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What a long strange trip its been, and is continuing to be. It seems like we went to sleep one evening in 2020 and woke up in another world, "Bizzarro World is what I call it. All normal realities have been turned upside down, and each day some new insanity foists itself on our lives. When the lockdowns first happened in March and April 2020, I said that there would be no way people would accept that their businesses, that their lives would have to be shut down for that length of time. Then when the lockdowns were extended indefinitely, I was sure that people would not accept it and force the politicians to rescind the insanity. I have been proven wrong every step of the way. Not only did the majority of people accept the illogical and draconian restrictions placed on them, they truly believed that they were the right thing to do. Next came the masks, if you didn’t wear a mask you were guilty of killing your grandmother. This despite the fact that the only thing a mask is really good for is psychological, it makes the wearer feel safe, at least that's what Dr. Fauchi said until he reversed himself later. That in itself is not a bad thing, in a world where everything we used to rely on is upside down, people need some form of security to help them feel safe. The best video I saw was an anesthesiologist who tested all of the various types of face coverings and masks being used. He used a vape pen and blew smoke through all of them, if a mask can’t stop smoke, it won’t stop a virus. Another funny analogy was the gentleman who asserted that if you can smell a fart through a mask then it had no chance of stopping a virus. Or the article from the New England Journal of Medicine that stated that masks provide little if any protection. As the year progressed, however the divide between the people who blindly accepted what our state governments and the media fed them, versus those us of who questioned the rationale for these policies had grown exponentially. To the point where I was accused of being a terrorist because I wasn't wearing a mask while outside walking my dogs! My reaction was one of anger and incredulity, "how can people be so freaking stupid!" I saw the term "Covidiot" in an article I read and in my mind it was a perfectly apt description of the people you see driving their vehicles alone with a mask on. Who have seemingly, blindly accepted the lies and disinformation they have been fed. I’ve since stopped using the term. Who am I to judge the actions of someone of that I don’t know, or know what circumstances they may be dealing with. I am trying not to be a source of division, but a voice of reason.

The madness carried on however, through the elections in November, with no end in sight. The divisions between the left and right growing wider and wider, fostered by a news media that has an agenda, Instead of doing what they should have been doing, what a "free press" is obligated to do, REPORT THE TRUTH. News reports that didn’t fit their narrative were either quashed or “debunked” by dubious “fact checkers” despite the obvious truth to them. One that comes to mind right away was the story that came out in July or August that said the p.r.c. test that was being run to check for the virus was faulty, that the number of cycles being used to amplify the sample was way more than it should have been thereby creating false positive results. All of a sudden AFTER the election, the C.D.C. is saying that in fact that was exactly what was happening, and the number of cycle counts needs to be limited so that viable virus diagnosis are found. Guess what? The number of Covid cases is plummeting! Another is the story of the Chinese scientist who claimed the virus came from the Wuhan lab, (which by the way was something I said from the moment I read that a bio-weapon facility was just down the road), that story was buried and no one in the mainstream media, even Fox news, who originally broke the story did any real investigation of it. On and on it went, and for that matter it is still going on. If a story helps the agenda it is put out as gospel, even if was demonstrably false, the Atlantic’s story of how Trump allegedly dissed the armed forces citing "anonymous sources" comes to mind right away. Whereas stories that hurt the agenda, Hunter Biden's laptop for instance, were dismissed as "Russia Disinformation" even though one of Hunter Biden's own business partners verified everything that was on it. No one in the so called "mainstream media" investigated it, none of the news departments of the major networks or newspapers investigated the allegations, instead just dismissing them as disinformation. Why? Because the truth didn't fit their agenda, their narrative.

I believe in the full expression of political beliefs, as Americans we have the absolute right to express ourselves especially politically. It shouldn’t matter if you're coming from the left or right, who have a constitutional right to your political belief. The news media's job is to be an UNBIASED SOURCE of information so that the electorate can make an informed decision over which candidate they choose to vote for. They have TOTALLY abrogated that responsibility, instead dispensing propaganda thinly disguised as real news. This was and is still true, from both the left and the right. Investigative journalism is dead in the U.S. There are a few platforms that still practice actual journalism, the Epoch Times to name one source has done an excellent job of reporting on the events in China, but for the most part the truly trustworthy sources of news are from platforms outside the country. This is appalling and should alarm EVERY CITIZEN! When there is no longer a free press, when a government can spy on private citizens for partisan political reasons, we have effectually lost what America is, and what has made us exceptional. It's turned us into a Banana Republic, where our news can't be trusted, our government can't be trusted, where we are censored by unelected "big tech oligarchs" who decide what is fit to disseminate to the people. Where politicians openly talk about rounding up the opposition into reeducation camps, or making lists of Trump supporters who have now been branded as Domestic Terrorists. Does this sound familiar? Doesn't this resemble what the Nazi's did in Germany? Doesn't this scare the hell out of anyone? It doesn't matter what side of the political spectrum you're on, your freedom is being taken away from you, right before your eyes, and most "sheeple" are perfectly willing to accept this.

Why? How is this happening to what was once the greatest country, the greatest form of government ever created? Why are we so willing to hand over control over our daily lives, our thoughts, hopes and aspirations. The reason, I believe, is that for so long we have been so willing to accept the lies propagated by our news media, we placed our trust in the icons of our news media, Woodward, Bernstein, Cronkite, Murrow. We would watch how on “60 Minutes” they would ambush the bad guys and applaud their courage and bravery, their quest for the truth. They were not afraid of the truth. Then a new generation of reporters, educated at left leaning institutions, indoctrinated in political bias, "fight the power" "down with the establishment" came into the arena. Rejecting objectivity and embracing their own politics, believing that they are the agents of much needed societal change and reform, “the ends justifies the means". Instead of being a force for truth and justice, they lost their objectivity, and now have lost their credibility. “Fake news” stories have exploded, studies and poles show that more and more people trust the news media about as much as used car salesmen. We trusted them to bring us ALL the news, the good bad and ugly, not realizing they were crafting a narrative that fit their agenda, THEIR belief of what America should be, and in so doing have done us perhaps irreparable harm. I believe the media, including the big tech social media, are the most to blame for the divide we see in our country today, Politian’s will always do what politicians do. One of my favorite lines, I can't remember who said it, was "Never fall in love with a politician, they will break your heart every time." The so called fifth estate, our free press, was supposed to protect us from the whims and evils of politicians by exposing their misdeeds to the people. It is not happening anymore, and unless we fix it, unless a new generation of journalistic investigators, unafraid of the powers that be, rise up and take over the current system, our country is in grave danger. You can see it happening, citizen journalists who scan the internet looking for the truth. Sometimes they get it wrong, sometimes they get it right, many are called, and some rightly so “conspiracy nuts”, but if you pay attention and do your own research, (I can’t stress that point enough, don’t just blindly accept what you read and what you have been told) you will see that not all conspiracy theories are the lunatic ramblings of some tin foil hat wearing nerds hiding in their parents basement. As Fox Mulder said “The truth is out there”. One thing for sure though, they have absolute right to be heard, it’s up to you as an individual to apply discernment to what you see and read. We should not tolerate, in any respect, the censorship of opposing views, that is the path of fascism, dictatorship and the end of America.

Can we stop it? Can we reverse this descent into fascism, into a totalitarian despotism? If we are going to try and save our country, people from both sides of the aisle need to step up and demand that our leaders follow the constitution, which I believe is the greatest document for governance ever created. That they follow the rule of law, these fundamental principles that built America, namely freedom. Freedom for the individual from governmental intrusion and control over their daily lives. This new generation of journalists, of investigators unafraid of the powers that be, is a very hopeful sign. But we the people need to stand up and take our country back, to re-establish the concept of “with liberty and justice for all”. I truly believe it can happen, Americans have always banded together when faced with tremendous adversity, and I truly believe that we will do so again. ROCK ON Y’ALL!

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