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The End Of Hopium

For the last year and a half my wife and I have been held hostage as America is being systematically dismantled, as our whole world has been turned upside down. It’s not just us, there have to be millions of Americans who feel the same way. We are all grasping for hope, grasping for some sort of lifeline to rescue us from what we perceive as the end of America as we have come to know it. Many of us are going down the “Q” hole believing that somehow the truth is going to come out, that it has to come out, and that all of this insanity has to end. Every day we read the news, search the web, in the expectation that the writers, pundits, citizen journalists, anyone, might have some good news that actually might be real. Instead, all we find is what’s been termed “hopium”. Like the name implies it’s an addictive and mind altering idea. Hopium addicts believe that somewhere, somehow, someone is going to rescue America from itself. If we just have faith in God, if we wait just a little while longer, the truth will come out, and America will become America again. I admit I’m a hopium addict, I pray to God every day for deliverance from the evil that pervades in this once great country. Yet every day there is only bad news, every day some new insanity comes to light. Every day you think that if someone told you in 2019 what is actually happening today, you would have told them they’re a lunatic. There are hundreds of web pages out there, that despite all the censorship of big tech, still manage to tell these hopium infused fantasies. There are hundreds of sites that say just wait, “trust the plan” it will all work out. That’s the hopium, and I have to say I’m done with it. I’m done with waiting for the Durham report, I’m done with waiting for the results of the forensic audit in Arizona, I’m done with all the people who are waiting for some knight in shining armor to save America. IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. The only way to save America is for we the people to save America. I wrote in a previous blog and asked the question, where is our Boston Tea Party, where is our Thomas Jefferson, where is our Thomas Payne or Patrick Henry, where is our Samuel Adams? The short answer is, he or she is probably out there, they just don’t know it yet. Not until we the people rise up and say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, WE ARE NOT GOING TO LET YOU DESTROY OUR COUNTRY” is anyone going to come forward. No, Donald Trump is not going to be reinstated as president. The election was stolen, we all know that, but we have been blinded by the hopium pushers into thinking that this is some sort of movie we’re watching, the “white hats” have already won, and it’s all under control, all you have to do is wait, trust the plan. I’m really thinking that this “plan” might not just be a ploy by the deep state to lure us into inactivity, to keep us from rising up and demanding change. We the people have become we the sheeple. Oh, sure you see posts on social media, I’ve done it myself, A LOT, decrying what is happening. You see our so-called leaders, pontificating and blustering about the sins of the Biden Administration, you see talking heads on T.V. angrily denouncing what our government is doing, BUT NOTHING HAPPENS. REMEMBER, TALK IS CHEAP AND ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. THE TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW! TOGETHER WE PATRIOTIC AMERICANS ARE INVINCIBLE!

I’m saying that there is NO ONE in congress or the Senate that is willing to do what is necessary to stop this madness, not Marjorie Taylor Greene, not Jim Jordan, not Matt Gaetz. They are all too afraid it seems, sure they talk a good game, but in reality, they end up being nothing more than hopium pushers themselves. I’m not saying that their intentions are bad, I believe Greene for instance is very sincere, but the time for talk is over, I don’t believe that as far down this road as we have traveled, that real change can be accomplished from within the present system, it’s too corrupt. The American people need REAL leaders, leaders like the Marine colonel who criticized the military leadership’s actions in Afghanistan knowing he would lose his job at the least, and maybe even his freedom. We need leaders who aren’t afraid of being arrested for professing the truth to power, who are willing to say to America, “STAND UP! STAND WITH ME!, and then have the guts to prove it.

I have a couple of ideas that might start the ball rolling. I don’t know if they’re good or bad, all I know is that, United, we the patriotic citizens of America are the strongest political force in the world. My first thought is on a specific day, September 11th would be perfect, that all true patriotic Americans go out on the street, say 7:00 pm on the east coast, to 4:00 on the west coast, all at the same time, and sing our national anthem. That would be followed by a nationwide strike. Not just for a day, a week, a month, but as long as it takes for our spineless leaders to take notice and take action. I realize that this would be incredibly hard for most people, but something drastic needs to be done. In conjunction with this nationwide strike, a protest march to Washington D.C. that would make the protest on Jan 6th seem like a day in the park. I AM NOT ADVOCATING A VIOLENT PROTEST OR THE STORMING OF FEDERAL BUILDINGS, but a peaceful march of millions of us pissed-off Americans demanding change, demanding the removal of these traitors who have sold out America, we all know who they are. I AM NOT ADVOCATING THE VIOLENT OVERTHROW OF THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT. I AM ADVOCATING FOR A PEACEFUL RESTORATION OF THE GOVERNMENT OUR FOUNDERS ENVISIONED, THAT OUR SOLDIERS AND PATRIOTS HAVE FOUGHT AND DIED FOR. WE SHOULD DEMAND NEW ELECTIONS, USING PAPER BALLOTS WITH VOTORS HAVING TO SHOW THEY ARE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY. WE SHOULD DEMAND TERM LIMITS FOR ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS AND JUDGES. That would be a good start.

I have written previously that in my darkest thoughts, the progressives in America actually want a civil war, so they can declare martial law, and possibly bring in the U.N. to quell a rebellion, thereby enabling the transition of America into the new world order of a one world government. I have stated numerous times that the last thing I want to see is American fighting American. I don’t think that something like that would take place, if we all just stood up and said “enough is enough”. I don’t think that the majority of our military would side with the people who are trying to ruin this country by subverting our constitution, as they took an oath to preserve that constitution. I don’t think that there is anything to fear from the progressives, for all of their talk of white supremacy, and domestic terrorists, they are all just a bunch of cowards. Antifa? Really? I worry about the deep state players who will stop at nothing to keep the status quo. The biggest rat is George Soros, along with political scum like Schumer and Nadler, Schiff and McConnell, Lindsey Graham and Nancy Pelosi. Then you have Comey and his fellow bureaucratic bottom feeders and all of their fellow swamp rats who use power like a scythe. We cannot underestimate these vermin anymore, they are the enemies of the people, and they must, at the very least, be removed from office, and for those who have already left government like Comey, Clapper, Brennan and the Clintons put behind bars, NOW!

Just because I said I’m done with hopium, doesn’t mean I’m done hoping. It doesn’t mean I’m done praying either. I’m hoping and praying that God will lift up worthy leaders. While it’s possible that God may be punishing us for our sins and the sins of our leaders just like Israel in the old testament, I pray that God will hear the cries of his people in bondage and suffering, have mercy and deliver them from evil. There is no doubt that our country is being led by evil people. People who have no qualms sending brave men and women to their deaths needlessly, who have no problem with ruining peoples lives. For them their god is power, power over the deplorables and the masses of the everyday common people they abhor.

I truly believe that the vast majority of Americans of all races creeds and colors are good and decent people. We want to believe our leaders have our best interests at heart, that’s why so many of us are still holding out hope for all of this insanity to stop. We continue to hope that the people we elected, who made promises to us, who have portrayed themselves as patriots and enemies of the deep state, will fulfill those promises. That always reminds me of the quote from Lee Rogers “never fall in love with a politician, they will break your heart EVERY TIME”. Maybe there are decent people out there in the political arena, I still hold out a faint hope for that, but hope is one thing, results are another. If we wait for some politician to ride in on a white horse, the insanity that is flooding America like a tsunami will overwhelm us. The people that founded America said “we pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor”. To these patriots, they weren’t just words, they backed them up with actions, willing to fight against the most powerful military in the world at that time, for the sake of freedom. This government has taken away the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans like my wife and myself, it has crushed small businesses that people spent a lifetime building. I count myself as fortunate that I haven’t lost my house, yet, as so many Americans have. We have a government that puts the needs of people who have committed crimes by illegally entering into our country, over the rights and needs of its own citizens. This government is providing housing to un-vetted Afghan refugees, while homeless vets sleep on our streets. This government is singling out and punishing people who disagree with their policies in direct conflict with our bill of rights. The Declaration Of Independence states that “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that when any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is right of the people to change or abolish it, and to institute a new government”.

As for me, I have nothing else to lose, this government has taken away the hopes and dreams that I had. I wanted to work for another 5 years and then retire and pursue my dreams of playing music, writing novels, having a garden, providing a workshop for my wife to make her jewelry, and enjoying my children and grandchildren. Now there is no job available that pays what I was earning before the unnecessary lockdowns that were initiated just to keep Trump from winning the election. Right now, I’m living on the retirement account I didn’t expect to use for another 5 years. Yet, I’m one of the fortunate ones! My new hopes and dreams are for a restoration of America. I’ve basically been forced to retire at age 62, instead of 67, and maybe it’s for the best, I’m writing, blogs instead of novels, and I’ve recorded some original music. One of the things I always tell people about is the law of unintended consequences, when the actions of someone, usually intended to do good, have unforeseen and unfortunate consequences. I think the intentions and actions of this tyrannical government now in charge, will have the unintended consequence of waking the sleeping giant that is the “silent majority”. They are counting on us to remain as sheeple, but you do see signs that the people are waking up. That’s the hopium I’m counting on these days, otherwise all may be lost. I guess what I’m saying is don’t lose hope for America, but don’t count on some “pie in the sky” savior to save us, only we the people can save ourselves, so let’s all rise up and DEMAND CHANGE! Don’t stop hoping, don’t stop praying. I still continue to have hope, faith in God and faith in WE THE PEOPLE.


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