scamdemic, he was cancelled and ultimately stripped of his accreditation. Dr. Robert Malone, an inventor of the mRNA technology was treated the same way. Over and over reputable doctors were demonized by the medical establishment led by Dr Anthony Fauci. In the face of this, did all the other doctors and scientists raise holy hell against this obvious censorship, this betrayal of the prime directive of the Hippocratic oath, against the scientific method itself? No, the vast majority, sat on their hands, either they were afraid to rock the boat, or scared they might have to give up the nice house and the fancy car that comes with being a doctor in America. I’m sure for some of them it was the realization that if they went along with the dictates of the medical establishment hierarchy, they would be immune to any possible consequence of “adverse events.” Where were they when all of those Covid patients were stuffed in nursing homes to infect the highly vulnerable elderly. Where were they when study after study proved that masks were basically useless and in the case of school children did far more harm physically and psychologically than good. Then there was the jab, the clot shot, the kill shot. I can’t believe that this poison is still being used. My own family ridiculed my wife and I for not getting jabbed, I can’t imagine the pressure some people must have felt when they were forced to get this experimental gene therapy. Literally everything they said about the jab has been proven to be grossly incorrect. First, they said it would stop the transmission of the virus, then they said you need a booster then maybe more, maybe every 2 months, they said it couldn’t combine with your DNA, they told us it would prevent people from getting re-infected, but the worst thing they said was that it was safe.

Those who have read my blogs know that I tend to refer to the worlds current situation as “Bizzaro World.” In a previous essay I likened it to the Star Tek episode “Mirror, Mirror,” where the Kirk and the usual crew are accidently transported to an alternate universe where everything was opposite of their reality. It’s so incomprehensible that you have to think that just by the laws of nature and balance, sooner or later normality would resume. In Bizzarro world, left is right, right is wrong and 2+2 =5 (there is a great video called HI-Rez 2+2=5 that you have to check out). I thought that when a liberal like Robert Kennedy exposed the murderer Fauci in his forthright, well researched and extremely revealing book “The Real Anthony Fauci,” maybe that would serve as a catalyst for a return to normality. The book was blacklisted by the usual suspects, yet still managed to do well selling over a million copies in 2021. Despite that, despite Tucker Carlson and his massive audience, or podcasters like Joe Rogan or Tim Poole talking about it, Fauci managed to not only keep his job, but with the help of the fawning, complicit media actually succeeded in diverting public opinion, fooling people into believing he is St. Anthony Fauci, “The Science.” The key word here is complicit, everyone who helped perpetrate this world-wide cluster fuck of misery and death is complicit in this atrocity, and needs to be held accountable for their actions, or inactions.

There are multiple motives for the crimes that have been committed by “The Killer Elite.” The most obvious is greed. In the case of big pharma this is indisputable, the CEO’s of these companies have earned billions from their poison, while successfully stopping any alternative treatment from interfering with their money stream. Even more odious than greed, is murder. That is the motive of depopulationists like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab. These guys want us (those that are still left) to eat bugs, live in unescapable planned communities, give up any semblance of personal freedom or possessions, while they get to live any way they choose. The incredible hypocrisy of these rat bastards is incredible, flying to Davos on their private jets to lecture the people about climate change and oceans boiling, when like Algore, or Obummer, they own massive beachfront properties. You think Klaus Schwab is going to eat bugs?

The failure of our scientific community has failed humanity. Noted scientist and atheist Neil deGrasse Tyson was on the PDB podcast defending the jab, saying it had been thoroughly tested. He’s either a complete imbecile, or he hasn’t read Kennedy’s book about how the “testing” is rigged. How is it that a common man like me can put 2 and 2 together, just by doing a little research, and someone with the credentials like deGrasse-Tyson can’t, or won’t. Everything I and my fellow conspiracy theorists have been saying about the whole scamdemic for the last 2 years is now finally coming out in the open. CNN medical “expert” Lenna Wen has admitted that Covid deaths were overcounted, the Wall Street Journal is warning against the new booster and it’s deceptive ad campaign designed to frighten people into getting a jab. The New England Journal Of Medicine is recommending young adults to not get the jab or the booster. The documentary “Died Suddenly” shows in graphic detail the weird fibrous clots in the blood of innocent vaccinated people who have simply keeled over and died. Then we see an NFL player in peak physical condition collapse of a heart attack, just like what is shown in the documentary. My question is, why did it take so long? I figured it out, and I sure ain’t no rocket surgeon, but “great” minds like deGrasse or Fauci, or any of these other poison pushers couldn’t? The obvious answer is they knew what was going on and they agreed with it either because it benefitted them financially, or because of the politics of it, it was a perfect chance to demonize all of those dumb-assed, racist, domestic terrorist, Neanderthals who didn’t “follow the science.” Of course, they knew, and because they knew, they are complicit in this crime. This many people can’t be this ignorant, or just plain stupid, although I do make an exception in the case of Slow Biden and Kamel Toe Harris, who really are this stupid and ignorant.

The pressure brought to bear by the unholy alliance of big pharma, the government, and the media convinced many doctors and scientists to keep silent, and that pressure is still being exerted today. California’s wildly unconstitutional law prohibiting doctors from spreading “disinformation” or deviating from the official state policy is a prime example of this medical fascism. I’ve written before that I can understand when someone has to bite the bullet and do something that they might not be comfortable with to keep their job. There is a difference though when the job involves life or death. To me that is what is so inexcusable about the actions of The Killer Elites. Doctors, like McCullough, Malone, and all the signers of the Barrington Declaration, those comparatively few who spoke the truth to power, deserve to be publicly lauded for their bravery and honesty. The rest can go to hell, they lied and people died. That goes for all the politicians, corporate heads, pundits and celebrities, The Killer Elites who were and still are accomplices to this horrific atrocity. They either turned a blind eye at the very least, or wholeheartedly agreed with the agenda at the worst, but the old saying that ignorance is no excuse applies here. If I could figure it out with my high school education, then they certainly could have, and certainly should have. There will never be anyone held accountable. All the people who have died because of the gross malfeasance of these monsters can’t be brought back to life. The loss of faith in our medical/scientific system may be permanent, but maybe like the call for the FBI to be dismantled, maybe it’s time to “reimagine” what our medical system should be, get back to real science, practice real medicine, not simply serve the dictates of the corporate-big pharma-government-media complex. The worse thing is that it seems like no one is ever going to be punished for this. There needs to be Nuremburg like trails for those responsible for unleashing this on the world, but just like the Epstein Logs that will never see the light of day, the truth will be buried and the guilty will escape man’s justice. The Killer Elites will protect their own, and the rest of us will just have to deal with it.

The one thing The Killer Elite has not taken into account, is that while they may escape man’s justice, they can’t escape Gods judgement. Not that I’m vengeful, well maybe just a little, I would love to see the look on Neil deGrasse-Tyson’s face when he has to answer to God for his unbelief, and his part in this holocaust. The same goes for Fauci and all the rest. I believe in Karma, I think God gave us Karma as part of the natural balance in the world he created, perfect Karma for Fauci would be to be attacked by a pack of Beagles, while being infested with fleas, hey a man can dream can’t he?


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