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Some Good News For A Change

These days it’s so hard not to get discouraged when you look at the news, which is what I do every morning. The pages of Citizen Free Press, The Bongino Report or Rummermill News are filled with stories that either enrage, disgust or just make you want to bury your head in the sand. It’s all the same every day in bizzarro world, Biden’s a decrepit fool, his administration is chock full of incompetent diversity hires, that couldn’t get a job in the private sector if their lives depended on it. Press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre actually called Canada, “Canadia!” This was at the end of a stumbling, incoherent answer to a question about Canada giving the go ahead to shoot down what may have been a science project balloon with a $400,000 missile. Whether it’s the Biden Regime doing something stupid or treasonous or both, or another Soros backed district attorney letting someone off the hook, who then goes on to murder people, as was the case in the recent shooting at Michigan State University. It’s gone beyond ridiculous. I yearn for a day when there is something positive and hopeful, something that shows me all is not lost and God won’t just say I’m done with you idiots and wipe the slate clean.

It happened! On Wednesday Tucker Carlson aired a story about a small Christian university in Kentucky, Asbury University. It started on February 8th and has continued non stop since then. Some people are calling it a revival, some are saying the Holy Spirit is bringing together people from all over to witness and be a part of something extraordinary. Now, I have played my guitar on various worship teams over the years, and I can truthfully testify that I have felt the Holy Spirit move through me. For those secular friends who have never experienced it, I liken it to “the quickening” that the character of Conner McCloud in the movie “Highlander,” experiences, it’s an almost indescribable feeling of positive energy flowing through your body and once you feel it, you long for it to happen again. It’s that feeling that causes people to raise their arms in praise and thankfulness to God, I’ve always thought of it like reaching out to God as a child reaches out to their parent to hold them and comfort them. The amazing thing is I got that feeling just by watching the footage. I get it every time I read about it, or I hear one of the students talk about their experience. It is so genuine, for me the proof was when Carlson asked if they could go there this Friday and shoot some live video, and they politely refused saying they didn’t want to disturb the event with cameras and publicity. It’s not snake handling or anything like that, it’s people coming together for praise and worship, 24/7. The church had to open up overflow chapels to accommodate all the people coming to worship. What I find most incredible is that this is student led, these are kids. Sure, they are enrolled at a Christian university and have more than likely, been going to a church for most of their lives, but they have probably never experienced anything like this before.

Part of what I find so depressing when I read the news, is the fact that our children are being brainwashed, abused and used as political pawns by a secular (you can call it Satanic) cabal of evil people. I’ve seen it affect my children and my Grandson as they turn away from any type of spirituality and embrace the poison that deludes their minds. All you ever hear or read about is how children are being groomed, conned into questioning their gender, abandoned by the very teachers we have entrusted to educate and prepare them for adulthood. You see these “man on the street” interviews where they ask college aged kids absurdly easy questions like “who did we fight in WWII?” and they either don’t know the answer or they give a completely wrong answer, and it grieves the heart to see how our society and our schools have failed them. I recall when we lived in California, and the local high school which was just down the street, enforced all the useless Covid restrictions, to the point where the kids were walking around in the sunshine, with their face diapers on. We saw parents putting those monstrous, germ filled, identity killing, indoctrinating masks on their toddlers and small children, it was so disgusting! You could literally see these kid’s souls being wiped out, they would walk by you wearing their masks even when they didn’t have too, unsmiling, distrustful of adults, virtually robotic in their movements and attitudes. I felt such anger and hopelessness seeing this, as I wondered what kind of world these kids would have to deal with as they get older.

The other day I was listening to the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton show on my way to the grocery store. Travis was talking about his experience at the stupid bowl, and how he thought for the most part it was pretty cool, the rendition of our National Anthem by Chris Stapleton and the general feel of the event left him feeling hopeful about America’s future. He made an interesting point, because historically, it’s true. It was that Children will always rebel against their parents and authority. His thinking was that the woke nonsense will reach a point where our children will rebel against it and return to traditional values and morality. That eventually the pendulum of society will swing back to normality. What’s happening at Asbury University seems to bear this out. The fact that it is student led, the fact that is going on and on, the fact that these kids are realizing there is more to life then feeding on the narcissistic drivel that social media is serving them, is, to say the least heartwarming. When you hear all of the stories about how church attendance is way down, and people are turning away from God, to see so many young people embrace “the quickening” effect of the Holy Spirit, lifting their arms in praise and worship is unbelievably uplifting. Just writing about this sends the positive energy of the Holy Spirit through my body.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Asbury University has experienced a revival, it happened once before in the 70’s. It looks as though God has chosen this place for this purpose. When secular people think or hear the word “revival,” images of worn through tents, snake handlers and phony healers speaking in tongues are what they traditionally picture. What is going on at Asbury isn’t a phony grift to trick people into believing in some sort of a religious awakening. It is a genuine, supernatural demonstration that God is not dead, that God still loves us, and won’t abandon us, as long as we don’t abandon God. The secular world would like nothing more than to see people give up their belief in God. One of the tenants of communism is to outlaw religion and make the state god, that’s why during the lockdowns, churches were closed and bars and casino’s were deemed essential. Singing worship songs was prohibited but you could protest for BLM, an avowed communist organization. All over the world you hear and read of stories where Christians are being attacked and ridiculed for their faith. In Ukraine, Zelensky, the secular saint being canonized for fighting for democracy but is in reality just as bad as Putin, has outlawed a historic Christian orthodox church. Politicians like Biden and Pelosi mock Christian faith by saying they are Catholic while openly supporting abortion. In America, “Canadia” (that’s for you KJP) and England people are being arrested for praying outside abortion clinics. Atheist scientists like Neil deGrass-Tyson ridicule believers as basically being ignorant fools for having faith in the Bible. Why are they trying so hard? What are they afraid of? The answer is the Asbury Awakening. My wife played me a video the other day by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai where he pointed out that the globalists need everything to be simple in order to control the masses. Unfortunately for them humanity isn’t simple, it cannot be controlled, I’ve called it the “Jurassic Effect,” as nature, God’s creation, will always find a way to achieve balance. I would bet that the progressive globalists trying to remake society in their image are praying (bwahaha) that this story will die out and fade away. I don’t think that’s going to happen. While my prayer is that this keeps going on like the Energizer battery bunny, if it comes to an end tomorrow, this week, this month or next year, the event will have served its purpose, to shine a light, not on all the badness that’s out there, but on the abiding love that God has for us. That is what a revival truly is. So yes, I pray that it continues, I hope and pray that it metastasizes like a terminal cancer on the globalists plans for our future. A line from one of my favorite hymns goes, “My hope is based on nothing less, than Jesus’ love and righteousness…On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.” I don’t pray for the unbelievers to perish apart from God, I pray their plans will perish, and by the failure of their schemes they will come to know God, I always use the quote, “man plans and God laughs.” So, who am I to say, I’m just a lowly sinner, praying every day for God’s forgiveness, praying that my children come to know God, praising God every day for all the blessings my wife and I have received and praying for the spiritual revival of God’s people. Praying for some good news, and guess what?.....

Rock On Y’all!

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