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Story Time With Uncle Joe

I watched an Andrew Klavan podcast the other day in which he talked about the art of storytelling. I like Klavan a lot, his sense of humor is right up my ally and just like Russel Brand, his brain seems to fire on all cylinders. Now, just like with Brand, I don’t agree with everything he says, but that’s cool, only a kool-aid drinking sycophant will agree with everything some pundit or prognosticator says. Klavan is a writer and if there is anything that he knows how to do, is how to tell a story. He knows all the mechanics of putting a good story together. This particular podcast from The Daily Wire, Biden Corruption, Media Lies is a very worthwhile show, I encourage everyone to take a listen to it. Klavan is not a Trump fan, basically for a lot of the same reasons I’m not really a Trump fan, even though we both voted for him twice. The main reasons are that Trump is a misogynist, egomaniacal, narcissist. That being said, he is a far better choice than anything the left has to offer. Klavan likened our present situation to something like the movie “The Magnificent Seven” where a town is held hostage by a gang of bad guys and the only choice they have is to hire a group of gunslingers to save them. I think a better analogy would be “High Plains Drifter” where the town hires the Clint Eastwood character to save them from the bad guys. Eastwood’s character is far from a hero, as he rapes a woman, and destroys the town along with the badmen. Of course, this isn’t an exact analogy, but it serves the purpose, which is to provide an explanation of why so many people put their trust in Trump. We all know of his shortcomings, but we also realize that he is a fighter, he believes in American exceptionalism, the way he handles himself is something the average person can relate too. Unless someone else out there arises, who is not only willing, but also unafraid to stand toe to toe with the forces of evil, that are the progressive-globalists, then he’s all we got.

Another point that Klavan made is that the left believes everything is a story and if you tell the story enough times it becomes the truth. Like I’ve written many times before, for the left and the elites, truth has become a fungible commodity. Klavan pointed out something I’ve been saying for a while now. Certain truths are inescapable. You can say over and over that a man can give birth, but everyone knows that someone who is biologically male cannot possibly give birth. The left can say over and over that “gender affirming care,” is in the best interests of a child, but the average Joe knows that cutting off a little girl’s breasts, or a young boy’s penis and give them drugs that sterilize them is insane. Still, the MSM blast it out every chance they get, Hollywood elites like Charlize Theron defend and threaten to “fuck you up,” if you don’t bow down to the alter of transgenderism and “Drag Queen Story Hours” whose undeniable objective is to groom and doom children. Their strategy works, we’ve seen it time and time again. The 2020 election is a prime example. Despite all the evidence, all the illegal ballot harvesting documented in Dinesh DeSouza’s film “2000 Mules,” despite video evidence of boxes of ballots being drug out from underneath tables, despite all the corruption and unconstitutional shenanigans the courts allowed, (remember under the constitution, only state legislatures can change voting laws, not courts, as was done, especially in Pennsylvania). These days who have to admit that Biden won the election fair and square or face being ostracized. The left has done an incredible job of fooling the people into believing this obvious lie. Calling someone an “election denier” is almost akin to accusing them of using the N word.

So, truth has been supplanted by the narrative, by a mostly fictional story that creates a false reality molded to fit what the elites think we should believe. Tucker Carlson nailed it in his Twitter video last week, where he demonstrated how the news is manipulated by using partial truths to obfuscate reality. Put out enough truth to satisfy the lawyers, but not enough where someone would actually see what’s really going on. I watched the Anderson Cooper meltdown after the Trump townhall, where he sympathized with CNN viewers about the “lie after lie” that Trump perpetrated on the Republican crowd. I didn’t watch the townhall show, I refuse to watch crap like that, mainly because after it’s done all the meaningful exchanges are shown on YouTube or other platforms. The only liar I saw was the so-called moderator who forsook her job and instead turned the thing into a debate between her and Trump where she was obviously out of her depth. That was her role, she was there to perpetuate the narrative, to make sure that CNN viewers were told the “correct” narrative, and when she failed at doing this the Anderson Coopers of their make believe reality had to come to her defense.

While it feels like all hope is lost, that America as we have known it is doomed, I have to hold out that what Klavan said will finally bring the people back to their senses. That the people will turn away from the moral relativism that turns brother against brother, sister against sister. There are stories that give me a sense that maybe the pendulum is swinging back to the side of sanity. On Instagram my wife showed me videos of people doing random acts of kindness. It proved to me that although the MSM and all their other cohorts in politics and the corporatocracy would like us at each other’s throats, generally people tend to be decent towards one another. Which is something I noticed is especially prevalent here in North Carolina, as opposed to California, to which I blame the liberal government of the state for constantly creating victims. Another thing is, I actually watched the whole broadcast of Congressman James Comer’s committee report on the Biden crime family, if he in fact has the receipts, the bank records, then eventually even the MSM will have to pay attention. I’ve seen the polls (I know polls are crap, but still) where the Washington Post shows Biden trailing Trump by 7 points, and Bidens popularity is at 36%. (I still want to know who those 36% are, so they can get medical help.) Even some of my liberal family members are saying they won’t vote for Biden, because of his age and obvious infirmity. The Comer report received no airtime on ABC, CBS and NBC, and the WaPo and N.Y. Slimes said Comer’s paper was a big nothingburger. The leftwing circled the wagons and proceeded to spin all the negative news stories to fit their narrative. It’s getting so old that it’s almost comical, their reaction is so predictable that I could write a script about what they will say before they say it. It’s always the same, accuse the other side of what you’re actually doing, the Saul Alinsky “Rules For Radicals” playbook. When Biden tells lie after lie, they accuse Trump of lying. Blame the debt ceiling standoff on Republicans who they accuse of wanting to cut social security and veteran’s benefits, (false) while Biden refused to even negotiate the debt ceiling for almost 100 days. The debt ceiling debate is critical for the Republicans, they have to prove to the American people that they are willing to stand up to the Biden regime. It looks like Americans are finally getting tired of story time with Uncle Joe. His already severe mental decline seems to be accelerating. I believe the investigation by Comer will lead to proof of Biden’s involvement in criminal activity. The move to disband the Hunter Biden IRS investigators looks like a move made out of desperation. I look forward to hearing what Carlson might have to say on Twitter, some pundits are predicting that it will have an earth shattering effect on people hearing the truth, unfettered by the constraints of corporate media bosses. You know they are desperate when all the smears came out against him, one idiot on MSNBC asking how is he going to be controlled, bemoaning a free-for-all where free speech might actually be allowed, OH THE HORROR! If you look at how many times Carlsons announcement was viewed (over 25 million times), realize that Joe Rogan has over 14 million subscribers, look at the number of Timcast subscribers, over a million and a half, Russel Brands 6.4 million “awakening wonders,” TheBlaze News and TV with almost 2 million subscribers, compared with the downward ratings of cable news shows, it tells you that a lot of people are turning away from Storytime with Uncle Joe and friends and turning to independent media in greater and greater numbers.

I listened to Anderson Cooper's rant about the Townhall, it both sickened me, and depressed me. I keep waiting for one of these zombie-like “journalists” to break with the pack, just as I wait for some cable news channel to have the guts to do actual journalism. I realize there is a better chance of pigs flying out of my ass, but they have to know that if they had the courage to do so, their ratings would go through the roof. Can you imagine if Jake Tapper or Anderson Cooper or better yet Joe “The Shmoe” Scarborough admitted that what they’ve been doing for years amounts to nothing more than being “Baghdad Bobs” spewing propaganda for an authoritarian regime bent on the destruction of America? They’d be cancelled by the left immediately, but the rest of the country would laud them as a heroes, they would go down in history for their courage. Some of these Jamokes on TV have to know that what they are saying is complete crap. I realize some of them are complete morons, like Medhi Hassan from MSNBC who can’t comprehend simple math and percentages, or Rachel Madcow who, with a straight face, said her network won’t put someone on air who lies, but the law of averages says they all can’t be this stupid or indoctrinated, surely there must be a Bill Maher among them that is at least willing to listen to opposing viewpoints without prejudging them with the “official narrative.” I mean Cooper ranting about all the lies Trump allegedly told, is hysterical when who consider that virtually everything that comes out of Biden’s mouth is either a lie or unintelligible.

It all boils down to this. When are we going to get tired of a fictional story being represented as the truth? Sure, everyone likes a good story, and there is a reason why books and movies almost always have a happy ending, it’s axiomatic, it reflects on the basic morality of humanity, something the progressive globalists despise, just like they despise America and what the real America stands for. The story the progressive globalists are telling does not and cannot have a happy ending. Their story ends with you owning nothing, not being happy, and being either a slave to the One World Government or better yet, dead.

The left is always saying that the Bible is nothing more than a collection of fictional stories passed down from generation to generation. Ok, so lets say that’s true, but the message of the Bible, peace, love, treating your fellow man with dignity and respect is a story far better than any piece of fiction the prog-globs have ever produced, and it has the added benefit of being the true salvific word of God. People are getting tired of these fake, woke assholes self-righteously telling us how bad we are, that half of us should hate the other half, that what we know in our innermost beings to be right and moral, is in actuality violence against a class of so-called victims, therefore we shouldn’t be able to speak our minds about what we know to be true. It’s way past time to turn the page on that story, and return to the one that has a happy ending, I think you know which one I’m talking about.

Rock On Y’all

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