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Take Me Back

Strange days these days I say, things are upside down

Strange times these days I find there’s madness goin’ round’

Lost world there ain’t no control

Over, what tomorrow knows

So insane the worlds in pain we’ve been bought and sold

So take me back, take me back, to the time when life was real

Not so very long ago, you were allowed to feel

Strange words today I heard, people losing their minds

Strange thoughts there being taught, Children left behind

Then they take it all, all that I have

Till there ain’t nothing left, then they fill it all with this emptiness

Then erase the past

Take me back, Take me back

To when I was young, to that place where I came from

Take me back, take me back show me the way back home

To the Time when my soul was strong

Strange days these days we all say, everything’s inside out

Strange times these days are lined with misery and doubt

Strange news just gives me the blues so I just turn away’

Strange world when voices go unheard, it all fades to gray

Take me back, take me back, to that time when life was real

When what you said was what you meant, you weren’t afraid to feel

Take me back, take me back, to when I was young

To that place where I belong, take me back, take me back

Show me the way back home, to the time when my soul was strong

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