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The Freedom Coffee

I was getting my hair cut the other day, (once a year whether I need it or not) and I was talking to my stylist, who happens to be liberal, about how I was “Covided” out of my job. As I was recounting my 38 year tenure with the major chain of auto dealerships in Sonoma County, I felt that anger which I have kept in check for the most part anyway, start to boil to the surface. Fortunately I was able to put the cork back in that bottle. Like a lot of people my age (62) I was laid off and never asked to return. After the report came out from John Hopkins that said the Covid lockdowns had basically no effect on the spread of the Wu-flu, coupled with the story of Governor Hairdoo going mask less at a football game, the anger resurfaced, big time.

At the start of the lockdowns, I knew something was wrong with the whole program. I never believe anything the mainstream media says, but when other credible sources were saying different things, things that made sense, I came to the quick realization this had nothing to do with stopping a virus and everything to do with seizing political power and changing the outcome of the 2020 elections. The first was that the virus spread indoors far more than outdoors, which made perfect sense, virus’ being what they are. Ok, if that’s the case why are we locking people down inside their homes? So they can get sick? A big WTF alarm went off inside my head. The whole mask thing never made sense to me either. I’m not a scientist but I do remember some fundamental lessons from my science classes in high school. One of them was as a general rule, virus’ are too small to be stopped by a cloth mask. I was proven correct when I saw a YouTube video of a doctor blowing smoke through every kind of mask that was being used.

On and on the stupidity continued. I waited patiently for some sense of sanity to grab hold and stop this madness. There were some good things happening, here and there, protests in Europe and Australia, but not the vast unification of freedom loving people that I had been hoping and praying for. Fast forward to a couple of days ago when the John Hopkins study was released. The study said that the lockdowns had a net positive effect of .2%! Duh! If you think about all the harm the lockdowns did, not just in terms of people getting sick from the Wu-flu, but in socio-economic terms, with all the increases in drug abuse, suicide and everything else, that 0.2% figure seems very generous. So let me get this straight, you lock me down, lock businesses down, killing the economy which then forces my employer to “re-imagine” my job, (which meant that in order to keep on working I had to take a 50% pay cut, screw that) destroy all the plans I had for my retirement, for my families future, and then tell me your policies had not only no effect on the scamdemic, but in fact made everything substantially worse? Number one, I was telling everyone who would listen to me that the lockdowns were insane from the beginning, but I was labeled a conspiracy theorist, and so on. Number two, what am I supposed to do now? I’m certainly not going to able to get my job back, that ship has sailed. Number three, and this is totally heartfelt F—K YOU, ALL OF YOU ASSHOLES THAT DID THIS, ROT IN HELL YOU C--KS--CKERS! Everyday I hear stories of schools requiring masks on children, forcing them to eat their lunch outside in the freezing cold, It’s child abuse! Every day is a new story about the erosion of our basic constitutional rights, every day there is another attack on the things I love and cherish, all in the name of progressive/globalism. I see Biden spokesworm, Little Red Lying Hood Psaki lie about how the jab saves more lives then going unvaxxed, without mentioning the fact that a recent report came out that for every one person the jab might save at least 5 die, probably far more than that. Trump saying the vaccine hasn’t killed anyone, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The Biden regime wants to send our soldiers to defend a border in Ukraine, that really doesn’t have a strategic value, unless you’re part of the military/industrial/complex, while our southern border goes undefended, and we are overrun with unvetted illegal aliens. I read the RFK Jr. book about the crimes against humanity Dr. Mengela-Fauci has committed over his far too long tenure in government and yet he not only still able to breath free air, he still has his job! Every day is a challenge not to get so pissed off that I might do something I’ll regret. The thing that stops me is that resorting to acts of violence is exactly what the progressives want, so that they can “prove” that we are in fact terrorists.

When news of the Canadian Freedom Convoy started coming out, it was like that breath of fresh spring air you feel after finally being able to open your doors and windows after a hard winter. I watched videos of thousands of freedom loving Canadians going out in sub-zero temperatures to cheer on these heroes, and it literally brought a tear to my eye. Finally, it seemed, the Canadian people, who have been suffering some of the worst Covid restrictions on the planet were saying enough is enough, saying, to paraphrase Johnny Paycheck “take this jab and shove it”. Coming on the heels of the Stop The Mandates protest in Washington D.C. it’s beginning to look like a freedom movement is finally taking off on the North American continent. Of course, the fascists in charge of the 2 former democracies in North America, started pulling out all the stops to try and put an end to the Freedom Convoy. On Saturday Feb. 5th the story came out that GoFundMe had frozen $10 million dollars in donations to the convoy, got my blood boiling all over again. On one video I listened to that spineless worm Trudeau call the Freedom truckers every name in the book. The fascist regime of Trudeau and his toadies are trying everything short of bringing in the military to try and stop the protest, but so far the truckers have stayed strong. Of course, all the mainstream media outlets fell in line to condemn the protest, saying what a danger it is to democracy and all their other go to b.s. narratives, the best one was that the protest was spurred on by, you guessed it THOSE EVIL RUSSIANS! Yet over and over are videos of the truckers picking up their trash, flying their Canadian flags, helping not only each other, but also the citizens of Ottawa. Being peaceful and booting out anyone doing something violent. An obvious plant waving a confederate flag was peacefully escorted from the protest. After the GoFundMe story broke, news was coming out that the donations might possibly be redirected to organizations like BLM. Then, almost immediately after that story, came news that refunds were going to be done automatically and also that a couple of lawsuits were being filed against GoFundMe, as well as criminal investigations being started by Florida Governor DeSantis and others. Hmm… must just be a coincidence.

I find it sad in a way, that other countries are leading the fight for freedom. It’s humbling that Canada has started what should have been started by the so called “leader of the free world”. The sad truth is that America can no longer be called that. We are no longer the bastion of freedom the world looks to for leadership. While America, thank God, hasn’t had to endure the tyrannical, fascist policies of the Coward Trudeau, the progressive/globalists have been extremely successful at steadily taking away freedoms from us for a long time. It has just been accelerated with the scamdemic. It started to gain real traction with the Neo-con Bush family, and their need for endless wars. I admit I was a George Bush fan, and in truth he was far preferable to that perennial dipshit Al Gore, but like all elections of the past decades it was the lesser of 2 evils. The “war on terror” enabled the Patriot Act. I naively believed in the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld narrative that it was necessary to combat Islamofascism, which we were told was an “existential threat to western society”. Since then, I’ve come to question the whole 9-11 narrative because of their need for these endless “1984” style wars. I’m questioning if our own government was responsible for killing its own citizens. This has been exacerbated by the revelations that our own government, through the funding of the Wuhan lab, was culpable in the unleashing the Wu-flu that has killed so many Americans. There is no doubt that the medical/industrial/complex is thoroughly corrupt, and their actions are killing hundreds of thousands of Americans, the only real debate is whether they are doing it purely for monetary reasons, or is Fauci, his minions and co-conspirators like Bill Gates trying to depopulate the world to usher in the New World Order. I think both are true. The Patriot Act is the tool the Biden Regime is using to go after political dissidents, by labeling them domestic terrorists. We were told that this would never happen, that it would only be used to prosecute the war on terror, to protect us from radical fundamental Muslims. Slippery slope. The justice department’s recent move to form a task force to look at people who question government, labeling them domestic terrorists is frightening to say the least. Once you say that its ok to sacrifice some freedoms for safety, unscrupulous politicians bent on accumulating political power, will always seize the opportunity to exploit that weakness for their own gain. That is what we have been seeing for a while now. We have been snuggled in America’s bosom of prosperity for so long, even the poorest of Americans fare far better than the impoverished in other countries, that we’ve accepted this slow erosion of our basic rights and freedoms, as a necessary evil. I quote this Thomas Jefferson line constantly, especially these days when it has become so evident, “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery”. We are in serious danger of losing all of our freedoms and it’s pissing me off, greatly! Do we really want to go a CCP style of government, with their “social credit” passport system? The story related by one of the Canadian truckers sent a shiver down my spine. As he was going across the border, he had to stop and show his vax card. The officials at the crossing said to not worry about it because they had already received his information, because they were able to track his vax card! In China, if you do or say something against the state, your cell phone, which you are required to have on you at all times will send out a notification via a mandatory state surveillance ap to everyone that you are in violation of the state. Speaker Pelosi warned our Olympic athletes against making any kind of statement that might anger her Chinese masters, because of how they will retaliate, and we are participating in the Olympics with this murderous regime? I rightly criticized the NBA for equivocating the U.S. with China, and although they are still far more repressive than America is now, we are well on our way to becoming exactly like them. Instead of persecuting Muslim Uyghurs, The Biden Regime’s Gestapo (the FBI) are persecuting political dissidents, how long before they want to lock us all up in “relocation camps”. America’s medical/industrial/complex is performing experiments that the CCP is probably envious of, organ harvesting of live aborted fetuses, and cruel, inhumane animal experiments. Establishing a surveillance state to control the people with vaccine passports and mandates to get a jab that has luciferase and graphene oxide in it to make it even easier to do so. So, now it’s not too far of a stretch to compare America to China. People ask why don’t the Chinese people revolt? Why, because the CCP has taken away all of the guns. The other day when The Puppet in Charge, Biden, once again went on the attack against the 2nd amendment, it was revealed that the federal government is gathering a data-base in violation of the law on gun owners. Anyone who doesn’t think that the progressive/globalists want to disarm the populace is just plain stupid. With the first amendment in tatters, thanks to the unholy cabal of Big Tech, the Medical/Industrial/Complex and the Biden regime, the 2nd amendment is all that is standing in the way of the progressive/globalist takeover of America.

It's getting very hard, not to be angry with people that support this slow boiling frog of tyranny. People who think it’s ok to not only mask their children, but also to shoot an unnecessary experimental poison in their bodies. People who actually believe that censorship is a good thing. People who think that anyone who voted for Trump is a white supremacist, or a domestic terrorist and a science denier. Every time I see someone with a Biden-Harris bumper sticker, I want to go and bitch-slap them. I find I have to restrain myself from saying or doing something that might start a fight, but then I realize my anger is misdirected, it should be focused on these assholes who are doing their best to divide us. We all know who they are, call them the deep state, progressive/globalists, Congress, the ruling elite, I like the overall label of “the swamp”. The Canadian Freedom Convoy is showing the world what an undivided populace can do, and it has to be scaring the hell out of them. The more Trudeau and his toadies in the media try to vilify the truckers, the more they unite. The gambit of suspending the GoFundMe account was immediately acted upon by Freedom fighters, and GoFundMe was forced to at least back down somewhat. For the first time ever, Facebook failed to reach its subscriber goal was another small victory for freedom. A united front of freedom loving people can overwhelm the swamp, we just haven’t fully realized it yet. I’ve been asking for a while now, why are we so slow to wake up and smell the coffee. Well, the freedom coffee is brewing, and the sweet aroma of freedom is spreading across the globe, although not as fast as I would like. One thing I think is a hopeful sign that we are coming together, is that some people on the left are realizing that the policies of the Biden regime are so extreme that they can no longer support his administration. I saw a report that said more Democrats listen to Fox News than CNN or MSNBC, and while Fox News should never be mistaken as a conservative media outlet, you can at times find some truth there. At least they are willing to look at both sides, which can’t be said of any other legacy media outlet. We should embrace our brothers and sisters on the left who are questioning the liberal orthodoxy of the progressive/globalists, encourage them to wake up and smell the sweet aroma of the coffee of freedom. Remember the old protest slogan of the 60’s “the people united, can never be divided”. As more and more people are coming to the realization that this country, the world actually, is in a fight for its life for its very soul, you can sort of feel the unity growing. You see it in Canada with people lined up in freezing weather cheering the truckers on. The Freedom Convoy movement is spreading to America and around the world. Freedom is never free, the petty tyrants and dictators of the world are always trying enslave the people for their own nefarious needs. We need to channel the anger that I, and millions of people like myself, who have been so affected by these monsters, feel, into peaceful acts of civil disobedience. Support the Freedom Convoy, resist the repulsive, useless mandates, speak out against hypocrisy, oppression and tyranny. That is the next step. When Governor Hairdoo can go mask less at a ball game, we should be able to go shopping without one. Stuff like that will get the snowball rolling, when more people see that there are those among us willing to stand up to tyranny, they will see that indeed, “the Emperor has no clothes”, take heart and join in the. We need everyone to join in, speak the truth in love to our lost brethren on the left, invite them in for a cup of freedom coffee. Freedom can become the next variant of the virus, a virus that can spread worldwide spelling the doom of The Swamp, and a rebirth of a great nation.



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Feb 08, 2022

Anyway, I *KNOW* the *ABSOLUTE* gist of everything you speak of!!!


Here is the "Light in the darkness" the way to make "shit flow uphill":

PS--I did read few paragraphs...but just had to leave this video link.

Feb 08, 2022
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I appreciate the honesty. The best is at the end though, lol I will check out the video thank you very

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